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Care.com Complaints & Reviews

Care.com - Arizona, Phoenix / Racial discrimination, incorrect and slanderous background checks

Mrs Hertberg on 2016-05-12
Between 2002 and 2006 I signed up to offer my Professional Domestic Services. I was over 45 years old with 28 years of service in the field. The ist interview they sent me to a couple who had paid for a background check that listed me as White and having lived in places I never lived. The...

Care.com - Massachusetts, Waltham / I was automatically charged for who knows what!!

Alex on 2016-04-06
Avoid www.care.com at all costs and don't do business with these scam artists! Just check all the reviews, there are hundreds of people who were scammed by Care company! Like many other people I was automatically charged for who knows what and when I contacted them they refused to give my...

Care.com - California, Morgan Hill / Billing me every month when i have cancelled- deceptive practices

Reenita Das on 2016-04-05
I used their service for one week- there is a fine print of billing every month- no emails or communication from them- I called to cancel- they said it was fine- again no emails- and then billing for 5 months- when I called to complaint it was a scripted telesales person who read out their...

Care.com / Home caregivers

Valerie Byler on 2016-04-02
I got a job with care.com the family was moving here from London, she was suppose too send me a check too make sure she had me as her caregiver, needless too say it was a scam. My sister got hired by a family that was moving from New York too florida, and she asked my sister if she would...

Care.com / Deceptive billing practices

dm2016 on 2016-03-28
Care.com makes their money through deceitful billing practices. Without your knowledge or permission, they will upgrade and auto-renew your account and NEVER let you know about it. You'll never once be notified or receive an e-mail or anything! They make a dubious claim that it'...

Care.com / Warning..babysitters not vetted and background checks often incomplete

Care.com on 2016-03-07
Care.com is back in the news again with a babysitter molesting and sodomizing 2 little boys. Just 2 years ago a baby was murdered by a care.com babysitter..these are just the 2 that made headlines. I suspect that many parents across the world are coming home to dead babies and abused...

Care.com / Site

Hollyanna on 2016-03-05
Here is what I just wrote to care.com customer service and this describes my experiences trying to find work so far: Hi- I am encountering a lot of frustration in that potential clients are stating offered wages that they aren't willing to pay! I have spent a great deal of time conversing...

Care.com / Customer Service

Reviewer31606 on 2016-03-04
I had an account with care.com for over a year. I finally had landed a nanny position to start with in two months. I had interviewed with family and excepted the position. I called care.com to cancel my membership. I received an email stating that I request to close account, with in THREE...

Care.com / Repeat contacts by suspicious registrants

Reviewer37092 on 2016-02-23
Since I registered with care.com as a caregiver, I've received several very suspicious texts from people who got my information from the website. In each case, it started out looking like a good position but soon I could see they were moving toward asking me for personal information...

Care.com - California, Fremont / Overpriced service - Repeat billing if you don't cancel

Reviewer57712 on 2016-02-22
The first time I signed up I forgot to cancel and was billed for like 6 months before I realized it (my CC is on auto pay). The second time, new location, the child care providers were not up to par with what I was exposed to in PA (vs. now CA). Background checks take 10 days and that's if...

Care.com / Stealthy Undetectable Monthly Billing System

Wald27 on 2016-02-09
I registered for care.com 2 years ago. I never used their services as we found a nanny ourselves. I just found out that they have been billing my cc for $39 each month for that period with no monthly confirmation, email or otherwise. I understand their terms are covering the hides on thi...

Care.com - Louisiana, Baton Rouge / Texting scams

Reviewer55694 on 2016-01-31
I have recently submitted a profile on Care.com. Last week I received (2) texts from different phone numbers stating they had an elderly family member that needed care, saw my profile on care.com, and wanted me to email my resume. I was skeptical so I researched online and found out that...

Care.com - Massachusetts, Waltham / Unfair and Unethical Policies

eh1234 on 2016-01-29
I received an email on 1-26-2016 from care.com member services that my account was terminated. I thought it was a mistake or spam, so I called the phone number that I found online. The representative confirmed that my account was terminated and that they are "under no obligation to inform...

Care.com / Unauthorized credit card charges

Jax Lee on 2016-01-25
The charged me every month for a subscription service unbeknown to me. I thought I was signing up for a 30 day trial subscription. It has been occurring for 16 months! Over $600 in charges when I never used the site. Unethical and fraudulent! Taking advantage of busy mothers.

Care.com - California, Clovis / They Stole My Money

Reviewer79600 on 2016-01-19
Truly unbelievable...I canceled once and it didn't take. I canceled again and they stated they had no record of my original cancellation. So I canceled twice. Now, I just received my credit card statement and lo and behold, they have charged me yet again. What a nightmare! This is a truly heartless organization. Incredibly unethical.

Care.com / Their service

haven55 on 2016-01-19
After being a member for a year, I tried to upgrade my acc. And they terminated my whole account ..they said that they didn't have to give me a reason and they could delete me for whatever reason or for no reason! To me, that is a HORRIBLE way to treat good honest people!! I give care.com a 0..Terrible site!!

Care.com / Prividing listed domestic staf and allow you to list your advert.

Alexandra King on 2016-01-18
They charged me on 17 NOV 2015 £29.00 for the one month service, where I listed one advert. I did not know they would continue charge me and today I discovered that they charge me every months since, They charged me on 17 Dec 2015, 17 Jan 2016 and they are going to charge me February as well...

Care.com, Inc / Beware of 30 Day Membership Offering

Reviewer55064 on 2016-01-11
I signed up for 30 day membership. Unfortunately they keep on billing you. Their website is difficult to understand, I never saw a warning that after 30 days they would switch me to a standard membership and keep on billing. I tried canceling and it was not straight forward, They are very...

Care.com - Massachusetts, Waltham / I was eliminated from Care.com site on 12/18/2015

MagdaleneK on 2015-12-19
I was given NO reason for my removal from the site. I was contacted via email fro someone named Jennifer who told me that Care .com has a poleicy in force that allows them to eliminate any person from their site without any notice or reason for that matter . I had complained about the...

Care.com / Ripoff billing continuation

Flomeister on 2015-12-18
My wife took a 1 month premium membership with care.com in August 2014. I just found out this month that till now they have been booking off 35 Euros each month. They only sent us one invoice for the 1 month that we took the service. Probably in the fine print it states that the contract...

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