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Delta - Michigan, Detroit / Useless personal

CrystalMM on 2013-03-29
So I had a layover in Detroit, the way things went they let us of the arriving flight late which meant I stood a good chance of missing my connecting flight. In the haste, I forgot to grab my eyeglasses, they were in the case in the seat pouch. I damn near killed myself getting to the next gate, just is time for boarding... which was not taking place. I walk over to the store by the gate to get a water and then went to get my glasses back out since I wasn't gonna wear them while running through that crazy huge airport. I realized they were still in the seat pouch and told the personal...

Delta / Verified seat assignment changed

Oppaluzza on 2012-06-28
My son made arrangements for me to have an aisle seat because of health reasons..An aisle seat was verified..At boarding time I was told my seat assignment had been changed so that I would be sitting between two people. There was no explanation..I was just told that I could file a complaint.. This was a flight from Albuquerque N M to Atlanta Ga..Flight DL1022. Jun, 17, 2012. I had been assigned to seat 22C and it was changed to 22E... I was told that I could file a complaint.. I was very upset!!

Delta / Flight automatically cancelled

Ignat P. on 2011-12-27
I had booked a flight via Delta outgoing from Houston to New York, and then return New York to Houston. I was not able to make the outgoing flight and I called Delta the day before to inform them. My e-mail receipt stated I have to call Delta if I am going to miss a flight in order to avoid the cancellation of future flights on the same itinerary/receipt. The person on the phone stated since I informed them, my return flight will not be cancelled. I check my itinerary online today, and my return flight does not exist. I called the agent and the person said since I did not make my outgoing...

Delta / Changes Without Notification

jule on 2011-12-25
July 2011, my two daughters and I booked and paid for Roundtrip fares to/from MSP/Miami/ MSP.Nov 19 and Nov 26th. I checked and was informed there was a change in time for all three. I printed a copy of the itinerary. We were all scheduled on the same flights. When we arrived at the airport in Miami we were told that one daughter was scheduled on another flight/time. I had my copy of the itenerary but that made no difference to them. One daughter had to fly alone, my other daughter and I were on the original flight. There were many persons whose flights/seats were changed without notice. This is not good business. Delta has bitten off more than they can chew. I expect to be compensated.

Delta / Rude staff

Viktor K. on 2011-12-20
You need to train your gate managers better. Flight 735 ATL JAX tonight had a incompetent gate agent. She broadcasted that anyone in Group 3 or higher would have to check luggage. This fact may or may not be true - but to state this to a crowd of people (who cannot check their luggage even if they wanted to) creates a mob situation this individual should not be a gate manager and should be retrained to understand that her actions impact a crowd - and that while her goals may be appropriate (on time departure) her methods are unacceptable

Delta / Illegal practices

Catherine Z on 2011-12-20
On the date of November 14th, 2011, my fiancé and I had our worst travel experience to date. This letter is to outline the details of our itinerary and share our treatment through Delta airlines with as many individuals as possible. (Confirmation #HAU2JR) Living in a small town with limited travel options we booked a round trip flight through Delta airlines for November 14th despite past previous bad experiences. The flight, Delta 3890 originated from Traverse City, Michigan with final destination ending at the Leonardo Da Vinci airport in Rome, Italy. Our itinerary included two layovers. To...

Delta - Ontario / assigned seating

ivan joseph on 2011-07-28
i very upset and disappointed on the seating Delta has offered us on the return leg of our vacation. On July 25th 2011 flight # DL4346 from Belize City to Atlanta U.S.A your company seated us in the last row of your plane with a toddler...i find this inaccepable seating for myself along with my husband and 2yr old son. Your unreasonable seating offered to us was imaginable!! We were edged up against a wall on a 4 hour flightunable to recline and on top of this the seat in front of us was able to recline into our lap! I am expecting some type of compensation to this and we paid a high fare...

Delta / Checked Baggage

colleenmariemiller on 2011-02-12
Grabbed my checked bag off the carousel to find my retractable handle broken. It no longer pulls out. After struggling to get my bag home, when I opened it, everything in my bag was a mess. Someone had opened my smalled cosmetic bag and left the zipper open and my body wash had fallen out. My bag was handled so roughly, the hard plastic bottle was BROKEN and my entire bag was full of red body wash. My shoes and clothing are destroyed. The interior of my bag's hard plastic has been completely shattered, creating hundreds of little black plastic chunks that are everywhere. They handled my...

Delta - California, San Diego / use of my credit card without my permission

On December 11th I purchased 2 tickets (one reservation) via Orbitz for a flight on December 12th. When I realized I couldn't make the flight, I cancelled my reservation (both tickets) right away. Because I wanted to verify my cancelation I called orbitz who again verified that the reservation had been cancelled. I was refunded the entire amount of the tickets within 2 days($388.80). On December 15th I recieved a charge on my bank statement from Delta Airlines for one ticket ($194.40) Delta had used my credit card information to charge me after I had been refunded for the tickets that I had...

Delta / Poor customer service and lost baggage

I flew first-class from JFK to Tegel on December 20. When I arrived at Tegel, my luggage was not at the airport. I waited 2.5 hours to speak with a representative from GlobeGround--the company to which Delta has outsourced baggage handling at Tegel. GlobeGround said they had no trace of my luggage and that it might take a week to recover it. When I arrived at my hotel, I looked on Delta's lost-baggage web site under the file number provided at the airport by GlobeGround. According to the website, there was no trace of my luggage. I attempted to reach Delta's lost-baggage number. I...

Delta / Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Delta charges an "Unaccompanied Minor Fee" of $100 when traveling and under the age of 18. Other airlines do not do this. They claim they incur additional liability and provide special services to the minors. They don't provide any special service at all. The worst of it is they charge you this fee when you arrive at the airport. They don't tell you upfront and transparently when you actually purchase the ticket. Another hidden fee scam. Finally, if you don't put down the correct person who is picking them up at the end of the destination they will hold them in the airport. The...

Delta / Companion Ticket

My wife and I collected Northwest miles in one account. Delta rolled the miles into my wifes name and now will not allow us to combine our miles even though it's the same Amex Account. We decided to go with Sky Miles since you get a free companion ticket just for signing up. First i booked a Frequent Flyer trip and entered the wrong date. I called Delta got no satisfaction, but was charged $100 for a typo. Then my wife tried booking a 'free' companion ticket just to find out that the fare jumps over $100 when you enter the code. I'm dumping my Amex and hope that someone breaks the monopoly Delta has in Minneapolis. What a joke of a company.

Delta - Florida / Seats with Minors

Cranson on
I booked tickets to Hawaii in May 2010 for me, my wife, and our 2 small children (5 & 6). After booking the flight I spoke with a supervisor to make sure that it was noted we were flying with 2 minors so we would not get seperated. TWO WEEKS before our flight I received an email that there was a schedule change and now none of us are sitting together. I then spoke to a supervisor who told me there was nothing that they could do, and I have to wait until the day of the flight to see if I have to worry about my 5 & 6 year old sitting with a stranger on the flight to hawaii. 1st, there should be a...

Delta / ABSURD customer &service&, outrageous personnel incompetence

AlexL on
My wife, is now stranded in Atlanta as a result of horrible customer service from Delta. Her day started in LAX, she was suppoed to fly to Moscow, Russia via Atlanta, Reservation # OVLFRO. Her flight from LAX to Atlanta (#16) was delayed for over an hour, however, the customer service representative at the gate told her that, according to Delta’s standard procedure, if there are more than 10 people on that flight connecting to another flight (in this case flight 46 Atlanta to Moscow), connecting plane would be delayed to wait for such large group. THERE WERE 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) PASSANGERS...

Delta / poor treatment

On 3/13/10, during the recent windstorms, my family and I flew from Nassau to LaGuardia, NY and were to connect to Detroit on Delta airlines. The plane was delayed before take-off for 20 minutes to take on extra fuel the pilot indicated. Little did the unwary passengers know the airport was closed in New York and the pilot wanted to be ready to circle the airport for some time. This fact was only revealed to the passengers mid-flight. We were told there were high winds in New York and the airport was only intermittently open for short periods of time. The pilot informed us that it was unlikely...

Delta - Saskatchewan / Overbooking

Booked well in advance, at the airport 3hrs prior to flight and was mis led . I was told I would get a seat when I got to the gate . I believed her and it didnt happen. How and why does this happen and why cant they be up front with their passengers. I didnt know I wasnt boarding until a couple of minutes before take off. At least let me know ahead of time( and there was time ) so I could weigh out any other options and be prepared.They left me panic stricken and stressed with no help from them. This just doesnt seem right

Delta / Delta Skymiles Redemption

Do not waste your time trying to redeem an awards flight on Delta.com. You can see dates that have the low redemption mileage, but you can't book them on your own. A better way is to look at other SkyTeam member sites, like Continental's One Pass, and find flights that are redeemable for low mileage on those sites and then call the Delta Skymiles Customerless Service number and plead with them to identify the flights you have located and book the award travel at the low redemption rates for you. I probably wasted 20-30 hours over a two month period trying to get a round trip ticket...

Delta - Georgia, Atlanta / SkyMiles Bait and Switch

Hey guys - I realize you probably get a zillion complaint emails about the airlines. I also realize that airline ticket prices change minute-to-minute, etc. However, I think I was just the victim of a legitimate bait and switch and I'd really appreciate it if you'd warn people about this. Airline mileage programs are notorious for a reason. Because my wife and I have separate Delta Skymiles accounts, we were forced to book tickets (to Jackson, Wyoming, this August), separately. I ran through the system and applied my 20, 000 SkyMiles to get a $200 discount on my ticket, using my...

Delta - Illinois, Chicago / airline

It was supposed to be the best week of the year, our family vacation. On June 5th, we arrived three hours early at the Midway Airport in Chicago to fly to New York at 1 PM, where my family and I had a connecting flight to Malaga, Spain, for our summer vacation. All of the tickets we had were for Delta Airline flights. At 12:30 PM, the Delta personnel at Midway told us that plane will start boarding at 1:00 PM, but we didn’t get on the plane until 1:30 PM. On top of that, we had to wait on the plane for another 45 minutes before the flight actually took off for New York. By the way, the...

Delta - California, San Diego / Over 2 hours check in!

This morning, San Diego International airport, Delta has lines that took 2 hours to get through. I arrived 2 hours early, checked one bag, and missed my flight. This is the process: 1) stand in line and wait for a self-service kiosk. There were no Delta representatives to help people with the kiosks, so many, especially elderly people, stood by the kiosk frustrated and banged on the touch screens that were not very working very well - I might add. 2) Wait in line to check in your bags One woman was working the desk to check in luggage. This took almost as long as waiting in the first line...
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