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Big O Tires - California, san francisco / no bolt on control arm

freda motak on Nov 14, 2013
I almost died last night. I was driving and suddenly heard a pop sound. Fortunately, the police were a few cars behind me. They asked if I had work on the brakes recently. I stated yes about two weeks ago. They stated "THE BALL JOINT CAME OFF THE CONTROL ARM, THEY FORGOT TO PUT ON THE BOLT." They took pictures of where the bolt SHOULD HAVE BEEN and suggested I have the car towed where I had the brakes fixed.

Big O Tires - Indiana, Clarksville / Services Caused Damage

jessica.elder on Jun 20, 2013
I am very upset with Big O Tires and the service my mother-in-law received ultimately resulting in a threat to her safety and costly repairs. She had taken her 2007 Dodge Caliber to the location in Clarksville, In. to have her tires she bought from that store to be rotated a few months ago. She had informed my husband she noticed the front passenger tire was showing major signs of wear so on 05/27/2013 (Memorial Day) he went to her house to put a spare tire on before she went to work. He could not loosen the tire because Big O Tires had rounded off the lugnuts. Big O Tires was closed on...

Big O Tires - Kentucky, Louisville / WORST SERVICE EVER

remixed711 on Mar 16, 2013
Back in December '11 I had 4x wheels replaced, front pads done, front rotors changed as well as both outer tie rods. It is now March '13 and the past year I have been complaining of what a suck job they did on my vehicle. Yes, at first everything appeared normal and I thought when things are 'brand' it takes time to break them in. Well on my Pontiac, it has had the same grinding, squeaking, creaking noise when touching the brakes to stop at a light or before I am about to pull out of a lot. The noise is quite embarrassing. I mean, damn, that's why I paid money to have...

Big O Tires - California, San Francisco / Service

DAN2012 on Mar 9, 2012
BE CAREFUL! DO NOT USE THIS BIG O TIRES STORE ON GEARY and COOK STREET. in S.F. for any services. But if you do use them, make sure you STAY there and WATCH them to do the work. I have been a loyal customer to this store for almost 18 years. It was a great store in the past, but it became a "Do not Trust" store now . I had some bad experiences with them on my last 2 services, I suspected they did not performed all the paid services. So when I took my car in today for the Alignment, Tires Balance/ Rotation and Oil Change, I decided to stay at the back waiting room and watch them performing the...

Big O Tires / Customer Service is Horrendous!

SafetyMan on Oct 20, 2011
I took my new Dodge Journey to Big O Tires on Winchester Avenue in Temecula, CA for its first oil change. Staff looked like ex-cons, dirty uniforms and horrible customer service. Charged $46 for a $19 service after being told previous manager got "Booted" for charging coupon price. Smeared oil on light colored seats, floor and steering wheel. Supervisor said can't help you come back later then had profanity laden rant about, "F'ing Kid" that did service when he saw oily stains. Took car for cleaning on Saturday per their manager, then he refused to authorize cleaning 20 minutes after...

Big O Tires / Said that my truck needed repairs and it did not

Izvne on Jun 19, 2011
On Tuesday, May 24, I drove into Idaho Falls, Idaho, I am just getting back to work from a total knee replacement. When I parked in the lot a guy came over to my truck and said that the front end was making a loud awful noise. Since I am alone and need my truck, I called the Big O Tires on 3193 E.17th street, Ammon Idaho. They were the only ones that could get me in right away. The mechanic came in and told me that I needed to replace my front drive shafts at $117.00 each. He did this, and then the front desk guy came over and told me that I also needed, $70.00 pitman arm, $103.00 idler arm...

Big O Tires - Montana, Kalispell / Service/Deceitful practices

Montanagal on May 3, 2011
Dec 2010; I ordered 4 studded snow tires for my car; the told me I had to buy new rims so I did. When I drove down to get the new tires installed; I wanted to confirm with the sales person that I was dealing with that the tire sensors will still work, the manager of the tire store was standing there shuffling paper and started yelling at me; saying they NEVER said any such thing, I was totally shocked as I wasn't even talking to him in the first place, I turned back to the sales person and he stated that yes, they will work as it is activated by centrifical force and not an actual sensor...

Big O Tires - Utah, St George / new tires blow out

big o tires suck on May 2, 2011
I Bought 2 brand new tires and 2 days later the tire had a bubble on the interside wall and i took it back and they said i was not coverd cause it was drivin on and i called the main office and they said it was my fault and wanted to sell me a new tire i sent 480 dollars and and the want me to spend 120 more for a new tire the workers are drug users and dont know anything about cars thats tires places in st george utah for you

Big O Tires / Damaged Aluminum Rims

Rick Dyke on Mar 13, 2011
I have been a long time Les Schwab customer and recently decided to give Big O a shot due to the fact that Les Schwab has a very limited choice in the A/T selection. I visited the store located in Issaquah Washington. I found a set of Yokohama Geolanders P265 70 16 that I liked very much, I purchased the set and had them installed yesterday March 10th after I finished work, I work at the local Darigold plant across the street from them. They promptly installed the tires and I paid my 764.00 bill, it was pouring rain, like we always have here in Seattle so I jumped in the truck and left. On my...

Big O Tires - Washington, Kennewick / alcohol consumption

mellg33 on Mar 3, 2011
i have complained and called corporate offices about this problem that i saw but doesnt seem they care since that guy well i didnt know at the time but its the MANAGER well my concern is that i personally saw while i was getting billed out after i got my vehicle serviced at big o tires in kennewick the manager kevin clark drinking on the job well this happened around december i called corporate and they said they will address the issue but i recently went for a rotate and he was there by the way hes a jerk hes a real smart mouth he was pissed of for some reason that day and keep slamming the...

Big O Tires / Scam

Bammko on Feb 17, 2011
Today 2/8/11 I had a an alignment coupon for 49.99 from (1 stop auto shop) But is accross town, conveniently big O tires was right there where I was so I tough I stop by and ask them If they would honor the coupon, so I did I walk in and ask politly: Would you guy by able to honor a coupon for a different auto shop store? they look at it and they start laughing and they said for 49.99 NO way our aligment is 70 something. I said thank you i will just go accross town were I was suppose to go. I really want to understand why they would not honor the coupon they had 1 single car up in the lift...

Big O Tires / Stay away

Cramo on Feb 13, 2011
Big O Tire in Bountiful Utah.The manager Evan said because the tires i bought were cheap tires i shouldn't expect them to last as lomg as the waranty said they should. Made me feel that if that was all i could afford...too bad. Had a terrible attitude. I'll never buy any tiures or service again. I might add that was probably the third set of tires i have bought from Big O plus brake jobs and such. NO MORE!!! He was a waste of time to talk to...He should not be working with the public.

Big O Tires - Arizona, Green Valley / misleading warranty

twofox on Jan 29, 2011
Hello All, I purchased 4 P265/70R16 BIG FOOT A/T tires from this store. after 14, 482 miles and 2 rotations. I have over 90% tread loss on 2 tires. It has not been 3 years yet as you are lead to believe your tires are warranted for and the store will not replace saying, the tires are not warrantied for tread wear, only the road service is. You might want to call these people and try and figure this out before you consider buying from this company. Beware, for I was treated like an idiot as well.. the assistant manager rudely told me that I didn't take care of my car, that the tires should...

Big O Tires / Don't ever go there

mslady on Jan 12, 2011
Went to the Big o tires on arapahoe road and quebec in centenial colorado yesterday for my oil change... When they gave me back my car the change oil light was still on. The man said he couldnt figure out how to get it to shut off. Thats funny.. The people at WALMART had no problem getting it to turn off. As soon as I started my car and drove down the street the low coolant light came on. I took it back he put coolant in it then told me my intake was leaking.. I just had that fixed a few months ago and it has not leaked since. He said he saw fluid dripping from it and thats why my low coolant...

Big O Tires / Doesn't care about its customers

8/20/2010 - Summit Blvd, Flatirons Crossing Big-O Location: I went in for new tire installation and alignment on my 2002 Chevy Impala. They had originally invoiced me for an alignment that the car after they checked did not need and then they decided to charge me $30 for their free alignment check. Upon driving home I noticed a severe vibration in the steering wheel, which was not present when I dropped the vehicle off. A couple of days later I returned the vehicle and made them aware of the vibration. They rebalanced both front tires and told me they had initially given me the care back with...

Big O Tires - California, Sacramento / Awful Service

Purchased two tires for nearly $800 from this store and was waiting for my free alignment check. I was told it would be done in fifteen minutes. Sat around for about a half an hour when the service rep Ehren indicated that there was a vehicle stuck on the rack and they couldn't get me in for three hours and that I would need to return at which point I stated "that is bs". Ehren then flew off the handle embarassing me in front of a host of customers and accusing me of shouting at him (among other things). I was dumbfounded a rep could be so publically abrasive (and still be employed). I...

Big O Tires - Utah, Bountiful / TIRE BLOW UP

One of teh Big O tires for my all wheel vehicle blew up on teh freeway, the tread came out of its casing and cause damage to the side panel of the truck and the muffler, I tried to have the tire replace which is still under warranty, but all they say is that they do not have the tire on stock, and that I should replace all 4 tires for only $800.00 but they will deduct the one that blew up so it will be 'only" arounf $600.00 and not to mention the damage caused to the truck, whic they said they can not verify was done by their tire!! I used to be a good customer of Big O but no now. I wonder if the government is looking into these complaint with the Big O tires.

Big O Tires - Arizona, Sedona / brake scam

i have been a big o tire customer for years and i finally realized what a scam the whole thing is. not only have i over paid for tires (thats why i buy only used now), but every time i make a point of coming in to check my brakes before the year is up i am given one excuse after another as to why they will not give me free brake pads, which is what it states in the contract. i travel a steep canyon road 5 days a week to sedona and my brake pads last exactly 1 year before they need to be changed. instead i was told i need additional parts that were going to cost me over 300 dollars and the...

Big O Tires - California, Yucca Valley / bad sevice

went to Big O tires for a tire rotation and to check the tire pressures. As i have taken out a lifetime warrentee on the tires i bought there. When i got the car back the pressure was low and my brake light was on they didnt even check the disk brakes when the tire was already off and the disk brakes was right in front of them that is very bad busness. Upon driving the car I couldnt even hold it on the road the balance of the tires were off probably due to a tire weight being knocked off again bad mechs.The name of the service writer is Ray Williams the Managers name is Thomas K.Huls the store...

Big O Tires / Rip off

I went in to Big O Tires in Tempe last Thursday July 15th to get an oil change before I went out of town to San Diego for the weekend with my kids. I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook with 59, 000 miles. I got the oil change annd everything seemed good. I got in my car and started driving down the road and noticed that my temp guage was rising a bit and looked like the vehicle was running a little warm. I continued down the road and it stayed like that, so I called Big O and they said to bring it back. When I got there, they had to let it cool and then diagnose the problem. I didn't have time to...
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