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uShip - Very misleading

Posted: 2014-05-04 by    ann rush
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
So I bid on a honda atv on ebay and on the listing Uship offers to provide estimate and multiple moving companies. Their estimate is $493. I buy the atv. I sign up for their auction of carriers. Eight days later...end of the auction...one bid $699. So their estimate is 40 % off...FORTY PERCENT
So word to the wise if you are going to move something with wheels on it, don't trust Uship
Take a few minutes, search the web and you will make an informed purchased with real costs...and you will be much smarter that Uship...

uShip - Over Billing

Posted: 2014-04-19 by    CARLVP
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Wile accepting a bid to ship 2 motorcycles to FL clicked continue but inadvertently overlooked a small easily overlooked button about insurance which as in most WEB sites would come up highlighted so clicked continue a second time noticed it the next time around declined insurance and clicked continue this time it went through. American express auto called my cell phone alerting me I had three consecutive charges for $700+ within a minute so they were al declined. I called Uship and after spending five minutes drilling into the bowls of their WEB page where it is hidden and listed 800-usip... instead...

uShip - North Carolina, Raleigh - Customer Service & Insurance Response = Zero Help

Posted: 2013-11-22 by    Matt in Raleigh
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 2 votes
Contracted through USHIP to have an expensive military generator trailer moved from Atlanta to Raleigh. In transit the shipper failed to secure several panels on the generators which subsequently "fell off" during transit. The covers are impossible to locate used and the missing panels render my generators unusable for my application (same cover on each of my two generators was lost). Repeated calls to USHIP customer service and repeated e-mails yielded zero contact with someone there that would help. Meaning nobody EVER called me back regarding my claim. It's been a month and many different...

uShip - Idaho - scamed or mislead

Posted: 2011-11-15 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
We at Trotter Auto Transport would like you to e-mail us if you have had problems with carriers (trucking company's) on USHIP and the name of the company. We are working with the FEREDRAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION on a complaint that we will be filing against uship for not verifying there carrier's Insurance, Bond's or MC numbers, All trucking company must have all of those thing to be transport freight in the U.S., It's the law and USHIP does not check any of the company's that bid on your loads or ideams. USHIP does have a mc number verification option for the...

uShip - Idaho - SCAMS & MISLEADING

Posted: 2011-11-14 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
We at Trotter Auto Transport right on this complaint board to try and help consumer's understand that USHIP is not a transport company, they are not BONDED or carry INSURANCE to protect you vehicle or any other idem's you have shipped thur there website.
Uship is a directory for trucking company's to bid on your loads so you can find a transport company. USHIP also charge between 20% to 22% on top of your transport bids so that means it is not FREE like it says on there website they also do not check the trucking company MC number (operating authority) or insurance to make...

uShip - Oregon, Portland - Everything

Posted: 2011-09-12 by    Bill Welch
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
This company is a fraud. They don't vet any of their suppliers and continuously mislead you. I paid them 1, 600 to have one of their shippers move my boat. No showby the shipper, no contact, no nothing. Uship offered to give me a credit if I booked another shipper within a year. Huh? They would have made 35.00 on this deal and now their hoping to steal 1, 550 from me. Why would anyone do business with these crooks?...

uShip - Idaho, Boise - fraud

Posted: 2011-09-01 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 3 votes
WOW more crazy story's from are e-mail list;
Well my story started with an ad about. Puppy I was so happy do find one so I emailed the website and than I started to contact a lady about the ad she told me you need first to pay 700AED to get your puppy and i will be getting an email from the delivery agency so
I asked my friends about this website and the Uship delievery agaency and told me to be aware so I sent her this that I felt they were scamming and I won't pay until I receive the puppy she told me pay half and you will pay the rest when you receive the puppy and in...

uShip - Idaho, Boise - FRAUD WARNING'S

Posted: 2011-09-01 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
As you know Trotter Auto Transport.com has been receiving thousands of e-mails and we are taking the one's we fill the consumer's who are thing about using USHIP should read, Here is another customer that picked a transport company off of USHIP, Here is there story;

I accepted a bid from KNOWSBIKES (JAMES TAYLOR WELTY) on uship to have my bike shipped from my home in Florida to where I was working in St Louis, MO. He contacted me a few days later to arrange pickup. The entire experience was a huge hassle. There were several things promised that never happened. He said the...

uShip - Idaho, Boise - SAFEPAY is FRAUD

Posted: 2011-08-26 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
We are writing about the scams on "USHIP.COM", Uship is scamming investors with fake financial records and claims of false number in there truck company directory, They state there is 215.881 thousand company on there and just in there auto transport directory they cliam 32175 active company's witch there is only 525 active company's with feedback from consumer's. Uship has started a new program called "SAFEPAY", This program allows the customer to pay the hole amount of there bid in full to uship witch now the company they accepted does not accept these booking's because most...

uShip - Idaho, Boise - Payment scams

Posted: 2011-08-25 by    Lonnie Trotter
Complaint Rating:  40 % with 10 votes
Uship 's new payment program is a scam for new investor's, This is to show high intake of revonews to make loan officer's or investors to beleive that uship is making all this money. Matt Chasen ( official Rep) the founder of uship has him and he's crew of people sitting around woundering how they can get more money out of the consumer and give them nothing in return. Matt Chasen is needing money, I received a e-mail over the weekend from a exemployee of uship showing me doc's of a loan matt chasen applied for the first of this year in the amount of 4million dollars and...

uShip - Rip off

Posted: 2011-02-22 by    Big Big Bear
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
U-SHip is a RIPOFF. I know I use U-Ship to find stuff to haul w/my pick-up and vehicles to drive for people to try to make some $$

First of all the people running U-Ship use deceptive practices both w/shippers and TSP's.

Next they do NOT care about an honest person trying to make a buck. ALl they care about how much money they can put in Matt Chasen's (the founder)pocket.They charge TSp's that go beyond what they consider a normal cancellation rate extra bid fee's.Just way for them to rip folks off and put extra $$ in Chasens poicket.

uShip - Profits off criminals

Posted: 2011-02-15 by    DrTed61
Complaint Rating:  60 % with 5 votes
I hired a shipper with outstanding customer reviews. Trusted uShip's representation as hosting real movers. Result: my things are gone. The mover took off, disappeared. Learned that uShip doesn't even have up to date address for the guy. Doesn't have any other contact info. I'm out $20, 000. Uship: "sorry, we're a neutral third party."

Have others had this happen to them? Send me a note - I'd love to hear about it....

uShip - Western Union Wire out of country

Posted: 2011-02-15 by    Not Playing any more
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 5 votes
I am suppose to receive 2 macaws from Washington state and the company called from Maine area code. I have no problem sending shipping cost to a business, however the only payment they will accept is Western Union shipped to a person in Modolva Republic. They don't have a quick claim ID. They claim that the company is being audited and can only accept Money Wire transfers. They speak broken English and over the phone it is constantly broken up like a cell phone going into a tunnel.I have been emailing back and forth for over 4 hours. They're typing keeps getting larger, like I can't...

uShip - Allowed for a fraud and will not honor insurance

Posted: 2011-02-03 by    FOXSSLOTS1
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Booked a shipment thru USHIP - accepted a bid from a shipper with a lot of feedback. Paid fee and deposit for accepting the bid. Shipped picked up my shipment, quarenteed 72 hour delivery and insured per his profile on Uship. Shipment was to be completed, delivered to me by 12/24/2010 - well past the 72 hour guarentee. Shipper failed to deliver then and now. Now he refuses to deliver and expects me to pickup or pay Storage fees. Uship - "we are 3rd party and are not liable". How about FRAUD? They supposedly have a FRAUD insurance up to $500? Paid 1/2 the shipping via Paypal - along with the fee...

uShip - Bullshit and has no standards

Posted: 2011-01-31 by    Ushiph8r
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I use USHIP as my main source of jobs to move car. trucks and trailers around, but there is no regulation on who can bid on jobs on the site! There are smoes bidding on jobs that dont have DOT, MC CA or insurance stealing jobs from me cause they can offer a lower price well no *** they can its because they arent paying to be legal! I wrote USHIT and they said they are just a "freight forwarder and broker" and that legality of the shipment falls on the customer to "ASK" thats bullshit a customer should be able search for a provider and not HAVE to worry about whether or not they are legit! and they...

uShip - Ripped off

Posted: 2011-01-24 by    Pissed off
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I think all of us who got ripped off should sue...I dont just have 200.00 just to throw around and i really thought this was legit..So now I am out a puppy and 200.00...How can we let them get away with this..I cant believe i believed these people or thiefs as i call them..i want to sue..my children have been waiting for our yorkie pup for a week...ever since i told them about her..now i have to look into their eyes and tell them we cant get her now..This situation should not be left unattended....

uShip - Texas - Theft

Posted: 2011-01-12 by    Honest Broker
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
Sadly uShip may be one of the most dangerous sites on the web. It purports openness, but it is really a platform for theives and scam artists. Nine out of ten of uShips "carriers" are illegal. And since almost all of the people that want to ship on uShip have little or know experience in shipping they become easy victims of over charges, extra fees, damage, and theft. The vast majority of uShip "Service Providers" are just a guy with a truck. They haul without license, authority, bond, or insurance. uShip executives are fully aware of this, but deny any responsibility saying that the users police...

uShip - Dishonest scam

Posted:    Pissed
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
I was a transporter on uShip.com. After 3 months of LEGAL transporting, uShip suspended my account for "Unauthorized communication" with a potential customer; I let the boat customer know that I carried cargo insurance and that any other transporter who did not, left the boat owner liable for any loss or damage, even if the transporter had "full coverage" insurance on their vehicle... Also, I let another customer know that USHIP CHARGES A FEE FOR THEM TO USE THEIR SERVICE. Bad boy! They are dishonest, unreliable, unaccountable and outright deceptive to anyone who works with them, uses their transporters,...

uShip - Don't use it

Posted:    Kay S
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
Bought a pair of Macaws from a gal. She used Uship. We agreed on the price of 600.00 dollars. The shipping company called and said the birds would be delivered. Then 1 hour before delivery they said they needed 1500.00 more because of pet insurance. Don't deal with anyone from this place. I am out 600.00 Thank goodness I never gave them more!! Yes I was sick of talking to that Arab voice that you cannot understand. Hope they get what they have coming to them. Never, never, never again!!! Please people be careful of scams!...

uShip - Scam - never got my puppy

Posted:    Tod
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 4 votes
I found a dog online that I wanted to adopt from a private seller. She used U Ship to 'ship' the dog. They hit me for a $300 fee and then the next day said they coudn't ship because the dog needed $580 life insurance that would be refunded at the time of delivery.

So like idiot, I paid it. So we payed them a total of $880, then they said they would be shipping. Then the next day they said I needed to pay them $725 for a dog crate because the one the owner dropped off wasn't good enough because of the climate!

So they called me because I refused to...

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