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CitiMortgage Complaints & Reviews

CitiMortgage / Loss drafts department

Andy In CS on Dec 19, 2016
On 7/28/16 we experience a hail storm that damaged our house, property and cars. Allstate was responsive and quickly provided us the funds to repair the cars, house and personal property. The check for the house, out buildings and personal property was also made out to CitiMortgage. We...

CitiMortgage / Mortgage

Heather Blake on Dec 14, 2016
We have had a 15 year mortgage for 15 years. Should have been paid off last month. Now getting collection notices of over $4k. We never cancelled the direct debit or changed bank accounts. Have always paid on time. Now won't accept payment online or over phone. Live in a community property state & house is in both names, but they won't speak to my wife.

CitiMortgage / Trying to pay my mom's mortgage

Shea Rosenstein on Nov 18, 2016
I Shea Rosenstein been helping my mom (Kathleen rosenstein) pay her mortgage for a while now. We have giving cities mortgage countless verbal atherization for me to pay it. They have lied and denied these verbal atherization. We are one month behind and we have been since my mom has lost...

Citi Morgage / Bankruptcy and customer service department acct#0622560837-8

Chellz on Nov 11, 2016
On Nov 2, 2016 I requested a payoff I was told it would take 7-10 days and would be mailed to me . On day 7 Nov 9th 2016 I contacted them and the person I spoke with told me She could fax it to my lawyer in 2 business days I said fine. But then she asked what date did I want the payoff...

CitiMortgage / Pinocchio's of all bank

tonnielynch on Nov 1, 2016
Misapplied my payments in 2007. Post it not exempting account. After we settled with them for $29, 000. They found the check my bad I had to pay the attorney's fees.. 2010 I kept having a $3, 000 deficit kept asking why I owe $3, 000. They said I gave them a $26, 000 check. Took them 2...

CitiMortgage / Credit status

Jill Bohn on Oct 17, 2016
In July of 2011 my husband was having an affair, left our residence & decided to let our home go into foreclosure status. We were divorced in February of 2012. This is now 5 years later & I recently applied for a credit card to pay off medical bills & I've been denied because of thi...

CitiMortgage / Home loan

Denise N Charles on Oct 10, 2016
We initially applied for a re-finance on July 21st 2016. They were told up front that we had a bankruptcy in 2012 and they said we could probably still do it. We had our current mortgage with them and thought it would be easier. We paid $525 for an appraisal and application fee and sent in...

Citi / Payments work different than most credit cards

Pam Ryan on Jul 14, 2016
1) card doesn't work at gas station (cust service told me to put it in slow and remove slow) as they are having issues 2) if you set up auto pay, you can't choose pay balance, you have to choose pay statement balance, so if you return something, you still have to pay Citi for it...

CitiMortgage / Customer Service, Payments.

Ron Messier on Jul 13, 2016
Submitted a payment, there were NSF at the time the CU received it for payment. Same day, called CITIMORTGAGE and made an on phone CC payment, explained to the rep what had happened. I asked repeatedly if CITIMORTGAGE was going to resubmit the check for payment. Assured that would Not...

CitiMortgage / Loan

Russ1985 on May 22, 2016
Help, I have been trying to pay off my dead sisters home loan after being assigned Administrator. I have been getting the run around and a different story every time I talk to them. I want to send them money, you would think they would help.

Citimortgage, Inc. / Property Values negatively impacted by over 5 1/2 years of lack of action

Mulcahey on May 2, 2016
Citimortgage is responsible to the community & neighborhoods in which is provides mortgages. Since 10/31/2010, the property at 8580 Shuman Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45231 has sat vacant. Over 5, 000 honey bees have been extracted from the wall spaces & floorboards in the property, raccoons have...

CitiMortgage / Insurance Claim

Reviewer68474 on Feb 8, 2016
State Farm Insurance Policy # 56-BA-G5661 Fire Damage Claim; #32-K-159-803 Date of Loss: 7/8/2009 Proceeds of $72, 079.50 were written to Citibank, endorsed and cash without my knowledge. I have been seeking assistance in this matter since February 2015, to date I've gotten no resolution...

CitiMortgage / Pay OFF of a Mortgage

Edda on Jan 13, 2016
My complaint is against Citi Mortgage due to the way that my Pay off of my Mortgage has been treated. Me and my husband filled out for bankruptcy on Oct. 2014 We signed a Reaffirmation agreement with CitiMortgage and the bankruptcy lawyer sent it to CitiMortgage. When my husband passed...

CitiMortgage / Unethical Behavior

Reviewer62176 on Oct 20, 2015
I purchased my home back in 2005 and made on time payments for almost 10 years. I had to move for a job and rented the home out and continued to make on time payments even when the renters stopped paying. After a long eviction process the house was destroyed. I spent thousands getting the...

CitiMortgage / They took $1,000 and refused to help me

Reviewer99532 on Oct 18, 2015
I wanted to remove my ex-wife from the mortgage. I contacted the company Citimortgage, and the representative told me to pay $1, 000 and they would do the job quicker. Ok, I paid and waited for the news, but they refused to help and denied to return the funds, which I have paid them. I don’t...

CitiMortgage / Delay in disbursing money for rebuild after 5-26-2015 Flood in Houston

Reviewer61960 on Aug 22, 2015
My house was flooded on 5-26-. 2015 and CitiMortgage has received 30 days ago $104, 000.00 from Farmers' flood insurance for the rebuild. Despite multiple requests to disburse a first check to my Contractor and allow me to start rebuilding my home, CitiMortgage finds every possible...

CitiMortgage / Citimortgage gave my va mortgage back to va and didnt notify me

Deborah Thompson Burton on Jul 30, 2015
i called citimortgage today 7-30-2105 to inquire about special programs to reduce payment, as i had called 2 weeks ago. the rep informed me that my account had been transferred. She didnt tell me where. Then she said they gave it back to the va, and they sent a letter to me last april, i...

CitiMortgage / They will not correct your credit report

Jesse Martin Jr on Mar 11, 2015
Citimortgage will not correct our credit report! They claim we did not make payments or only sent in partial payments which is incorrect we have proven this many times. We have every copy of the checks that we summited and THEY CASHED. They are telling us they cannot correct our credit...

Citimortgage Inc. / holding my claim check

unberable on Oct 19, 2014
My husband and I put in a claim for the repair of our roof. Our Insurance company, after a couple of months, finally sent us a partial check enough to get the materials but we had to have everybody invovled to sign the check and send it ti Citimortgage in which they said they would cut u...

CitiMortgage / Sudden switch of Mortgage carrier without notification

loreco on Oct 14, 2014
On August 26, 20014, I mailed Citi Mortgage, Inc., my regular Mortgage payment due on 9/1/14. On approximately 9/3/14, I received a letter from GreenTree dated 8/25/14, notifying me that my mortgage had been switched over to them and as of September 1, 2014, all Mortgage Payments were to...

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