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The Cleaning Authority - Ohio, Beavercreek / Terrible Employer

rocketscience12 on 2013-03-01
Do not work for this company. They treat their employees very poorly and break the law by docking pay if you call of sick. Not only do they dock your pay for every single hour you are going to work that week or have worked that week, but they will give you all kinds of crap for doing so and want to know every detail of your personal life. They also believe you should know when you are going to get sick. They even have it on the request time off sheet! Plus, they do say that when you call off sick. Then, there is the inspection. The inspection is terrible because it is never consistent. You get...

The Cleaning Authority - Illinois / Throwing things away

Sabrina Siddiqui on 2012-03-30
My mom had a new thing of dr pepper not even opened and they through it away. I had this green basket full of nail polish and nail tools and yes there was a couple of cutips in it they thought it was a garbage can and through away about $100-$200 worth of nail stuff and then a I left my earphones in my bed and now they are nowhere to be found.

The Cleaning Authority - California / You don't Always Get What You Pay For

call-em_like_i_c_em on 2011-05-13
Dring my extremely short employment with this company, I saw "seasoned" cleaners skimp on the cleaning that the homeowners had paid for. In one house, a lady had many beautiful potted plants in her bathroom. The bathroom was on rotation (meaning this room was supposed to get a gooood cleaning) . Although I was trained to clean the Cleaning Authority way, I began cleaning as I would my own bathroom. At first glance, I noticed everything had previously been cleaned satisfactorily, but upon closer inspection, I saw the space between the tub and wall had spider webs, as well as soil from the...

The Cleaning Authority - North Carolina, Durham / Missing jewelry

Greenie on 2011-02-11
I wore my diamond ring to a party one weekend and put it back in my jewelry box when I got home. When I went to put it on the next weekend it was missing from my jewelry box. The only people in my house besides me between the two weekends were the two cleaning ladies from the Cleaning Authority. I looked everywhere for the ring and could not find it. The owner of the Cleaning Authority came over and looked for the ring and could not find it either. The cleaning ladies said they did not take it, but there was no one else who could have. The owner of the company would take no responsibility for the theft, even though his company was supposedly insured against employee theft.

The Cleaning Authority / Waste of time & money

Craig on
I've used The Cleaning Authority for about a year. The "rotation system" is such a joke.. just a selling technique to get you hooked. There have been several times where the rooms "on rotation" were left so dirty, I 'd have to clean them myself after they leave. They cut corners every time and are in and out of my 2800 sq. ft home in just over an hour! They are always showing up with different people. The "quality checks" are pointless - the lady shows up after 20 minutes of them starting and just checks whatever they've already cleaned then leaves a couple minutes later. The...

The Cleaning Authority / Satisfaction not guaranteed

I hired The Cleaning Authority in Hanover, MD to clean my 3 bedroom rancher. They claim to provide a satisfaction guarantee otherwise they send people out the same or next day to correct any oversights. But, during the initial clean, which was supposed to include a detailed bathroom and kitchen cleaning, they did not clean the shower in the hall bath (and now claim I only asked for the main bath to be cleaned which is untrue), the air vents, the kitchen floor, the microwave, lampshades and window sills. When I called to report this, they started making excuses for these items, and said they...

The Cleaning Authority - Florida, Kissimmee / Denise Gilroy

WBC3904 on
I had hired the Cleaning Authority to clean my house October 2010. They came out with a cleaning crew of 3 employees. This was supposed to be the initial cleaning- which in their brochure means a "deep cleaning". There was a list of everything that was supposed to be completed. Here are some of the things that were on the list- which were not even touched: My Floor boards/base boards, doors wiped and door frames, "knick knacks" cleaned (nothing was touched on my bath room counters even a shelf that I cleared off specifically cleared off for them to clean was still dusty), wash and sweep floor...

The Cleaning Authority / Stolen jewelry

Alex on
The Cleaning Authority staff has been stealing jewelry over the past 1 1/2 years. They have taken one piece at a time, so I did not see what was happening until I counted 5 "unaccounted" pieces. When I confronted the supervisor I was told it was too late to file a claim, no further action was taken though I did find that one cleaner was caught by another client with stolen jewelry on her. Also, inaccurate records of who actually cleaned my house and an unfiled previous complaint from me made me decide to cancel service and file this.

The Cleaning Authority / Careless cleaners

BrunO94 on
We had The Cleaning Authority for a couple of years...we fired them today. After many broken furnishings 9blinds broken, vases chipped, glasses dropped etc.) and girls who were allowed only a short amount of time (less than an hour) to clean our 2 story, 4 bed, 3 bath home. Last straw was when this past Friday a small porcelain figurine on the back of the stove was broken, the head snapped off and set back on top of the body. When the management were called here in Tucson we were told that the girls had said they didn't do it. We were then asked if maybe we did it and forgot. It hadn't been broken prior their cleaning but was after and it was OUR fault?

The Cleaning Authority / Beware

FikL95 on
he Cleaning Authority's crew in Olney, MD was letting my dog out back during their clean. We never authorized them to do this. Sometimes they would leave the sliding glass door wide open presumably so the dog could come and go as he pleased. Came home after work one day to find the house dark, the sliding glass door wide open, and both the dog and the indoor purebred cat missing. Cleaning crew denied they did anything. The manager claimed my dog somehow unlocked the sliding glass door and removed the burglar bolt and let himself out. They also broke several things in our house - first time...

The Cleaning Authority / Bunch of losers

TopK91 on
First cleaning...They ruined my travertine floors, left it streaked with film. Missed almost all the dusting. I called mgmt, said they didnt know what to do about it not being clean..finally two days later sent out another cleaning team. Then I got a letter that terminated my service. They said my floors too dirty..I leave my windows open. What? I live on a dirt road. The owner and manager were extremely rude and nasty. They could just not admit that they didnt know how to clean my floors. Another inept cleaning company. What a bunch of losers.

The Cleaning Authority - New York, Penfield / Bad service

Valerie on
Employees of the Cleaning Authority spilt bleach on our master bedroom carpet. The spill was in the middle of the room, out in the open, and covered a significant area. We were home when it occurred and witnessed the spill. We contacted the ownwer of the Cleaning Authority (Dean Rudy) who came and inspected the spill. Rudy said the area could be dyed to hide the spill and offered to have a company of his choosing come in a dye the affected area. We checked with an independent carpet expert about this and they said a bleach spill cannot be dyed because the fibers of the carpet have been burned...

The Cleaning Authority / Scam and rip off

Valerie on
I had the Cleaning Authority come to my house and sell me their services to the tune of $82.00 for one cleaning. Not only did they do an inferior job of cleaning, but they broke all the casters off my foot stool which I had just purchased in June. They would not refund any money to me saying "Well, that's just not going to happen". I would never recommend this company to anyone. Not even my worst enemy. Stay away from this company if you ever want to see your house in one piece. Things were not put back in their proper place and they left they cleaning tools at my home and did not clean...
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