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Megabus Complaints & Reviews

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Megabus - Pennsylvania, Columbia - Horrible Ride, over crowded and damage products

Posted: 2015-09-13 by    Reviewer70745
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I rode the Megabus from Georgia to Washington D.C the bus was extremely overcrowded. The bus had a leak, my husband and I were rained on our computer was damage from the water leak which I was not able to repair. When I sent in my complaint to the complaint feedback the company was very rude, I had to keep calling them to complaint I was sent to many different departments just to be told they weren't refunding my money or repair my laptop. I lost over $500 dealing with this company very unsatisfied....

Megabus - Bus Driver

Posted: 2015-08-22 by    Reviewer43693
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On my trip on August 21, 2015 I rode the Megabus from Indianapolis to Louisville. The bus driver was 2 hours late with picking us up. On the bus, the driver was very vocal and inappropriate. He used profanity and decided to spent majority of the trip talking on the phone. I was not comfortable nor did i feel safe, while going through construction on the e-way we were almost hit by another vehicle. As we could see he was upset and later explained he had gotten a ticket on his way to us from Chicago. Overall I didn't feel safe, he was very rude and wasn't considerate of children with his...

Megabus - Illinois, Barrington - Skipped Stop - Won't give Refund

Posted: 2015-08-03 by    janetp1
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Megabus switched bus to unmarked bus for Iowa City IA to Chicago, 7/31/15. They left 10 go 15 students waiting for 2 hours, and when they called for help, the service said "the bus left". Our son was waiting there and no refund was given. Even if they don't mark a bus, don't have drivers dressed as their bus drivers and don't alert there was a switch, they are not liable. It is buyer beware! We demanded a refund after buying yet another ticket. Customer service totally stinks, they say "it's my policy to hang up on your now" and when you appeal in email it is a blank response...

Megabus - Illinois, chicago - The driver was very rude

Posted: 2015-07-28 by    Volodymyr Tepak
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My name is Volodymyr Tepak and I had trip from Chicago, IL to Kansas City, MO on July 27th, 2015. My reservation number was 66-4289-072715-M5R-1430-CHI-KAN. During the journey we had a stop in St. Louis. The driver asked that the people going on to Kansas City stay on the bus, but I needed to smoke so I went to the front of the bus and asked politely if I could do so. The driver first ignored me, then said, "I hate you, " I asked him what he said and he repeated it and told me to, "Go back upstairs." I was frustrated but decided to wait until the next stop to properly confront the situation at hand....

Megabus - Terrible Customer Care

Posted: 2015-05-12 by    AdamOnDemand
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In March I had a shockingly bad MegaBus experience on various levels, and I've heard of similar from friends.

When I got home that night, I wrote a review of the experience, shared below.

I had a terrible experience on MegaBus on March 14, 2015. It was so bad I got home and wrote up my narrative of the experience that night. But, I couldn't find where on your site to even provide feedback.

Seeing today's photos of the Bolt Bus exploding on the highway, I recalled that the way the MegaBus I was on was managed, I wouldn't at all be...

Megabus - Terrible customer service

Posted: 2015-05-09 by    Katrotta
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Ugh. I won't be taking this bus again - and why would I, when there a so many other options from DC to NYC? Abysmal customer service, zero directional signs to show you where the bus is amid the 25 other busses in the bus terminal. I looked for directions multiple times prior to coming to the station - all they said was go up. I went up, I was just shy of the 15 minutes early and I still missed my bus - wandering around the bus terminal will do that. And by missed I mean it was there when I got there and the woman working refused to let me on - it was 859 for a 9 am bus. Ugh. The worst. Do...

Megabus - Dangerous situation

Posted: 2014-12-01 by    George46
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My son took Megabus from Columbia Mo to Chicago. He arrived at 10:30 and his connecting bus was at 6:30 the following morning. I was not concerned because I thought he could stay at Union Terminal all night, but at 12:30 they kicked my child out onto the streets of Chicago.

Very dangerous--will not use Megabus again!...

Megabus - misrepresentation

Posted: 2014-06-25 by    Markdeegee
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So they sent a rickety bus from a fleet that wasn't Megabus. No one got off the bus and said "we are going to Buffalo, I am here in place of Megabus". Rather, they left five minutes early and stranded twenty people on the side of the road in Columbus, Ohio. None of us even realized we were stranded until about an hour later because we were all calling customer service who kept saying "oh yeah, your bus is coming...call back in fifteen". By the time we realized we were stuck in Columbus it was too late to catch a train going to Buffalo or a flight. I called to get my ticket transferred. Megabus...

Megabus - sold use bogus tickets

Posted: 2014-04-22 by    regina lewis
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My sister and I purchase 4tickets 4weeks in advance 2 disable and 2cargivers to make a long story short they sold use bogus tickets for our return trip. the tickets were for the 11:30pm bus to Memphis by 11:40 I ask about the 11:30 bus to Memphis we were told the last bus to Memphis was at nine..told us that we need to call customer service dept.they acted unconcern about the this problem.. They had 4 weeks to contact us about bogus ticket ..they did not.. MEGABUS SELLS BOGUS TICKETS TO UNEXPECTING CUSTOMERS...

Megabus - Poor Customer Service

Posted: 2013-12-14 by    Taraland
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My son arrived at 6:30 am for a Megabus that was leaving at 7 am. The bus driver told him that he could not get on the bus and that all the kids going to Amherst and Hartford would have to wait for a bus that would arrive in 45 minutes. The busses were clearly over sold. An hour and a half later no bus. Customer Service claimed the original bus had 23 seats open and that the kids had missed the bus. They could have cared less what I had to say. Another Customer Service agent said a bus was on the way. Conflicting information that was causing a lot of stress, since these kids were standing in the...

Megabus - Georgia, Atlanta - Bad customer service

Posted: 2013-10-15 by    BLongmire
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My daughter and i boarded the Megabus in Atlanta to go to Lexington Ky on October 12, 2013. They proved the saying you get what you pay for. My 11 year old daughter had to hear the drive cuss and complain. we were moved from our seats twice because the bus was over booked. People were smoking E-cigerettes on the bus. The second driver was just as bad, we he took over he would not even announce the stops. He just opened the door got out removed the luggage. I looked up he was back on the bus and pulling off. He left the person that was waiting for it in lexington because he did not know that bus...

Megabus - Illinois - Driver

Posted: 2013-07-01 by    aztecacv
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Hello, I boarded Megabus yesterday, June 30th, from St.Louis (depart 930am) to Chicago (arrive 310pm).

The bus driver said his name Darryl. Anyways, this man was very rude to the passengers. He spoke to us as if we were kids/teenagers.

First of all, when he went through his rules on the bus, he was just very obnoxious and spoke to us as if we were all idiots.

There were some passengers that boarded at 0930am, or a minute after., he spoke to them very mean and rude for being "late". He didn’t want to put a passengers suitcase in the cargo area,...

Megabus - England, Tyne and Wear, Sunderland - Amendment of reservation

Posted: 2011-12-23 by    ibukun
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I booked a reservation with Megabus from Sunderland to Birmingham return . This is my first time of traveling with the bus, so i wanted to know if amendment could be made to my return trip back to Sunderland on the 29th of Dec instead of 2nd of Jan . When i wanted to make the amendment for the journey, it notified me that an amendment had already be done. Since the first time i tried was just to confirm if amendment could be possible and no changes done....

Megabus - Pennsylvania, Erie - Late/Noshow

Posted: 2011-11-25 by    RWD-Erie
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My son had a reservation with Megabus on Friday, 11/25/2011, from Erie, PA to Pittsburgh with a 3:55AM departure. I dropped him off at 3:30AM. He called me at 5:00AM. No bus yet. Again at 6:00AM. Still no bus. I went up to pick him up at 6:30AM. I called Megabus around 1:30PM on Friday. They said it was a traffic delay. Couldn't tell me when or whether the bus arrived. I asked if he could get on the 2:00PM bus. The agent said probably not. We'd have to buy another ticket. We went to the departure site anyway. He WAS able to board the later bus....

Megabus - Bad service

Posted: 2011-11-10 by    L. Behling
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On 1-4-09 our son had a reservation to take the Megabus from Milwaukee to Minneapolis. When the bus arrived, the driver got off and said he could not take any more luggage, he said he did not have room. After arguing with waiting passengers (mostly college-age students & parents) for about 15-20 minutes he supposedly called his dispatcher. He claimed another bus was on its way and then he left, stranding about 15 customers in a parking lot in the cold. We tried calling the local phone number for Coach USA (Megabus is a subsidiary, and there is no phone listing in the book for Megabus) and the phone...

Megabus - England, Warwickshire, brighton - rude driver, and driver drove off

Posted: 2011-08-12 by    bobalola
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me and my friend, 2 girls 17 years of age. paid more money to get an earlier coach from london to coventry so we were out the way of riots and home early, we got there early went to bus for driver who told us we couldnt get on, we had reservation sheet and everything with us, but he refused for no reason, he then drove off, so we went to desk explained what had happened, we had no money, no food, no shelter and we didnt know where we were or have family or friends that lived anywhere near by, we were told we have wait for 3 hours before the next coach, we were scared and hunbgry as the riots were...

Megabus - todays journey

Posted: 2011-07-23 by    annie ferguson
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i would like to complain about driver and journey today on the 0800 London to Glasgow. The second driver particularly that took the bus from Watford Gap to Preston was very abusive and also wouldnt let anyone of the bus when it stopped at Manchester and Preston I think that this was out of order as passengers like myself had already started their journey early in the morning that day to make connection for this bus.I feel that the passengers shouldve been given the choice...

Megabus - Missouri - Horrible Customer Service

Posted: 2011-05-15 by    Unhappy Question
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
The policies that megabus have in place are not to honor their customers. If a customer plans to "miss their bus" how are they able to amend their reservation? The people that work there are happy to offer you their policies and procedures and what they can't do for you. As a customer we want to know what you CAN do!

Although they do NOT offer refunds how is it that you have to have a time limit to make adjustments to the reservation you have made. I would not suggest others to do business with megabus. I will let you know that you will get what you pay for. Cheap services offer...

Megabus - Ontario - Customer Service

Posted: 2011-05-11 by    Lambs
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
I have never had a problem with Megabus until recently. For years I have bought my bus ticket from Whitby to Montreal, it was cheap and easy. Always done online. Recently when I went on the Megabus website and selected Whitby to Montreal no tickets showed up, no matter which date I picked. So I checked if Toronto to Montreal was still working, yes it was & even showed that it stopped in Whitby along the way. I thought this must be an error on the website so I e-mailed Megabus as I needed the tickets asap but I had no way to book them. I hadn't gotten any response for days so I called the customer...

Megabus - Maryland - Bus stop

Posted: 2011-04-02 by    oodood
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
My daughter was traveling from NYC to Baltimore. She received an email about a change in the Baltimore bus stop but the driver took her to the old stop. Confused, she got off anyway. The driver did not. Since she could not get her luggage she got back on. By then I was there to get her. The bus driver closed the door and drove away. My daughter assumed that he was taking her to the new and proper stop. He did not, he got on 95 and headed to DC. He screamed at my daughter, refused to accomodate her and proceeded to DC. I followed the entire way and 1:40 minutes later finally had my daughter. Unbelieveable...

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