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Avast Complaints & Reviews

Avast / Support service

Sharmaine Nethercott on 2016-05-07
I am absolutely fuming. My Nan, a recently widowed vulnerable woman clicks on a link accessible from the free antivirus software because she is frustrated with her slow computer. She pays the amount requested at the beginning. A man calls to deal with her problem but wait surprise surprise...

Avast / Billing

Julie Griffin 1 on 2016-04-21
Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to you to explain that I have recently been charged twice for the same avast service. I was charged on the 23rd March 2016 for £34.99 by a company called 'Newway' on my paypal account and have also received an email confirming this. My order number...

Avast / Avast Nexway Security

vb1958 on 2016-04-08
Hello, I paid $39.99 to Avast Nexway for internet security. In the past I have used Avast as my internet security. On the bottom right hand corner where the hidden icon button is, there is a red cross on my avast internet security and it says I am unprotected. Is Avast Nexway part of your...

Avast / Credit card billing issues

2_many_plants on 2016-04-01
After numerous phone calls, tickets, and e-mails concerning auto renewal of clean up software. I could never get it to work Since it was auto renewed in January I can have now paid for two years of a product I don't want or use. All I need them to do is change my e-mail address to one that...

Avast / Secure Line VPN

nardao on 2016-03-30
I am a long-time user of Avast antivirus and have no complaints about that service. I opted for their Secure Line VPN Trial program, and when that expired, I bought their two-year full VPN program. I have never been able to connect with it, for whenever I click on the icon, only the trial...

Avast - California, Redwood City / Payment fraud

Reviewer74393 on 2016-03-06
Avast is an internet security program that I have used for a few years. I usually let it auto-renew, therefore my banking information is contained within the app, just as with any other billing program. I was laid off and to ensure I was not billed further for any extraneous charges from any...

Avast / avast pro antivirus program

sandra merwin on 2016-02-06
puct not received money deducted from my bank account cant seem to get refund form need money credited back to my account dont pay fot stuff not received called but told need to make out form for refund date of incident feb.8, 2016 i requested a refund avast phone no.866-9517679

Avast / Avast Internet Security

Sylvia Conner on 2016-01-26
I had Avast Internet security months ago which I cancelled. You have billed me two times now. I got it taken off once and now I have been billed again on Dec. 28, 2015. Please take it off. My name is Sylvia Conner 4570 TH 151 Sycamore, Oh E-mail is sylher@outlook.com please put my money back!

Avast Antivirus / Software for Apple OS X - Slowing down your entire Mac system

Tarhun on 2016-01-22
Installed Avast Free Mac Security on my iMac. After a week of use the computer started to work very slowly. Couldn't understand why. Then later checked ono Activity Monitor that Avast processes uses 99% of Mac's CPU. Removed Avast Antivirus Software, everything fine now. Just a...

Avast / Cleanup and Premier in two invoices on two different machines

KeithRLM on 2016-01-22
I paid for order 14480068962 via patpal . I have finished up with one product on my PC and the other on my Laptop with two invoices one of £4.99 and the other with £49.99. I have not activated either at the moment as I wanted to clarify how I can resolve the problem of having them on different computers .

Avast / Internet security

richard zahina on 2016-01-22
1/21/16 a pop-up for a update for my online security with avast. I followed the instructions and gave them my credit card info and hit the submit button. all it did was sat "loading" for a very long time and would not do anything else. I re-submitted my order and the same thing, I...

Avast - Texas, Tyler / Protection License - double billing

TFarishTexas on 2016-01-06
I received an email last December - my credit card was expired to renew my license. I went to my account and updated the credit card - immediately a prompt suggested I should renew the license I did on January 8. I downloaded and used that license. I found a second charge for this renewal...

Avast / Nexway - Charged 39.99 on my Marine Federal Union VISA Jan 3 2016, 8:46 PM

Reviewer94810 on 2016-01-05
On 4 January 2016, I was notified by MFCU Security that I had been Charged $39.99 on 3 January 2016 at 8:46 PM, by AVAST NEXWAY 415. Today I contacted MFCU and Lodged a Complaint with the Credet Card Division, at this time there no purchasing or tracking Numbers. I will contact Law...

Avast - California, Redwood City / Internet security & total support

stuart adney on 2015-12-23
I purchased the avast security on 11/19/15 for 59.99. i Called them a few weeks latter to complain about the performance of the hard ware . I was told my PC was cluttered w/crap but I could purchase the total support package that had a teck that goes in & cleans up my pc 24/7 for a year...

Avast Antivirus Software - Minnesota, Minneapolis / Automatic Renewal

Reviewer11436 on 2015-12-11
Back in 2014 I purchase an online Anti virus . I received on email 12/3/14 that my debit card was expired and I needed to update my information. I did not updated the information, because I did not want to renew. On 12/11/15 Avast debit my account for 64.99 . When I called customer...

Avast Antivirus - Queensland, Coomera / Unauthorized money was taken out from my bank account

doloresdenisediana on 2015-12-07
Hi my name Laszlo Bereczky and I live in Australia Queensland. On the 27th of November my daughter noticed that Avast-Nexway 415 449-4713 FRA took money from her account 69.99 dollar . We never received any letter from Avast about asking to renew our antivirus protection. Without our...

Avast Antivirus / Unable to control updates

Reviewer67875 on 2015-11-28
Despite having updates for viruses and software turned off (I use a lot of roaming wireless - 20cents a meg - I update when I have access to a cheaper service) Avast is running virus updates or whatever it wants when it wants... cost me a pack yesterday, seems now I can't trust it either...

Avast Antivirus / Unauthorized charges

Reviewer54544 on 2015-11-27
Do not have anything to do with Avast Security and Digital River agents who have been taken over by the Russian mafia, it seems. They will not even answer their 'contact us' useless web site facility and that is after six attempts; absolutely abysmal system which over five year...

Avast Antivirus / Cleanup

Reviewer66518 on 2015-11-14
I did not want to renew my Avast Cleanup. Money was taken out of my account 11/1/15 and I followed the rules, signed into my google mail which I never use and submitted a ticket to refund my money, I did not want to renew and have cancelled it but it won't cancel until next year. 12 day...

Dri Avast Software / Supossed software?

Marie Castellano on 2015-11-07
I just saw an unauthorized charge on my discover card. No phone number for me to call and ask what, where and when so I googled it and came up with many others who have experienced charges from these Avast people. But no info on how to reach these people. I will take it up with iscover and...

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