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Drugstore.com - Washington, Bellevue / Very slow shipping!

Zoe on Apr 1, 2016
www.drugstore.com is a huge disappointment. They take money for shipping and promise quick delivery, but that is not true and it takes forever to get your stuff. And this site is very expensive, you can actually find the same products a lot cheaper on other website. Yes, their products are great, customer service was always nice and helpful, but there are much better places to buy. If you don't mind waiting then you can use Drugstore, but I don't want to pay additional money for fast shipping and wait ages to get my orders.

Drugstore.com / Don't buy anything from this corrupt corporation

Retere on Jan 28, 2013
Drugstore.com promised to send me a $25 gift card for my purchase. I never got it. I called customer service. They admit I met all requirements for the gift card but said their computer failed to send the gift card. I received no discounts as an alternative. Because it was deemed a hassle to manually send me a card, customer service flat out refused to make good on their promise to send me the card. Don't buy anything from this corrupt corporation. Tell everyone you know not to buy.

Drugstore.com / They must have monkeys filling randomly boxes and shipping them

Discone on Dec 14, 2012
I ordered some merchandise from Drugstore.com. The order was 100% wrong. Not a single item was what I ordered. I repackaged the items and returned them using a return label I had to print out and tock the package to the post office to return it ( they do not use UPS. After a few weeks I received a new package. again it was 100% wrong. They must have monkeys filling randomly boxes and shipping them.

Drugstore.com / Scam

jrtorrent on Oct 26, 2011
I have sent three inquiries/complaints to Drugstore.com . The last order 1 out of 3 products was missing from the package. I sent a picture that proves the missing product could not have fit in the shipping box. RESPONSE? NONE, ZIP, SILENCE. Tomorrow will contest the full invoice until they resolve my complaint. Just in case someone at Drugstore feels is the day to do some good my order #03239502814100 and the missing product is Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleansing Pads - 28 ea

Drugstore.com / Never arrived

kip92 on Oct 18, 2011
I ordered some products as I have in the past years. They wrote me later the products got lost in the postal delivery and if I still want the products or my money back. I didn't think much about it because I have ordered before without incident. I said please send me the products. Again nothing came and now no one answers. Not drugstore.com or the tracking of the postal services. I am very unhappy. I now am NOT recommending them to anyone anymore.

Drugstore.com / Stay away

Nikki Lund on Aug 3, 2011
I placed an order with drugstore.com on 28 June. A day or so later the order was confirmed shipped with a tracking number. I was expecting delivery within a week (we live in Hawaii. Followed the tracking and saw that the goods had been picked up and the expected delivery was 21 JULY. Wrote to them via their website - no response at all. On 7th July or so I checked again and noticed that now the method of shipping had changed on the tracking info at Fedex. Fedex had now delivered my order to the USPS and the delivery date had not changed. Wrote again. Still no response. Total rubbish. The...

Drugstore.com / Bad customer service

sillyman on Jul 28, 2011
Since drugstore.com relocated, sold, or merged with the Ohio concern now representing the name, the customer service has become nonexistent. I had to phone twice because an auto refill prescription was not dispatched. The hold time for each call exceeded 30 minutes. I was given two different excuses why the prescription had not been refilled, with no resolution to the problem. I had to beg for a direct phone number that I could have Walgreens phone to transfer the prescription. I have been a satisfied customer for over nine years, but will never use this company again.

Drugstore.com / Beyond Frustrated Online Shopper

frustratedbeyond2010 on Jul 9, 2011
So I was very excited when my doctor told me that I could receive my prescription at a very reduced price from drugstore.com vs my hometown pharmacy CVS. My medication isn't covered so I pay full price. My doctor called in a new script on tuesday yesterday they couldn't find it, then 2 hours later they found it and it would be send out today overnight shipping. I was told to check the website at noon today, I did that the script still wasn't showing up. I called they had an issue with the doctor, but assured me they'd get it worked out and it would go out today. I call them...

Drugstore.com / Discrimination Against Disability

On Tuesday, April 5, 2011, Drugstore.com discriminated against me due to my disability. I am very disappointed in Drugstore.com's policy when it comes to harassment. I was harassed by by another temporary employee for at least 2 weeks... being somewhat bullied, picked on, and being among antagonizing, patronizing, belligerent comments, getting stickers stuck on my back and distracting my work when I was already in pain from my sciatica. After his comment about- "Why don't you just go jump out a window?"... I asked him in return, "Have you ever seen the movie "Color of Night" with...

Drugstore.com - North Carolina / Fake Promos

Sad in NC on Mar 3, 2011
Several months ago I received an email from Drugstore.com saying their prescription prices and sundry prices were better than CVS, Walgreen, and others. I thought "Well I'll give them a try." From time to time, they would send emails saying special promo like free shipping, tote bag full of samples, 20% off orders of $45 etc. In the three times I've ordered, I've received none of these things, with the last one being tote bag full of samples worth $45------in fact, not a single sample was in the box. The Customer Service Rep said that they ran out of the totes, even though I...

Drugstore.com - California / Altered Prescription & Pricing

mzscahlett on Feb 23, 2011
Drugstore.com recently filled a Rx for which I should have been charged $109.00 plus shipping. The refills had run out, and it is for a costmetic. Without authorization they altered the refill request to be for X3 per month, sending me three times the quantity ordered. This changed the price significantly to $309.99. They say that they will issue return tag for merch and credit my card, but that it will take weeks. I don't believe for a minute the change was not deliberate. Anyone else experience something like this?

Drugstore.com / pharmacy

Beware. This company used to provide great service and prices. They recently sold their pharmacy decision to another company, and the order process has fallen apart completely. Orders are canceled, refill requests get stuck in "processing" for weeks at a time, customer service keeps you on hold forever, and when you finally do talk to a human, they offer BS happy talk but no real answers about when or if your order will ever ship. Companies that change like this are often on their way out of business. Do NOT depend on drugstore.com for anything important to your health. It is a huge hassle now...

Drugstore.com / will not honor advertised price

I have been a loyal DRUGSTORE.COM customer for 10 years or so. I have gotten all of my family members and friends to shop there and until today, had planned on switching all of our pharmacy/prescription orders over to them as well. That all changed for me in the course of an evening. It all began as I was placing 2 orders at drugstore.com this evening, simultaneously, one for me and one for my mother. There was a product that had been heavily discounted and I immediately added (3) of the said products to my cart. As I did this, I received a pop-up message stating that the item was back-ordered...

Drugstore.com / rip off sites on their website

18 months ago I was on Drugstore.com website and after i purchased my order and they got my credit card number a page popped up and said that I could save $10.00 next time with a coupon. Well ever since then I looked at my credit card statement and I have been getting charges $12.00/month for ESavings Club 800826-1885. Why would a pharmacuital company have such a decipetful scam on their website. Why would anyone pay $12.00 month for coupons which I never got anyway? I called Drugstore.com and of course the woman told me that they still have their link on Drugstore.com website. I also asked...

Drugstore.com / Be very careful

When I received my order from this company, $48 worth of products were missing. I called to try to resolve the problem and was told that the 'records' show that nothing was missing. After going around and speaking to a supervisor, they agreed to re ship the missing items. That never happened and I'm out of $48. Be very careful if you order from these people. Better yet, don't order from these people. The prices weren't that good, anyhow. Even if, by chance, you receive your order.

Drugstore.com / Ridiculous scam

The exact same thing happened to me. I made a few purchases through Drugstore.com and noticed a $12 charge on my card for two months in a row. I called Reservation Rewards and they told me that I authorized the charge when I clicked on a coupon for $10 off my next Drugstore.com purchase. I contacted Drugstore.com to complain and they sent me an email extoling the virtues of Reservation Rewards. I still don't know what Reservation Rewards does or offers, but my days of using Drugstore.com are over. Too bad they are ruining a neat business with this ridiculous scam.

Drugstore.com / Bad service

I won't do any more orders here... I've done many, and while they lure you into spending a bit more to get that free shipping, it takes forever for them to ship. Not convenient when you're running low on drugstore items. Then, within hours of placing your order, they make sure that you cannot cancel it because it is "processing". My most recent order has been "processing" for a week now and STILL has not shipped but can't be canceled. Go figure.
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