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Safelite Auto Glass Complaints & Reviews

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Safelite Auto Glass / Windshield

No safelite on 2015-12-05
I am a former customer in Richmond, va. After having a little problem with them on my last car I just tried them again for mobile service. Waited 4 hours they didn't show. Response was you must have logged in and caused a web cancel. Huh? The email the night before said we will be there! Don't use them, lotsa other good and responsive companies out there!!

Safelite Auto Glass - California, Palm Springs / Bogus &Lifetime& warranty

hgstar on 2015-04-23
I've purchased five windshields from "Safelite" auto glass over the past 10 years. We have a lot of sand and these windshields get pitted. They boast about their "lifetime warranty." DON"T BELIEVE IT. The first time I needed it, I was rudely told by "Miguel" the manager of the Palm Springs store (on Gene Autry Trail) that he wouldn't honor it. First, I spent ten minutes yesterday on the phone with a polite appointment scheduler (at some out-of-state call center), who explained to me the process they would be using, how it involves several tests, including a "flashlight, " to...

Safelite Auto Glass / Appear to lie to void warranty

McLovin3533 on 2014-08-18
I had my windshield replaced by Safelite via a comprehensive claim on my auto insurance due to a small chip caused by an object from the road.Less than two months later, I noticed a small linear crack descending from the top center of the new windshield. Nothing new had struck the windshield. When I came outside the next morning, the crack had grown by several inches and was now L-shaped. I called my insurance company. They said that as there had been no further strike to the windshield, I would need to contact Safelite for a warranty replacement. I contacted Safelite and they came out promptly...

Safelite Auto Glass - Missouri, Joplin / Repair of chip in car windshield

Vel Hobbs on 2013-08-22
The chip in my windshield was very small - a chip approximately the size of the writing end of a ballpoint pen and no more than 1/4" to less than 1/2" split on each side from Friday when incident occurred until Tuesday, 08/13, when Austin Fields Work Order #: 01815-72239 came to my work location in Neosho, MO to repair at approximately 4 pm. It was a rainy day in Neosho, and I asked him if we needed to reschedule as the car was out in the parking lot. He said the rain wouldn't be a problem (and though the car and windshield were covered with drops of rain-it wasn't raining hard) so...

Safelite Auto Glass - Florida, Lakeland / Safelite auto glass- Glass does not fit, Leaks and Vibrates while driving and also no tint as ordered

ricktson on 2013-06-02
On 05/27/2013 we contacted our insurance company in reference for a glass replacement for our vehicle, Our insurance informed us they only cover windshields so we would have to pay out of pocket and they put us in contact with Safelite Auto Glass Solutions so we can make a appointment for a tech to come out and replace our drivers side rear quarter glass on our 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan. The soonest Safelite could come out was 5/30/2013 between 8am-12noon so I went ahead and schelduled that appointment as I was unable to take the vehicle to get the glass replaced due to prior obligations. On...

Safelite Auto Glass - Arizona, Scottsdale / damage to vehicle

seacow on 2013-05-06
Brought vehicle in for a windshield replacement, have a $10, 000 paint job, asked them to be sure to cover hood when replacing, never covered hood, damaged clear coat and are refusing to do anything about it. Spoke with Dan Spriet, GM and he said they could not have caused damage because hood was NOT dented where damaged!!

Safelite Auto Glass - New Hampshire, Newington / scratched my truck

winnyscapes on 2013-04-02
I had safelite install a new windsheild in my truck which I was not there because I had to work. Later that day when I returned to my truck I noticed on the corner of my bumper was scratched knowing that it was done by there technition because my truck was parked on my front yard. I called safe lite to report they had hut my truck they denied it did not offer to compensate me for the damage. So make along story short I contacted the BBB and they also tried to talk with safe lite and they had no luck either. So needles to say they are a shit company and I will bad mouth them when ever I have a chance. I know I have stopped 7 people from calling them and plan to stop more.

Safelite Auto Glass - California / Failure to honor Warranty

Johnrb61 on 2013-03-15
When pulling out of my driveway a small 6 inch crack developed in my windshield that SafeLite had previously replaced. Without going into all of the poor communications and lack of proper responses from Safelite – they basically declined to replace under their “National Life Time Warranty”. There were 3 very VERY small rock chips in the windshield, so their point of contention was the crack was caused by “new” damage. The chips were approximately 3 feet away from the original crack – which is what I explained to the Small Claims Court Judge. Prior to walking...

Safelite Auto Glass - Texas, El Paso / Repair results

Stu K on 2012-09-19
I got a chip in my windshield on my 2005 Mini Cooper S (9/17/12) and called Safelite, as the company I normally use for this type of thing went out of business. They were very efficient in addressing my insurance and making an appointment. The service tech called and arrived as scheduled and did all he was supposed to do. My complaint in the resin they use for the repair is not clear. It's an off white. You might as well put a band aid on it. Now I have a windshield that has a spot on it. I was told that's what they use for all repairs. Had I known, I would have gone elsewhere. I did inform Farmers Ins.

Safelite Auto Glass - Ohio / Poor customer service

K Elder on 2012-08-30
On the 14th of August I had my windshield resealed at the Safelite located in Fairfield Ohio. On the following Saturday the 18th I noticed cracks in the plastic cowl underneath windshield that were not present before the work was preformed. I am aware that Safelite does a pre-work inspection with the customer present and I was never informed of any previous damage to the cowl during said inspection. I have a witness who was also present during the inspection. After speaking to Janet, an associate for Safelite on August 20th she set up an appointment on the 21st at the location that...

Safelite Auto Glass / Repair/Replacement

terrierreview on 2012-07-04
I had a chip in my windshield and was recommended by my auto ins company to use Safelite for the repair, they apparently do a good job and have a 5 point service repair. Well, about 0.5 points of service was completed on the job. I had to file a complaint with the company and my auto ins carrier. Safelite offered to REPLACE my windshield free of charge...big mistake, I should have paid my deductible and had another company do it. They installed a defected piece of glass in my car and did a shabby job on the replacement. I am so angry that I refuse to even deal with them again, and I hope my...

Safelite Auto Glass - Washington / Unethical Business Practices

babyboys on 2012-05-17
This company is the worse company I have ever dealt with. Their prices are outrageous. We used them only because my insurance company told us to. They never checked our coverage with our insurance carrier. Which they said that they would be getting back with us for the amount of what we would owe. We had a window for our 1998 Dodge Dakota truck broken. The guy came to our house to install and gave us a bill for $699.00 after the installation. I called the company and told them if that was the price to take the window out. And of course they could not do that". The office girl said that they...

Safelite Auto Glass - North Carolina / Failure to Honor Warranty/Faulty Product and Workmanship

muin68 on 2012-02-19
My wind shield was chipped in September 2012. I immediately called in my insurance company who referred me to Safelite who handles all their glass claims. They did come and fix the chip on the promised date. They did not clean the windows, etc as stated on their brochure, but I let it go. I was just happy to have the wind shield fixed. Last week it started to crack from the repair site. There were never any cracks from the beginning. Only the chip. I called Safelite and told them that it had started cracking that day and per their warranty, it was supposed to be covered for life. Safelite said...

Safelite Auto Glass / Refusal to Repair Damage They Created

Oaf on 2011-09-09
Safelite replaced the windshield in my son's Sebring on a Thursday. Three days later he noticed a crack extending out from the molding around the windshield on the driver's side. He pulled the molding back and discovered a hole all the way through the glass that was shaped like the head of a screwdriver. The molding had no marks on it so obviously it hadn't been struck by a rock. It was clearly done during installation, never pointed out to us and then covered up with our molding. When we called Safelite to complain, they promised to send a technician out the next morning to...

Safelite Auto Glass / Failed to keep appointment and did not call

MisterCup on 2011-06-28
Safelite made an appointment to replace a windshield today and sent me an email confirmation. I was told they could arrive any time between 8:00AM and noon and it could take up to 2 hours to make repairs. They then failed to show:. When I called I was placed on hold for 10 minutes|. Their representative then tried to tell me the appointment was for tomorrow". When I read the confirmation to her, she said words to the effect of "Sorry, would it be convenient if we came between 8:00AM and noon tomorrow?" There was no mention of how the company might mitigate the inconvenience by narrowing the...

Safelite Auto Glass / Sucks

DefJamz on 2011-06-19
If you want appointments thaty aren't honored and technitians who give BS excuses on to why they are not showing up than call Safelite Auto Glass of Danbury CT. I had a windshield repair on my 2008 BMW 750li that was scheduled and re-confirmed for between 8and noon on a Friday (I took the day off from work for this appt) only to get a call at 11 stating they wouldn't make it because they recieved the wrong windshield, they told me they would be out first thing Salurday morning, 8 am I was promised!!! Well at 10:33am I get a call telling me that they can't make it until between...

Safelite Auto Glass - Arizona, Chandler / Customer Service

exwazzu on 2011-05-13
Safelite Auto Glass pays their telephone sales reps $10/hr plus comm. But, not many do well enough to make comm. So, your dealing with a $10/hr employee, one step up from a fast food joint. The job coaches motivate employees like poking monkeys in a cage with a stick. Not many "happy" employees in Chandler, AZ call center. You should hear the gripes at outside at the smoking table. So, when you do business with them, your going to get the kind of service and job you expect to get from a $10 hour employee. Your better off to do business with a smaller local shop, your will be treated better, and it will cost you the same. Enough said.

Safelite Auto Glass / Worst customer service

Giraffecam on 2011-03-15
The first appointment I had with them was a 12-4pm window and the tech called me at 4:30 and said that they hadn't told him of this appointment until after he left the shop. Poor Baby! Not my problem, should have called me sooner. I went on a trip and was going to get another company to replace my windshield. Safelite called me while I was on the trip to see about rescheduling, I said I wasn't interested they wasted my afternoon before. She asked her supervisor and gave me a $50 discount (great, my time is worth just over $10/hour!). Oh well, better than doing the work to find someone...

Safelite Auto Glass / Glass replaced my windshield what I believe to be below

Teresaa on 2011-02-11
I recently had my windshield replaced by safelite auto glass.It was done in Dec. 2010. My car is garaged. I took it out in late January and received a tiny little nick on my wind shield drivers side. This turned into a long vertical crack. I have never seen anything like this happen before. I have had several nicks on my windshield but they have never resulted into such an extensive crack. I called Safelite and they came out and said there was nothing they could do. Mind you the windshield was replaced just a little over a month ago. Although I have no complaints with the people I spoke to but...

Safelite Auto Glass / Bad service

Titans on
I had an appointment 8a-12p no show by 12 so I called. they said they would call tech and get back with me. Got no call and 2hrs. and 30 min later he showed up. Also he did not have any change when i gave him cash, at this time he told me I should tip him for what the change would be. I told him he was 2 1/2 hours late and his tip was to be on time! so i went and got change and left him outside in the heat for 30 min. If you are going to be late, call!! other people have things they have to do, like being at work on time.
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