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UShip - New Mexico, Cerrillos / shipping

henry gilman on 2016-03-09
I was looking at a stove on ebay I then signed up on uship they gave me average costs of point to point shipping once i saw the bids approaching their mid range average cost i purchased the stove . i then proceeded with the negotiation with the likely shipper i gave him the addresse...

Guruship Developments Inc / They took money, but their team didn’t start the job

Reviewer56337 on 2016-01-28
I contacted them about the plumbing services. It was real waste of time, because Guruship Developments Inc. gave me the quote and promised to start the job within one week. They got money and no one showed up to start the work. I called them almost every day and left messages, but all my...

Uship.com / Shipping people not being held responsible for their payment of damages

Reviewer12727 on 2016-01-27
One of their Shipper damage a headboard that he did not secure and protect. I had to refund the money to customer. Now the shipper will not pay for the damages and as he quoted and demanded. "And you know. Uship is just a board like eBay. Unless you bought Uship insurance. Which most don't...

UShip / Very misleading

ann rush on 2014-05-04
So I bid on a honda atv on ebay and on the listing Uship offers to provide estimate and multiple moving companies. Their estimate is $493. I buy the atv. I sign up for their auction of carriers. Eight days later...end of the auction...one bid $699. So their estimate is 40 % off...FORTY...

UShip / Over Billing

CARLVP on 2014-04-19
Wile accepting a bid to ship 2 motorcycles to FL clicked continue but inadvertently overlooked a small easily overlooked button about insurance which as in most WEB sites would come up highlighted so clicked continue a second time noticed it the next time around declined insurance and...

UShip - North Carolina, Raleigh / Customer Service & Insurance Response = Zero Help

Matt in Raleigh on 2013-11-22
Contracted through USHIP to have an expensive military generator trailer moved from Atlanta to Raleigh. In transit the shipper failed to secure several panels on the generators which subsequently "fell off" during transit. The covers are impossible to locate used and the missing panel...

Uship Delivery Service / They started asking for more money.

Faithman on 2013-02-07
We went on Uship Delivery Service website that state that they deliver dogs. My husband and I went to pay the money at western union and, they said they bring the dog to our door step. Then when it came down to getting the dog they started asking for more money.

Uship Pets Flight / Didn't ship the puppy

Drillonz on 2012-11-08
I wanted to buy English Bulldog for my girlfriend and surfing on the internet I found out a woman who was selling a puppy for free. She told I have to pay money for shipping to Uship Pets Flight. I paid them twice and they are still asking me for more money.

Ushippets Courier Worldwide / Don't use this company

Clarence on 2012-04-20
Purchased dog from a guy I found on craigslist and he told that dog is already on its way via Ushippets Courier Worldwide. I waited for a week but nothing has arrived and once I contacted this shipping company they told me that no such order is registered with them.

Uship.com / A&E network

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-12-07
We would like to have any consumer that has been frauded by USHIp or it's bidders call and request to talk to the producer's of the show "SHIPPING WARS", A&E corp. office phone number is 212-210-1341 let them know you would like to talk to David McKillop or Elaine Frontain, Neil...

Uship .com / Scams & misleading info

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-11-30
We like to share our complaint about USHIP.com, this is not a transport company, they are directory where your ideams are bided on by trucking company's, Most of the trucking company's on USHIP have no business license to transport anything and they still are able to because of...

UShip - Idaho / scamed or mislead

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-11-15
We at Trotter Auto Transport would like you to e-mail us if you have had problems with carriers (trucking company's) on USHIP and the name of the company. We are working with the FEREDRAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION on a complaint that we will be filing against uship for not...


Lonnie Trotter on 2011-11-14
We at Trotter Auto Transport right on this complaint board to try and help consumer's understand that USHIP is not a transport company, they are not BONDED or carry INSURANCE to protect you vehicle or any other idem's you have shipped thur there website. Uship is a directory for...

Uship.com - Idaho / bad business

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-10-27
IRON solutions, inc may be a good company but for all of us that have had bad experience with uship should call this company warn them about the fraud and all the other complaints we have had with uship, The name and number to contact at IRON Solution, ins is at the buttom of thi...

Uship.com / Illegal/scam activities

Dennis O'Hara on 2011-10-15
I first must be fair and give the terms and conditions first paragrph coppied off the site today.10/8/2011 uShip is a Neutral Venue. uShip is not a Transportation Service Provider (TSP), freight forwarder or broker. Our site acts as a venue where shipping customers and TSPs can meet and...

UShip - Oregon, Portland / Everything

Bill Welch on 2011-09-12
This company is a fraud. They don't vet any of their suppliers and continuously mislead you. I paid them 1, 600 to have one of their shippers move my boat. No showby the shipper, no contact, no nothing. Uship offered to give me a credit if I booked another shipper within a year. Huh?...

UShip - Idaho, Boise / fraud

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-09-01
WOW more crazy story's from are e-mail list; Well my story started with an ad about. Puppy I was so happy do find one so I emailed the website and than I started to contact a lady about the ad she told me you need first to pay 700AED to get your puppy and i will be getting an email from...

UShip - Idaho, Boise / FRAUD WARNING'S

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-09-01
As you know Trotter Auto Transport.com has been receiving thousands of e-mails and we are taking the one's we fill the consumer's who are thing about using USHIP should read, Here is another customer that picked a transport company off of USHIP, Here is there story; I accepted a...

Uship.com - Idaho, Boise / Non verifed carriers or broker's

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-08-26
We have been on Uship this week opening fake transport company's just to prove that uship does not verify MC number's, D.O.T number nothing we opened this company under a 15 year olds name, This i really did not think it would work ...well no problem its up and running and the...

UShip - Idaho, Boise / SAFEPAY is FRAUD

Lonnie Trotter on 2011-08-26
We are writing about the scams on "USHIP.COM", Uship is scamming investors with fake financial records and claims of false number in there truck company directory, They state there is 215.881 thousand company on there and just in there auto transport directory they cliam 32175 active...

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