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Saint Louis Park
United States - 55416

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Fingerhut Complaints & Reviews

FingerHut / Defective products

rlombardi on May 11, 2016
Finger Hut sold me a Black comforter at online shopping, the comforter was defective, had 1000 pin holes in it and the stuffing was coming out. They exchanged it for a Grey one and with-in a few months this grey comforter was also defective, cheap, again many, many holes in it, stuffing...

FingerHut - Minnesota, Eden Prairie / Very rude and unprofessional customer service

Samuel on Apr 18, 2016
Fingerhut stuff is very rude and unprofessional, I guess they don't even know the meaning of the word "manners"! I paid for express shipping and it was pretty expensive, but delivery was very late and for weeks I had no idea what was happening with my order. So I contacted Fingerhut...

FingerHut - Minnesota, Eden Prairie / They automatically signed me up for their membership!

LoskLida on Mar 31, 2016
I decided to try www.fingerhut.com and purchased several items from them. They also offered me to sign up and to become a member, but I refused and said that I just wanted to order something and not interested in any memberships. So I received my items and was very happy. Quality was great...

FingerHut / Delivery 1Z555W780360153307

Susan Slyfield on Mar 18, 2016
1Z555W780360153307 17 and 18 March 2016 Never had any problem with UPS. Could set a clock by them. About a month or more ago, the delivery person said I was not there to sign for delivery of MEDICINE. I was both of 3 times . I called and UPS was nasty, not helpful and said I would have...

FingerHut - Minnesota, Eden Prairie / Very poor customer service and company!

Mojo on Feb 5, 2016
Worst experience I've ever had! Fingerhut reps don't speak or understand English. It is impossible to explain them anything. Back in November I bought a chair and received it three weeks ago. They completely sent the wrong chair, so I had to return it back. I also paid form my pocket to...

FingerHut - New Jersey, Newark / Billing

Reviewer99786 on Jan 24, 2016
At last minute, I bought a $24 item and a $170 item for Christmas. My monthly payment was supposedly $17.99. I returned the higher priced item. My first bill said the due date is the following week and that they charged me $25 late fee and interest. My balance is $77. They won't tell me...

FingerHut - Minnesota, Eden Prairie, Minnesota / Customer Service

Reviewer55729 on Dec 3, 2015
12/1/15 I requested my address to be corrected three times, and still it was wrong. And my coupon codes were not credited. Since Fingerhut would not correct these multiple problems, I requested to cancel the order, via phone, chat and email. I tried to cancel the order more than five...

FingerHut / A product i ordered

tina sentak on Nov 27, 2015
i ordered a babys gift basket for 84.99 in baby blue with a brown basket. what i recieved was a white basket with completely all the wrong items in it. i called customer service and spoke to someone who i could bearly understand. being i didnt have time to exchange the item because it wa...

FingerHut - Georgia, Covington / Customer Service/Collections

Reviewer28422 on Nov 19, 2015
Numerous times have I received calls from their collections dept. One month I paid over by 20 dollars and the very next month they called my job and cell phone numerous times to say that I was $4 short on a payment. I asked why they did not take the cred it of 20 dollars and adjust the...

FingerHut / Safeline Fees

Christina Perez Gonzalez on Aug 27, 2015
I was charged since 10/14 and never signed up for this service. Like many people, I don't pay attention to my bill as I should. Waiting to see if I'll receive full credit for the total charged. I received a partial credit. I signed up on-line, but would have never signed up for this. Thi...

Fingerhut.com - Colorado, Englewood / Used merchandise disguised as new.

Reviewer56274 on Aug 19, 2015
I bought an air conditioner from Fingerhut. It came in a very dirty, beat-up box. When I took it out of the box--I would have sworn that it had been previously owned. It was dirty, bent up on the coils, etc. Has anyone else ever gotten something like this?

FingerHut / Identity Theft/Fraud

Angela in AZ on Jul 27, 2015
A stranger has used my name to get a credit account at Fingerhut. They have purchased items, not paid for them and now I am getting emails about the past due payments owed. I have never heard of this company. I contacted them through their website and online chatting option for immediate...

FingerHut / Charging account for sister company

Holsted/fingerhut on Jun 11, 2015
Fingerhut billed my account with them for two unsolicited items from a sister company. After jumping through several hoops and being told it would be removed from my account, it has not been removed. I have reported this scam to the US postal inspectors who either don't listen...

FingerHut / Theft, outsourcing of business

TruthTeller78 on May 27, 2015
I placed an order with Fingerhut over a month ago. Upon going to their website to check the status of my order it showed they received the down payment and deducted it from my order. A few days later I checked and I wondered why the order was saying still pending and why it no longer...

Fingerhut / Holsted Jewelry / Fraud, Lawsuit

ScammedByHolsted on Apr 30, 2015
My nightmare with Holsted Jewler's began by making the mistake of doing business with Fingerhut. Fingerhut sold my personal details to Holsted. Holsted then began to send me letters offering me free rings. I filled out one of the letters and paid the shipping cost for the rings. Like...

FingerHut / Product not received

clewi03 on Mar 20, 2015
I am getting the run around by customer service on the phone, chat and email. I never received and order I placed but I am being ask to pay for items I have not received. Where do I go from here. I have been told several times I will receive a form to make a report with the police...

FingerHut / did not get exchange on damaged product

virginiax8 on Mar 8, 2015
JAN 15 2015 i ordered 2 simons club chairs ( RED ) THE chairs cme in a week later .FINGERHUT always send a e- mail before the items are delivered one chair was damaged so i sent it back on 1/21/2015 with all the proprer papers for an exchanged and i sent several e=mails to the company a...

FingerHut / wanting me to pay for something i never received

mscherryny on Feb 23, 2015
I order a xbox from Fingerhut . Which I never received now FINGERHUT want me to make two payment on it. I tried to explain that I never received the product. They stated since it was mail out I would have to make the two month payments. I did everything that they asked such as call the...

Fingerhut - Bluestem Brands / Misleading & deceptive = consumer fraud

Cpandora on Jul 8, 2014
To Whom It May Concern: • FINGERHUT is the Bluestem Brands, Inc., . "Flagship brand". Their website states: "OUR MISSION To improve our customers’ lives by providing the merchandise they need with the flexibility of paying over time". • FINGERHUT’s Standard Return Policy “We will exchange...

FingerHut / Refused to take defective product back during 30 day trial period

Tired of being nice on Jul 1, 2014
I purchased a 40" LED SAMSUNG, 3D Television from Fingerhut on November 15, 2013. Immediately the TV began turning on and off by itself. I was within the 30 Day Home Trial Period, so I called Fingerhut to return the television. I was told by an EXTREMELY RUDE phone representative "It i...

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