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Bella Brite Complaints & Reviews

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Bella Brite / BellaATHOME Kit

P Gill on 2014-03-18
I ordered the BellaATHOME free trial, however after 10 days I never received it!.. I called the customer service office, spoke to MJ. Proceeded to tell her I never received my trail kit. She then spoke to her supervisor who remains nameless and then told me to wait 14 days for another trail kit. In the meantime they charged me $94.95 for the Month supply because they said my trail period had passed. It's been a Month now and I still haven't gotten my Kit. I called again only for them to tell me they are not responsible for lost or undelivered items and they will not reimburse me my...

Bella Brite - Colorado, Boulder / Professional Teeth Whiting Application

Marcia Hines on 2013-01-23
Internet scam, Teeth whitening system that doesn't work and company continues to withdraw funds from my banking account. The phone number listed for the company is not a working number.

Bella Brite / i sent for a free sample and they charged for it i have since had two more samples

margaret doolan on 2012-10-12
i ordered a sample of tooth whitning and i have since been sent three lots on my last credit card bill i was charged and iam afraid i will be charged again

Bella Brite - Florida, Pensacola / Fraud

Sandra C. on 2012-10-07
The runaround has tried my patience. This is a fraud. False advertising. Complicit with Hydra White/ivory White as co advertiser. I have kept records of the advertising for these two products...and their responses so that if there is a class action lawsuit, I will have proof of their "game". I received three pens from the Washington Street..."fulfillment" warehouse. No invoice, no instructions, no free trial note. From Hydra White who is "now handling the services for Ivory White". The same day, I received a box containing a free trial packet and a Complete Program packet from Bella...

Bella Brite / This business is giving other sites a VERY bad name for there actions

Onape on 2012-09-27
False advertising, they sell you a sample for $1.03 + $3.87 S/H and then they charge your card for $78.41 and when you call them they are rude, not sorry and will not refund you!I tried to ask to speak with a manager and the supervisor said she was the person in charge and the highest person to talk to .Read the agreement first…which they send you after you have signed and paid for your sample, . you have 7 days to call and cancel the remaining 2 Applicators or you will be charged. I did accept the one Applicator but after one session I was unable to use the remaining Applicators as the...

Bella Brite - California / Fraudulent Charges / Scam

FritzB46 on 2012-04-20
Bella Brite is a scam. They offer a trial at $1.09 and before you have the trial product in hand they charge your bank account for $78.41. Calling them they give you a song an dance that the trial period expired and that is why you are charged. According to the phone representative the trial period starts on the day the shipped the product. I asked for a supervisor and was told none was available. I immediately cancelled the account. Shame on me for not checking on them before placing an order. I have reported this to my bank card company. Do not fall for this scam.

Bella Brite - Minnesota, st cloud / Charges

larry marthaler on 2012-03-26
I have read a lot of complaints about Bella Brite. Mine is the same as some of the complaints you have in your files. This company is charging me for merchandise I haven't gotten. I am a jobless male. I am 61 years old and filed for Disability. The life partner I live with is also on disability and has been for 17 years. I used her davit card to get a free trial and was given no time to cancel and now have been charged $78.41 twice. They said they do not put a packing slip with the order but send it after the shipment has been received. I received no such information from them but they...

Bella Brite / cheater company

Ziyang on 2011-12-30
I have a same issue with you!!! cheater company!!! -------------------------------------------------- Bella clear uses trick marketing schemes. I was ordering my Ipad online through a contest and all of a sudden Bella clear add popped up and suggested that it is mandatory for me to order a $4 Bella clear trial product in order to receive the ipad. So I purchased a 4 dollar trial package. I saw my credit card statement and they charged me $90 for the whole package which:- 1: I did not receive any of the products in 5 weeks...

Bella Brite - Maryland, Chevy Chase / Lie! NOT a FREE trial, costs 78.41. A total fraudulaent scam, criminal activity!!

Mary Ann Duke, M.D. on 2011-12-01
I signed up for a "free trial" and was told I had thirty days to return. My credit card was charged 78.41 on November 26th. Today is December 1st, just five days later. I also called yesterday. This company is totally fraudulent, ripping people off and everyone involved in it should be incarcerated for credit card fraud, amongst everything else. I tried to speak to a supervisor and was told by three different idiots on the phone that they were the "supervisor". I asked to speak to the CEO and I was told three times "You can not speak to the CEO"". This company is conducting criminal activity...

Bella Brite / Money taken

Skiff on 2011-09-14
Well went for there free trial for £1 months ago but now they've taken money from my account for nothing.I havent received anything from them so why have they taken money from me.I dont want to waste anymore money trying to call them again as it seems all they do is take from us.I would like my money refunded and for them to take my details off there system as i never want to deal with them again if possible.

Bella Brite - Ontario / misleading advertising

B.Be. on 2011-04-25
A small add showed a woman w/child picture promoting 'Amy, an ordinary mom from YOUR HOME TOWN discovered a clever trick to get a celebrity smile for less than $6. Thanks to the trick she discovered, thousands of consumers have been able to whiten their teeth from home. This came w/two steps; STEP 1: First get 'Bella Brite' use our exclusive promo code 'WHITE' to get $1.00 shipping! and then STEP 2: Then get OrthoWhite use our exclusive promo code 'SMILE' to get $1.00 shipping! * This is the key. Use both products to get results like Amy. You got onto their...

Bella Brite - Colorado, Aurora / misleading andf fraud

helena smith on 2011-04-22
They said it was a free trial. There was no free trial. You had 8 days to cancel membership. Basically you had to cancel before you received the prodfuct not to get charged the full price. Then you had to return the prodfuct unopened and undamaged. There is always a reason why it was damaged and you have to pay full price. Just a scam.

Bella Brite - California / Fraud, rip off

cue bella on 2011-04-18
I got ripped off as other people. I ordered a free trial (my fault) only and later I found I CC was charged 78.41$, I called them right away, but no customer service on weekend. So I called on Monday, they said there's no way to get my money back, it's two days late to cancel my order. and they said I agreed everything on the order confrimation email which I just received after I called them on Monday. Even I send the unopened box back I still couldn't get my money back. When I want them confirm what they told me by writing or asked if I can record their words, they hung up on...

Bella Brite / beauty

diane gleadow on 2011-04-01
i want to know if this company exists as they have taken money from my account, yet i have no goods in reciept, i am telling everyone not to buy from this company as i am very disappointed that their phone numbers that are shown do not exist too

Bella Brite - Colorado, Aurora / Charge on Credit Card

Peg Racicot on 2011-03-07
I ordered the sample pack and when I received it I noticed there sember to cancel the account seemed to be more than one sample in the package. I called the number on the bill to cancel the account immediately and received a confirmation number. When I received my credit card bill there was a charge for $78.41 US. I called the so called help line and was told that it was to late to reverse the charge. This company is a rip-off, they have false leading adds, no customer satisfaction!!!

Bella Brite - Ontario / I've Been Charged Full Price For A Product I Haven't Received

Tammy L. on 2011-02-18
I ordred this product almost two weeks ago and haven't received it, yet i was charged the full amount of $79.40 on my credit card. What this company fails to do is make sure you receive the product within the ten day free trail period. I want this company (BELLA BRITE) to refund me all my money that they owe including the one dollar it cost me for the free trail.

Bella Brite - California / refund

maria pangilinan on 2011-02-17
when i called bella brite i ask them that i was interested on free sample and i told then just the free sample. the charge my credit card twice one for 75.00 and the other for 50.00 dollars i have with me the free sample and never used. last week they sent me nother box and return to them. i would like to have my all the money that they took from my credit card to be reimberst. thank you Maria Pangilinan

Bella Brite - Connecticut, Cromwell / deceiving offer

celton on 2011-02-15
the offer was to pay $1.00 shipping for a free trial kit. The cancellation information did not indicate that the free trial kit must be returned to prevent further charges. The company was not helpful, and is untrustworthy! BEWARE

Bella Brite / want to cancel and cannot get through on the telephone or the internet

Gilly Dolder on 2011-01-21
I asked for a trial to be sent of this tooth whitening product and after reading the small print I decided to cancel this teeth whitening product. I cannot get through on the telephone number that they supply and also cannot get through on the internet They give you 14 days to cancel and then after that they bill you £56.82 each month Please can you tell me how I can stop this scam. in hope Gilly Dolder 01429 270009 United Kingdom


bellabritescams on 2011-01-17
Free Trial at only USD1/- is a scams. But my credit card is charged for USD78.41/- which I personally is not aware of at all. I would demand a refund immediately or I will file a dispute transaction on my credit card. This is no free trial offer at all; In fact, this is a malicious misrepresentation and I am furious and want the company, if it truly exists, to refund me the money that was charged on my credit card. I trust the Authority will take immediate action to prevent this scams from happening again.
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