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Virgin Mobile Complaints & Reviews

Virgin Mobile / Worst network provider

Natasha17 on Oct 20, 2016
1.In july 2016 I applied for a sim contract. The sales people at the were useless didnt do the paperwork properly all these were signs for me but I still persisted giving this worthless company a chance 2. My port took over 2 weeks!!! I was only active in aug 2016 3. Signal was the worst 4...

Virgin Mobile - Missouri, Boonville / Pay as you go phones and services

Pam Couch on Jul 7, 2016
I recently bought a phone for my son and we could not get it activated. Your automated phone help was useless and the computer help is no better. So we exchanged the phone and your services and will now be using ATT to go. Also, while I was on vacation my phone would not have service 90...

Virgin Mobile - New Jersey, Warren / Cellphone service

Reviewer87832 on Feb 7, 2016
I have a Kyocera phone on a Virgin Mobile account. Problems with Virgin Mobile: 1. Charged account double (happened once) 2. In warranty, only sends replacement on bad phone if I pay $25 shipping 3. Charging additional for tax all of a sudden without notice 4. Refusing to credit bank...

Virgin Mobile - Georgia, Decatur / Deactivating/terminating service

comgent on Dec 15, 2015
I purchased a mobile phone from Walmart in August 2015. After 5 days of attempting to get it activated, I finally got to the division that activated Walmart phones and service was turned on. After two months of horrible service, I terminated my service, with no outstanding balance, and...

Virgin Mobile / My 77 year old father's phone service was suspended, and he lost over $200 in airtime for not adding $20 in airtime!!!!

Do yourself a favor, and DO NOT USE VIRGIN MOBILE!!! My father lost his service, and over $200 in airtime for not adding a $20 airtime card. My parents have been customers for 10 years, and rarely use their phones, so they tend to accumulate airtime. My father simply forgot to top up, and...

Virgin Mobile / Customer service

Brian Geddert on Nov 8, 2015
I have been a prepaid member for 5 years, and I recently switched to a plan. im registered n still cant access my account online or through my phone accept to pay. no support or customer service... but I can pay. tons of data charges but apps disabled

Virgin Mobile - Virginia, Grottoes / Cell phone and service

Reviewer93675 on Oct 10, 2015
September 26 had to got without my phone for weeks and was beeing lied to about credit beeing given to familuy menbers. we are leaving dara done right and going else where to get better service. Have been talking to superviso after supervisor and beeing lied to about credit on two phone...

Virgin Mobile / Phone locked out

Alan Gaunt on Sep 8, 2015
Travelled to Dallas Texas and phone locked out/reported stolen, which it isn't, despite emails, calls and following procedures online I cannot get the phone unlocked. I have been through several recorded messages, call centres, options and passed various numbers to ring...

Virgin Mobile Phone Service / Virgin Mobile are STEALIN' CRIMINALS!!!!!!

Miss Dale on Jun 24, 2015
I had a Virgin Mobile account and the service was beyond horrible!!! Their website that you are to use to add money to your account is not functioning more often then it actually functions.The phone & text service randomly worked. I would often get text messages 24 hours after they were...

Virgin Mobile - Arkansas, Warren / Bad Signal Tower #1PL33XC461 Route 206, Tabernacle, NJ 08088

Rebecca~Concerned Lady on Jun 10, 2015
BAD SIGNAL TOWER ~ #1PL33XC461..Route 206, Tabernacle, NJ 08088 ___________________________________________________________________________ TOWER SIGNAL FACTS: Mid November 2014 ~ Tower signal caused cell phone bars to drop in half… ~ My cell phone bars dropped from 4 to 2 bars! January...

Virgin Mobile / Extra Charges after Contract ended

Sharonise on May 9, 2015
My cellphone contract was fully paid up so I phoned Virgin on the 20th August, spoke to "Happy" to forward a statement to me to verify that and he informed me that I can only get a statement in October because I needed to notify them one month prior to date. I disputed this and contacted...

Virgin Mobile Usa - New Jersey, Jersey City / Customer service on iPhone unlock

I am formal virgin mobile customer using service from last 4 years. As per the policy mentioned on website called customer service to unlock my iPhone 4s for international use and customer service representative was very rud and gave not favorable answer. Virgin mobile customer service i...

Virgin Mobile / payment

talita on Feb 10, 2015
i do cash payment on my contract because the company debited my acount wrong now more than a year later im still having problems they sms me every month and cut my phone due to non payment i have faxed and emailed all payments to them but still no change i have spoken to a manager Elize...

Virgin Mobile / Unauthorized use of credit card

EllenEM on Jan 27, 2015
I've had a Virgin Mobile pre-paid phone since the service was first created, probably around 2002. Back then, it was a great, affordable option in an era when many phone contracts offered little and cost a lot. Today, I rarely use that phone -- and have over $300 credit on it -- but I...

Virgin Mobile / 14 day no hassle Guarantee-right!!!!

krad70 on Dec 10, 2014
Been A customer for several years. I had to order a new phone as the one I had (for 2 months) got stolen. The replacement they offered was not comparable, but a bottom line phone. So I purchased the HTC Desire 816. 2 days after receiving the phone I noticed they had put it on sale, so I...

Virgin Mobile Canada - Ontario, oshawa / phone call over charging

tazma52 on Aug 18, 2014
I have two mobile phones one acct that is new, the other one that is about two years Both bills over almost 300 dollars.. I called them both times to tell them for the month period of june to july that many of the phone calls are not mine. They didn't want to listen..I paid the first...

Virgin Mobile Pre Paid / Porting problem

Nick Morgan on Aug 18, 2014
I asked Vodacom customer care East Rand to port my pre paid cell no 072 920 1524 to Vodacom from Virgin Mobile on 8th August 2014 they said it would be no problem and I would 'probably" get my air time of R179 transferred as well. After the number was ported to Vodacom I did not get...

Virgin Mobile / Sold defective phone, no service

f@tuffshed on May 30, 2014
I purchased a Samsung galaxy 3 for $259 on virgin mobiles website. Within days I couldn't hear anyone I was talking to on the phone because it kept breaking up, my text messages failed and I'd have to resend them at least 7 times. I have zero bars but according to them I am in an...

Virgin Mobile - Arizona, Elgin / Virgin stealing minutes for unanswered calls

Jacquis59 on Feb 7, 2014
Virgin has been taking minutes off of my prepaid account a minute at a time for received calls that I do not pick up and answer. I've called them several times and after looking online I see this has been an ongoing issue for years and apparently Virgin doesn' t give a crap and...

Virgin Mobile Usa / voice mail billing

Stephanie Pipes on Jan 22, 2014
I have been a Virgin Mobile customer since 2008 with multiple phone lines. Ever since I switched to an Iphone before Christmas I never had this issue. Every time someone calls and I dont answer but my voicemail does it deducts a minute. The ONLY time you utilize a minute is when the...

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