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Scotts Puppy Palace
Sick puppy..Lied and denied
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Activity Superstore
Simply ridiculous
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Concord Law school
Unjust JD program
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Orbest Investments
Pm: u7777777 (Orbest investments ltd)
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Defamation of my character

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Member since Jan 10, 2012
Wassamatta, Mississippi
United States
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GS Maher Properties Inc - Told me to go live in a box! [Comment in Complaint]
WOW!!! there's no way I would have rented to you either - want to bring your own hottub?!?!?! here's some advice get over it! move on! look for some place that will accept your hottub or since you supposedly make the $$ - hire an agent!!!...
Topix.com - This site irresponsibly allows people to bully, defame, harass and cyber stalk others without any consequences [Comment in Complaint]
slander is a prosecutable offence - have you sought legal help...
LG Electronics - LG Refridgerator [Comment in Complaint]
Juan will be there to fix it between 8:30am and 3:00pm...
Quibids.com - I lost each time I bid [Comment in Complaint]
question: why on earth would anyone ANYONE!!! pay for the right to bid on crap?!!! that should have been your first clue as to what a scam it is!!!...
21st Mortgage - They need to be shut down [Comment in Complaint]
welcome to the new improved American Dream how could you possibly think about taking an interest bearing only loan out on your house? next step will be the box if you don't get this under control seek legal help immediately...
GS Maher Properties Inc - Told me to go live in a box! [Comment in Complaint]
it's probably why you're still a RENTER!!!...
Travelocity - Employees giving me false information [Comment in Complaint]
we have no many connects to ignore you response was made to department that uses the coupon may rahmadigalish protect you puppies...
thecokecanguysignaol.com - Scammed for $93 [Comment in Complaint]
bah-ahahahahahah can you send me $93.00 ???...
Sundance Vacations - Cancellation [Comment in Complaint]
bah-ha-ha why on earth would any sensible person purchase a time-shre/vacation-share? you don't own property you have no equity you will NEVER resell for original value it costs more $$ than a normal vacation to a location that isn't restricted to their "areas"...
MMA FOREX [Answer in Questions]
how it works is see, you send them a bank acount # see and they call you to tell you if you won then they ask for all your credit card numbers and if you won they send you a $5 starbucks card...
interpol check [Answer in Questions]
if you can't afford that try your local corner $5 hooker...
Sundance Vacations - Cancellation [Comment in Complaint]
you bought a timeshare! hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha ahahahahah ahahahhaha hahahahah ahahahhaa...
Grocery Direct Savings - Don't believe these bustards! [Comment in Complaint]
KFC - Managers [Comment in Complaint]
wish you could speak and type english...
job aply - the we only ask me if i was 16, i said no then it said i don't qualify cuase of my age and im 24 years of age [Comment in Complaint]
ahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahh ahahahahahhahaha hahahahahahahahah...
Frank Jones - Never use this con artist! [Comment in Complaint]
Southern United Financial - Scam [Comment in Complaint]
giao tran - Deduct money from checking account without reason [Comment in Complaint]
it's for that transsexual porn site you signed up for...
Cronin Finance - I haven’t got my loan so far and a refund as welll [Comment in Complaint]
except Takkyer is responsible...
Harrison Career Institute - This school is scam [Comment in Complaint]
They poses themselves as a good remedial classes from middle school is probably where you want to start...
Investco Investments - Ripped off by a loan company [Comment in Complaint]
hahahahahahhahah you sent 'deposit' $$ via western union you got ripped off waited this long and now complain hahahahahahha...
Peter Humblias - Personal Injury Case Success [Comment in Complaint]
another self promoting sales pitch by a desperate lawyer...
Ash Lawn Capital Trust - If you encounter this company call police straight away [Comment in Complaint]
yeppers seeing more and more of these all over the internet question you should ask yourself: why are YOU PAYING to get a loan? you pay interest on the back side of the loan NOT TO GET A LOAN...
Where I can buy Chinese items [Answer in Questions]
buy from chinese many happy endings dress shop I touch you down there...
Adesote Boluwatife Cole - Avoid him [Comment in Complaint]
hahahahahahahha could you send me one? i'll pay ya' next week sometime, partial and set up a payment plan as well......


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