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SunTrust Complaints & Reviews

Sun Trust Bank - North Carolina, Raleigh / Treatment by your staff

Reviewer39226 on 2015-11-10
For over 3 years, I have been using this branch for the business that I manage. I have 3 separate income based rental HUD properties for Seniors. That computes to a security deposit account as well as a rental account for each. I also pay my own personal car payment to Sun Trust. A little...

Sun Trust Bank - Maryland, Bowie / Account Paid Off, Lien Not Transferred

Reviewer77411 on 2015-09-12
As outlined in the information below, our account with Sun Trust Bank was paid off in May of 2015. The title to our vehicle was to be transferred to "Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PFCU) in the month of May 2015, that has not happened to date. I have on numerous occasions called and talked...

Suntrust Mortgage / Escrow miscalculation

John567 on 2015-06-09
My previous insurance company made more than one mistakes calculating the escrow for my mortgage. One time they under calculated the escrow for taxes after I paid (i always paid early) the bill and applied the over payment to the principle, which I never got refunded from the escrow and...

Sun Trust Bank - Florida, Port Orange / Opening a Checking Account for me and after taking a $5,500 CASH deposit from me froze my account the same day

FuriousHH on 2014-10-27
OK..here it goes...I have been a victim of major identity theft to the point where I couldn't answer one single question about myself while trying to do my annual credit report. I was at the end of a law suit and needed a bank account to put the money in and fast as it came to an end...

Suntrust Bank / Mistreatment of employees

EX-Suntrust Teller on 2014-10-14
SunTrust really sucks. They misrepresent the job when they interview people, In at least one branch, racism is rampant towards non black employees. Complaints to the HR department only result in the matter being covered up and not dealt with. Eventually they fire most people for reason...

SunTrustBank / Excessive fees

Reginald Gardner on 2014-05-26
I have had an account with Suntrust for a number of years for a number of years ( at least 7). When I first opened my account there were no monthly service fee. A couple of years ago I started getting negative balances when my account was hit with a non consistent service charge. On thi...

SunTrust / Unfair banking

Joanna Samford on 2014-01-30
Over the last 2 years suntrust has implemented A program that maximizes their NSF fees. Customers are getting ripped off because checks Are not paid in the order they recieved an example I had a certain amount of money over 1000 in my checking I bought a few small charges some less than 5...

SunTrust / Unfair NSF fees

Joanna Samford on 2014-01-30
Suntrust instead of taking the checks as they come in. Uses a program that maximizes the amount of fees they charge. I had a small amount overdrawn in my account I knew after My mortgage cleared I would be assessed a 36 dollar fee. Instead of paying a few small charges that came in first They...

SunTrustBank - Georgia, Atlanta / Excessive Overdraft Fees

Ex-Suntrust Customer on 2013-10-20
I have gotten misleading information about how to cancel my debit card when I attempted to cancel a card due to identity theft, they did not tell me to change the card number and pin number to prevent any unaurhorized transactions, but instead had me change only the card number which meant...

SunTrustBank - Georgia, Atlanta / Fraud

Jenn Cole on 2013-09-10
My son and I deposited a check into my sons checking acct. We were told once the funds post the check was cleared and was good to go. 2 weeks later we find out the check was a scam. At that point my son was contacted by a Timothy Bass, who demanding payment in full or my son and I would go...

SunTrustBank - South Carolina / Inflated Overdraft Fees

cwestwoman on 2013-08-17
I would never recommend Sun Trust Bank to anyone. Their overdraft fees are inflated, excessive and unfair. I had an overdraft of $10.00 and was charged the $36.00 overdraft fee. I am on disability and only get paid monthly. I transferred from another account the $10.00 to cover this. They...

SunTrust - Maryland / outragious balance of overdraft fee

fst61 on 2013-04-14
I closed a account at Suntrust Bank back in 2008.with a 35dollar overdraft fee. I had forgot about it, but planned on paying it off. When I went to my credit union for a car finance loan. I had discovered that my overdraft fee was now over 300 dollars. with no letters from the bank or...

SunTrust Prepaid Visa / 'security information incorrect'

mnmisor on 2013-04-07
Was given three 25.00 cards on April 5th, 2013. Front of card sticker states "Card is active and ready for use, " but I went to site to register it on April 7th and I keep getting the message, "security information incorrect." I can't register, I can't email customer service and...

SunTrust - Florida / Tellers

FATMAN WALKING on 2012-11-02
My Mom is 89 years old and has been going to Suntrust for years...Every time I take her to this bank they have new people...Every month they are all new so they have no idea who my Mom is...She did not bring her ID this time and it was hell...They treated her like she was robbing the bank...

SunTrustBank - North Carolina, Hendersonville / HOME LOAN & CLOSE'N CHECKING

8o8 david on 2012-10-31
I got a conventional home loan cause suntrust said it was better than V.A. HOME LOAN. SHE KNEW I was 100% srevice connected veteran but they wanted more money. after the crash. in 2009 may 1st. I closed my account on my debt. cause they kept take'n money... they did not close it...

Suntrust Mortgage - Virginia, Richmond / Don't respond and cost me money

Juliemine1 on 2012-10-12
I have a short sale with this company. We started in May. My buyers have cash and we had all the paper work in by Aug. We were informed in Sept that we had to start over again because our contract expired. Why because they let it go. No communication no nothing!!! We called and called with no...

Suntrust Mortgage - California / Customer Service - Refi info

When calling to get information on the possibility of refinancing my 1st mortgage (which is underwater) under one of the new government programs, SunTrust has set their phone system up to deter borrowers. After inputting identifying information, I am met with a recording that simply say...

Suntrust Mortgage - North Carolina, Charlotte / Unfair Labor Practices

Vernette Holt on 2012-07-29
Okay, this is complaint is target really against 3 different co conspirators: Suntrust Mortgage, Zenta, and Accenture Credit Services. Here is the interplay: I worked for an "outsource" company by the name of Zenta, that was taken over Jan 1, 2012 by Accenture Credit Services and I wa...

SunTrustBank / Bank Loans

Rock Star on 2012-06-12
A quick note to inform the general public that SunTrust Bank is a snake-in-the-grass banking firm. Had an auto loan with them paid in full and never missed a payment . VG credit rating and when I asked them for a rate quote on a new loan they declined my application with a lame excuse that...

Suntrust Mortgage / They have reported false information since day one to my credit

Tiesso on 2012-05-03
Suntrust is a joke, I have had the unfortunate oppertunity to work with them since my mortage was sold to them by my previous lender. I work in the banking and insurance industry and cannot fathom how they can possibly continue to operate with such evil and sharp tongued representatives. I...

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ID Theft Can Damage Your Future
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