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Capital Resorts / 5 Day CRUISE Gift

Reviewer11925 on 2016-02-08
My first communication was with GRAND CROWNE RESORTS. I booked a Myrtle Beach Getaway for $249.00; I agreed to tour the Property in exchange for the following Gifts: (1) 3 Day 2 Night Mini Vacation (1) Go Anywhere Mini Vacation + $100 Visa Gift Card (1) $50 Entertainment Credit (1) Carnival...

Marriott Vacation Club International / Booking a vacation using points / Hilton Head Island

Reviewer72194 on 2016-02-08
The issue is that we have been frequenting Hilton Head Island for the past few years, on and off. We don’t own there, but we always were able to exchange into it. We have never had a problem booking until the last couple of years. Last year we opted for Florida. However, this year, our...

Interval International / Exchange Availability

Reviewer70671 on 2016-02-02
I have been a member of Interval International for close to 20 years. There was always a lot of availability to exchange. I never had a problem. In the last couple of years there is more availability for Getaways than for Exchanges. This company has become more of a travel agency. They are...

Divi Vacation Club / Unethical practices

Reviewer70905 on 2016-01-31
Purchased into the Divi Vacation club in Aruba in July of 2015, to date I have not received any membership information other than a payment book. Emails go unreturned, I was promised by phone that I would have the information resent. It still has not been received. Not to mention the...

KOA / Campground/ Management

Reviewer37542 on 2016-01-21
I am in the campground since Dec 30th 2015 and we had a major rainfall which my patio area became flooded as my site is at the bottom of the hill. I ask management to move me as I am here for 3 months and they refused. It happened again and I requested again and I was refused again. Then...

Hendersons Group Investments / Hendersons Group Investments Timeshare

JT1960 on 2016-01-21
Hendersons Group InvestmentsI used Hendersons Group Investments and in the beginning I was satisfied with the how they were dealing with my timeshare transfer process. Halfway through the process I was very happy with how things were going Hendersons Group Investments were keeping their word and fulfilling their...

Vallarta Gardens Beach Club Spa / Membership for Explore Your World Scam

clintshan on 2016-01-14
When you are tempted to visit a timeshare beware and stay clear of Vallarta Gardens Resort and Spa. They will offer you the world to sell you a time share and when you don't buy they really tempt you with a pitch that is too good to be true that it makes buying an actual time share a waste...

Beyond Experience / Luxury Concierge Service

JBishop1 on 2016-01-07
The Beyond Experience Luxury Concierge Service in The Residences At La Vista is a scam. That loser James Fawcett and his band of timeshare criminals tried to sign me up to this travel club with promises of cheap vacations and savings. I just went online and saw the BS for myself.

Marriott Vacation CLub / Service

Reviewer60218 on 2016-01-06
I have had an on going issue with Marriot since Dec 19th, 2015. As of today 1/6/2015, the issue has still not been resolved. This is not the first time something of this nature has happened. On 11/30 my husband and I made a reservation using our accrued points. We made reservations at a...

Beyond Experience / The Residences At La Vista Luxury Concierge Service

JBishop1 on 2016-01-06
The Beyond Experience (www.beyond-experience.com) is a scam they target guests of the hotel (The Residences At La Vista) and promise them cheap vacations in good resorts and viable investment options. It's all a fraud you won't get anything but ripped off. James Fawcett is the...

Country Club / Membership cancellation

prashant S Umare on 2016-01-06
I am Indian citizen working in Saudi Arabia. I solicit your support to resolve following matter. When I was in Bahrain on 25th Dec, 2015, I purchased 30 years Country Club Membership by paying 1530 BD by credit card. This membership also has 80 BD annual charges to be paid every year for...

GeoHoliday / Aka Sapphire Resorts - They informed me that I can cancel membership by paying minimal fee... now they are not honoring

Munki on 2015-12-30
2015 Resort trying to get... required to call reservation - never got back to me in June - followed up in November - nothing Membership can be canceled, but changed rule in September was never told. I requested to cancel membership and informed will do when I return to US mainland. Now I...

Bluegreen Resorts / Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook

realscam / Soapboxmom on 2015-12-27
Bluegreen Resortshttp://www.realscam.com/f11/dealing-cyber-stalker-cyber-bully-soapbox-momster-cyber-stalker-abyss-4406/ Salesman, Don Allen Holbrook, is making thinly disguised death threats. He has been threatening, suing and harassing customers and critics for years. He is the brainchild behind the...

Marriott Vacation Club / Aruba Surf Club / Rervations

Chanagolda on 2015-12-23
I own two weeks at the Marriot Aruba Surfclub. When I purchased, they were convincing us to buy two units so that we can call in 13 months in advance to get our desired dates. NOT TRUE! When you call on the date you are allowed too at exactly 9AM a recording comes on saying all lines are...

World Trade Rentals / Timeshare Rental of Weeks

lindseywilde on 2015-12-21
I purchased from Vallarta Gardens and the transaction was fairly effortless. I have no complaints about Vallarta Gardens. I take issue with World Trade Rentals (WTR). I realized I had signed a contract with them that made absolutely no sense. When I returned home from Puerto Vallarta I wa...

Marriott Vacation CLub / Redeaming points and Timeshare

Reviewer57089 on 2015-12-20
I had purchased a timeshare at the Marriott in Maui. The yearly maintenance became outrageous over the years for a one week stay so we decided to sell. Ten years later there was no resale value. The Marriott declined to buy it back and stated they had a waiting list of re-sales they had in...

Country Club / Need Refund Cancellation / Useless Country Club / False Promises

PremnathR on 2015-12-11
Hello Country Vacations team, It's been more than 2.5 years that I have invested on this Country Vacations package and not utilized my vacations till date. Its already expired and got n number of calls from your representatives / customer care department to pay Annual Maintenance Charge...

Marriott Vacation CLub / Harbor Pointe, Hilton Head

Reviewer61234 on 2015-12-10
Harbor Pointe is a timeshare at Hilton Head. It is a modest resort, not located on the ocean and not luxurious or a destination center. It's just OK. We bought it as a resale for $5000 many years ago. Marriott Vacation Club took over management and did some needed maintenance. The...

Country Vacations / Service and False promises during the Membership Registration.

Reviewer21664 on 2015-12-10
Hi Team, I got a membership in Country club/Country Vacations on 21-Mar-2015. Prabha from Country Vacations promised for the below facilites as part of Ugadi offer and I have paid one lakh twenty five thousand rupees on the same day. 1) Country club life time membership.(Member Ship...

Coral Resorts / Tomeshare takeovers in exchange for "vacation club priveledges"

Reviewer42452 on 2015-12-01
Do NOT have anything to do with Coral Resorts. Don't even listen to its sale pitch! The entire operation is a big scam Coral Resorts sale people say that will take over your timeshare and take the maintenance fees off your hands IF you join Coral Resorts vacation club! It sounded very...
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