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All Vending Machine Locators
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Europcar / rental car
Customer abuse
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product not sent
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Sky Go Courier Services, UK
Fake Courier Website
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The Best PC Doctor
"The Best PC Doctor" - It is a total scam.

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Customer service - Working at a fast food restaurant [Comment in Complaint]
Why did the chicken cross the road?...
InternetModeling.com - Scam Artists [Comment in Complaint]
Why don't you call it what it is? Internet prostitution. Models may azz. Cam whores....
Google email - Hacked account [Comment in Complaint]
Why is your avatar female David?...
Contour Adjustable Beds - uncomfortable bed [Comment in Complaint]
"She sighed the contract that had a 5 day cancellation from the date of purchase." That is all....
FedEx - misdelivered package [Comment in Complaint]
You are not entitled to a refund of shipping fees....
Elected Idiot - Hickenlooper Blooper [Comment in Complaint]
Why would he consider another man a sex symbol in the first place? Joe garcia isn't all that. not even half that. Is there a gaylord in the closet?...


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