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Affordable Dentures Complaints & Reviews

Affordable Dentures / Poor quality and customer service

Doug16116 on 2016-04-27
My wife went to Affordable Dentures in Boardman, OH on March 19, 2015. She needed to have 8 teeth pulled and a lower denture made. The dentist told her that she should have a new upper denture made as well because the new bottom would not fit properly if she didn't. He also said that she...

Affordable Dentures / I would like a refund

DeMayne on 2016-04-21
After having to go there over a year, February 2015 to April 2016, B4 I received the final product, they were slanting high to low and they told me because my teeth were crooked. And if I wanted it fixed I would have to pay again. The temporary denture I had right before this broke twice...

Affordable Dentures - Georgia, Stockbridge / New Dentures

James Melanie Pressley on 2016-04-19
Hello I was so excited when I finally came up with the money to get my top denture replaced & get a bottom one for the first time. My daughter is getting married in September & I just want to be able to smile in the photos. I just thought it would be as easy as the first time I got my...

Affordable Dentures - Texas, Nacogdoches / Dentures

Betty J Parker on 2016-03-31
My husband, and myself and our daughter all went to the one in Nacgodoches Texas, My new dentures fell out of my mouth the first day and they had to put in a liner and to big, but these people do not want to hear this. I have worn them about one hour a 1000.00 down the drain. This is why...

Affordable Dentures / Dentures, and the attitudes of some of the women of the office

Deborah Spillers on 2016-01-19
My name is Deborah Spillers, I have been going through hell since I got my Dentures. I haven't even been able to eat because I can't even wear my bottoms. So on January 18th 2016 I went to get my money back, but they told me they would have to keep 100.00 of my refund for...

Affordable Dentures - Georgia, Pooler / Inefficiently run business; Dentist with poor bedside manner; Overly excessive wait time

Reviewer80107 on 2016-01-18
On my initial visit at Affordable Dentures in Pooler, GA, my total wait time was almost 5 HOURS! When I did see dentist he came in, said a few words about what needed to be done for me to get dentures (i.e. teeth extracted, type of dentures). He spent at the most 3 minutes with me. I wa...

Affordable Dentures - Texas, Wichita Falls / Poor quality detures

Reviewer39906 on 2016-01-16
Bought most expensive denture available Over1000 dollars. Have lost teeth 4 times today is January 17 th 2016 3 times in past i have been humelated in bussiness meeting but have found the teeth today i have swallowed the tooth do i need to look in my stool for it PLEASE HELP AND ADVIsE...

Affordable Dentures - Arizona, Tucson / Service

bobbyron on 2016-01-11
I went to Affordable Dentures in Tucson, Arizona and before anyone looked at me they wanted $85.00 for an x-ray. I waited over an hour in an exam room for the "free" consultation. A man came in who I think was a technician instead of a certified dentist. He never even opened my mouth or...

Affordable Dentures - South Carolina, Rock Hill / Bad Service

Reviewer51740 on 2015-12-23
My name is Susan. I went to affordable dentures and had about 14 to 16 teeth extracted the dentures were put right on. I had this done on a Friday and they had no after hours number. I ended up in the Emergency Room Sat and Sun because I was in so much pain. I went back to them on Monday...

Affordable Dentures / services prejudice

Reviewer34579 on 2015-12-21
ontract Issues Problem: I recently had a number of tooth extractions and fillings and was referred by my dentist to affordable dentures in yakima washington for my partials..I was finaly able to get an appt. 8 weeks later on dec. 3rd at 8:30 am...I actually saw the licensed dr. (Dr...

Affordable Dentures - Florida, Lakeland / Extractions and Dentures

Reviewer75616 on 2015-11-11
I had 18 teeth pulled and got my temporary dentures on April 24, 2015. I went in so excited to be be getting new teeth, but now 7 months later, am very disappointed with the results of my new teeth and the service I received. The person who I mostly dealt with, Heather, wasn't friendly at...

Affordable Dentures / Price as advertised incorrect

Reviewer94606 on 2015-11-06
They add prices for dentures at a set rate, dependent on the quality of the materials used to manufacture them. When I visited today and completed the paperwork, I was called into an exam room and again stated the purpose of my visit. I told them the price I wanted to pay as per the...

Affordable Dentures / Refund my money

Liller on 2015-09-10
Someone should really take a close look at affordable denture. I've read many of the reviews on them and they all are the same. I too am complaining about how the dentures fit (or don't fit). They fall out of your mouth and they really hurt. The bad thing about it is the dentist...

Affordable Dentures / Bottom plate

Reviewer73093 on 2015-09-01
2 years ago I went to this office to have upper and lower plates made, its only been 2 years and as of last night when I ate an egg and bacon (NOT CRUNCHY bacon) on toast my bottom plate snapped in half. I never have dropped them or soaked them but more then 20 minutes 2 times a week...

Affordable Dentures / Horrible!

Christopherh on 2015-02-20
I went there a year ago for extractions and my temporary dentures. The Dentist is a money grubbing lifeless creature. Her Assistant (stephanie) was the only thing keeping me from flipping out during this rough time. Over several trips because of issues with my dentures not being right...

Affordable Dentures / Poor quality

Wayne Andrews on 2014-04-21
My husband went to affordable dentures to have a tooth extracted. That went fine but the dentures were a another story. They sold him a package deal for $740.00 without explaining it to him. He was not even getting the best quality partial denture. When questioned they said that was the...

Affordable Dentures / Little Shop of Horrors

EHope on 2014-04-04
Horrible, horrible place. Affordable Dentures provided me with the worst service I have ever experienced with any “professional” medical office. Rude, hostile, uninformed staff, high pressure sales techniques and “Bait and Switch” tactics, provided a dental...

Affordable Dentures - California, Yuba City / Substandard work/poor customer service

marcia3 on 2014-02-02
After choosing and paying for the top of the line dentures they do not fit and are poor quality. After taking our money Dr. Baezad and her staff became rude and unprofessional. My husband is handicapped and doesn't drive and when I asked for an early or late appointment I was told...

Affordable Dentures - California, Redlands / bad dentures/poor patient care

james humphres on 2013-09-08
I had my first set done in 2007 at the Cathedral City Ca franchise, they never fit right and kept cracking.After several repairs & liners the "dentist"said if they cracked again he would upgrade them to a premium set free of charge.They cracked again, I called the Cathedral City office and...

Affordable Dentures - Florida, Panama City / Broken dentures

Wm M S on 2013-05-31
January 2012 I purchased a "premium" upper denture for $ 585. In April I returned to Iowa. In May the "premium" Denture broke in two. I called the office in Panama City and they told me to find an Affordable Denture in Iowa. When I returned to Fl in Nov. I made an appt. At the apt they...

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