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Auction.com Complaints & Reviews

Auction.com - California, Irvine / Won Bid/Lost House

samaherlt2 on 2016-03-28
I was called with in minutes of winning the bid. This Property was 2317 Catalpa St Waukegan IL. I was instructed to print all the paper work and have earnest money delivered by the end of the next business day. I did not have access to a fax machine, so I contacted the person who wa...

Auction.com - California, Irvine / The worst ever!

Adam on 2016-02-17
I found a nice property on auction.com. After several bids, my bid was finally taken. I was supposed to get a notification email from them, but received nothing. So I contacted the Auction.com and they told that my bid didn't go through. I told that they are probably mistaken, because...

Auction.com - California, Irvine / Worst experience buying a house ever!!

Reviewer37841 on 2015-08-14
Anyone thinking of buying a house on auction.com please think twice!! I bought other houses at auctions from other companies online and they were all first rate but auction.com is the pits. First off the bank who put the house up for auction didn't even have a deed to the house from...

Auction.com / Wrong Information

A Neighbor on 2015-07-13
Auction.com had a Foreclosure on there site today 727 Clavery Church Road Mt. Gilead NC the auction was to end at 11:30 the Bank that had Foreclosed on the Property Keep running up the bid to get what was still owing on the Property I know it was the Bank because they change the amount...

Auction.com / False listing information

mommaxs4 on 2015-06-07
The property listed on Auction.com 4122 county road 227 Bedias, TX 77831 is listed incorrectly. I've told them for a month now. The listing agent knows the information is incorrect she tried the same thing with someone else 2 years ago. They refuse to change the details and the way its listed it can't be sold.

Auction.com / Fake Auction is a Lie

scatcat on 2015-04-24
Auction.com has houses for bid. They put a house on for bid and said it would be available for bid for 4 days. It had a time and a countdown clock. The auction got one bid and ended it. They are not a fair nor a real auction. It is not clear how they decided to end the auction after 4...

Auction.com - Illinois, Lisle / Wrong Auction Info

Hoyd on 2015-03-31
They listed exaggerated information in the auction site to lure in higher bidding. Then when it was discovered, the agent tried to swindle, falsely justify, and eventually make a mockery out of it. When complained, they showed no admittance of the false information. Instead, it claimed...

Auction.com - New York, Kerhonkson / Erroneous Foreclosure Listing info

Bankers Lie on 2014-12-20
Auction.com and 24/7 Realty have fraudulently and erroneously listed this property as FORECLOSED, but it is NOT a Foreclosure. It became Bank Owned by Deed in Lieu. With a deed in lieu of foreclosure, it transferred ownership of this home to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage voluntarily, instead of...

Auction.com / Theifs

Dick Johnson on 2014-08-02
Oh my God, auction.com paying people to hang out to read the truth and try to contradict the scams they're pulling? I was high bidder at $39, 500, I was high bidder at $50, 000, then again at $52, 500, the $51, 000 bid "mysteriously" disappeared, Summer M, didn't want to elaborate...

Auction.com / Deadbeats

Brian Marston on 2014-07-23
I listed a short sale property in Newark, NJ for a seller and after waiting over a year for Nationstar to approve the short sale, they eventually had Auction.com intervene which required hours of additional paperwork, open houses, trips to the property to post signs, etc. Auction.com said...

Auction.com / Won the auction - Lost the house!

nhoedl on 2014-07-21
I bid on a house on auction.com. I won the auction and met the reserve price. I sent my escrow deposit within the 24 hour business deadline as requested. I signed the documents within the 2 hour time period. The closing was set for 2 1/2 weeks later. One week later I received a voice mail...

Auction.com / Unclear, not factual info.

gcltrust01 on 2014-07-13
A piece of property I sold thru my parents estate to another couple was foreclosed on. This company now has the property listed opening for opening bids 7/15/2014. They have the property listed as foreclosed on and me listed as the last owner. The website also has only one parcel of 3...

Auction.com / Business practices

Jake0000 on 2014-06-01
Just became a winning bidder on auction.com. The comments on this site really make me nervous. I already had a bad feeling after being pressured to sign the contract within 2 hours of winning. I'm also really concerned that they will not let me inspect the property, even though it i...

Auction.com / Fake bidders

LPGT01 on 2014-04-24
I am an investor in Georgia and some other states for foreclosed properties. My company buys many properties each month and has been doing so for several years. When Auction.com entered the marketplace we were not able to buy as many properties. This company has made it much more difficult...

Auction.com / No verifiable information

H Steven on 2014-04-17
There is a home for sale in my area, I am concerned of scams and this one has red flags all over it. First there is no contact person to view the property, the listing says it is occupied when in fact it is not and will not allow entry, however it does have a lock box on it, I have ask the...

Auction.com / Scam! Scam! Scam!!!!!!!!!

Disgusted1369 on 2014-03-20
Won the "Auction" which is actually a short sale not an Auction as they claim. I was told after giving my $5000.00 deposit the seller had 15 business days IE three weeks to decide if they want to sell or not. They immediately cut out my Real Estate Agent. When I complained I had not been...

Auction.com - Florida / Not following through on sale

auctioncomscammed on 2013-11-13
Our firm purchased a house in North Miami Beach to rehab. Reserve was met and earnest monies were paid in a timely manner. Expecting to close about 4 weeks after the purchase, we received a curt e-mail stating the seller does not agree (to the reserve met price!) and that if we want to up...

Auction.com - California, Irvine / waste of time

badbadbusiness on 2013-11-09
I bid on a home last week. I won the Auction and reserve was met. While I was waiting on Nationstar mortgage to approve my bid, I saw the property go on MLS while it was still pending approval. After calling Auction.com and complaining, I received an email from Auction.com after an hour...

Auction.com - California, Irvine / Wrong and unfair practices

Luusss on 2013-06-14
Absolutely don't do business with Auction.com. I bid on a home at auction.com which they advertised as "Approved Short sale" auction and won. The reserve had been met. I signed all the papers right away and transferred 5% of Earnest money into the instructed Escrow Company along with...

Auction.com / Residential Real Estate - Michigan, Columbiaville / Deceiving, dishonest scam!!!

BRYARKM03 on 2013-05-22
Auction.com state "home as is", "owner responsible for occupancy", "do not disturb occupant", "previouse value", all of which are deceiving. They tell you home is occupied and its trespassing to keep you from trying to see inside because the homes are in disrepair and to make you believe...

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