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Bill Me Later Complaints & Reviews

Bill Me Later / They wanted to get money from me as soon as possible

Reviewer24719 on 2015-10-04
I have paid the company Bill Me Later and all payments were on time. However, I got the email from the staff that they wanted to get the last payment before the 1/10/15. I replied and told that I would be able to pay only on 5/10/15. But the company started to threaten me and asked for...

Bill Me Later / BML set as default to PayPal????

b4lines on 2014-03-14
I ordered a software bundle for our son on Dec. 26, 2013 via PayPal, to be charged to the PayPal associated credit path. Yesterday I received a snailmail bill from BillMeLater for $89.00. The software purchase was $25.00 and supposed to go through PayPal. When I checked the PayPal account...

Bill Me Later - Maryland, Timonium / Fraudulent Business Practices

Enabler on 2013-09-20
I regret applying and getting approved for a Bill Me Later account. I have been using PayPal for years; transferring, paying and receiving money, and making purchases every month with no problem at all. My transactions were detailed and in plain sight, easy to read, etc. PayPal kept showing...

Bill Me Later / Horrible Customer Service

Tiff1 on 2013-05-23
I would never use bill me later! I made a purchase with last month and when I was checking out I saw Bill Me Later & clicked on the terms. It said if I spent a certain amount that it would be 6 months no interest & no payments. So, I thought why not? Anyways this week I received my...

Bill Me Later - Maryland / PayPal's Bill Me Later Scam

MaryamA on 2013-03-16
In July of 2012, I purchased an item on ebay and paid for it using PayPal as i usually do with online purchases. Several months later I received a bill from Bill Me Later stating that I owe them for this purchase. I informed them that I did not bill the purchase to Bill Me Later, so thi...

Bill Me Later - California / unusable and fraudulent servije

NCFncf on 2013-01-20
I've been in a nightmare with BIll me later. I more or less signed up by accident when I tried to pay for an order from a vendor (I know--It sounds stupid, but I thought I was simply paying by paypal and instead I was signing up for Bill me Later). All I wanted to do was to pay the...

Bill Me Later - Alabama / Underhanded Presentation

UFGators on 2012-12-17
In the middle of a transaction to pay for an item, PayPal suddenly ALERTS me that my I had a $1.47 balance on my $2, 000 credit limit. NO WAY, EVER!!! It's like they pulled this info out of thin air. So, there I was trying to pay for the purchase and you just can't call a halt...

Bill Me Later - California / Decline despite good credit

Franc Becerra on 2012-06-14
Opened an account with these crooks and paid my bill on time. Took advantage of their 0% interest rate offers and paid balances off before the expiration date. Bill Me Later have since then blocked my account due to reasons that they will not disclose to me. After contacting the FDIC and the...

Bill Me Later - California / Keep calling me and send bills that I have nothing to do with it!

KC0010 on 2012-03-11
Few months ago, I start to receiving this phone call from Bill Me Later. Every time I pick up the phone, no one speaking. Finally, one man talks, he told me that he's calling from Bill Me Later Company, and I own them $600. What? I never use them. This man was saying that I ordered...

Bill Me Later / Not being informed about late fee interest and not receiving notification of the bill

Majore on 2012-02-28
I purchased material for $77.24 and was using paypal to pay for it. Instead of paypal I got a service called "Bill Me Later" which appeared to be part of Paypal. Two months later we received a notice(the first one) about bill me later. We contacted the company to find that we owe them...

Bill Me Later - Alabama / Scam

thar1248 on 2012-02-09
Bill Me Later a so called way to pay on Ebay is a scam. It states use Bill Me Later and have 6 months to pay on purchases of $99 or more. After you open an account with them they then tell you your purchases didn't qualify because it was not $99 and they charge you late fees and...

Webbank c/o Bill Me Later, Inc. - Utah, Timonium / recent request for a account

KSutton on 2012-01-22
Received a letter stating: "this letter is in response to your request to open a Bill Me Later@ account on _________ in connection with a purchase at Pay Pal - App Flow Only. We regret we are unable to approve you for the service at this time for the following reason: Your information wa...

Bill Me Later - Florida, Riverview / &Programming& error created 2nd account

cday2 on 2012-01-18
Went to make an online purchase and used "Bill Me Later" Some how a 2nd account was created. I got a phone call for an idiot that told me I was three months over do on a payment. The original account is current as always has been. The person on the other end of the line told me this is a...

Bill Me Later - Georgia, Atlanta / bill dispute

Sandra Kohl on 2012-01-13
I bought some products for my dog. The bill was $ 111.58 on 4/20/11. Made 1 st payment on June 4th for $35 . 2nd payment on July 3rd for $35, 3rd and final payment on August 4th for $45.58. Payments were paid before due dates. Company claims that the last payment was late, they claimed...

Bill Me Later / Customer Service

Arah on 2011-11-14
Bill me later has very bad customer service. I missed a payment because with all the events going on of my grandpa passing away . I paid my balance in full as soon as I received the late notice and called to have my late payment reversed I also received other charges which I was passive...

Webbank c/o Bill Me Later, In - Maryland / Unauthorize uses of my info

Robley on 2011-11-06
I received a letter date 10/21/2011 in connection with a purchase through paypal in which I apparently applied to open a bill Me Later account. I did not apply for any account; neither have ever used paypal services. I have taken the first step to investigate this fraudulent application and I will like your company to do the same.

Bill Me Later, Inc. - Nebraska, Omaha / DOUBLE CHARGE ON MONTHLY PAYMENT

Nancy Bress on 2011-10-06
PAID MONTHLY PAYMENT ON OCT. 2ND 2011 RECEIVED EMAIL STATING QUOTE: Your recent payment to your Bill Me Later account has been returned. You will need to make your payment again. Please visit www.billmelater.com to reinitiate your payment. Please check that the bank account used to make the...

Bill Me Later / not a customer

deferet on 2011-09-10
So I started getting calls from bill me later on my cell phone, at first it was annoying, mostly because the calls would come and I would wait on the phone just to learn that the call came either after or before business hours. How can a company call you when there's no one there to...

Bill Me Later / Promotion change

David Chang on 2011-07-19
I made a transaction in Nov. 2010, bill me later had promotion 0% APR and no late fees etc. until Jan. 2012. There is a 17.99% after the remain balance. They changed the promotion in Jun. 2011 no more at all, so I got interest charge and late fees after Jun. 2011. I called them regarding...

Bill Me Later / Worst ever

fredflintstone on 2011-07-14
After years of doing business with Ace Hardware store i will Never return or use Bill me Later that thier website is affiliated with. Bill me Later harassed us for 6 months... of phone calls and letters demanding payment for an item that was returned, by the stupid store cashiers, at Ace...

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