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CertaPro Painters Complaints & Reviews

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CertaPro Painters - Georgia, Woodstock / Lazy and dishonest from the President of the company on down

Reviewer69650 on 2015-10-20
September, 2014 I noticed some of the siding boards along the chimney chase were rotted. I received several quotes from different painting companies in the area. The quotes included painting the house and replacing all siding with dry rot, and any structural framing boards that showed dry rot. Every company made sure that I understood that there would be an additional charge for replacing rotted wood, and I agreed to pay the extra fee. I hired CertaPro Painting to replace the rotted boards and paint the house for roughly $4000. By November, 2014 they finished the project, they charged me for...

CertaPro Painters - Connecticut, West Hartford / Quality

Nelson G on 2014-04-28
I am writing to complain about my local CertaPro Painter Marc Prive; first of all I was unaware that he was going to subcontract out the work that was to be done to my home. He led me to believe that he would be doing the job. When his subcontractor showed up to patch the sheet rock they did not have the right thickness for the job. This was Mark’s fault for not measuring the thickness and knowing local state regulations that 5/8” is to be used on all ceiling. So it had to been done over later. Then when it was warm enough for the job to be taped and spackled the quality of the job...

CertaPro Painters / Poor job

Ammii on 2011-10-09
I had Certa Pro Painters of Frisco to paint couple rooms in my house. I was really disappointed with the quality that they did. They don't clean up their mess that they made. They don't use any plastic cover/drop cloth to cover up the floors or counters. I had paint splashes/dripped all over the place. The workers were very unprofessional. They walked in and out of the house w/o taking their dirty shoes off and it leaves lots of dirty spots all over the wood floor and also the carpet. VERY MESSY! Need less to say, the subcontractor that Certa Pro sent over to do the job can't...

CertaPro Painters / Horrible Painting Company

lillybarney on 2011-07-27
This is the worse painting company. We had hired this company to paint the exterior of our house after numerous phone calls and letters from them wanting our business. After the rep received our deposit check and signed contract it was impossible to get him to reply to e-mails or phone calls again when we had questions. They sent their crew chief over to our house and we discussed the problem selecting a color. He wanted an additional deposit check and we told him to check with his boss and get back to us over that weekend by phone so we'd know if they were starting on Monday. He never...

CertaPro Painters / Don't even get near them!

vdzinder on 2011-07-21
Called CertaPro to get a quote. I had no idea who they are, decided they should be good as any. Actual person who oversaw the work was different from the person we had contact with to discuss details. Painted the inside of my house. Preparation was lacking, a lot of the older paint wasn't scraped properly. I am afraid this will be double the trouble next time we paint. I wouldn't mind if they would have asked for more money when things were non-standard, but they just did what they decided would suffice. Didn't paint windows where concealed (painted them when shut). Paint came off when windows were opened.

CertaPro Painters / The paint job from hell

bobk450 on 2011-07-16
Again they try to fix the poor job done in my house with spot painting. Pleaase don't hire this firm no matter what you see on tv bad news very bad news.

CertaPro Painters / Warning complaint

Zipp on 2011-07-03
(Redacted) - This letter serves the purposes of providing you with a warning that if you make any additional contact with any business associate of mine (whether that be a client, a vendor, or a GC, ) or regarding your "case, " I will sue you with every bit of power and energy I have. I have received numerous phone calls from people sick and tired of your harassing calls. I will be encouraging them to file their own harassment claims too. Additionally, I will sue you for libel & defamation of character. GO AWAY FOR GOOD STOP THE INSANITY NOW OR I WILL USE THE SAME MANIACAL FOCUS AND ENERGY YOU HAVE WASTED AND BRING YOU DOWN!

CertaPro Painters / No Show

CantGetGoodHelp on 2011-05-24
I guess we were lucky after reading some of the complaints here. We had scheduled an appointment to meet at noon. The man never showed. Actually, he showed 40 minutes late and called to ask where we were and he seems surprised when we had returned to our jobs. Very inconsiderate! However, I realized if he couldn't make the appointment, then he would not be a good choice for a painter.

CertaPro Painters / Franchise Sales

In this economy, many people think about buying a franchise. There's a lot of misinformation out there about franchises. For example, many people believe a franchise has a better chance of success than a non-franchise startup. Several sources, including the Small Business Administration, have stated that is not true. In fact, some say franchises have a worse chance of success than non-franchise startups. As a former CertaPro Painters franchisee, I wish to caution would-be CertaPro franchise buyers that CertaPro appears to have an extraordinarily high rate of franchisee failure. Their minimum...

CertaPro Painters / They did not sand the walls, there are chips in the paint in some areas, paint was spilled on my ceramic floor and not cleaned up

Garmon on
My painting was done in two parts. The first part was exceptional. The painters cleaned up after themselves (they did use my trash bags though), stored things neatly, and the painting job was great. However, on my second part, it was horrible. They did not sand the walls, there are chips in the paint in some areas, paint was spilled on my ceramic floor and not cleaned up, and paint was not cleaned off bathtubs. The sad thing is, I called in my compliments to their line after the first session. For the second part, it also took several days to get it scheduled, although they had an estimated...

CertaPro Painters / I will never use them again, and would advise all to not use them

Mayham on
I had the displeasure of encountering Don & Carolyn Militor in Colorado and found him to be flaky and cold personality. Did not like him at all. Would never use them! Thought he was strange and wierd...

CertaPro Painters / They have burned my landscaping bushes, instead of covering them they wet them

Richy on
I contracted Certapro to paint, and stain my house and deck March 15th 2010. It is now June 8th and my house is still not finished. The weather was never an issue it was the service. One or two painters showed up for a couple of hours to powerwash my house..they did not know what to use to brighten the house. They suggested instead of a natural stain to opaque stain it...I refused...they finally came up with a solution. The painters they have put on my house are incompetent for the job they have to do. They have burned my landscaping bushes..instead of covering them they wet them. Either no...

CertaPro Painters / Worst company I have ever hired

Sifoone on
CertaPro is the worst comapny I have evr hired. They did a poor job, refused to honor their contract, wouldn't finish the job after they were paid, and left a huge mess. They chopped down many of my plants because they didn't want to cover them or move around them. The painter brought his girlfriend to paint because he had other jobs to do. She was not an employee and hadn't painted before. They wouldn't power wash, scrape or prime; instead they painted over dirt and peeling paint. They wouldn't put house numbers or light fixtures back on, nor would they clean up their...
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