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Cricket - ZTE grand max Phone brand new locked

Posted: 2015-09-01 by    Reviewer52549
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The SIM card required a puk code, cricket had me enter codes until my new phone locked up Sim Perm Lock. It's under warranty, but I want either my Phone fixed since it seems to be a software issue per ZTE manufacturer your problem, or a new, not refurbished Phone. I have been inconvenienced both Business wise as Travel Agent away from Home base without Phone service, and Personal, unable to control my security service in my Home, besides medical my Husband had Heart surgery in NY and I am not able to call his medical team without using a calling card. No Phone on Road for medical emergency,...

Cricket - Nevada, Las Vegas - Additional fees

Posted: 2015-06-13 by    TyffyC
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I've been a Cricket customer for almost 3 years and I've appreciated them up until a week ago. Charging an additional $5.00 to have my phone turned back on was ridiculous. After this month they've lost a customer...

Cricket - paid for service and did not get it

Posted: 2015-05-05 by    Carolyn Puryear
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Paid for service and did not get to use it. Paid $97.00 for May service, two lines. Lost one phone. Called phone service company to let them know. Was told that I could cut the off lost line. The next day they cut both lines off. Call the company, To let them know that the they had cut service. To the line that we had ask to stay on. We were told then, that both lines were cut off. We ask what happen to the $97.00. They said we had to pay MORE money to cut the one line on. So I am out of $97.00 for May or any service. No service that was paid for....

Cricket - wrongful actions

Posted: 2015-03-23 by    Susan K Williams
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
They have scammed me out of over $600. by making me buy a new phone for the merge with ATT. They professed for years that they were a 4G network when only 3G. Now when merging they made me get a new phone exactly like the one I had, kept my old phone (which I'm sure they will sell to some other person) . This new network drops all the time when you are about to use it. I also never got a $100 rebate I was promised over a year and a half ago. I would like to join any sort of Class Action suit that should be brought against this company to get my money back from there illegal activities....

Cricket - Ripoff of the 50. 00 i had already paid !!

Posted: 2015-03-22 by    saul vasquez
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I made payment the day before the due date, cuz they state, if its on the due date it will be turned off. On the following day around 4 - 5 pm while at work it stops working ! I called customer service and i told them what had happended making it seem like i hadnt paid my bill and gave me bridge pay, meaning. . They would give me 10 days to pay, when i already had paid. . . Wtf??? So i went to the same store to complain 2 days later, which it happens to the mgr, of the store, who said, he couldnt find it on system. . I told him i had called customer svc and said, the money was taken out after 30...

Cricket - California, Gardena - never received rebate

Posted: 2014-12-01 by    Joyce Hobson
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I never received my rebate after submitting an change of address they started I miss the submission date. I was told I couldn't send I rebate until I made my first payment in between the purchased and first payment I have move an submitted a change of address by phone, using the number that provides in their phone package. And all I'm getting is the run around and I brought two phones I be ripoff for one hundred dollars, but they get their money at time of purchase so you paying full price for a free phone that ripoff the consumer.it's time for a change....

Cricket - Cell Phone Network

Posted: 2014-09-17 by    Carey Coleman
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Cricket is ripping their customers off and most customers don't even realize it.
One of my complaints is with cricket is their billing system.

1.In order to have service with cricket, customers have to pay their bill upfront and if you don't pay it, your account gets suspended. This is normal but what they don't tell you is when you do finally pay your bill, let's say a few days have gone by, you should be entitled to some form of discount for days of service that has not been used. If you use their bridge pay system and let's say you still could...

Cricket - double charging

Posted: 2014-08-17 by    Lexidell46
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I paid for my boyfriends phone one time and they kept taking it out of my account. Every month for 2 years, then when I started to make complaints, they started taking it out 2X every month. I finally got a hold of some one and had the it finally removed from my account which the phone never was, They told me I could have his phone blocked off of my card I repeatedly asked if it was not going to effect my phone and they said it would not. Come the next billing cycle they blocked my debit card for my account also. When I asked why they told me they should have informed me that my card is permanatly...

Cricket - Prepaid pay

Posted: 2014-05-12 by    johnny Barako
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was overseas from April 4th until the 29th and was unable to use their services. l paid a "bridge pay" payment on the 2nd of May then the remaining balance after 7 days. And surprise, surprise, l had my phone cut off this morning because of unpaid telephone bills.
Firstly: the phone was a PREPAID account. PREPAID!!! GET IT!!! YOU PAY WHEN YOU USE IT!!!
Secondly: l was unable able to use it because l was overseas, and their C****Y service does not cover roaming or overseas usage.
Thirdly: The customer service lady was apologetic as she can, like reading a book.

Cricket - Impossible to pay Bill on line for over a week

Posted: 2013-11-03 by    Cheylan
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Last week, on 10/30, I started trying to pay my cricket bill on line. It is not Due till 11/5, but I pay the rest of my bills at that time. I filled out the website like always, and clicked Submit Payment, and got an Error that no payment amount had been selected. I cleared cache, deleted cookies, and tried again, making sure to select a payment amount and have it show in Total Payment.
Same error. Tried on the 31st, the 1st, and then on 11/2 when I tried again, the website wouldn't let me me log in at all. Tried to register as a new user just out of curiosity, and the website said my...

Cricket - Kansas - payment

Posted: 2013-10-11 by    halisore
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Cricket wireless will not allow me to pay my bill with my debit card. They are saying its an issue with my bank. I have called my bank for the last three hours and have talked to the bank manager. The bank manager has said there is nothing wrong with my debit card, its on Crickets end. I called Cricket back, talked to a manager, a specialist, refreshed my card information and these people still wont except my card to pay my phone bill. In result, my phone is shut off and Cricket is telling me to drive two in a half hours away to talk to a store representative about my problem. This is ridiculous....

Cricket - fraud

Posted: 2013-03-11 by    edge69691
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
The latest Cricket scam involves the cricket cell phone company committing fraud by Illegally shutting off the phone service to people's phone after the bill has clearly been paid in full!!!
This has happened to me twice now since the 1st of march & it's now march 11!
The 1st time I called Cricket to find out why my service was disconnected, The UNEDUCATED RETARD that answered my call attempted to FLAT OUT LIE & tell me theat I hadn't paid my bill even theough I made it known that I had proof that I had paid it on the 1st of the month as I always do and that I had PROOF!

Cricket - Arizona - UnExplainable/Uncorrectable Auto Top-up Failure and Service Expired

Posted: 2013-02-22 by    Barelybipedal
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Copy of an email I sent to: Compliance@cricketcommunications.com

Email was rejected as "Undeliverable":
"Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:
Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted."

In the fall of 2012 I signed up for the $25 Paygo plan and enrolled in the AutoTopUp service. The phone is a dedicated emergency/roadside assistance communications unit which lives in my vehicle and is only turned on or used while the vehicle is in active. All proceeded...

Cricket - Arizona - Customer Service

Posted: 2012-11-07 by    change we can beleive in
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes
Getting through to a person at Cricket is next to impossible, it is an aweful experience. Their IVR is hopeless. People need their phones, I paid my bill on 11/03 and have a text msg from them confirming that I did, it shows up on my bank statement as well. I cannot make a call because they claim that I haven't paid the bill.
I'm done with them....

Cricket - liars and thieves

Posted: 2012-10-19 by    ashleynf84
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have a Sprint Samsung Epic 4 G so I came to cricket since they claimed my phone would work on their network. I paid $40 to have the phone flashed to cricket. I was told the flash would make the phone fully functional and I would never even notice it had been flashed. When I got my phone back after the flash I was told I had a new text app I needed to use, lie #1. The cricket rep called the cricket store from my phone and checked the internet, it worked. The next day I sat at home all day and my phone never rang. That evening my friend came over to my house and told me she had been calling all...

Cricket - Texas, San Antonio - cant get an agent on

Posted: 2012-06-12 by    daniel roman
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
i call 611 on my cricket phone i get a recorting and select some options so i select all the options and get the same result to go and visit a cricket store to resolve my problem, then why i get to choice but no agent at all the service on this company really the worse in the business you should check it out get a cricket phone and try to get an agent on the phone good luck. my biggest complain is this company is so big and a real bad service why does it get away with this. i will have to force my changes to another company at least they will answer my concern of the service i will get not like...

Cricket - faulty phone

Posted: 2012-06-11 by    blvnyrslf
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
On March 17, 2012, I got a Cricket cellular account. Since that time, the phone has not worked properly.
When I took this complaint back to the store, I was told to take the phone to the Cricket authorized store to get the
warranty service which I pay an additional $5/month for. I emphasize that the phone was faulty out of the box.
When I went to the other store, I was treated rudely and told that I needed to pay $20 as per the insurance agreement.
But, the phone is brand new; they stuck to that policy. I went back to the original store because I had also been overcharged.

Cricket - North Carolina, Charlotte - Trying to pay my phone bill

Posted: 2012-04-21 by    Ronnie Ward
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I tried to pay my phone bill today and waited in line for 30 minutes while the cricket worker was on the computer with a Spanish lady. There was only the three of us in the store. I only needed to pay my phone bill and when I asked her if I could just pay my bill she got really nasty so I said f*** this and started to leave and the cricket worker who was supposed to help me in the first place came across the counter and called ME a bitch and locked me out of the store and flipped me off. She is a Mexican woman only concerned with the Spanish people and if my phone gets cut off today there will be...

Cricket - Utah - Ripped me off

Posted: 2012-04-17 by    N Clement
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I am an American serviceman living overseas. On my trips back to the U.S. I have reactivated a Cricket mobile phone so that I can have a cell phone while traveling in the States. On my last trip, I reactivated the phone online and paid $25. The plan as well as the receipt said that this payment of $25 included 300 minutes. However, the $25 only reactivated the phone. In order to get minutes on the phone, Cricket wanted an additional $25. The information on the website for phone reactivation is misleading. I called Cricket to get my money refunded and they refused. I took a sledgehammer to my phone...

Cricket - North Carolina, Statesville - Cricket in Crossroads in Statesville NC

Posted: 2012-03-04 by    Understanding but still upset
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Just had the worst service ever, I give people the benefit of the doubt. Also, where the heck is Cricket’s customer service reps…..you can’t speak to anyone. I've been to this location a few times and always felt the manager/cashier was nice, unknowledgeable about the service, however she is pleasant. Went today ...had I known they closed at 6 on Saturday's I'd shown up earlier. I walk in and she says they are closed I asked what time is it? She says 5:54 and I ask would you mind just taking my payment really quickly? She says we're closed but moves to take...

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