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Century Link Complaints & Reviews

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Century Link - Connecticut, Portland - Business Phone Service

Posted: 2015-07-21 by    Asha Integrative Wellness
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Century Link has been nothing but difficult for our business. Our biggest issue is that a tech was supposed to come and fix our lines on 7/17/15 and never arrived. When we called century link they said someone arrived and our phones were fine. After stating no body showed up several times, I then asked for the techs Id and notes and apparently there were no notes and no tech ID signature. Shocking, I know. So after our phones have been non functioning since 7/15/15 they tell us a tech will be out the next day, 7/22/15. That is one whole week where we cannot conduct business! We also have 14 practitioners...

Century Link - Washington, Vancouver - Can not fix internet drop off

Posted: 2015-06-07 by    carrotbroccoli
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About two months ago we experienced internet issues. We had to always reset the modem finally called Century Link and received a new modem. Once we installed the modem our wireless stopped working. Called again and again another modem arrived, still no wireless finally decided to get a linksys and century ink would let the linksys work right. Finally, got an appointment for e tech he made our line go directly to our house and finally it worked. Until about two weeks ago and now the wireless is fine but the internet drops off every half our or so, so what did they do send out another tech and he...

Century Link - Poor Internet Service

Posted: 2015-05-03 by    WeAreNotAmused
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We signed up for Internet Service. We were off-line more than on. It took a least one call a day every day to trouble shoot. Some technicians were not able to solve the problem and told us that the lines in our area were "old" Other techs were helpful, and got us connected for a couple of hours.

Over-charged for services. Had to call several times to resolve the billing. Finally cancelled the service and went back to Cox.
We thought that all had been resolved and we were through with Century Link. However, we just got a bill for $183 after cancelling service two months ago....

Century Link - Florida, Ocala - Lousy Service

Posted: 2015-03-11 by    seekforjustice
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Today the internet service was down more than seven hours. When you the company is like calling some of government numbers. The number does not and if get lucky your call would be rotated to South East Asia. I have never been so humiliated with this company than any other company in my life. I was going to change to Cox Communication but heard so many bad reports about them that I decided to stay put for the time being. I am entertaining the thought to file a suit in Federal Court for so many violations that it is not funny. I suggest stay far from this lousy company. Thanks;
Pissed off customer...

Century Link - False information

Posted: 2015-03-04 by    Jack Maljaars
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Century link has the worst customer service we have ever dealt with. We were quoted a $130 dollar package for our business with 3 lines and dedicated 8m internet. We added one line and it went to $214 . They came to hook up and tech hooked up only one line and internet. Then he came back to hook up other lines days later and found internet hooked up backwards. Tested download and saw 5m...now we are only getting 1.5m to 3m. We asked to port forward old number and they disconnected main line Monday morning and then called and said they could not port forward. We have been without phone in for 1 and...

Century Link - California, Columbia - Excessive Billing

Posted: 2015-02-09 by    Sizor Mohanty
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Although I have talked with Direct TV and had availed a discount for my December 2014 bill, Century Link has over charged me not only for December but also for January 2015. They are simply not reacting to customer complaints. I do not have much time to chase them although I had to spent a considerable time bringing it to their notice. I would advice people to stay away from Century Link and from Direct TV. Please got to other reliable and hassle free providers such as Media com and Comcast....

Century Link - fraudulent billing practices

Posted: 2014-10-19 by    Tyss
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
My wife and I moved back to NM from Wyoming in March of this year. I decided to give Century Link a try for internet service. We got the modem in the mail and got it hooked up. Service was very sporadic, and it got worse by the hour. In a matter of a day the internet was going down several times a minute. I called them to cancel service and I got a return authorization for the modem. In total, we had service with them for three days. We soon got a bill for 30 something dollars which we did not pay. They supposedly have a 30 day money back guarantee if you are not happy with their service. In addition...

Century Link - Illinois, Carol Stream, Illinois 60197 - Visa Reward Card

Posted: 2014-10-17 by    Ann T.
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I was promised a $100 Visa reward card by Century Link to be in my hands on September 22, 2014 and no later than October 1, 2014. When it did not arrive, I called customer service speaking to Kylie on Oct. 7 who said I had to wait another two weeks. It still did not come. On October 17, I spoke to Russ at Century Link who passed me on to Ana. She told me the reward I registered for was NEVER processed and that she was now initiating my reward. This statement follows the information I received when I called the company two weeks ago who handles these cards; I was told then that Century Link had never...

Century Link - Mischrged every month

Posted: 2014-09-15 by    MissyDK
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In October 2013, I was searching for Internet providers and comparing prices. I went to centurylink.com and started an online chat with one of their service representatives. The representative told me that I would pay $19.95/month for Internet and $29.99/month for Direct TV services, which would be setup and billed each month on my Century Link bill. She told me the total amount of my monthly bill would be $49.94 plus nominal taxes and fees.

My service began at the end of October 2013 and I received my first bill in November 2013. The total amount of my first bill was $187.43! A difference...

Century Link - Billing error

Posted: 2014-07-26 by    newbern13
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
This company has the worse customer service I have ever dealt with. We had to cancel century link because my husband had military orders. But then we were billed for another month after we cancelled. When we called to complain they said it was an error on there part and fixed the mistake. The next month we received another bill for the same amount with a late fee on it. We called again and spoke to a supervisor who fixed the problem again. We got names of the customer service reps and their ID number. Each time we called back to complain they said they didn't have any employees by that name...

Century Link - Unexpected first bill

Posted: 2014-07-14 by    avaapickop14
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Sunday July 13th, my husband and I began to pay our bills. We go through the list as usual. It's our first monthly bill with Century Link. It's $278 and some odd cents. Not only have we paid our installation fees before the service was set up, we were told by a representative that our bill would only be $47, so we agreed. We only have home phone (which we don't use at all) and the 2nd "best" speed.

I'm curious as to why my bill is this way... on top of that, what makes Century Link think they can get away with this?

I don't recommend this...

Century Link - Washington, Seattle - Fraudulent over charging

Posted: 2014-05-08 by    fear nothing
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Century link advertises its home internet for %19.95 for five years, no contracts. I am 15 months in and they just raise my bill every month; now they are trying for $60 per month. I am looking for others interested in forming/joining a class action lawsuit on this issue. I believe they manifest a pattern of criminal fraud, i.e. a RICO statute lawsuit. If you are interested, email me at goodatwriting@gmail.com. I don't need any personal info. Just try to locate your original bill when you set up service and they quoted you a rate and other bills showing an increase in their billing. Hold on...

Century Link - Rewards card

Posted: 2014-05-05 by    karaoke48
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
Was promised a $300. visa card when we subscribed to century link. It was supposed to take 12 weeks to receive the card, once applied for on line which I did. I also called to make sure everything was correct. We put this cable in our house in Dec. 2013 and should have had the card within 12 weeks. Did not come so I called they told me I would receive it in April so I waited. Still nothing. So I called The told me they sent it out and I should have received it the would check and call me the next day which they never did. They submitted for another card when I called to check on it they said there...

Century Link - Century link steals from elderly widows

Posted: 2014-04-21 by    Daniel Gottry
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Century Link Steals from Old Ladies! I have been having issues with Century Link on my mother-in-law's account (87 years old with dementia) for 8 months. Moves have been consistently late, missing promised dates and billings have been horrible, with multiple bills on multiple accounts as they forget to close out old accounts and bill my credit card in error. This company is a joke!...

Century Link - four months and still not bundled!

Posted: 2014-04-18 by    OKAYWHYNOT
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I have HAD IT with Century link! I switched from xfinity and comcast to bundle direct tv with century link and it was supposed to have been done December 27th it is now April 18th and they have screwed up my account and bill so much and they still haven't gotten it right! I received my install of direct tv on December 27th and century link never showed up. They claimed that they showed up and were turned away. Then they sent three boxes in a row and had two separate accounts under two names. Then I find out that they never did bundle and I am being charged for cable separately and for Internet...

Century Link - Cancellation due to horrible service

Posted: 2014-03-29 by    C Snyder
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Century link service is horrible, I have been a customer of theirs for over 2 years and have always been in good standings. At least once a week I have to reset all the set top boxes and modem in order to get the TV service to work. I am also always having to call them and they have to "rebuild" the box hardware to get the TV's to work. When the Tv does work, it is constantly freezing up. I pay for 2 HD boxes but am only able to watch one HD channel on one tv at a time. If the one TV is on an HD channel, the other TV has to be on a regular channel. When something is being recorded, that is...

Century Link - False Promises

Posted: 2014-02-10 by    TIRED OF BIG COMPANY LIES
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A Century Link salesperson walked up to my door and asked me to change my DSL services from Brighthouse to Century. If I would change I would receive a $100 gift card and have 30 days to see if I actually like the service, and if I didn't I could cancel within 30 days and I would receive a 100% money back guarantee. It would not cost me anything. The salesman quoted me the price and it would only save $3 to switch, but I decided I would. So, I tried it, and I liked the service they gave me. However, when the bill came, it was almost $50 more than they quoted, and I could not afford a higher...

Century Link - Another Screw Job

Posted: 2014-01-07 by    Apache777
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I ordered the internet service for my college daughter, the special of $19.95 a month. You know, the one on all their web sites and advertising. My daugher asked me for money in Jan to pay her $80 internet bill. Come to find out she had been $80 per month since last Sept. I called Century Link to clear the isuue up and was told "sorry we have no record of you getting our widely advertised special, so you pay the $80 a month for our cheapest service or sign a new contract. I know so many people who have been screwd by this company. DUE BUSINESS WITH THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK1111111...

Century Link - No gift card

Posted: 2013-11-28 by    tllpage
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I was charged installation fees when NO one ever came to the home. They went to the local hub and turned my service on. I was told a gift card would be given to me when I signed up to help off set these fees but I never received. My first contact with the company and I was told to complete a form. 2nd request after not receiving the gift card, No one replied to my emails. I am looking into other providers....

Century Link - Slow Netflix

Posted: 2013-11-05 by    Claudio Rey
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 2 votes
Very slow download speed for Netflix. I have already called them and all they say they can do is right a note?
Facts: 20 Mb/s service
Speed on amazon Prime service 7 to 20 Mb/s yes sometimes I do get 20... Never lower than 7 :)
Speed on Netflix 1.5 to 5 Mb/s sometimes but rarely it can approach 10 Mb/s
On the phone with them and they had me flip from one service to the other to see if there was a correlation, yes there was fast with Amazon Prime and slow with Netflix. We tried the usual like resetting the modem and looking up the IP addresses and MAC address.

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