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TruGreen Complaints & Reviews

Trugreen / Lawn Service August, 2015

Denny Crow on 2015-09-09
I signed up for a year of service from Trugreen Chemlawn in Las Vegas, NV. They promised me I would have a lush green lawn. A year later I still had brown grass and bare spots in my lawn. I even put down new sod in one area. Then my contract expired and they showed up one day and sprayed...

Trugreen / Service

Lisa Rosa on 2015-05-28
They killed my grass with one application (see pictures). On Monday, I had lush, green grass. On Tuesday Trugreen treated my lawn and by Wednesday morning this is what I'm left with. I called customer no service three times and they were supposed to send out the service manager; he...

Trugreen / charging for a service I didnt get

Karl Wopat on 2014-08-05
When I first started using there service the tech would come to the door and let me know he was there I on occasions would see him in the back yard doing his work and always knew he had been there . Recently Service has gone down hill the finale was the day I was looking out the window...

TruGreen Raleigh / Morrisville NC / Waste of monday

NKing1 on 2014-07-03
Scott (employee # 4942) came to my door wanting to sell me a TruGreen contract Aug 2013, said as a corner lot in a golf course community, he wanted my business. I paid for a whole year in advance. In addition to lawn care and reseeding, he threw in a year's worth of 'Tree & Shrub...

TruGreen lawn, Tree and Shrub Service - Texas, North Richland Hills / Killed my lawn

TIM NRH on 2014-05-01
Trugreen that serviced my property in North Richland Hills let my lawn die, and did not stand behind their guarantee. I tried to get them to react to the dying lawn several times throughout this past 12 months. Each time given the excuse that I needed to wait till the following quarter of...

TruGreen Lawn Care / Bad communication and service

Aftab Punjwani on 2014-04-23
I live in Southlake Texas. Truegreen company has a horrible field service. I paid for the whole year upfront and specifically told them twice to contact me. They never did and I am even sure if they came in or not. Then I called the main number and express my concerns. They sent another...

Trugreen / ripoff

peter btaltz on 2014-03-17
As a former employee of this company I can tell you they do anything they can to rip you off. We was told to use less weed control than what the label says to use knowing it will not work. We ran out of weed control and our production manager told us to spray just water.They pressure...

TruGreen Lawn Service - Delaware, Newport / never sign a contract with Trugreen company

Jean Ling on 2013-07-16
They have a very bad lawn service. They will change their service schedule anytime without any notice. Before their service I don't have any chance talk to their specialist, even I called them several times and tried to meet them before their lawn service. It is so difficult to...

Trugreen / No response to being overcharged

Barbeq4 on 2013-05-09
I noticed I was overcharged by Trugreen for the previous year while reviewing my credit card charges for filing taxes. I noticed two large amounts, for the same amount on two successive days. I also noticed from my tax file records, I had paid another large amount apparently by check for...

Trugreen / Fraudulently charging for services not provided

Sofia_S on 2013-04-23
We signed up the contract with the company for the front yard only. On the back yard we have fruit trees and bushes and we do not want any chemicals around them. It turned out, they measured the whole lot, including backyard. Now, backyard is fenced and locked, and they never enter it, but...

Trugreen - Georgia, Suwanee / worse company

rickyh on 2013-02-26
Had service by the same branch for my old address Duluth ga 30097 for almost 10 years. But after I moved in Suwanee, the price change a lot, first year so high so I had to go to "scotts service". Last year is super good prices, so I came back. But this year is a joke. I called about Month...

Trugreen - Pennsylvania / Cancel Service and Billed

justrippedoff on 2012-11-09
We used TruGreen lawn service and cancelled by telephone due to total dissatisfaction and the outrageous application price (even though we thought we would give them a try). During the initial call to cancel our service, we were offered a 10 discount to continue service. At that time, it...

Trugreen / Misinformation & unfair refund policy

Begonet on 2012-09-25
On 7/12/12 I requested a refund for the unused portion of my prepaid lawn care and tree & shrub care that was made to several credit cards with Trugreen (7980 Kentucky Dr. Florence KY 41042-2915). I told the agent I would prefer a check rather then a credit card reimbursement as one of the...

TruGreen Chemlawn - New York, Niskayuna / Lying about service

unhappy in Niskayuna on 2012-08-16
I have used them for the past few years and my lawn has a lot of weeds. I see them come up and put their yellow signs up, but the following week I still have weeds. I call them and I am told they will send someone out to look at it. When you call them back nobody knows who came out. They...

TruGreen Lawn & Fertilization Service - Georgia, Columbus / will not return overpayment

Lon Gammage on 2012-07-05
I paid them twice in May due to their online payment system. Unable to reach them by phone for days. They put you on hold for 15 or 20 minutes then disconnect. They have two 800 numbers on website, one for.customers, the other for new service, which they answer immediately but cannot...

Trugreen - Georgia, Loganville / Fraud

stocks2210 on 2012-06-19
Scam. I paid up front for 6 months of lawn service with a free shrub service included if I paid in full. My credit card was charged the full amount including the shrub service. They were to knock on the door. It did not happen. They have had my money for over a month and I cannot get it...

Trugreen / For the money I spent I feel pretty ripped off

Dirole on 2012-05-23
The primary reason I started with Trugreen was to rid my lawn of weeds and have thick healthy grass. The specialist left notes in my door saying he sprayed weeds one time and that the crab grass would shortly die out...the rest of the applications he fertilized. I steadily watched my weed...

TruGreen / Service Master - Texas, Lewisville / If you're thinking about working here or working here READ!!!!

Former TG Employee on 2012-04-27
This company NOT only lies to the customers, but they also lie TO and ABOUT their employees to cover their own illegal actions towards both the consumer and the employee. I used to work there, and they treat everyone like they're slaves!!! If you want to keep your sanity by all mean...

TruGreen Chemlawn - Illinois, Berwyn / illegal business practices

Poppysmate on 2012-04-05
April 5 2012 In March 2012 I called TruGreen Chemlawn and spoke to a customer service representative regarding non-contractual service they applied and automatically deducted from my bank. I was scammed in a similar fashion last year and ended up paying for the entire year. The had my...

Trugreen / Clueless Salesman

skbcharlotte on 2012-03-20
I can say that TruGreen did help my lawn at one point but within 3-4 months of treatment the grass eventually looked like a patches of light and dark green grass. Unfortunately I allowed the salesman to convince me to use a grass blend. (wrong decision) When I complained about the way the...

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