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Absa Complaints & Reviews

Absa / Cheque

Reviewer19826 on 2016-02-01
My name is Lentheng Fortune Letshele with ID NO: 7910235694083, I have a 32 days notice account (9152587696) with ABSA. I am accused and criminally charged for been cashed a cheque number: (00000778 323345 4057683150 18) of Matima Project Management Enterprise on the 25/08/2008. under case...

Absa / Vehicle insurance that wants me to take up the case with damages done to my vehicle

jannie miles on 2015-12-08
2 years ago i drove my voyager over a piece of tyre on the road and the car stopped a few kilometres further. I had it towed in to john williams. There after opening up the motor they discovered that some kind of an oil pype was hit or got loose during the accident. They gave me a full...

Absa / Legal Recoveries Dept - Credit card settled

D olivier on 2015-12-07
Dear mr basimane ref:0278000446584349 another company claiming i owe absa money - mbdc as per sms receive from them this morning 7 december 2015 to my husbands cell phone, i must contact them urgently and i could qualify for discount this brings it now to 3 debt collecting companie...

Absa / Arrear car installment

Reviewer33259 on 2015-11-24
So I know i am in arrears with my car installment R6350.00 (my installment is R5641.86)to be exact. How is it possible that they want to reposes my vehicle after I have made promise to pay them this week. Just like that. How understanding is this bank today tomorrow for never. I am sorry...

Absa Bank / Overdraft

Reviewer30932 on 2015-11-24
i have been banking with absa for 5 years now with a business account that has an overdraft of R50, 000.00 . a lady phoned me asking me for the proof of residence after 5 YEARS banking now with absa and have an overdraft account. the lady was so rude she slammed the phone in my hear. thi...

Absa / Provident fund

marutla on 2015-11-11
i was retrenched on the 30th June 2015 0848096166 or 011784 8400 I have claimed my contributions made to ABSA and they only paid me half of my contributions and the other half still outstanding. I went to 108 fox street, metropolitan building and with no success, to date no money has been...

Absa / Insurance

Reviewer49257 on 2015-10-28
Hi I have received a SMS message from Absa AIPservices, 27 82 007 2297 26874 I am informed that "Failure to respond by calling with in 14 days my car insurance premium will go up by 110%, this is R383+442.40, to almost R900.00, Is this how Absa plans to Rob me? Explain this please Ralisebo ID: 7406305360085 +2772 631 2452

Absa Private Security Provident Fund / Claim not been paid out

Fudge101 on 2015-10-12
Enquirey Number: 36051. I have sent emails upon emails, finally getting to a point of "claim to be paid out" reflecting on the Absa Private Provident Fund system as i was told by a consultant.. A Mr Godfrey Motshwari, requested my ID Document and my marriage certificate and said my money...

Absa / Internet banking

Marelize Bruwer on 2015-10-10
To begin with, I've been struggeling for so long just for on line or internet banking to work AT ALL. Now they have 'SURECHECK'!!! Been trying to change my details on my profile, to load new benificiaries, do WHAT EVER. The so called surecheck never comes through to my cellphone. Payment...

Absa / Funeral policy

vicky1smith on 2015-09-21
Good afternoon! I had a funeral policy for me and my mom from my check account! My debit orders didn't go of for 2 months! I only received a letter from absa on Thursday, informing me that it's cancelled! I phoned on Friday to ask them to deduct the whole amount owed on the 28th!...

Absa / Rude, incompetent financial planner

On Tuesday, 18 August 2015 at 10:38, I received a telephone call from the investment team at ABSA branch (tel no. 011 446 6600) to enquire whether she could meet with me to discuss me taking out investments with ABSA. My business account is held with ABSA 4059983946. I informed the lady...

Absa Credit Card / ABSA Credit Card

Burnadette on 2015-07-29
I had a credit card with ABSA in 2001. I was handed over for poor payments. I subsequently paid the amount outstanding. I've applied recently (in 2015) for an ABSA mortage bond. My bortgage bond was approved, subject to me giving proof that the ABSA credit card was settled / paid up...

Absa / Credit card charges

yolandanelldawson on 2015-07-21
I have had a credit card with Absa for a while now and pay it with a debit card. I never skipped a payment and I always pay a little more than what the payment due is. On 20/06/2015 I noticed extra charges on my credit card and asked Absa on their official website, as well as on the...

Absa / Credit Card Delivery

Patrick Peggs on 2015-06-27
To whom this may concern I live abroad and whilst in Durban South I had the chance to renew my ABSA credit card. The person in the bank in Durban assured me the new credit card will be delivered to OR Tambo International a day later as this was express delivery, the reason was that thi...

Absa / Paying for no benefits

godfrey epnaar on 2015-04-22
good day I have an absa account for a very long time. I have a platinum account aswell as investment accounts, I also have funeral policies at absa and I had my car insurance through absa. everytime when I ask for a increase on my credit account or a loan or a overdraft facility, I wa...

Absa Idirect / Insurance claims

I govender on 2015-04-01
I had lodge an accident claim with Absa idirect on the 17th March 2015 and to date1st April2015 the claim has not been settled. During this 16 day period I only received 3 calls from their lost adjustor. I had to call in for the rest of the time. Today I was told by the loss adjustor, when...

Absa Vehicle Finance / Interest over charged

Monique.Meyer on 2015-03-30
We have been under debt review for the last 5 years, we requested last month from Absa finance for a specified statement, and shockingly we have noticed all the interest that has been charged to this account. Just for the month of December last year an amount of R 48000 was charged, and...

Absa Idirect / From pillar to post

HJHB on 2015-03-27
We are currently trying to reach Absa iDirect for a burst water pipe. We have been struggling for the last hour to get hold of them and everyone just keeps putting us through to different departments. Nobody there knows what to do and if you try to explain the situation they just get rude...

Absa Provident Fund / Still no response??

Geraldine Labuschagne on 2015-03-03
Good Day, after several complaints on Hellopeter I have had no response on what is being paid out to me and the date! It seems as if someone is being dishonest. I have tried calling and being told they will get back to me or my claim has been processed and will be paid out shortly. It ha...

Absa / Vehicle account on debt review without my consent

celiwe Shabangu on 2014-12-07
To whom it my concern . I'm Absa bank customer my previous car was financed by Absa bank in JUNE 2014 was in car accident and my insurance paid the outstanding balance in full. Again my new car was financed by Absa bank, , i went to one of their branches to request for debit order...

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