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ScoreSense.com Complaints & Reviews

Scoresense.com / Payment they took out of my account

Reviewer12701 on 2016-02-03
I thought I was getting my credit scores I found out it was not and thought I had cancelled but I guess I was wrong. I found they billed me and I called them and cancelled but they would not give me a refund.I feel they should have given me my money back . I called one day after they...

Scoresense.com / I called and asked the representative why I am unable to see my credit report after paying for membership and $1 for a credit report from transunion.

sugreen on 2016-01-31
I called ScoreSense (888-550-2159)on January 26, 2016 to find out why my account wouldn't let me see my credit report. After holding, the representative said that there was no technical issues that may be affecting the website and that because I told him a fraud alert may be in place, it...

Scoresense / Free credit score

edna dabbs on 2016-01-31
I was looking for jobs online when jobflag said they found a job with dollar tree .General dollar and Freds dollar in my town during the app. this pop up that with out my credit score i wouldn't be able to get the job that i could get a free credit score then said i needed to pay 1.00...

Scoresense.com / I have no Idea

Reviewer93759 on 2016-01-20
I am being billed on a compromised /stolen id credit card that has been canceled but I still see the attempted charges on that old card . I NEVER HEARD OF THIS COMPANY LET ALONE ORDERED ANYTHING FROM THEM. I HAVE CHECKED MY COMPUTER FOR ANY MENTION OF THEM IN EMAIL ETC. JUST IN CASE. THIS COMPANY HAS MANY SUCH COMPLAINTS ONLINE.

Scoresense.com - Colorado, Durango / fraudulant credit card charge

Cynthia King on 2015-12-11
Apparently on Dec. 8 of 2015 ScoreSense took and unauthorized 39.95 from my account. I'm a senior citizen and can't afford this charge every month. It needs to be removed and the money replaced into my account. I will have to take steps to find out more about ScoreSense and get the...

Otl Scoresense - Texas, Dallas / Unauthorized debiting of checking account

ladonna bell on 2015-12-04
ON 9/21/15 REFERENCE #068371 $29.95 (causing overdraft $32.00) ON 10/21/15 REFERENCE #014975 $29.95 ON 11/21/15 REFERENCE $29.95 (charge reversed when I was alerted by bank teller that my account was debited that day by company I'd never knew of)

Scoresense.com - Texas, Texas City / Company has been taking $29.95 from my checking account without my approval from February 2015 up to and including November 2015.

Reviewer81226 on 2015-11-21
To date the company has returned 4 months of the $29.95, and have disapproved the balance. My account number is: 4308089021. I have a confirmation that my case is closed as of November 15, 2015, the cancellation number is 11487855. The account number with ScoreSense.com is 45463673. At...

Scoresense.com / Free cridit report

Terry Cross on 2015-11-11
I went on www.annualcreditreport.com and had to signup for report and put in my credit card for a 30 day trail period, but was charge 7 days later for 39.95. I have call ScoreSense and Experian about this and can't be refunded the money. Try calling Annual report just get recording. Thi...

Scoresense.com / Taking money from my checking account w/o authorization

Peety Ferguson on 2015-11-10
Have had over 7 months of unauthorized withdrawals from my checking account..Called 4-5 times to correct this and cancel it...they refuse to refund over 200.00 dollars ...my email was hacked..had no confirmation or connection with the company ..other than one time free trial...if there is ever a class action suit filed..I'll join it

Scoresense.com / Monthly Membership Fraud

Reviewer19609 on 2015-11-08
On or about November 1, 2015: I requested my free annual credit reports from Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union LLC. on the website, www.annualcreditreport.com. On November 7, 2015: my bank account was charged $39.95 for a membership that I DO NOT WANT!!! There was no opt out option for...

Otl Scoresense.com / Unauthorized credit card charges,I never ordered this or even heard of it.

heather ramian on 2015-11-04
Nov.3, 2015, I'm disabled and on a monthly budget, I noticed some monet missing out of my account $39.95, it was takin out before I could even pay my own bills.so I logged into my account and saw this company that charged me $39.95 and it's pending, I would like a refund in full asap, I...

Scoresense.com - Texas, Dallas / Credit Checker

Diana Samocki on 2015-10-26
This company charged me $39.95 before a trial period ended, which was seven days. Then when I wanted them to log in, I couldn't. They unbeknownst to me knew my mother's middle name, which I've never given them. Then, when I wanted to get a new password they said they would send me an...

Scoresense.com - Utah, West Jordan / Unauthorized charges

Reviewer60244 on 2015-10-09
After a "Free Credit Check ScoreSense continued to make unauthorized charges to my card. They set up a customer account # 48375704 which I never received and did not authorize. The only reason I discovered the charge was the continuing charge appearing on my account. I complained and was given the cancellation # 12108434

Scoresense.com - Texas, Dallas / They've been charging my VISA Card, monthly $39.00.

Richard D.Ogden on 2015-10-02
First of all, I never applied, to do any business transactions, with ScoreSense, as I, also, never allowed them to have the account number, to my VISA Card, via the Internet. Thus, I have no-idea how they managed to gain access to my account. Now, I've already complained to the company...

Scoresense.com / Cancelation!

Reviewer41368 on 2015-09-23
I am not a member but have been getting numerous emails for this Co. I have tried to cancel and be removed from their email list numerous times and I still get the emails! My latest is today, Ref. # x2k6XOMYtkeo. Please remove my name and email address from your list. If I get 1 more email...

Scoresense.com / Taking money from my account after I call and cancel after the free trail

Amparo Abeyta on 2015-09-19
I sign up for the FREE trail and 4 days into I decided that it wasn't worth the 29.99 I call the number and cancel, I thought it was done right. Wrong a year later I was looking into my amex statement and boy was I surprised to see that they have been charging every month why I didn't check...

Scoresense.com / Lack of service, inaccessible website, can't cancell by phone.

Smellarat on 2015-08-29
I started subscribing to scoresense.com months ago. I have almost never been able to access the website. They keep billing me for a service I can't get through to. Also, I understand that if I do cancell, the cancellation is immediate even though I may have just been charged for another...

Scoresense / Predatory and deceptive

Reviewer87630 on 2015-08-26
After foolishly using this service I called to cancel in 7 days and was assured by the customer service agent that the service was cancelled and I would not be billed. I was billed automatically anyway. The explanation was that I had signed up at 1pm and my call in 7days was at 7pm so they...

Scoresense.com - Texas, Dallas / Money taken out of bank account

Yvonne Williamson on 2015-08-25
Had a credit report 5-13-2014 for $1.oo. Never went on his site again. Did not understand that I would be paying $29.95 a month. I am an elderly person and have been ill for the past year. On a limited budget, so I would have never paid this site did each month. This certainly seems like...

Scoresense.com / Took money out of my account even after cancellation

Lori Goodloe on 2015-08-18
I made a note on the calendar to cancel the trial with Scoresense. The day I called to cancel the cs representative couldn't find any information on me at all. He asked me everything but my hair color. Because of this he assured me that I no longer had an account as there was no information...

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