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Tupperware Complaints & Reviews

Tupperware / Magic Chopper

rajni chugh on 2016-02-01
Sir last year I have purchased a magic Chopper of worth Rs2700/-and it was told by the dealer that it was under exchange.now the thread of the Chopper has been damaged and the dealer said that it was not returnable due to the damage of thread.i want to replace the product that is magic Chopper.ho

Tupperware / Chopper

Bhavika Jarani on 2016-01-29
Sir .. I I have completed my target of 20000/- in sept15 .. Bt it has been four months I haven't received any star challenge gift .. It was chopper on 20000/- .. Jst please provide my gift as soon as it is possible .. And whatever I complete my target .. My manager says .. This product ha...

Tupperware / chopper

rajni chugh on 2015-12-03
sir, last year i have purchased a magic chopper and it was told by the dealer that it was under exchange.now the thread of the chopper has been damaged and the dealer said that it is not returnable due to the damage of thread.i want to replace the product that is magic chopper.

Tupperware / Online services

violet mathias on 2015-11-30
REMINDER-1 RESPONSE AWAITED To, All Concerned. This is to inform that I am a consultant of Tupperware from Mumbai City. But its very very disappointing & saddening to inform all of you that the rates quoted to a consultant is much more higher than the rates put in amazon / e-bay. Becoz of...

Tupperware / Magic chopper

varsha parihar on 2015-10-28
a year back my friend and i bought the product i.e. magic chopper from an agent. at the time of purchase i was told that there is a warranty on the product. however within a few months the chopper started giving me trouble. i contacted the agent she took the chopper for some weeks and then...

Tupperware India / Ultimo Chopper

subha sathyanath on 2015-10-27
I have purchased an ultimo chopper the cost of which is almost five times that of a normal chopper from a tupperware agent in mumbai. At the time of sale, i was told that the thread which operates the chopper can be replaced free of cost anywhere in India in case it breaks. I moved to...

Tupperware / Lid

Reviewer66372 on 2015-09-06
I have given the lid of tupperware product to one the agents, but so far have not received even the product, its been 6 months. I want to know how long its going to take for a replacement... do i have to pay for it... i think the company is saying all these only to lure the customers...

Tupperware / Guarantee

Reviewer89340 on 2015-08-17
I have been buying Tupperware throughout my lifetime and every party the demonstrator pushes the replacement guarantee, which is why it is so expensive. Over the last few years I have collected my broken parts (mostly lids) only to find I have to PAY to get anything replaced. This i...

Tupperware Teaz Me Teapot / Not replacing faulty product

Katie J on 2015-06-20
I purchased a teapot from Tupperware and after using it for the second time and washing it a small part fell off the end and went down the drain. The Teapot does not function without the part. I went through a sales rep to purchase a replacement and a month later she came back to me saying...

Tupperware / Smart chopper

Neeluk on 2015-04-13
I had very bad experience with Tupperware. At the time of selling the product they make lots of promises just to lure the customers. I bought : 1 smart chopper in Fer 2014 for Rs.2700. After using it for three months it started giving problems in chopping. In the month of June I gave it...

Tupperware / Jar lid was broken

tusharsanghvi on 2015-03-27
respected sir we are very sorry inform you about your TUPPERWARE products i have purchase the jar but its lid was broken without our mistake your subdealer assured us that is has it has LIFE TIME GAUARANTEE but when i complained about it it was ignored . so i want you to brief it...

Tupperware / illegal distributorship

sahib1234 on 2015-03-16
the distributor owner name is neetu prashar and she is running the business which is against the law . she has made some of the fake agents which are even not in the reality. her business is in house, according to rules it is illegal.some of the officers of tupperware also know about it...

Tupperware - Victoria, Wodonga / Manager walks out on Party Demonstration

j partridge on 2014-10-13
I am very upset with the fact that there is no one that you can speak to regarding an official complaint, or they pass you on to someone else and then someone else. I would not recommend having a Tupperware Demonstration to any of my friends, or to any other people considering to do this. I...

Tupperware - Alberta, Edmonton / Cancelled Order

Caladian on 2014-06-26
I was looking to buy a large quantity of cups for a Charitable Organization. I contacted Tupperware directly and I was told I had to go through a consultant. I then contacted a couple of consultants and the first one that replied a dealt with. Unfortunately The Organization I wa...

Tuppersure By Tupperware / No response from tupperware

Sel wilkinson on 2014-05-11
Hello There, I bought tuppersure back in sept'13 and the cartridge stopped working within 2 months ( Hardly used it). I've called the customer service for tupperware(18001036678) in Jan'14 and raised a complaint haven't been given any resolution. I technically stopped using...

Tupperware Banting, Selangor / refuse change product and attitude bad

tupperware banting on 2013-10-16
Tupperware firm at banting have a bad attitude and Arrogant. When i want to change the goods, the worker scold me say it was completed cannot be change. (refuse to change the product). I am very dissatisfied, because the goods was spoiled. So worse, ZZZ

Tupperware / Refuse to give the product

Reshma Shetty on 2013-09-27
Hi, This is regarding the product which i have already bought from on our consultant. Now that consultant is no longer a dealer but we had to replace one of the lid of the Tupper ware Bottle which we had bought from her. The dealer with whom we had purchased asked us to contact the...

Tupperware - New South Wales / No replacement for 2 1/2 years

teenakim on 2013-06-20
I have been waiting for 2 1/2 years for my replacement tupperware lids and containers. When they were first bought a major selling point was that it is life time guarenteed. I now have containers with no lids and I have had to go and buy other containers as I was short. I have been dealing...

Tupperware Pulses Box / cracked

Kritika chauhan on 2013-03-16
hello i have purchased tupperware pulses box from your dealer she said that it will be long lating but with 2 years they are broken the caps are cracked .pls let me know if lose caps can be provided .

Tupperware - Western Australia, Perth / Flawed cookware series

Bluey on 2013-03-07
Purchasing Tupperware has never been such a headache! I have purchased the complete nonstick chief series and tools recommended and have had nothing but trouble. I have had three items replaced with in the first two years and the last couple I have had consultants dodging me left right and...

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