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Squareup.com Complaints & Reviews

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Squareup.com - South Carolina, Simpsonville - squareup.com

Posted: 2013-11-29 by    southern motorsports
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
we are a small business 2 employees I seen a ad in walmart-verizon-target for squareup.com and thought hey this would work easy fast no hassle {read there web page} I provided there required info then confirmed my account with my bank said I was ready to go start swiping i looked on my account they had sent .49 to my account took it out posted a $10.00 rebate for purchasing the card swipe so i took a $5200.00 payment on a build we finished squareup sent confirmation and said 1-2 business days and i would have my money well i quess 1-2 business days mean never because to this day i have never seen...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, South Carolina, Simpsonville Complaint category Credit Cards

Squareup.com - Unprofessional, Do not honor there advertisement statements, Poor customer service, I dont think its a real company

Posted: 2013-04-16 by    ShawnK
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 3 votes
So I am a small business owner in New York City. I have a very busy small business dealing in Thrift, Antiques, Vintage Items, modern furniture, Vinatge jewlery, and any odd item you can think of. I have been a loyal Paypal user my entire life and I should have stuck with Paypal after this encounter.

I am out one morning and see an advertisement in a postal store for SquareUP.com payments. The actual card reader was hanging on the wall and read "Square Card Reader Accept Payments Everywhere". I purchase the item soley for the benifits listed on the back "plug and...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Credit Cards

Squareup.com - POOR customer service/scam

Posted: 2011-05-12 by    scooterob1
Complaint Rating:  81 % with 26 votes
My Ex and I were needing a quick and painless way to settle up on a vehicle that we had purchased. After reading about the Squareup.com product we thought that It would be worth checking out because we needed to use a credit card to make the transaction between us.

I initially emailed the people at squareup.com to explain the situation to them, in detail, as I was aware that there is a hold on payouts over $1, 000. My inquiry was responded to quickly and enthusiastically to increase my payout as long as I swiped the card with my Square reader.

Two days later I received...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Credit Cards

Squareup.com - Illinois, Park Ridge - Long hold on my money & no customer support

Posted: 2011-03-25 by    nick@parkridgehomerepair.com
Complaint Rating:  97 % with 32 votes
Started using squareup.com to accept credit card payments from my customers in January, 2011. Used it four times without incident. Took a $1200 payment in March, 2011 and only received a partial payment to my bank account. After submitting a request through their email and not hearing back for over a week, I figured out, via their FAQ, s, they still consider me a "new" customer and they hold amounts over $1, 000 per month for 30 days. No contact from them yet so I've decided to switch to Intuit's GoPayment service and close the Squareup account as soon as I get the rest of my...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Illinois, Park Ridge Complaint category Credit Cards

Squareup.com - Theft/no customer service

Posted: 2011-03-23 by    John Underhill
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I read a few blogs about a merchant service(squareup.com)on an excusve website. I decided to use the service and accepted over eight hundred dollars in payments through them. The problem is they will not send the funds due to my designated business account and I have now idea how to collect my money from them. They continue not to answer my numerous complaints and requests for assistance. They claim to answer every request personally which is deceptive. On my first complaint, they personally sent me a list of measures for a certain proceedure which was fruitless and had nothing to do with my complaint....
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States Complaint category Products & Services

Squareup.com - Arizona, Scottsdale - Credit card transaction

Posted: 2011-03-23 by    Incognito4300
Complaint Rating:  64 % with 11 votes
I received a credit card transaction and I'm still unable to receive my funds for a payment I received I have been getting the run around for 2 days from this company no contact phone numbers or anything this is a scam!!!...
Complaint comments Comments Complaint country United States, Arizona, Scottsdale Complaint category Credit Cards


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