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Care.com Complaints & Reviews

Care.com / Stealthy Undetectable Monthly Billing System

Wald27 on 2016-02-09
I registered for care.com 2 years ago. I never used their services as we found a nanny ourselves. I just found out that they have been billing my cc for $39 each month for that period with no monthly confirmation, email or otherwise. I understand their terms are covering the hides on thi...

Care.com - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Texting scams

Reviewer55694 on 2016-01-31
I have recently submitted a profile on Care.com. Last week I received (2) texts from different phone numbers stating they had an elderly family member that needed care, saw my profile on care.com, and wanted me to email my resume. I was skeptical so I researched online and found out that...

Care.com - Massachusetts, Waltham / Unfair and Unethical Policies

eh1234 on 2016-01-29
I received an email on 1-26-2016 from care.com member services that my account was terminated. I thought it was a mistake or spam, so I called the phone number that I found online. The representative confirmed that my account was terminated and that they are "under no obligation to inform...

Care.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Jax Lee on 2016-01-25
The charged me every month for a subscription service unbeknown to me. I thought I was signing up for a 30 day trial subscription. It has been occurring for 16 months! Over $600 in charges when I never used the site. Unethical and fraudulent! Taking advantage of busy mothers.

Care.com - California, Clovis / They Stole My Money

Reviewer79600 on 2016-01-19
Truly unbelievable...I canceled once and it didn't take. I canceled again and they stated they had no record of my original cancellation. So I canceled twice. Now, I just received my credit card statement and lo and behold, they have charged me yet again. What a nightmare! This is a truly heartless organization. Incredibly unethical.

Care.com / Their service

haven55 on 2016-01-19
After being a member for a year, I tried to upgrade my acc. And they terminated my whole account ..they said that they didn't have to give me a reason and they could delete me for whatever reason or for no reason! To me, that is a HORRIBLE way to treat good honest people!! I give care.com a 0..Terrible site!!

Care.com / Prividing listed domestic staf and allow you to list your advert.

Alexandra King on 2016-01-18
They charged me on 17 NOV 2015 £29.00 for the one month service, where I listed one advert. I did not know they would continue charge me and today I discovered that they charge me every months since, They charged me on 17 Dec 2015, 17 Jan 2016 and they are going to charge me February a...

Care.com, Inc / Beware of 30 Day Membership Offering

Reviewer55064 on 2016-01-11
I signed up for 30 day membership. Unfortunately they keep on billing you. Their website is difficult to understand, I never saw a warning that after 30 days they would switch me to a standard membership and keep on billing. I tried canceling and it was not straight forward, They are very...

Care.com - Massachusetts, Waltham / I was eliminated from Care.com site on 12/18/2015

MagdaleneK on 2015-12-19
I was given NO reason for my removal from the site. I was contacted via email fro someone named Jennifer who told me that Care .com has a poleicy in force that allows them to eliminate any person from their site without any notice or reason for that matter . I had complained about the...

Care.com / Ripoff billing continuation

Flomeister on 2015-12-18
My wife took a 1 month premium membership with care.com in August 2014. I just found out this month that till now they have been booking off 35 Euros each month. They only sent us one invoice for the 1 month that we took the service. Probably in the fine print it states that the contract...

Care.com / Inability to downgrade membership.

Reviewer82330 on 2015-11-30
I paid for care.com After several months I downgraded through their website ( or thought I did). I downgraded to basic. Their IT Dept has serious issues as the site led me to believe I had in fact downgraded. When I called customer service through e mail ( no phone number available), I wa...

Care.com / Unauthorized charges to credit card - scam alert

Tiffany Bown on 2015-11-19
I purchased a ONE-month membership on February 28th, 2015 from Care.com for $25.35. After one month of using the Care.com services, I was billed for the automatic premium monthly membership without my knowledge. The automatic charge at the premium level in the amount of $39.00 has been...

Care.com / Deceiving practices!!!!

eva33 on 2015-11-04
After moving to a new city, I signed up for care.com's "1 month membership." I found a sitter and never logged in again, never thinking that my membership would extend past one month. Over six months later, I realized I was continuing to be charged. I should have been more aware of my...

Care.com - Florida, Miami / Signed up for 1 month, and have been charged every month ever since

Teca M on 2015-11-01
I signed up for a 1 month subscription only to find 6 months later I am still being charged! How can I trust these people to do a background check on a babysitter with these kind of principles??!!! To make things worse, I was inundated with emails from babysitters and found none that I...

Care.com, Inc / Termination of account without cause due to feedback - evidence

Reviewer65052 on 2015-10-15
Long-time care.com member, blue-chip employer of caregivers for a senior. A serious felon passed their background check for in-home care - carjacking, armed robbery, just released from 3 years in prison. If that wasn't enough, two years later after a good relationship with care.com in the...

Care.com, Inc / Beware Automatic Renewal of Membership

SandraMontgomery on 2015-10-13
Over this past summer I purchased a one month membership to find a nanny. I noticed that Care.com kept charging my credit card even after the expiration of my membership. I called and they told me that per the tiny scrip at the end of the web page, they automatically renew the membership...

Care.com, Inc / Impossible to cancel account, stealing your money

Reviewer56956 on 2015-10-07
I tried for six months to downgrade my account to basic and stop the continuous charges to my credit card. Six times I went through their process for downgrading an account and six times I was charged again. I finally disputed all charges through my credit card company, Care gave me a one...

Care.com / Caregiver listing website

Reviewer81565 on 2015-10-01
I am a blue-chip private consumer of in-home eldercare services. I spend about $150K per year on full-time care for one elderly parent. I have been a care.com member for several years. I currently employ 3 caregivers recruited through care.com, one for over 2 years. We treat caregiver...

Care.com, Inc / Questions about emails from potential clients

Lumpy65 on 2015-09-22
I signed up with Care.com about a month ago to offer my services as a house and pet-sitter. I have received 3 replies from 3 different families, saying that they will be moving to my area soon and will need someone to look after their dogs. All 3 of the email-writers stated that they would...

Care.com, Inc - Michigan, Cheboygan / Giving out personal information

jennie cox on 2015-09-21
I had put an application in for this company when I found out they do charge a fee for their service I took my name off their list they gave my email out to two different ladies they both stated they needed help with a family member and one lady scammed me out of $1, 700 dollars.Which i...

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ATM Fraud Costs One Man 24000$
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