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Very poor service and unacceptable contract

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I have had direct TV now for about three months and have had one problem after another. I had initially switched from cable to DirectTV because I thought that their high definition service would be superior. Big mistake. Since the time of install I have been through 4 high definition receivers, each one failing for a different reason. When your service goes out with DirectTV your only option is to wait for a replacement box or for a service tech which in my case has taken close to a week each time. My service has been so spotty that I have had to retain my cable so that I have a backup. Talk about spending too much for T.V. service. Now that my experience with these buffoons has soured to the point it has i decided that i had had enough. Unfortunately their two year contract insulates them from having to provide any level of acceptable service at all. Even though my experience has been a nightmare and I have spent countless valuable hours trying to resolve issues they will not offer to terminate my contract no matter how many times I have requested this. I am currently without any service again and I have decided that I am going to bite the bullet and pay the termination fee. I am not litigious person but have considered taking these bullies to court. I can't imagine that I am the only person that has had these issues. I would avoid doing business with this company at all cost. I wish good luck to all those that are in the same boat as me.
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 2nd of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
I had the same type of experience with Direct TV. I'm at a loss as to who I/we complain to. The AG, BBB, or the FCC. I don't think I'm going to let them get away with this even if it means going to court.
 11th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
Email conversations with senior VP of customer service at direct TV. The following is copies of emails I had with two top execs at direct TV today. You gotta read it to believe it. I hope everyone contacts them if they have similar stories or complaints as the business operation analysis seems to think such complaints are "not the norm".

This is how Direct TV deals with major internal problems? Tell the customer, that despite Direct TV not providing the service they promised, that I am going to be expected to pay for cancelling the contract? Great customer relations and I am guessing that this decision will be regretted in the very near future.

I have found no less than ten websites dedicated specifically to customer dissatisfaction with Direct TV. Despite Ms. Bitew's contention that the horrible treatment that I received yesterday was unique, there appears to be hundreds, if not thousands, of people who might disagree with her statement. According to many of those bloggers-they seem to contend that my treatment is the norm, not the exception.

So I will post the communication that I have had with your organization online so that consumers can see firsthand how the top management of Direct TV perceives their responsibility to honor their contractual obligations. I will also be contacting as many consumer protection agencies and legal authorities that I can find to also send copies of these communications. I find it very interesting that despite not one, not two, or even three major errors and hours of wasted time-that Direct TV's expectation is that I be held to a contract that Direct TV did not honor. I am supposed to incur costs related to hiring someone to remove a dish that was applied to my roof by Direct TV and I am to spend more time boxing up their receiver and making more phone calls to a shipper to make arrangements for it's shipment.

Yes, I can see that Direct TV really valued me as a customer and that they would love to see me subscribe to their services again. Not only was their customer service incompetent and rude and my time wasted- it is I, not Direct TV, than will be literally and figuratively paying the penalty for their incompetence. This response was not expected and I can honestly say that I am stunned. I have never seen or heard of a major company respond in such a manner. Every company that I have contacted with problems in the past has responded by taking responsibility for their staff and will generally work with the consumer to "right the wrong". This really has me shaking my head in disbelief.

The mystery of how bad yesterday's service was has come full circle. Having now directly communicated with Direct TV's Business Operation Analyst, who began our conversation by telling me "what they couldn't do for me" and how I would be penalized for my early cancellation. Excuse me? Your business treats me like crap and then I am chastised because I will not remain a
customer? Business loyalty is earned based on performance, not an expection or right on your part because you have a contract. Our contract clearly conveys an expectation that Direct TV will provide a basic, minimum level of service to remedy problems that occur as a result of Direct TV's errors. You clearly did not provide that level yesterday. Did I make an good faith effort to correct the problem? Yes, I believe I did in my repeated phone calls but there is a level of ongoing screw ups and outright incompetence that would lead the average person to end the attempts and disengage themselves from that business. Which I did. Now Ms. Bitew has the unmitigated gall to attempt to penalize me for that?

The Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV apparently does not have the authority to remove charges associated with ending a contract despite clear evidence, which she acknowledges, that personnel in her company made numerous mistakes and in the process, treated a customer very unprofessionally. And apparently this same Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV lacks the authority to phone one of their installers and ask them to swing by my home at their convenience to pick up a receiver and remove a dish. All she apparently has been given the authority to say to me was "We don't do that".

She was correct in her summation that "you do not do that".

You do not honor your contractual obligations-but you expect me to honor mine, you do not adequately train your staff, you do not have supervisors that are able or willing to take phone calls, you do not have a customer service department that can provide even the most minimal level of service to their customers, and apparently you do not have anyone at the top of your management team that has even the faintest idea of how to treat consumers ore resolve customer complaints.

Yesterday now makes perfect sense to me. This is a clear case of management styles tricking down. You directed the Business Operation Analyst at Direct TV "to resolve these issues today". Apparently this is the resolution that she feels is in the best interests of her company, the customer be damned. Never mind that her actions add insult upon injury. I understand you were recently appointed Senior VP of Customer Service. It appears to me that you have your work cut out for you. Good luck... you're going to need it.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bitew, Heywot"
To: "OR"
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 2:53 PM
Subject: RE: DIRECT TV Service

I'm sorry you did not take me up on my offer to keep you as a customer. I have applied two credits of $9.99 on your account for the two months of HD service charge.

When your account was disconnected we sent out a recovery kit to your address. This is a prepaid package for you to return your receiver. You will need to call FedEx and they will pick up the package from your home. If the receiver is not returned to DIRECT TV within 7 days of getting the recovery kit the account will be charged an equipment non return fee. The dish is part of the install and is affixed to your home. DIRECT TV does not uninstall equipment. We will not be removing the dish or metal brackets from your property.

Please be advised that you were in a contractual agreement with DIRECT TV to keep services active for two years. The commitment was covered during the sale of your equipment and activation of services. The order confirmation you received in the mail after you placed the order for services also reminds you of your two year programming commitment. Although we regret the inconvenience of your recent customer service experience the commitment on your account still applies. The early termination charge is $287 and will be prorated for the days you had

Heywood Bitew

-----Original Message-----
From: OR
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 11:20 AM
To: Bitew, Heywot
Cc: Filipiak, Ellen A
Subject: Re: DIRECT TV Service

Thank you for your Email. I am sorry that my home phone messaging system was full and that I missed your calls.
Unfortunately, I am unable to accept your offer of returning to Direct TV. I have already entered into a contractual relationship with Dish Network.

Once again, I would appreciate it if you would have someone from your installation service contact me as to when they will be able to pick up the receiver and remove the dish from my roof. It is still raining a lot here on the coast here in Oregon and I would prefer not to leave the receiver outside if it can be avoided.

I would also like your assurances that I am not going to have any charges added to my billing beyond the month and a half that I have already had service, which I am more than willing to pay for. I am also hoping that the final bill has been corrected and pro-rated for this month and I can take care of that as soon as possible.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and I am glad that you are going to review some of the problems that I experienced. It was certainly never my intent to end your service when I made my first call yesterday. I am hopeful that the information that I provided to you from my experience can be used to benefit your company in a positive way.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Bitew, Heywot"
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 10:12 AM
Subject: DIRECT TV Service

Thank you for taking the time to detail your unfortunate customer service experience with DIRECT TV. Ms. Fillipak has asked me to personally address your issue. I have tried to call the number you listed with your email but was unable to leave a message as your voice mail box seems to be full at the moment.( My direct number is 310-964-6508.)

I have gone over your email and the details on your account activity on the day you called 4/10/2007. Please accept my sincere apologies for the numerous transfers, two disconnected calls documented) and your inability to get your issue resolved by the supervisors.

Looking at your account billing statement I was able to determine the following. The representative you spoke to on the day of install 2/24/2007 did indeed add four months of free HD service on your account. What she did not do was comment the account that this was offered and added and most importantly she did not disconnect the chargeable HD access also on your account. A careful look at your billing statement would have shown that there were two line items for HD service. One was at a zero charge and the second was chargeable at $9.99. It pains me to say that the first representative you spoke to when you called yesterday should have been able to recognize this error and merely disconnected the chargeable HD service. What was more surprising is that all the other representatives including the supervisor did not take the time to look carefully at the account. Rest assured that everyone you spoke to including the first representative who offered you the discount will be personally spoken to. In addition we are looking into why there were so many transfers and disconnects during your customer service contacts.

Please believe me when I say that your situation is not the norm, DIRECT TV does not want to loose you as a customer. I am asking you to give DIRECT TV another chance. We will reinstate your services and I would be happy to give you a month of free services for your inconvenience. Please send me an email or call me with your decision.

Heywot Bitew
Business Operation Analyst

I am very sorry for the problems you have had with Direct TV. I will have someone contact you today to resolve the issues.

Best regards,

Ellen Filipiak

SVP Customer Care


From: OR
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2007 1:51 AM
To: Filipiak, Ellen A
Subject: Fw: worst service have ever had

Ellen Filipiak,

----- Original Message -----

From: OR
To: investorrelations@directv.com
Sent: Tuesday, April 10, 2007 10:41 PM
Subject: worst service have ever had

I have just spent the last hour trying to get a simple billing error corrected and I give up. I have canceled your service. In my 50 years, your company takes the first prize with regard to incompetence, and that says a lot as I have seen quite a few mis-managed companies.

I originally ordered the Family monthly plan and HD access in March 2007. When the serviceman came out to install-the HD access was not showing up as part of the install. So both the installer and I had to spend time with phone calls back and forth to your installation dept. It was finally cleared up and the person I was speaking to on the phone offered me four months of HD access free for the "hassle".

But when the bill came-the HD access was being billed to my account. So I made the huge error of attempting to call your customer service to have this simple mistake corrected.

An extensive amount of time is initially wasted going through numerous voice prompts before finally reaching customer service. I am finally transferred to a man who had a very poor command of the English language. Apparently he was located in India. He had trouble understanding my basic and simple explanations but when he finally was able to get what I was telling him-he proceeded to tell me that he was going to transfer me to the "installation department". Once more I am back in the system listening to canned music, on hold and being transferred to another person.

A woman comes on the line and I explained the situation all over again. She put me on hold several times and then came back telling me that she saw the error in my billing and then she proceeded to "try and correct the bill". She requests that I "give her a moment to correct it" several times. In the meantime we had a pleasant conversation about the billing process and she tells me that the $100 rebate paperwork I mailed in has not been processed yet but that I could also file for the rebate online. This was the $10 off each month for 10 months, a promotion for new customers. After being asked by her several more times to "hold on, that she almost had the account corrected" she dropped my call.

I waited 10 minutes for her to call back-which she did not. But while I was waiting for her to call back-I went online and tried to file for the $100 rebate online. I entered my customer service number and was told:

"You have already received an instant rebate or a special discounted offer for this receiver during this promotion".

I have never received another instant rebate-I am a brand new customer. The only rebate I received was the four months for Direct Access as a concession for the installation screw up.

When the woman in installation did not call back, I was forced to once call back in and start all over....through the various phone prompts... being transferred to India... transferred once again to the installations department and once again explaining myself to another woman. She told me that her name was Holly and that she was located in Idaho.

I was more than a little frustrated at this point. So I told Holly the entire story all over again and I also told her that I was unable to file for the $100 rebate online. She told me "we're not offering the four months free anymore". I told her that the four months of free HD access was due to a concession because of an installation screw up-not a promotion offer. She looked at my account and proceeded to tell me that the prior person "did not fix the HD Access errors in billing". I asked if she could transfer me back to the person that I was originally dealing with in the installation department but was told "that it was impossible" and that I had to explain myself all over again with her. More wasted time.

At that point I asked to speak with her supervisor, as the time I had spent on the phone to Direct TV was nearing a half hour and I felt like I was spinning in circles. Holly put me on hold, came back after a couple minutes and told me that she was transferring me to her supervisor. But she proceeded to transfer me, without my knowledge, to an entirely different department in another state and NOT her supervisor.

After 5-10 minutes on being on hold again, "Tina" came on the line and told me that her division was in Georgia. She asked me why I was calling Direct TV and wanted me to once again explain the entire issue from the start.

I asked her if she was a supervisor. She told me that "no, she was a resolution specialist" . I proceeded to tell her that at this point I wanted to speak with a supervisor. She proceeded to argue with me telling me that "she had the same training as a supervisor". I told her that her level of training was not the issue-I had asked to speak with a supervisor and was told I was being switched to a supervisor and that I wanted to speak with supervisor and only a supervisor at that point.

I was placed back on hold again for several minutes. Tina finally came back on the line and told me that her supervisor "Jason", who is supposedly the head of the Resolution Department in Georgia, was refusing to speak with me and that he would call me back in "24 to 48 hours". I offered to hold and was told that he was not going to take my call regardless of how long I waited.

At that point I had had it with Direct TV. I asked Tina where Direct TV's Corporate office was located and she told me "that she did not know the exact address". I then asked her for the city and state and she told me that she "didn't know". I advised her that as a result of the way I had been treated up to that point, that I was now going to cancel my account. I asked her to note in my account record that I had requested to speak with her supervisor and that he would not take the call. She agreed to make it part of my record. She told me that I was going to be transferred to the cancellation department. I was on put on hold for quite a long period of time and then the phone connection was dropped again. I had heard my phone call come into rotation more than once and was constantly being put back on hold. I think Tina was expecting me to hang up after being on hold that long.

So here I am, a third time calling back.. through the phone prompts...transfers to India....transfers back to the U.S., explaining everything over and over to each new person that I was transferred to. Now the time I have spent on the phone to Direct TV is well over 45 minutes and stretching into an hour...just to resolve a simple billing issue and I have passed frustrated and am now on to fuming.

I finally spoke with Esmer in Texas. She came on the line asking me the reason for my phone call. Needless to say, I was probably very short with Esmer, because at that point I was sick and tired of having to constantly explain the same issue over and over to different people. She had not taken the time to read my record prior to taking the call-which was a mistake on her part.

I asked her to spare me having to reiterate the story and to review the notes on my case. The over charges for the HD access were still there-no one had removed them. The last note she found on my record was a brief one by Tina that I wanted to cancel my account because of dissatisfaction and that my call was "accidentally disconnected". Not a word about her supervisor not taking my phone call...but she did try to cover herself for intentionally disconnecting my call and portray it as an accident. I have NO doubt, based on her attitude and how she came across throughout our conversation-that she intentionally disconnected my call.

Esmer processed the disconnect and advised me 1) that I am responsible to get the receiver back 2). that I have to get up on a ladder and take the satellite down myself, and 3) that despite all the screw ups by Direct TV-that I will be receiving a full bill (my guess is that it will probably not be a correct one).

I made it clear to her that 1) someone from Direct TV brought the receiver and satellite and BOTH items need to be picked up and removed by Direct TV. I am NOT taking either one of them anywhere. I have had a knee replacement and have NO intention of climbing 10-12 feet up a ladder to remove a satellite...nor I am paying anyone to do it. I also made it very clear that I had NO intention of paying any bills sent to me by Direct TV. That had to be the icing on the cake.

I work as a consultant out of my home and the time that I have lost today alone, is close to two and a half hours, between phone calls, researching your information on the internet (because your staff refused to tell me where the corporate office was located) and ultimately this E-Mail. Including the initial screw up during the installation-Direct TV has wasted three hours of my time. The money I have wasted dealing with your billing errors would have amounted to at least $150 in billing if I had been working.

Most businesses would be horrified if their staff had made half of the mistakes that was made today...and would have been doing everything they could to retain the customer and their reputation. I know I would.

The majority (not all) of the Direct TV staff I encountered today could have cared less about retaining me as a customer. They instead compounded the frustration I was experiencing with retaliatory actions that only made the situation much worse. For a "trained" resolution specialist to be so argumentative and vindictive is amazing. And for the supervisor of a resolution department to tell a customer, that is already very upset, that he will get back to me in a "couple days"...has to be the height of arrogance and incompetence. I am unable to find a reasonable explanation why a supervisor, who is in the business of customer service, thinks that he can treat customers with such a dismissive attitude and that his disregard for customers will be OK with his company. I can only assume that it is with the approval and acceptance of Direct TV, that his avoidance of his duties is acceptable from their management perspective. It probably speaks volumes about why many of the line staff, particularly at this office, has such a disregard for the customer-they see it first hand from those that are in training/supervision positions.

At my request, my service was immediately disconnected. I am now in the process of speaking with your main competitor to arrange service. I think that many misguided companies spend significant amounts of money on public relations and advertising in an attempt to entice new customers, only to lose them due to extremely poor customer service. This certainly was true in my case with regard to your company. I can assure you that when I made my first call to Direct TV that I was not even slightly frustrated as mistakes happen to all of us and I naively thought I would be able to get it cleared up in a few minutes. But instead I experienced billing that still has not been corrected, two dropped calls, multiple transfers, computer errors for rebates, being lied to about being transferred to a supervisor and lied to about where your company's corporate headquarters are located, having to re-explain why I was calling in no less than a dozen times to different people, and the notes in my case not accurately reflecting staff actions. And that was just one afternoon for a simple accounting error. The quagmire you call customer service has been so poorly designed that if the consumer isn't angry or frustrated at the onset-they certainly will be by the end of their call, or in my case-calls.

Staff appears to have little or no accountability and "dropping calls" , "transferring the problem elsewhere" or "leaving a customer on hold indefinitely" seems to be commonly used practices and there appears to be no consequences for their actions. If anything-abusing customers works for them and unless a customer takes the time to complain, which probably 95% do, their actions are completely under the radar of upper management.

One of the chief reasons I am taking my business elsewhere is my firm belief that you intentionally designed the customer service section to be a literal nightmare for the customer. In my frustration of being held hostage to the voice prompts...transfers to India and back, I happened to call the phone number that you have listed for customers that want to order service. Two voice prompts and there was a person immediately available to take my call. When I initially ordered my DIrect TV service-throughout the entire process I spoke with just one person. No multiple transfers...no being on hold for long periods of time and certainly no hang ups. You are well aware of the impact those actions would have on sales. Yet your company is willing to accept extremely low standards for customer service as you illogically think that most consumers will simply tolerate it rather than change providers.

You have made the sales division of your company consumer friendly and just as easily could streamline the customer service end to reduce the amount of times a person is transferred and hold staff more accountable for their actions. It is It is one thing to draw the customer in...you can print up flashy ads in all the major newspapers, run low start up specials...but the true measure of a company is their ability to retain the customers of which they are already serving.

I would appreciate it if you would make arrangements for your installation staff to contact me to make arrangements for them to pick up the receiver and satellite as soon as possible as I am sure the other satellite company will want to install their dish in a similar location.
 16th of Apr, 2007 by    0 Votes
Sub: Nothing as promised- still billing me!

I previously had DISH and was talked into trying DirectTV in a Bundled package by Bellsouth. I spent quite a bit of time on the phone with the Sales Rep, as we went over exactly how much this was going to cost me, and what channels were on that package. I told her that I was paying $39.60 per month for DISH. I was told that the DirectTV package I wanted, with one extra room would only be about $5 more, with the credit I would get for the bundle, and that if I did not like DirectTV, I could cancel within 30 days. I decided that was fine as it would be the same if I added one more room to DISH. The Main reason I decided to try DirectTV was because their programming package had one channel that my husband really wanted.

First of all, the DirectTV installer, was horrible! I was told he would arrive between 8am and Noon, on Tuesday, March 13. He finally arrived somewhere after 2:00 pm.
Instead of using his own supplies and equipment, he tore apart the old DISH setup and used parts from it ! The worst part was that he BROKE off the Metal pole that the old satellite was on, leaving the dangerous, ragged metal stub sticking up in my grass, without saying anything about it! (We found it by accident when cleaning up the mess he left!) That stub would have destroyed our lawn mower, or worse yet, my 7 year old son could have fallen over it an shredded his leg on it! He then USED what was left of the pole to put his dish on. It was buried about 2 inches into the ground and very unstable! We were later told by another installer that he also did not properly ground the pole, so that any lightning strike would have totally destroyed our TV equipment.

I see no reason that he couldn't have also used the existing cable that was carefully woven all the way thru our fence to be out of the way. Instead he told me that he had to use new cable and if we didn't want the cable laying across the yard, he would have to charge me $20 to bury it. He then proceeded to totally destroy our yard, by digging a foot wide ditch to bury his 1/4 inch cable! It wasn't even straight, and he made a huge mess! My husband was furious when he got home and saw the front yard all torn up!

Also, Before the installation, he handed me a program card showing the channels we were to receive. I looked it over and even commented to him that my husband was really looking forward to getting SPEED channel on that package. The installer agreed that it was a great channel to have, never telling me that the program line-up had changed, and that we would not be getting that channel, as shown on the program card he had just given me! He finished his installation and said it may some time to download everything from the satellite, but that it was now working.

In the next few days we discovered that we did NOT have SPEED channel, nor several others that were listed on our program card. I sat down one night and found about 12 channels on the card that we did not receive, but we could not afford to go up to the next program package.

In addition, my family complained EVERY time they turned on the Guide, because it is almost impossible to read! It is Tiny and Dark, and there is NO Way to change the view. (Customer service actually told me that it had already been upgraded to a larger font several months before!) Apparently they are catering to people with LARGE screen TVs and have put the rest of us by the wayside! At this point, we're all thinking we wanted to go back to DISH, but since we had 30 days, we decided to give it a real chance and see if we'd get used to it. We were getting about the same channels we got before the switch.

THEN came the last Straw... We got the First Bill! The bill was for $57.22!!! (That INCLUDED the $5 credit for the Bundle!) That was about $13.00 MORE than I was told it would be per month! I had one day left on my 30 day cancellation period, so I called to cancel immediately.

When I explained all of this to the CSR at DirectTV, his only explanation was that their programming line up had changed SEVERAL Months before, and they were working on getting the new cards out to everybody. He said I could go to their website to see the current line up. I told him that would not be necessary as there were too many reasons we did not like DirectTV and we just wanted to cancel. He said he was sorry, and then told me that I would be getting a bill for the remainder of the 12 month commitment! I said "Excuse Me?" He repeated himself, and I said, "No, my 30 days is not up until tomorrow." He said, "You only have 3 days to cancel." I said, "No, I was told 30 days." We continued to argue about it and he said that I would be getting a bill, and that if I didn't pay it, I would be sent to collections!!! What a Ripoff!! There are SOOO many things wrong with this picture!!! I will fight this to the end, and I will spread my story EVERYWHERE, and WARN OTHERS... DO NOT TRUST DIRECTTV... DO NOT INSTALL DIRECTTV... Upon checking the internet, I have found complaint after complaint about this UNETHICAL COMPANY!!! Don't believe that just because You've heard the Name, that you can trust them! THEY HAVE GOT TO BE STOPPED! Anyone interested in getting together in a class action suit against DirectTV, please contact me at klward129@yahoo.com! SPREAD THE WORD! I certainly will.
 27th of Jun, 2007 by    0 Votes
I was only charged a $99 installation fee by signing up for HD. After 2.5 months of crappy reception and very few channel selections I canceled the HD. I asked several times for a refund for the installation and for them to come get the HD receiver. The customer service reps. say I have to talk to the Installation Dept. After being transferred and on HOLD for a half hour, I emailed them only to get the canned response that it was TOO BAD. Is there an Installation Dept? I've never been able to talk to anyone... I now understand why the have to pay people $50 to sign up for Direct TV.
 24th of Sep, 2007 by    0 Votes
Reading these complaints has helped us tremendously.
We were so close to signing up with Direct TV for our home-we have four televisions that are HD and different kids with different tastes.
Our bill with Time Warner is atronomical but everybody thought Direct would be a better deal and we would get more.
Thanks for steering us away from Direct.
 9th of Oct, 2007 by    0 Votes
You are not "screwed", signing a contract for service where the person providing the service does not provide a reasonable version of what you agreed to purchase will change the terms of the contract (i.e. fees) at any time, is called an unconscionable (sorry for spelling) contract. It is illegal to have something so outrageous that they can say we can charge you for wanting to cancel our service because we don't provide the service you are contracted for with us.

Contact the BBB at BBB.org and state your problem, set in the complaint resolution portion that you want out of your contract with no penalties due to them not providing the service you contracted with them for in the first place. If you buy a TV from a store and they never deliver it, you are not bound to pay for it, right? You fill out an on line form and it is quick and easy.

Use the following address in your complaint:

DirecTV, Inc.
PO Box 6550
Greenwood Village CO 80155-6550

Attention: Ms. Jill LaVigne Vice President of Direct TV

Do it for yourself and others who will get screwed in the future. The more complaints that roll into the BBB, the more attention they will need to pay to it as the competition will be able to use it against them ESPECIALLY when they advertise uptime and customer service unparalleled in the industry. NOTE!!!! When the BBB contacts Direct TV, they will send you a letter, one page, easy read. Read it and check the box labeled the problem is still unresolved, if it is and mail it back to the BBB immediately. If you get the letter and sit on it or worse yet do not return it, they will close the case and let them off the hook. If you mail it back, another letter goes to Direct TV. If they do not reply in time or do not resolve it, it goes on their permanent record for others to see on the BBB web site. For the price of a stamp it is well worth it if the problem is still unresolved.
 11th of Oct, 2007 by    0 Votes
I have also had so many problems with Direct TV. The level of unprofessionalism their customer service department displays is unreal. It is always "your fault."

The first lie I was told was upon installation. I requested a pole for the Dish. The guy told me I did not request one, (which I did) and that it would have to go on the roof. Then he told me I did not have to have a phone jack next to my receivers (which I now know I do.)

Then every time it "drizzled" the picture would go out.

I try to order a pay-per-view and the receiver says to call them to order. I call them and get charged $4.99 plus the pay-per-view cost, $4.99 for a phone order. I called them numerous times about this problem and complained about the phone in fee, for I had no choice. Then they tell me I have to have a phone line connected to it 24 hrs before I want to watch a pay -per-view. I say fine. Plug it in 48 hrs before, and it still forces me to call them and I get charged again. Then they say, to avoid phone charges order online. Fine. I set up an online account. Get charged $1.99 processing fee every online order. You pay for your events online. I get the bill and what do you know, charged again.

I finally had enough with calling them. Every time you call them, they make it out like you are a fool and they have better things to do than talk to you. I called Comcast and got cable.

So I call to cancel my service. First of all they ask you why you are canceling. So I told them. Then the rep lit me up about how I was doing everything wrong and how it is my fault the stupid dish never worked. Ok, whatever. Come and get this dish.

Then rep then tells me the Dish is mine and it is my responsibility to take it off the roof. In short, I told him it was not mine , I never signed anything saying it was mine; you do not have a paid invoice for a satellite; you do not have any canceled checks that say I bought a satellite; There is nothing in your contract that says the dish is owned by the customer.

I am now talking to lawyer friends to see what I can do about having them come and get their dish and fixing my roof. Direct TV is not worth it. It was the worst year of my life and I will never, ever go back to them. I would rather get a clothes hanger and some fishing line then get them again.
 14th of Oct, 2007 by    0 Votes
My husband and I were so happy to see all the wonderful programs and packages that were offered by Direct TV via mail. We went ahead and canceled our local cable service, and were looking forward to all this new programs that will come on.

Appointment #1 10/2/07: A technician was scheduled to come out and complete the “easy installation process” on 10/2/2007 between 12-4p.m. I was more than happy to take half day off from work waiting for the technician. The technician ended up showing up at 5:30p.m. I was a bit unhappy thinking that I could have been working all day. But since this was supposed to be a 1-time thing. No biggie. The tech guy told me that there were several issues and he wouldn’t be able to install it. He said that since my Internet line has not been switched to a standalone, my Internet service would not work if he installed the Direct TV Service. I explained to him that the Internet guy would come out and fix it 2 days later, and I could live without the Internet service for a few days. Then, he found another excuse not to do it. He told us that they need two plugs on the back of our TV in order to install the DVR, and the only way that can be done is if we are willing to pay $85 and he would run a line thru the attic. My husband and I talked about it over the phone and we agreed to pay and got the whole thing over with. Then, he spent about 2 minutes in the attic and he decided that it was more worked that needed to be done then he expected, he would need to reschedule and come out on Saturday again. This guy is from “Ironwood Communications” located in Chandler, Arizona.

Appointment #2 10/6: After several days of not having our TV service, we were still happy that the same installer would be coming out and installed the dish for us. It turned out that Ironwood contracted some other company to complete the installation for us. Not the same guy who promised me that could come back out. These crews explained to us that they could run a line through one of our bedrooms and still gave us a free installation. While all 3 of them began the installation process, I wanted to confirm that they were aware of the special program I ordered called “ the Jadeworld”. They immediately stop the installation process and told me that they were not being told, and they did not have the “International dish” for programs to come on. They told me they would come out the same night with the correct dish, which turned out to be the next day, and reschedule again to the following Monday.

Appointment #3 10/8 and 10/9: A guy showed up on time. This is a different tech guy again. Prior to the installation, we explained to him that we need a 3LNB dish for Jadeworld channels to come on. He did not bother looking into it and started installing the international dish. We figured he is the expert, not us, and he insisted that he knew what he was doing. After 4 hours of installation, he could not activate the Jadeworld channels. Then he realized that we were right all along. What we need was the 3LNB, not the international dish. Since it was getting really late at night and he could not finished wiring all the rooms, we allowed him to complete the rest the next day.

Appointment #4 10/13: We were on the phone with Direct TV for an hour and a half trying to get this rescheduled. We told them that all we needed is the correct dish for the Jadeworld channels to kick in. Nothing more. Direct TV scheduled with “Ironwood Communications” again for the installation, supposedly between 4-8p.m. My husband called the local office on Wednesday and checked if they could come out earlier. Unfortunately, they were all booked up. My husband and I waited patiently until Saturday, and a guy from Ironwood Communications by the name of “Sean” called us and canceled our appointment. He forced us to reschedule the appointment because “there was miscommunication between Ironwood and sub-contractors”, and “he was not aware our appointment”. He told us that he was just a tech and he had no control over this. Finally, we had to call direct TV again and on hold for an hour, did a 3 way phone call with Ironwood Communications. We were on hold for 30 minutes before someone finally picked up the phone. Not only she was not being understanding in regards to our frustration towards the situation, she was extremely rude to us (and direct TV Staff) over the phone. Direct TV customer service rep explained to them that if they didn’t correct their mistake and came out the same night, the customer was going to cancel. Their response was “that’s not our problem, go ahead and cancel then”.

Each time we dealt with Direct TV, we were on the phone for about an hour and a half, and got transferred from one department to another the whole time. Not to mention none of the supervisor will pick up the phone and speak with any customers. They are Horrible!
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I was called by Directv to do a swap on my receivers due to a change in their upgraded HDTV lineup. I bought my receiver from Circuit City for $350.00. The technician took my receiver and left one of theirs. I told the tech that the receiver was one I purchased from a retailer. He told me that I own the new receiver. I was told to call and activate the box. When I called I was told that I am now leasing a receiver from Directv. I explained the discussion I had with the technician. I was informed that the technician was mistaken and the new receivers belong to Directv. Now they have told me that I have to return their receiver if I discontinue my service with them. So now they've absconded with my $350.00 receiver and are ALLOWING me to lease their receiver. I have repeatedly asked for my box back but have been told that I am out of luck. I asked for some type of compensatin for my receiver and was told that I could have Cinemax free for 3 months. Hardly fair compensation for a receiver that I initially paid $350.00 for. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was repeatedly rebuffed with the explanation that this was the highest level of support I could expect. I asked for a name and was given only a first name and no employee number. I asked for a Corporate Office phone or address and was not given any information. I was called back by a 'Supervisor' the next day and was told the same things (too bad). I advised that I was going to start recording the conversation so I could have something for my records and he refused to talk anymore and pretended that he couldn't hear me anymore. This was more comical considering the fact that I only picked up and put down another handset in the house to simulate that I was really recording the conversation.The level of service I received from them is nothing short of reprehensible. They are thieves.
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My directtv/HD service disappointed me very much. I have a $29.95 family plan and a $9.95 HD access plan for over 1 year. I was able to view about 10 HD channels between channel 70 and 90, but channel 70 to 78 are no longer available since December 2007.

DirectTV customer service explained my HD access plan only gave me 6 channels (three of them are 231, 276, 284, I don’t remember the rest) which are HD channels broadcasted in regular TV signal, so DIRECTTV had the right to cut off and “preview” HD channels between 70 and 90. If I want these channels back, I shall upgrade my plan and pay something like extra $76 a month.

Well, I was told I would get Discovery in HD (channel 76) when I signed the contract. Now DirectTV broke its promise but the two-year contract still holds. Guess what? I would rather paying the early termination fee and switching to another HDTV service provider than throwing $76 a month to DirectTV.

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I can't believe it! I have had all the same type of problems with DTV. I switched from a plain receiver to DVR. My daughter is working on getting into acting. She did several shows that I taped. One day the dtv completely wiped it out! I was stunned. This was a recording that can never be replaced as it was the first show that my daughter had been in.

After much complaining, I found out that there was a known "bug" in their receivers that they hoped would have been fixed by last summer. (They never told their customers that when you order). Similar to everyone else, they also offered me many " programming" credits because they wanted me to be satisfied. They also offered me a 2nd receiver at no charge so that I could have a back up of my recordings. Well, needless to say, they have continually charged me for a 2nd leased reciever fee of $4.99. Everytime I called to take the fee off, I was told that it wasn't really a lease fee but a mirror fee. Excuse me but my bill specifically says lease fee. The receiver that I had in my bedroom was one that I owned prior to them installing this "free" back-up. I also find it incredulous that you buy an advertised package for a fixed price and then they had on "lease fee" of 4.99, "service fee" of 5.99 and "protection plan" for 5.99. I believe their advertising is very misleading. When you see the ads for their service, the print on those fees is so tiny you can't even see it with glasses. I didn't want the protection plan by my machine was breaking down all the time and they said they would charge me to fix it. In the meantim, that are so generous to credit me $10 here and there for programming credit to make me happy, etc.

I also have had incredulous experiences with their customer service. I have had representatives from India (they told me that is where they were) where I could not understand them. I have been transferred to so called "supervisors" consistently, I have spoken to people who say they are the supervisor and they can help me only to find that they can't. When pressed, they finally admit that they aren't a supervisor but a "resolution specialist." I got so angry that I confronted the man about flat out lying to me. I dealt with them enough to know there are supervisors but I am consistently told there isn't anyone there to help me. When this guy said he was a supervisor with the power and he wasn't I confronted him about flat out lying to me. He tried to get around it but I just said to him "Did you or did you not tell me you are a supervisor?" Of course, when I wanted a supervisor I got the same run around but finally got one when I pushed. However, I can not tell you how many times I too am mysterially disconnected after spending hours on the phone. My phone has a timer on it and I can tell you that my call to them have ran as long as 3 hours!

They still haven't stopped my leasing fee. Then, I asked when my contract is up so that I could change services without a termination fee and they gave me a date that was 6 months past what I saw it was supposed to be. Well, not only did their machines breakdown all the time (and they still are as I just had someone out last week) but they extended my contract when they replaced my broken receiver!!!
I was furious.

Of course, the supervisor couldn't do anything about it so I asked where am I supposed to mail a letter to. There was an address on the bill. I wrote a letter outlining my complaints. After being a paralegal for Legal Aid for many years I am well aware of documenting. Although I am disabled and not able to do paperwork like I used to I have records of almost all my contacts including dates, who I talked to and what transpired and believe me there are many.

Anyway, to make matters worse, I wrote up my complaint history and sent it to where I was told and to the address on the bill. GUESS WHAT??? I got a call from DTV by a "so-called supervisor" who proceeded to tell me once again that there is nothing they can do and I am still locked in to the extended contract they made when they needed to replace my broken receiver!!!!

In the meantime, I am trying to send the letter to another address I got (right now I can't find it) to try and get some satisfaction.

Although I feel bad for other people this happens to, I am glad to see that this is a pattern for them and I am not alone. Frankly, I have gotten so tired sitting on the phone for hours only to get people who claim they can do what they can't, to then get disconnected when they try to transfer to the supervisor they had just told wasn't there (changed their mind when I pushed). The stress has put me in tears many times and I haven't resent the letter yet because I am just feeling defeated and have to ask myself whether it is worth the stress and my health to keep doing it. If I were healthy, I would never, ever give up. As I said, I fought "city hall" for a living. One of the reasons I still try fighting is because I know that I am not the only one that these things are happening to and if I can get them to change a bad practice and let them know that we know, perhaps things would change. Wishful thinking, I guess.

By the way, one post said to send your complaint to Greenwood, CO address. That is the address I sent it to and got a call from someone who wasn't able to do anything. I wonder if you had better luck?

I really wonder how many of us are out there?
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 15th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
I was referred to Direct TV by my co-worker because of nuggin channel that they have for /babies/children. that was the worst decision I ever made, the technician who came to my home was very rude, he kicked my things around, broke my baby picture frame. went to the basement and open something in the wall and never closed them back. went to the guest bedroom and drop more picture frame on the floor, he didn't care, he just dropp something on the floor which was on my dresser. when i mention to him if her need anything to be moved just let me know, he ignored me. and sat on my couch taking off his jacket without asking me if if was k for him to sit there(this is my house, you are not my guess, you came to do a job) at that point i started to feel very uncomfortable and just wanted him to leave. so i told him to install the 3 boxes on the first floor because i didnt want himto go upstair in my bedroom. he bought to my house his friend and a 12 -13years old(the boy told me he was 16, but doesn't look ) who was installing the box. the day after which was october 8th, I went away and came back home on the 14th and one of the receiver was not working. so i called direct tv and told them that i needed the receiver to be move upstairs in my bedroom and want someone else to install it. (and I did complain the same way about the service that i received and the told me to call the consulting company which i didn't call in the first place to install my service, direct TV called them and they should be the one calling them back and telling them what had happen) anyway I called them , telling them the reason why I didn't want that box because of the way the installer was behaving i didn't want him in my house for much longer. they told that i have to pay $99 I told them that I want to cancel the services and mail them back their boxes, they said there will a charge of $350. that was 7 days ago that order the services. they had me on the phone for about 2 hours spoke to supervisors. and she told me that they can not do anything it was not their fault, i said the installer who came to my house reprensented direct tv if it was not for Direct tv they wouldnt be at my home. I keep going on so nothing was done. I WOULD ADVICE ANYONE THINKING ABOUT GETTING DIRECT TV DO NOT GET ITS A SCAM AND HEAD ACHE THEY JUST HIRED ANYONE FROM THE STREET AS CONTRACTORS.
 21st of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
Direct TV needs to be put in their place. I don't have a clue how they get rated number 1 in customer service. I think it is time that former customers start sending chain e-mails out letting people know what is going on with Direct TV.
 22nd of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
DIRECTV is still the best provider, with their awesome HD channels and friendly customer service, I cant say anything againts them. I've been a DIRECTV subscriber for 10 years and I want to keep their service as long as i live. I'm very particular when it comes to programming and I can't live without watching TV.

please stop posting untrue and unjustified messages here.. i know some of you guys are employees of DISH network.

 22nd of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have been trying to get a refund check for $213.00 for six months. I canceled my service because it was so bad . Apparently the accounting department is no different. I have been promised a refund by at least 10 of their customer service reps during the six months. Still no check. I am going to take out a full page ad in our city newspaper describing the terrible experience I have had with all facets of this band of theives. I am considering assembling a class action suit with several other people in my area against this so-called "company".
I have Dish TV now and I can at least call someone when I have a problem. Direct TV average call time for me was 45 minutes.
Radio is better than dealing with them!
 30th of Jan, 2008 by    0 Votes
With DirecTV you have a $199.00 up front fee for HD DVR (with nothing to show for the money) plus 2 year contract with threat of charging up to an additional $480.00 if you break the contract early. You still won't own the DVR after paying that $679.00. And then at the end of the 2 year contract you still don't own anything. I discussed these things at length with 2 DirecTV customer service reps. This, in my opinion, has got to be the stupidest business model, from the customers point of view, that I have ever seen. Even with a 2 year cell phone contract, you own the phone after the contract period. But not with DirecTV. You own nothing. You're still leasing! Because of this I went with cable. They charged me nothing up front for their HD DVR , except a small installation charge, and did not lock me into any kind of contract. Of course I still don't own the DVR, but this is a much more sensible deal than the DirecTV deal.
 5th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
I can personally tell you they lie, steal and cheat. Treat their cusomers poorly. The absolute worst cutomer service I have ever had. To those of you who think they are so great.....wait until you have a problem. Do not try to tell those of us, which are many how wonderful they are, you are very wrong.I had the local number to the Presidents office in Greenwood Village Co. They have since closed that line down. Jill, at Corporate if you are reading this my problem is still not resolved. You made some promises that still need to be made. You know the situation, I am sure your offices monitor these sites. My next step is to the PUC, not that that would bother you as so many before me have filed complaints. Then to the AG of Colorado and the Governors office. Losers!
 10th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
I will send a copy of the attached letter to Direct TV, their board of directors, the better business bureau, and Qwest which sold me their services.February 10, 2008

Account Services
Direct TV inc.
Billing Disputes Department
P.O. Box 6550
Greenwood Village Co. 80155-6550

Dear Sirs or Madams:

January 21, 2008 I called Qwest to inquire about combining my telephone, and Internet services to save money. I spoke with a nice customer service representative named Jeff. Jeff spent a good deal of time with me comparing different packages and told me I would realize the best savings and most streamlined service if I dropped the Dish service I have been using for the last four years and went with the bundled billing package they offer which includes Direct TV. He said Direct TV offers the same programming options as Dish, and works the same way. He told me that I would have 30 days to evaluate the service and could cancel if I was not satisfied.

I agreed to let Jeff sign me up for the two-year package, which was the least expensive option, because I expected reasonable service and I am the type of customer that doesn’t make changes often. I kept one line of telephone service at the 801-484-9609 number, long distance service, and DLS service, which I purchased a $99.00 modem for instead of renting it at $9.00 per month, and a custom ring for my fax machine. I had the custom ring removed on 1/25/08 when I called quest to have additional filters sent to me for other phones in my home. My order # for these services is C04185295

On January 24, 2008, the Quest service representative came to my home and made the necessary changes to my telephone and fax line to install the DSL Service. The modem Qwest promised to send arrived on the exact date they told me it would. The telephone and DSL services have worked flawlessly after my son spent approximately 20 minutes with Quest’s courteous and knowledgeable technical services support line the evening it was installed.

My experience with Direct TV has been extremely disappointing:

On January 28th I cancelled my Dish service and made arrangements for them to send me boxes to return their equipment.

On January 28th Direct TV sent a service technician to install their service. He connected a DVR downstairs in the family room and put three black receiver boxes in the kitchen, bedroom, and upstairs family room televisions. I had arranged to work from home that day in order to meet him. When he left he asked me sign a work order that confirmed he had been there and I did so. He did not give me a copy so I presumed it was something for internal company record keeping. I askrd him about the remote controls and he said they worked just like my old Dish remotes. At that time we were standing in the upstairs family room and the TV volume was turned down, but the picture was clear. He left, and I went back to work. When my son came home 10 minutes later, he turned up the volume on the television and said the sound was full of static. The downstairs DVR TV worked fine, but the bedroom and kitchen TVs didn’t work at all.

My son called your technical support and after 15 minutes of phone menus and wait time he spoke to a tech who had him unplug the set, reset the receiver and other problem solving techniques which he had already tried. Your tech support said he could not help us further and that we would need to set up an appointment to have a technician come to our home. Keep in mind that this is the very evening of the day the system was supposedly installed.

On January 29, 2008, the next morning I called Direct TV, spoke to LaVar ,and he set up an appointment for service on 2/4/08. I asked him if I would be able to record on the upstairs TV when it was working (just like I could do with Dish) He said no, it doesn’t work like that and that I would need an additional DVR, which would cost me $99.00. I told him to connect me with the department that could cancel my service and he connected me to Faith.

When I spoke to Faith I asked her to cancel my service. Faith said La Var was incorrect that she could have one of the receivers removed and an additional DVR added for a one-time $19.95 fee. This would supposedly get my service working like my Dish service had worked in the past. I agreed to let them install the new DVR and get my service working correctly. This was order # 474-79015. She said she would be mailing a box for me to return the receiver that would be replaced by the new DVR. I have not yet received that box.

On February 1, 2008, the one TV in four that had been working quit working. I called your customer service and spoke to Illene; she said I needed to speak with Ironwood at 1-800-805-8570. She transferred me to Cindy. Cindy asked me to please hold while she looked into my account and then promptly dropped my call. At this time I had spent over an hour trying to reach your customer service, while listening to disgusting phone menus designed to sell me more services. I was also late for work.

On February, 2, 2008 I tried resetting the DVR and it worked for about three hours. The other three TV’s didn’t work, so I decided to be patient and wait for the appointment on Monday to get the service working properly.

On February 3, 2008 Super Bowl Sunday I tried resetting (unplugging DVR waiting 15 seconds and plugging in again) to see if I could get at least one of the TVs working, but this time it didn’t work, so I called Tech support to see if they had any suggestions. They could not help. The second Tech I spoke with, Andra suggested I wait for the appointment I had scheduled for the next day so the on-site technician would get every- thing up and running. My husband and son were disappointed that they could not watch the Super Bowl on our Direct TV at all. We had to set up an old rabbit ear antenna.

On February 4th, 2008 I came home from work at noon in order to be available for my appointment which was scheduled between noon until 5:00. My answering machine had a computer-generated message saying my appointment was not going to be on February 4th after all, but had been changed to February 7th, between noon and 5:00. I was not pleased. I called direct TV again and spoke to Linda. After that discussion I asked again to have my service cancelled. Linda transferred me to Angie. Angie checked the account, noted the problems and said if I would give them one more chance to get this service installed correctly she would credit me $10.00 per month for 12 months and credit my account from January 28th until it was fixed and working satisfactorily. I agreed to this one last chance.

On February 7th, 2008 I came home from work at noon for the tech appointment. The technician arrived at my home at 4:55. His name is Marlon Calero. He had the new DVR, but no orders to do any other installation work. He checked the DVR downstairs and said it had one component that was broken. He called his supervisor to see if there was some work order that had been lost. He did not have the equipment, work order, or time to take care of the install. He wanted to know if I was paying for the install directly and I told him no.

I called Direct TV again, waited, through those annoying phone menus, and cancelled my service. I cancelled my non-existent service and told him to send me the boxes to return your junk equipment. The representative informed that I would be charged an early cancellation charge. I asked to speak with his supervisor or your disputes department and he told me he didn’t have a telephone contact for anyone that could resolve this problem. I told him to note my account, and I would call my lawyer.

I then called Dish network and reactivated my services. They charged me a re-install fee of $99.00, and will re-install my original equipment February 11th between 8:00 and noon.

I keep detailed notes, but this letter will provide you with a brief summary of the events.

I will copy Qwest with this correspondence. I will continue to use their telephone, long distance and DSL service.

From Direct TV I expect to receive no later than March 30th, a letter of apology, stating that I owe you nothing, and a check for $99.00 to cover my re-installation fee for my Dish services.

If the letter and refund is not received my March 30th I will ask my husband, wh is a trial lawyer to take this matter to the next level.


Catherine E. Bullock
Cc; Qwest, Better Business Bureau, Direct TV Board of Directors Neil R. Austrian, Ralph F Boyd Jr., Chase Carey Peter Chernim, James M. Cornelius, David F. DeVoe, Charles R. Lee Peter A. Lund, Rupert Murdoch
 27th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
This is absolutely the WORST company in the United States. They are a bunch of liars and there customer service is grade AA dog @#*%.
I called direct tv to recieve service since i kept hearing how they are #1 provider with the lowest price (no wonder they have the lowest price...they are a bunch of thieves). My first service call was "rained out" and had to be rescheduled (allthough it never rained here). At that time the tech CONFIRMED MY ADDRESS and rescheduled. The day came of the next appointment and after taking off work to wait for direct tv ..they never showed. I called direct tv and after an 11/2 hours they finally found me in the system and offered me a $15.00 credit for my loss (allthough i make 15.00 an hour X 8) and "promised me" that I would get service 2 days later on a Saturday. Saturday morning came and i was so excited to hear from a tech. However this is how the conversation went.
Tech: Hey this is so&so from direct tv. I was calling to find out how to get to your house.
Me: Ok. You go here and here and so on.
Tech: Well I am in Roanoak and it is sixty miles from your house.
Me: Ok well what time do you think you will be here?
Tech: Let me call dispatch and i will call you back.
That is the last time I heard from the "professional installer" as they say.
The tech had called a couple hours before my actual appointment so when i called direct tv they said I had to wait til after the missed appointment to call.
So...I call direct tv after the missed appointment to explain my problem with the faith of SURELY they would come out right away to fix it. But once again here comes the runaround. But this time i have to say was a pretty good BIG FAT LIE. She sais oh the tech went to the wrong city. "YOU" gave us the wrong zip code. Ok...I have two words..BULL SHIT. I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and payed my 12-15 bills a month , gived my address countless times. Never have I given the wrong "zip code" before.

So at this point I want to cancel. I dont want anything else from this JOKE of a co. and I am pissed. She informes me i can't cancel because i will be charged a cancelation fee. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HELPLESS BEFORE. Usually you can get high enough in the company that someone can satisfy "the customer". That is what customer satisfaction is all about right????? WRONG.
So I have to swallow my pride and reschedule.

Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!! They are supposed to be there between 8-12am. Once again they never showed. I don't think i have to tell you my feelings around this event.

This letter can only begin to tell you of the NIGHTMARE I encountered with this company. Not including the hours of time i spent on the phone with them, the promises they made, the money they really owe me for all the credits they gave me before the service ever had a chance of being installed, the I'm sorry's , the I understand your frustration, Bull shit if you understood you would make it right. No wonder there is a lack of communication, you can't ever understand these people.

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