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American Signature Furniture Complaints & Reviews

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American Signature Furniture - Dual Reclining Sofa

Posted: 2014-03-14 by    Mary Katynski
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
Purchased American Furniture dual reclining Sofa in Florida 3 years ago. I live in Florida 6 months so sofa was actually used for 1 1/2 years. The saleswoman said the fabric was blended leather when fact it was bonded leather The bonded leather is now peeling off. I called the store and the person that answered said they were not responsible and they did not know who we could contact with our complaint. This store has the worst customer service and they misrepresented their product. I would not recommend shopping here or buying any of their
products. You will not get any customer service...

American Signature Furniture - Poor quality and no service

Posted: 2014-02-20 by    Joseph Bell
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased furniture July 19, 2010 from American Signature Furniture in
Morrow, Georgia. The dinning room table required servicing upon
since then I have made numerous requests for service. The stain,
pigment, coloring, whatever you want to call is so weak that your
fingernail will remove it. I live alone, no children, very few
visitors...only me and I am careful not to touch it for fear i will do
further damage. The worst part of this is that I am still paying for
this junk because of a catastrophic Illness i couldn't...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Pinellas Park - Terrible Merchandise

Posted: 2013-03-14 by    Amanda Bonilla
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I initially purchased a Mattress, Futon and what appeared to be an amazing Living room Set. When delivered my living room set was dirty, I had to call the fabric insurance to come out an clean it. In a matter of 3 months my living room set had looked as if it was 5 years old. The ottoman was sagging with no support and the material they used had quickly become dingy and fuzzy. When I called to complain, initially I was offered new seat cushions. When I showed up to the store to retrieve cushions they were not available. So in my complaining fit they offered to give me a new set equal to the cost...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Fort Myers - Poor Quality Leather Sofa

Posted: 2012-09-03 by    Mike n Kim
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
A little over one year ago my wife and I furnished a whole home with furniture from American Signature Furniture on US 41 in Fort Myers. The furniture looked very nice when we bought it however the quality has turned out to be terrible. One particular item is an Italian Leather Sofa of supposed high quality. This sofa has begun splitting open on the surface after just one year, We have no children or pets and are very easy on our furniture yet it is still wearing out far before it should. It is obvious that this is low quality workmanship and materials being sold as high end furniture. We went to...

American Signature Furniture - New Jersey, Woodbridge - customer service

Posted: 2011-09-22 by    urooj2000
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 1 votes
From the beging the experience was bad, so we should've stopped right there. But we didn't, the furniture was nice, price was reasonable, and it would suite our living room well. But we were wrong... the service all the way, until we had our furniture picked back up, was SAD.
First there was the sales person, who wouldn't take no for an answer and he thought he knew everything!! After we decided on the living room set we wanted, we choose our table, and then were ready to check out. He suggested to us, as he's suppose to, the furniture protection plans. There were 2 different...

American Signature Furniture - I was so disappointed the way they handle the situation

Posted: 2011-09-13 by    Niece
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I ordered a bed, sofa, dining table and vanity mirror on may 21, 2010. They delivered the bed, dining table/chairs and vanity mirror.on the 3rd of june. They assembled the bed but not the vanity mirror because they told us that they don't have the screws for it. They will just come back when they have the screws. At that time they didn't delivered the sofa because it was a back-order. The subsequent day as we sat on the chair, it was broken. We called the customer service and told them about the vanity mirror and the chair. Nothing happened. I waited for three weeks, until I chose to go...

American Signature Furniture - Tennessee, Hendersonville - sorry waranty

Posted: 2011-07-22 by    James Arnold
Complaint Rating:  50 % with 4 votes
There isn't any reason to buy a warranty because it's useless.I was told it was my fault that my warranty wasn't honored because I didn't do their job.It makes me sick to know that me and my sister in law spent about 7or8 thousand dollars on useless furniture.The warranty's are worthless the find a way to not honor their warranties.At least Jesse James had a gun when he robbed you.I know you don't care, but I will tell every body that will listen how sorry I was treated by this comp.and their warranty company....

American Signature Furniture - Georgia, Atlanta - missing parts

Posted: 2011-05-12 by    LJacks11
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I purchased a set of bunk beds this past Saturday May 7th 2011 and made arrangements to come and pick up on Wednesday May 11th. We got the bed here only to find that some of the pieces were missing. We called and they said they would look for them and call us back. 24 hrs later no call back. I called several times and each associate claimed to be unaware of the situation each time and assured me that I would recieve a call back (run-around). Never received one finally spoke with the warehouse mgr., Mr.London after calling repeatedly. Most times there was no answer at all.Explained to the warehouse...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Jacksonville - poor service

Posted: 2011-04-13 by    madinjax
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
BEWARE - THEY SELL THE FURNITURE YOU ORDERD AND PAID FOR. They can take the order, take your money, but can't hold on to your furniture. I ordered a cocktail and end table in early March. The cocktail table was available immediately but the end table was due in on March 23. They delivered the cocktail table. I knew I would be out of town for the Mar 24 deliverey so I called my salesman and he said he would hold the table until I returned. I also spoke with a representative on the 23rd and she confirmed the hold. I returned on Apr 4, called for delivery and THEY HAD SOLD MY TABLE. I now have...

American Signature Furniture - Delaware, Claymont - False Advertisement, very poor CS

Posted: 2011-04-13 by    cpotts
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 1 votes
I came in the store on Saturday, April 9, 2011 to pick up furniture, and it wasn't in stock, which was fine, so my fiance' though wasn't happy that he had to wait until Tuesday to get his Furniture, so I came back later that day because he wanted his money back, so I went in again, I had a circular and saw a two piece sectional for $599, so I went into the store to pick out my color because I knew it had to be ordered, so I saw a sectional on the floor that was on the floor priced at $599 and no other tag on it, the cashier's sent me back to get SKU # and then when I came in...

American Signature Furniture - Product delivery

Posted: 2011-03-08 by    Disappointed Customer
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
I went in to American Signature furniture and spent hours shopping for family room furniture. The rep I worked with wrote down items, check to see if they were in stock and of course I was told they had items. Only until I called I was informed that they didnt have items and wouldnt have them until a month later. Now, I have given away all my old furniture to charity and now I have no furniture and family arriving soon. Short on time it appears I must start over... Oh!! not without getting my money back first... Be aware and shop with the thought you may not get what you pay for... :-(

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Sarasota - Poor Quality Terrible Customer Service

Posted: 2011-02-21 by    Hurricane Bob
Complaint Rating:  0 % with 0 votes
American Signature should be forced to change their name. Literally 99% of what they sell is imported from the Far East. Cheap quality, overpriced and they do not stand behind their product. We purchased 2 leather sofas and that were represented as 100% leather. Obviously this is not true as the leather is separating from the backing and looks terrible with only moderate use. We contacted the store and customer service said "Too bad, nothing we can do. They do not make leather like they use to."

Do not do bsuiness with these folks if you want a retailer that will stand behind what...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Altamonte Springs - BAD SERVICE

Posted:    carolinar
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 2 votes

American Signature Furniture - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia - Furniture

Posted:    dad121036
Complaint Rating:  33 % with 3 votes
I bought a living room set at American Signature Furniture in March of 2008. Iwanted to get good furniture and spent over two thousand dollars on it. Itis now falling apart, the coushins and pillows are falling apart. I had to have the cocktail table replaced, and they replaced it with a refurbished piece of crap. I am so disappointed and will never buy furniture from there again.
I had bought cheap furniture from Diamond Furniture years ago that lasted longer than this. This furniture is two years old and falling apart, what a disgrace!!
Thank you,
Sharon Lafferty

American Signature Furniture - Delaware, Bear - Vanity mirror assemble

Posted:    Liz19720
Complaint Rating:  40 % with 5 votes
I ordered a bed, sofa, dining table and vanity mirror on may 21, 2010. They delivered the bed, dining table/chairs and vanity mirror.on the 3rd of june. They assembled the bed but not the vanity mirror because they told us that they don't have the screws for it. They will just come back when they have the screws. At that time they didn't delivered the sofa because it was a back-order. The following day as we sat on the chair, it was broken. We called the customer service and told them about the vanity mirror and the chair. Nothing happened. I waited for three weeks, until I decided to...

American Signature Furniture - Pennsylvania, Allentown - bad qaulity

Posted:    couchless in PA
Complaint Rating:  100 % with 9 votes
Purchased a couch from them in Jan-March or 2009. Reason being between JAN - MARCH, didn't have the couch in stock finally delivered then it was defective, got another missing legs/ got another missing legs and sagging, sent a guy out and installed legs "NOTE the repair guy was very good", but you can only do so much when fixing junk. When they opened the cover underneath It was very clear that the furniture is garbage, it seems to be made of old pallet wood- the type of wood that they use to deliver products on. They repaired it and I thought it be okay, but after months the couch really sagged,...

American Signature Furniture - Georgia, Duluth - Lie after lie

Posted:    C. Bond
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes
We were moving and needed a sofa and love seat. When we first inquired, we were told that delivery takes between 3 and 4 days, so we decided to make the actual purchase closer to the date of our move. When we made the actual purchase, they were suddenly "very busy" and the delivery date changed to 11 days after our purchase. Two days before the scheduled delivery we received a call informing us that the sofa would be delivered, but the love seat was no longer available, even though, at the time of purchase, there were supposedly 55 of these sets at the distribution center. The customer service rep...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Saint Petersburg - Defective Recliner Sofa

Posted:    PamE.
Complaint Rating:  67 % with 3 votes
I purchased a dual sofa recliner and was told by the saleslady all furniture is inspected before delivery. So May 26th 2010 my sofa arrives...on June 2nd the recliner won't go up or down. It is locking. My husband looked at the bottom of the sofa and the support rail on the back left side is bent which was stopping the recliner. I called ASF on June 2 as the weekend was the Memorial Holiday weekend. I was told I had to call within 7 days, and now have to wait TWO weeks for someone to come out and look at the sofa. Seriously, technically, upon counting business days it was only 5 days. The sofa...

American Signature Furniture - Georgia, Smyrna - Warranty

Posted:    Ryan-Atlanta2010
Complaint Rating:  64 % with 11 votes
I reached purchased a leather sofa from American Signature Furniture at 2540 Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna, GA. The sales lady talked me into buying the leather warranty on the sofa for nearly $300. She told me that the warranty covers 'everything' as long as we tell them what ever happen to the leather was an accident.

Recently, I discovered a few very deep scratches on the leather and called American Signature Furniture about the scratches. I was promptly told that the warranty does not cover scratches. I then talked to the warranty company and they told me the same...

American Signature Furniture - Florida, Pinellas Park - Couch foam failing

Posted:    Ericfla
Complaint Rating:  80 % with 5 votes

I came into the Pinellas Park, FL showroom and spoke with a customer service rep, I explained that the foam on the couch I had purchased on 9-23-09 had degraded and they told me to bring it back and they would exchange it no problem, I started thinking this must be a ongoing problem with this piece of furniture and called back and said I would like to choose a different couch and their response was they would send someone out to look at the couch.
On December 30th a service rep came out looked it over, sat for a second in each position and after our conversation he...

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