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Waffle House Complaints & Reviews

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Waffle House - Louisiana, BossierWaffle City - Termination

Posted: 2015-07-08 by    jayne wilson
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Waffle House store #380 Airline Dr Bossier City, Louisiana
Manager Joyce McKinney
I was terminated today for telling a customer when I would be working. I have heard some of the girls I work with tell customers when they work but nothing was said to them. The manager had me sign a write up form then told me i no longer work for her. I believe I was wrongly terminated. There a lot more things worse than telling customers when you work. Stealing food, continuing to be late every time they work, and sexual harassment.
This is the way this manager is. She already had someone there...

Waffle House - poor customer service

Posted: 2013-12-14 by    shondalay
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Store number 1391 has poor service I came in the restraint on 12/14/13 for breakfast with my family order food for us wsit was longvwith a busy sat. Morning when our food came I order waffles eggs with onions the meal comes with hashbrown but when I got my food onions was in my hashbrowns not what I orede sent it back then my waffle came it was burnt sent it back them my plate came back onions c was in my eggs but still in yhhashbrowns got b the gril that served us told her my order was wrong again I wanted the manger shevssidbhevwas busy calling orders out and he will b with me when he can I looked...

Waffle House - Tennessee, Nashville - OVER CHARGED

Posted: 2013-09-28 by    Mad in Nashville
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
WAFFLE HOUSE IS GOING NUT !!! I PAIED 11.85 CENT FOR EGGS, TWOO BACON AND HASBROWN. I called a order in because I work near the store. When I got there, that was the charge for the meal .I did not have time to fight it . I called back it he said it was because I call it in. Cost mor e for take out . I get everything plus pancakes for 699 ....

Waffle House - Kentucky, Franklin - rude and horrible service

Posted: 2013-09-25 by    sindy franklin
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on sept 24, 2013 we visited waffle house in franklin, ky, all of 2 customer were there and we wait a good 5 minutes before the rudest waitress very walked up! Ashley was her name with very dirty hands she ask what we would like to drink, then begin to curse and fellow waiter . talked about having to call the police and other complaints about the night, and as all this was going on slamming dishes and doors on the counter, was on of the worst night i ever tried to eat a meal!...

Waffle House - Texas, Arlington - No service at all

Posted: 2013-07-27 by    TehminaAthar
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My husband and I wanted some Waffle House as an early breakfast at 4 this morning. We pulled up to the location in Arlington TX off Little Rd and were immediately greeted by an employee informing us that they cannot serve us due to all their tables being dirty. I peeked inside and every table was filthy, there was only one table occupied by diners. Surprised that they did basically told us to come back another night; we ended up going down The street to iHop. What kind of sorry excuse for customer service does WF have now that they refuse service due to their employees being lazy?...

Waffle House - Louisiana, Mandeville - Answering phone

Posted: 2013-05-15 by    Michael Dufrene
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Today I called to try a place an order and no one answered. This is about the third time this has occurred with me. When I get there and ask them if the phone is broken the employees says "no we just turned it off and forgot to turn it back on". I don't think this is how I would like my business run if I owned it. I love eating at Waffle House, but if this keeps up I think I will take myself somewhere s else. I think if I feel this way how many other customers feel that way...

Waffle House - Mississippi, Byram - Waitresses

Posted: 2012-12-08 by    Jana French
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Me, my father and his girlfriend went to the Byram Waffle House Saturday night 12/8 at around 9:30. Two of the waitresses. One I did not get name but the second Jamie J. were playing around and got our ordered totally screwed up, I ordered coffee, milk and the Big meal. She brought eggs all watery with a burned waffle that did not have the pecans in it which I ordered, I also ordered grits with mine, did not receive, they forgot my coffee and were cutting their eyes and mocking their white lady manager. There was another couple behind us that also did not get all if their order right. You need a...

Waffle House - Alabama, Montgomery - unfairly let go

Posted: 2012-11-18 by    cdking
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I worked for waffle house two different times. I worked on the 3rd shift at both stores I worked .I was rehired at the ann street store when I walked in one day and they had no help and ask if I would come back and I knew most of the people who came in there and the people who were working there and they truly needed help, a bunch had walked out on them.But first let me tell you why I am ticked off, , I always showed up for my shift and was only late once and I called to let them know in plenty of time, it was only and hour and I never called out sick, , even ran errands sometime to go pick up employees...

Waffle House - Very rude and unprofessional

Posted: 2012-10-24 by    Fannece
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After arriving at the Waffle House store #1939 in Birmingham, AL, it was very busy which was to be expected after. There were a lot of people there that attended the Susan G. Coman breast cancer walk. There was a table available for us but wasn’t cleaned yet. So we waited until the waiter bust the table but it still hadn’t been wiped down. The manager on duty tells us that we can sit they will wipe it off in a minute. We immediately told him no we will wait until its completely cleaned before we sit. After it was cleaned we sat and ordered our food. The manager “Terry” constantly...

Waffle House - No Longer Any Good - Close 'em

Posted: 2012-07-23 by    RarelyComplain
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I was once envious of locales that had a Waffle House (they bailed from my state about 30 years ago) because they prepared the best breakfasts of anyone, and it was a good place to spread out your newspaper and have an excellent breakfast and good coffee. But not anymore.
Lousiest excuse for hash browns which were these wet soggy white wormy looking things that didn't even taste like potatoes, and the eggs weren't even cooked right. The coffee was C-. If you eat alone you MUST sit at the counter - they might as well let ya sit anywhere, the place was empty at 7:30 AM (and at this...

Waffle House - Ohio, Lancaster - Boss

Posted: 2012-06-06 by    Ruthie Clay
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I have worked for the Waffle house on and off for 6 years. I have never been treated so bad by any boss any where in any job I have ever worked till this Waffle house store # 1859. I have gone to him about things like other people not doing their job. I understand about being a new cook on a $500 shift but when they only did less than $200 and I walk into a disaster and do $300 in two hours with no stock no prep nothing . I got left with 1 bis. buttered and none for back up, not even the hash browns filled in the pan let alone my cooler was bare . Grease over flowing from the grease traps let alone...

Waffle House - Discrimination & wrongful termination

Posted: 2012-02-27 by    Plaoden
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
I'm a former employee of the Waffle House located in Albemarle NC. On the 3rd of June i was scheduled to work, and on this particular night money was misplacedstolen from the register along with myself two of my co workers were responsible for any mishaps in the register. During the incident i was not handling the money neither was i dealing with the customer when the money went missing. I have never stolen money from anyone needless to say my place of employment i was the only employee from that shift terminated. I strongly feel this is an act of wrongful termination and discrimination.

Waffle House - Tennessee, Goodlettsville - rude

Posted: 2012-02-16 by    sherron royer
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my husband and i went in and ordered there was one young lady in there very nice, took our order she went to get the cook but, he was coming out the door at the same time she was going to get him he came out with her with an attitude, like dont be pushing the door she said i didnt see you instead of letting it go he kept on hassing her it really made me mad so i told him forget my breakfast i went out the door then i went back in to see the manger because he was rude to her .i was there to eat not hear him with the attitude he had with her if he didnt want to be there he should have called in.when...

Waffle House - The manager was extremely rude and a racist

Posted: 2011-11-05 by    Koste
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
My Niece's dirty diaper was left in my car and i realized it was in my back seat, so i pulled off to the side to throw it away and parked behind the Zoo Tavern to throw it away in the trashcan. An SUV pulls up behind me and honks. She said "You can't use this trashcan". I told her "I was just throwing away a diaper" she said "You can't use this trash can this is for business purposes only. I said "I am just throwing away a diaper". She told me go somewhere else and throw it away. I told her i threw it in the trash already. She told me to jump in the trashcan and get the diaper. I...

Waffle House - South Carolina, Walterboro - best waitress fired

Posted: 2011-09-09 by    El Buitre
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The new manager, Paula Anderson, had a vendetta to fire Gloria Glover, the best and most popular waitress.Anderson scrutinized every move Gloria made and concocted a story about a $1 issue on a bill.Gloria has worked at the Waffle House for 17 years.The town is outraged.Travelers on a yearly basis would pass thru and ask for Gloria.Until Anderson is transferred back where she came from and Ms. Glover is reinstated, we will take our business to the Huddle House and Shoneys....

Waffle House - Georgia, Griffin - Discrimination

Posted: 2011-07-05 by    Tiffany Mays
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
I was a customer at the Waffle House in Griffin Ga on the North Expressway. I placed my order for my food and watched the cook come inside the store from smoking a cigarette and handling the order book, and then I asked him if he could change his gloves. He went on to start swearing the situation calmed down and then the food was cooked. People that had placed their orders after me was receiving their order so I got up from the table in which I was sitting and asked the lady that had taken my order was my food done and she answered no that she messed up the ticket because she was in training and...

Waffle House - Bad Service and RUDE

Posted: 2011-06-17 by    Mel
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
We are visiting Naples from out of town. We have been to this Waffle House on two or three occasions because it's walking distance from the hotel and open late.The late night employees there are the absolute rudest people we have ever encountered at a restaurant. Every single time we have been there the employees have extremely nasty attitudes. Second...every single visit they have screwed our orders up. They have either gave us the wrong order, burnt the food, and the last straw last night was the chicken sandwiches we brought back to the room were raw! We made a complaint with the manager...

Waffle House - Delaware, Smyrna - service

Posted: 2011-04-16 by    cyberweasal
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My family and I ate at the Smyrna, De on April 15 at about 4 a.m. location this morning. I have always gotten good service at this and other locations, until tonight. While we ordered our food, the cook went to his car and spent time talking to a woman, when he returned he went straight to the grill without washing his hands. When our food arrived there were several mistakes made (wrong toast, missing onions on hash browns and we had to ask later for my chili). We asked the server to simply fry us up the onions and bring them out instead of remaking the whole order. We had to ask the cook for refills...

Waffle House - Nasty employees

Posted: 2011-03-08 by    Vstyle
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
I have been eating at the waffle house on interstate drive in Norman oklahoma for years and there has been an employee there for awhile that really has made me stay away. Her name is Carla and she dies her hair red and she sells drugs and she talks really vulgar with the male customers, you could even call it prostitution. She has picked up drugs in the parking lot during work. I ask her one time if she had a food handlers card because she said she had been busted 2 times in Arkansas for meth with the intent to distribute. She weighs about 200lbs or more.She laughed at the food handlers card & said...

Waffle House - North Carolina, Knightdale - non trained Employee

Posted: 2011-02-11 by    Sisabled Veteran
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
The Bill was 23.49 -I gave the waitress 30 dollars she rang up 63.49 -then when fellow employees tried to assist her she -she held up her hand took cell phone out of her pocket and calls her mother to try to get her to explain how cash register works in meantime I am waiting a good 20-30 minutes-as she was still clutching a 20 and a ten in her hand I asked a male employee to give me the ten back which he retrieved from the obvious stupid waitress and I gave her four dollars.I gave the cook who is knowledgeable a five dollar tip-however this idiot does not need to be working at waffle house until...

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