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Longhorn Steakhouse Complaints & Reviews

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Longhorn Steakhouse / The sum was wrong and they overcharged us

rose_tr on 2015-08-03
My wife and I visited the place Longhorn Steakhouse. We ordered two the same dishes and drinks, but in the end we received the bill from the waitress. I need to add that the waitress wasn’t polite and she knew nothing about the dishes and snacks in their restaurant. And in result, the sum in the bill was wrong, because the restaurant charged me and my wife for different sums for the drink and dishes. The sum was larger than we expected. So, be careful.

Longhorn Steakhouse - Missouri, Hazelwood / Poor service

Michael OConnor on 2015-03-15
My family and I went to longhorn by the mills mall there were 4 adults two children. We were seated right away, the waitress took our order we waited half hour never got our salads had to ask if the salads were coming soon, waitress did not know that we were to get salads until she checked our order. Then we waited another 45 min we had to asks when our entrees were coming she said soon by this time there were several table that were seating other people way after we got there and they were getting there order finishing and leaving we still did not have our food. The waitress kept telling u...

Longhorn Steakhouse - Texas, Spring / Poor Customer Service

cpitts73 on 2013-04-13
We called at 5:30pm to put our name on the waiting list for a family anniversary dinner for eight people. We arrived at 6pm and waited and waited and waited meanwhile watching numerous people walk in a be seated and parties that waited a fraction of our time be seated as well. After speaking with the hostess about the waiting time, they began to sit a party of ten. Longhorn Steakhouse, you will never see a damn red cent of mine being spent in ANY of you Glorified Steak N Ale crap pot of an establishment. Your food was crap in Destin, FL. As well.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Bad service

Sharivari on 2011-10-31
I have always liked Longhorn Steakhouse, but sometimes having a horrible waitress just kills the experience. The sad part was the food would have been really good, but the waitress would bring it out after it had sat for awhile and it took her forever to come around when we needed something and the restaurant was not even half full. I was there for my birthday and she wished my Dad a "Happy Birthday" instead of me and gave the ice cream to him. I was like, "Wow, now that is horrible customer service at its best". She never even asked whose birthday it was and obviously did not care!!! It was pathetic. The food definitely did not disappoint so, at least, it was not a total waste of time and money.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Awful service & food

amyd on 2011-09-17
I am so disappointed with the Longhorn in North Georgia. I have been going there for a couple of years now. I honestly don't know why I keep going back and spending my hard earned money. I have had many bad experiences there with a waitress named Michelle. She is so slow and unpleasant. I am the office manager for a prominent doctor in Blue Ridge and we freaquent Longhorn for lunch however, that won't be happening anymore. I will not be eating crappy food and getting bad service there anymore. I will go to Ruby Tuesday's. I have spent I figure at least a couple of thousand...

Longhorn Steakhouse / Awful Service

Amanda33 on 2011-08-29
We went into Longhorn's last weekend and the server was awful. We got our meal before drinks, salad, and appetizer. So they took it back and got our drinks. We finally got our appetizer and salad. They had the nerve to bring us back the same food 20 mintues later. So I made a complaint to the manager. So he had them re-cook the food. But what really teed me off was that he did not comp anything off of the bill. So I had to pay full price for bad service. You can say it will be a very long time before I go back there and I told all my friends about the GREAT service I received.

Longhorn Steakhouse - Georgia, Griifin / roach on table

catrone hudson on 2011-08-06
My friend and I went to longhorn and a roach came across the table and the manger came out and gave me his card and said to please ask for him the next time we came in. I called him and asked him if I came back would I get a free meal and he said no. I don't think that was right why give us your card if your not going to give us some kind of compensation. I need to know who I need to talk to to get a complementary meal for this incident.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Awful - all service

linneaw on 2011-08-03
The service and food at the Mt. Zion location in Georgia is ridiculous to say the least. Everytime I dine there it's a problem. On an off day, I solve this by going to the McDonough location. It's a guaranteed $50 spent because I have the Pork chops with a strawberry salad and my husband has the Porterhouse. His steak is NEVER cooked right the first time. I work right down the street so I started calling before leaving work. How about they NEVER pick up the phone!!! I was on hold from the the time I called to 15min later when I arrived at the store TWICE in the last week! The last...

Longhorn Steakhouse / Overcharged - management

fatty on 2011-07-28
We ate at the Longhorn Steakhouse in Brentwood Tennessee. The waitress charged my ticket as well as someone else's ticket to my bank card so my account was charged an extra #83.96. When I caught the mistake and called to complain they sent a credit to my bank which will take at about 7 days to post to my account. Because of their mistake I will be broke until payday but this did not concern them. They only gave me a phone number to call to supposedly talk to the district manager but it turned out to be nothing more than an answering machine. I consider this to be very poor customer service.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Deceptive practices

Jeffpitt on 2011-06-20
The specific problem regarded the cost vs. size of beverages. There is a 30% difference between the cost of a small draft beer and a large. The physical height of the two glasses is different however the volume is less then 10% greater in the large. This was tested by filling the small glass with water and putting in the large glass. This was brought to the attention of the manager on duty who admitted the company knew about this. If they are doing this with beverages what else are they cutting corners on. They must take their customer for idiots.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Horrrible customer service and extra long wait

aidaambarus on 2011-06-07
We went to the longhorn steakhouse in Morrow GA with a group of seven. We were told that our wait would be just a little under an hour. At an hour and fifteen minutes we were told that they will have to split us up. After we agreed to that she comes back about 10 minutes later telling us that it will be another 20 mi.uses. as we were saying that that would be too long she just walked off...in the middle of our sentence. She came back with stable for us. I keep thinking that if we would not have said anything we would has been there another half an hour. Her attitude just made this wholesituation unbearable. To top it all off, they messed up 3 orders without any compensation for our trouble.

Longhorn Steakhouse - North Carolina, Charlotte / Rip Off- Charged Twice

Around the first of September 2010 my two friends & I went out to eat at Longhorn Steakhouse in Charlotte, NC on Harris Blvd. & Mallard Creek. After eating my girlfriend & I went out to the car while my date paid. Since he was taking awhile I drove around to the front to see him standing there and he said his card was declined, so i went inside to pay. It was around $78 for the three of us so I gave the waiter $90, not a problem as my friend assured me he'd pay me back. Three days later he overdrafted his accouny by $270 and when he called to find out why he found out that he had in fact...

Longhorn Steakhouse / It was disappointing to eat dry meat and chewy broccoli and the kids fingers were cold

Trubane on
I have ate at a longhorns 4 times as i can recall. And the most recently was at Carrollton Ga. I had orderd 2 steak meals and a chicken dish for my kids. But it was disappointing to eat dry meat and chewy broccoli and the kids fingers were cold. But i am not the one to hurt feelings, but it was not worth the fee i paid nor the taste.

Longhorn Steakhouse / Scam artists

Manna on
My husband and I went to Longhorm Steakhouse for the first time tonight. The food was wonderful and the prices were fine. However, when we got out bill, there was a charge of $50 for our 5 glasses of wine... That is outrageous! I'm sorry, but at $10 a GLASS of wine, we will not be returning. Is there an option to buy a bottle at a lesser price? What's the problem? Someone needs to rethink these prices... We had to wait 20 minutes for our seats (which is totally acceptable to us). We sat tat the bar and each had a martini... The cost of the martinis was $5.50 a piece... that is an acceptable cost for a martini. Why $10 for one GLASS of wine?

Longhorn Steakhouse - North Carolina, Pineville / Poor food & service

Me & 3 friends visited your restaurant in Pineville, NC on Saturday November 14, 2009 at 8:45pm. My meal was not good. The filet was dry and chewy. I didn't know that was possible. The steaks were very thin. The food just was not good. Also, our server was rushing us to leave! She asked twice if she could clear away dishes while we were still eating...literally chewing our food! Then offered us dessert while still eating. She even brought us the check while we were still eating our food. As we were leaving, I asked the hostess for a comment card. She said that she didn't have any...
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