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Horizon Card Services Complaints & Reviews

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Horizon Card Services / Ripping off people

Reena Schulz on 2015-10-24
They make you believe you're getting a charge card master/visa type for $29.95. That's worth it to build up credit. You get the card go on line with it and it's a store. Then if you buy something, they make you use a debit/credit card and then make you pay for the highest shipping rate. Then they take a percentage of your order and put it on the horizon card and then you have to pay that too. A $20.00 item ends up costing you about $60.00. It's ridiculous. I am going to contract a news station to have them investigate this. Then maybe people can get their money back and...

Horizon Card Services - Illinois, Streator / fraudualnt claims

Kathy Br on 2015-03-10
I would love to provide as much detail as possible. But since this company is so damn fraudulant...all i know is they are not what they advertise as. This is not a credit card hy any means. Its a Store Credit Card. U Cannot use it any where else. Understand that!! And then the piece of shits dnt answer my call. On hold for 40 mins. BS. From all the ither complaints its ibvious im not gonna get my initial fee of 29.95 back. But thats okay. Already canceld my debit. They wnt be takin any more money from me. Ill hav my attorney handle the rest. POS!!

Horizon Card Services / COMPANIA ES UNA ESTAFA

DAVID CARIAS on 2015-01-13
Recibi la tarjeta de credito, despues de hacer un pago de $29, 95. Y resulta que dicha tarjeta no sirve para nada, la compania, no contesta y su sitio web tampoco responde, visite el forum y veo mucha gente muy enojada al igual que yo. Por haver sidos estafados por esta compania y las autoridades respectivas no hacen nada al respecto. Por detener a estos ladrones, estafadores.

Horizon Card Services - Virginia, Virginia Beach / Non-Legit

Germanlover01 on 2014-12-18
Like others on here I thought that this was a legit credit card i was being offered and sent. However, it is not, it can only be used through them and for certain services. Their customer Service is awful. When I called twice to have the account closed I never actually got the account closed, I either got a further credit limit or no help at all. It took two calls of which I just gave up on because I was getting no where except from customer service representative to customer service representative to tell me absolutely nothing related to what I wanted. Then, finally after I gave up the second...

Horizon Card Services / Fraudulent Company

Deanna409 on 2013-10-29
This website claims they will help you build your credit and you will receive a credit card with a $500.00 limit. However when you do, it's for an online shopping network through their company only. I didn't even know what it was when I got it. I thought I was receiving a legit credit card. When i called the company to get refunded my charges for this card, they tried to up my credit limit for their shopping website to $1, 000 with 0% interest. These items arent that great and are only available through them. I never wanted this card in the first place but still was charged a $29.95...

Horizon Card Services - California / Fraudulent charges to my account

Carl-CA on 2013-07-02
I briefly looked at their website and got partway through the registration, but I never clicked accept as it looked to much like a scam. I closed the browser window and moved on. I was never sent a card, as I shouldn't have, but I've seen a charge on my account 3 times from Horizon. How do I make it stop and get my money back for a service I never even signed up for?

Horizon Card Services / canceling my card

Jeanette Pedroso on 2012-07-31
I can not cancel my card...I do not use it and i would like them to stop taking money from my bank account.

Horizon Card Services - New Hampshire, Nashua / I was told I was getting a secured credit card with $500.00 on it. I would pay them $24.95 per month and build my credit.

Joy Yates on 2012-04-13
I was lead to believe I was approved for a secured credit card with $500.00 on the card. I agreed to pay them $24.95 a month and it wouldchelp rebuild my credit. I never recieved anything from them not even a note or an empty envelope...nothing. They have taken $24.95 from my husbands hard earned money we put on our pre paid credut card. We just recently lost our 4-week old baby girl. I am so heart broken it feels like it is going to eventually kill me. My husband works so hard everyday & I thought I could maybe help out our family, but instead these scam artists are stealing the money he works his butt off for everyday&night. Please help me! We cant afford to lose any more money.

Horizon Card Services / Unauthorized debit card charge

APRIL LOPZ-ROQUE on 2011-08-07
I received a postactrd in the mail for a guranteed $500 unsecured Net First Credit Line. I went on line and applied for the credit line and it was required that I provide my credit card number and was told that I would not e billed but that is exactly what happened. My debit card was billed $29.95 within about 3 minutes of me inputting my card number.

Horizon Card Services - Kentucky / Unauthorized money withdrawl from my account

philz on 2011-07-22
I recently applied for a credit card with a low max on charges from Horizon Card Services. They have deducted two months so far without my authorization. I am trying to rebuild my credit and how can companies like this one be allowed to do unscrupulous business. If you want to buy something, it has to be from their outlet and they don't offer anything of any use to purchase. Toboggans, tshirts, electrical plugs, etc. Not a thing that I or probably anyone else would want. I am charged $24.95 each month for nothing and I can not get hold of them. They are taking advantage of honest people...

Horizon Card Services - Oklahoma, Lawton / Unauthorized Account Withdrawal

Lisa Carol Y. on 2011-06-04
I was just looking into getting a loan on-line, cash advance only, and credit card services kept popping up. I guess because I was considering getting a bigger loan. It was offerered thru certain credit card services, which I didn't want in the first place. I just wanted a fast online cash advance or payday loan up to 5oo.oo up to 1000.00. You know when you go into these sites they offer to help you get a loan. I didn't think they would introduce credit card offers as a way of getting a cash advance loan. But I guess they do what they have to do to help you. But one of these Credit...

Horizon Card Services - New Jersey, Toms River / fruad

they charged me 29.99 and took it from my bank account after i filed out an application for a credit card that was suppose to be for free. when i looked at my account online they took the 1.00 plus the 29.99 and then told me that i was denied . I WANT MY MONEY BACK IN MY ACCOUNT.IT BELONGS TO ME

Horizon Card Services / NOT A CREDIT CARD


Horizon Card Services - Pennsylvania, Indiana / they implied they were giving me a visa or master card with a limit to help me restablish my credit

i tracey j. huff was and from a lot of other customers, there feedback was all negative after recieving my horizon gold card i was directed to go to their website to activeate my card, in which however is not a credit card such as a visa or master card. i would have never excepted this offer, i thought that it was honesly a credit card with a 500.00$ limit to help me get my credit back on track! i have no use for this or the time to be misled by a company that states they help u restore ones credit. that's what they are saying that's what their doing!!! if i would have known about...

Horizon Card Services / scam or not

faly on
after reading this i figured omg this is a scam so i called them to cancel and the lady i spoke too was pissed because she was trying to keep me in the service because i just got it new and i didnt check it out yet so she says. lol i kept sayin cancel my account she got so pissed that she acctually puffed lol. then she said anyways i cant cancel it for u so she connected me with another lady and also she wouldnt cancel i figured omg wow how can i not see the truth this is a scam anyways finnaly i told her i dont care about the program i dont want to check it out and just cancel my account so...

Horizon Card Services - Florida, Jacksonville / i di not authorize use

i don't know what this service is but i do know that you keep charging my card and I did not authorize this because I have never even heard of horizon card services so i would appreciate if you would refund my money to my account or do i need to contact headquaters of your services because some type of fradulant activity is occuring.

Horizon Card Services - Oregon, Oakridge / not what was told

Hello, I was asking to get a credit card i could use not online and from what they told me or not told me was it was only for use online. Not good sales when all i wanted was a card to use for emergencies. Now your company needs to put the money of 29.95 dollars back in my account. You have the information to do that so please return to my bank account please ASAP! Thank You and get back to me soon. Sincerely, Shawna Jo Wilson

Horizon Card Services - Pennsylvania, Indiana / fraudulant credit card company

Aimee on
Attempt to de-fraud: I was mis led into believing I was purchasing the priviledge of a $500.00 unsecured credit card and for addition costs I would have other services to include roadside protection, advice from a legal network, discounts on a Rx plan, and services from Equifax for a credit report. Fortunately I called the minute I received my "card" though not in time to get all my money refunded. The statement Michael employee #211 gave me is that no where does it read it's not a major credit card. My complaint on intent to defraud is that it also doesn't read www.thehorizonout.com any...
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