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Fingerhut Complaints & Reviews

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Fingerhut - Safeline Fees

Posted: 2015-08-27 by    Christina Perez Gonzalez
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was charged since 10/14 and never signed up for this service. Like many people, I don't pay attention to my bill as I should. Waiting to see if I'll receive full credit for the total charged. I received a partial credit. I signed up on-line, but would have never signed up for this. This is a very dishonest business act.

Christina Gonzalez...

Fingerhut - Identity Theft/Fraud

Posted: 2015-07-27 by    Angela in AZ
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A stranger has used my name to get a credit account at Fingerhut. They have purchased items, not paid for them and now I am getting emails about the past due payments owed. I have never heard of this company. I contacted them through their website and online chatting option for immediate answers. They said they couldn't help me and I'd have to call the customer service number. So I did and they require you to enter your social security number in before getting through to a customer service rep. After spending 30 minutes trying different options to get through to customer service, the answering...

Fingerhut - Charging account for sister company

Posted: 2015-06-11 by    Holsted/fingerhut
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Fingerhut billed my account with them for two unsolicited items from a sister company. After jumping through several hoops and being told it would be removed from my account, it has not been removed. I have reported this scam to the US postal inspectors who either don't listen, don't understand and clearly do not know the law about unsolicited items through the mail....

Fingerhut - Theft, outsourcing of business

Posted: 2015-05-27 by    TruthTeller78
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I placed an order with Fingerhut over a month ago. Upon going to their website to check the status of my order it showed they received the down payment and deducted it from my order. A few days later I checked and I wondered why the order was saying still pending and why it no longer showed that I had sent the down payment money order (which I still had receipt for). When calling them they said they did not have on record that I ever placed an order or sent in a payment.
The customer service rep said she would report it to the payment process department and that they would get in contact...

Fingerhut - Product not received

Posted: 2015-03-20 by    clewi03
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I am getting the run around by customer service on the phone, chat and email. I never received and order I placed but I am being ask to pay for items I have not received. Where do I go from here. I have been told several times I will receive a form to make a report with the police department. I have not received anything at this time it's been about a month, I speak with someone again today I was told the form was mailed to the wrong address and that it would go out to the correct address today. When I asked why I'm I receiving Telephone calls to make a payment after a representative told...

Fingerhut - did not get exchange on damaged product

Posted: 2015-03-08 by    virginiax8
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
JAN 15 2015 i ordered 2 simons club chairs ( RED ) THE chairs cme in a week later .FINGERHUT always send a e- mail before the items are delivered one chair was damaged so i sent it back on 1/21/2015 with all the proprer papers for an exchanged and i sent several e=mails to the company a month went by no chair then i called they said the chairs were on back order .2 weeks later i called again .and was told they would send me papers to fill out for a investigation .ok i filled out the paper work then i got a reply that the chair was delivered and sign for by a person name THIGPIG .some one i never...

Fingerhut - wanting me to pay for something i never received

Posted: 2015-02-23 by    mscherryny
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I order a xbox from Fingerhut . Which I never received now FINGERHUT want me to make two payment on it. I tried to explain that I never received the product. They stated since it was mail out I would have to make the two month payments. I did everything that they asked such as call the police to my home to make official police report. Fax that and a questioner in to them. The item price was issuer to my account but the two month payments they want those as well as late fee. I refuse and now they are putting it on my credit report which has lower my credit. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANY WHERE ELSE I CAN LEAVE...

Fingerhut - Refused to take defective product back during 30 day trial period

Posted: 2014-07-01 by    Tired of being nice
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased a 40" LED SAMSUNG, 3D Television from Fingerhut on November 15, 2013. Immediately the TV began turning on and off by itself. I was within the 30 Day Home Trial Period, so I called Fingerhut to return the television. I was told by an EXTREMELY RUDE phone representative "It is not Fingerhut's problem, you must contact the manufacturer", then hung up on me.
I called and emailed NUMEROUS times. I got absolutely nowhere with the Fingerhut representatives. They refused to let me speak with a supervisor, they hang up on me and they are completely unwilling to assist me. It is a...

Fingerhut - Bait and Switch

Posted: 2013-12-15 by    PJNYC
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On 11.29.2013 I ordered a LG Neon II Unlocked GSM Cell Phone in Orange/Gray, I received a Red/Silver on 11.28.13, this was to be a birthday present for Dec. 7th. When I got the incorrect phone, I IMMEDIATELY reordered the Orange and Gray on 11.29.13, as to assure a timely delivery of the second phone. I then returned the incorrect phone the following day, for credit,

As stated earlier, This was to be a birthday present for my Mom on Dec. 7th. I got the replacement phone in a timely manner, yet when I opened it, IT WAS THE INCORRECT COLOR PHONE for the SECOND TIME, and getting...

Fingerhut - Michigan, Detroit - Deffered payments

Posted: 2013-09-23 by    Ms. S. Hill
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I put a order in about a week ago, orderd my items online because I thought I didn't have a catalog not knowing that those numbers on the back of the catalog is golden!!! This allows you to make no payments for 6months maybe a year, but if you order online you do not get deffered payments. So I found a catalog with all the items I ordered called and asked customer service if I could get my payments deffered since my items are in the catalog I found. I got the run around with 6 different reps I stayed on the phone half my morning 9-23-13 they would not transfer me over to a manager or supervisor...

Fingerhut - Wisconsin - Billing Fraud

Posted: 2013-05-18 by    Gary Anthon
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was a Fingerhut customer one time purchase. I bought a coffeepot for a gift. I paid off the full amount due early and I am still being billed for the minimum payment. Throughout the entire billing cycle I was charged late fees even though the payments were autopay and initiated from the Fingerhut Company and payments were directly submitted to my bank for payment. The representative said there is no way to termenate pre arranged auto payments and the cycle must proceed in spite of a satisfied account status. This is fraud and theft by conversion....

Fingerhut - Minnesota - billing for merchandise not ordered

Posted: 2013-05-11 by    Paraska
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
They got my name and address somehow and started shipping worthless stuff--hand towels at $14.00 each (the bill arrived separately and later.) When I called them to get a return label, the person on the phone lied that my account "did not come up." I returned their trash, but ended up paying for shipping. After three days, another package arrived via FedEx, for $76, but I happened to be at home and refused to accept it.
How can this scam be stopped? I an leaving for Europe in a few days, and if they continue to ship and then bill me to ruin my credit, I will have to go to Police....

Fingerhut - safeline plus

Posted: 2013-05-07 by    Gennalee J
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
I never realized that I was being charged for safeline plus on my account... I called to request it removed or have proof of enrollment and was told I can only be refunded for the past 60 days... I tried to ask for a phone number to safeline plus but was told there was none.. I will be contacting the BBB and the Attorney Generals Office.. This is illegal and fingerhut needs to know this...

Fingerhut - Florida - horrible reps, they lie to customers liars freaks won't cancel account

Posted: 2013-03-20 by    cynthis938
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
fingerhut is horrible...so basically...I got an increase in credit limit and decided I wanted to get some things I've wanted for a while. However, there was a coupon code that got messed up during an order so I called it in the next day. I got a rep...some male, who basically told me that if I placed the order with him he'd honor the coupon code, but just as a one time courtesy. Of course he was LYING. He placed my order, then said he'd use the coupon code to adjust everything...to take 15% off. When I checked my account I noticed the code wasn't used. So basically this jerk...

Fingerhut - Minnesota, Eden Prairie - Poor Consumer Service

Posted: 2012-12-19 by    impoffc2013
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
Fingerhut sells obsolete products at premium prices, has absolutely no way to cancel an order in the event that you change your mind or make an error, keeps you on hold for an unacceptable time frame and tries to rip you off at every corner.

I placed an order for a cell phone: HTC HD7 Windows Phone. I mistakenly thought this was the newly released windows phone (which I soon realized is the HTC HD8 not HD7). I went ahead and ordered. Then as I viewed a review of the phone on Youtube I realized that I'd purchased the HD7 from them NOT the HD8. The HD7 was released...

Fingerhut - Minnesota - Overall Customer Service

Posted: 2012-04-02 by    Douglas Olson
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
On Jan 3 I receive a letterfcromFingerhut informing me they were closing my Credit Account with a whopping line of creit of $400. Now rememberthey contacted me with offer of credit. I had place 4 orders which contained multiple products within each order. I received7 different product for promotional coed creits and shiupping and handing allowances. THE LAST TIME I CHECKED THAT WHAT PROMOTIONAL CODES ARE USED FOR. I almost forgot they send me a free hooded sweatshirt as comphensiontin. Frm the letter it stated the number of times that you hjave requested credit and other exceptions is greatly in...

Fingerhut - Florida - Scam

Posted: 2012-01-14 by    laurenliann
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I've had a Fingerhut card for a year now. I bought a couple things and have been paying them off ever since. I recently noticed on my January bill that there's a charge for $29.95 from some insurance company. I tried to call Fingerhut but of course they have bankers hours it seems. So I called the number on the transaction charge that went directly to the "supposed" insurance company. I got a hold of an extremely rude man and when i told him these charges (which go back 6 months I found out) are fraudulent, he said that I gave them permission and they have it on recording. I said to hell...

Fingerhut - Virginia - Collection

Posted: 2012-01-12 by    Jamie747010
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Bought a VCR in 98. Paid on it for 4 years!!! Stopped getting statements because the account was paid. Just got a collection letter for the same VCR for $328 in 2012!!! Called them and told them it was paid and why am I getting letter 14 years later. They said prove it! Ok I have statements from a decade ago!! I asked why they sent me a letter in 2012 when the last one I got was 04. They had no answer and hung up on me....

Fingerhut - Florida, Tampa - BAD PEOPLE

Posted: 2011-10-28 by    Florida/Retired
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
SmartA$$ customer service ..
After always making payments 2-3 times the minimum I was surprised to find a credit limit loss. I emailed them about a credit limit change (lowered) and the customer service rep that responded said ..
" We have responded to you request to close your account " LOL I didnt ask to close it but after reading ALL these complaints I am glad/lucky they did.
Thanks Guys .....

Fingerhut - Stay away

Posted: 2011-07-02 by    KyAmy2002
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Poor choice of mine to make Christmas purchases for my husband with Fingerhut using the pre-auth'd credit limit they gave to me. I was making my payments as required. Only a couple months later I received a notification from Fingerhut stating that I was getting a credit increase. Fabulous, I thought, because it would improve my credit rating -- or so I thought! Turns out, the additional $200 credit increase is something I'm having to pay off, even though it's not a purchase?!?!?! Does it make ANY SENSE that I am required to PAY UP to my new credit limit? From what I can tell from...

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