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1. (0 mins ago)
Brainstorm USA
Take 3/4 of the salary
2. (10 mins ago)
Fraud-money stolen
3. (19 mins ago)
over charge
4. (21 mins ago)
Bravado Media
They Hired people Who are looking for a Job. They never process their employment and do not pay them. They should be exposed
5. (35 mins ago)
Plenty Of Fish
Fraud and cheating

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Warrington, Pennsylvania
United States
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Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Los Cabos - Misrepresentation [Comment in Complaint]
It is not worth it...
pueblo bonito black diamond - really read the fine print [Comment in Complaint]
They are a bit slick; Are you saying that once you banked week, you only had 1 year to use it; Our issue was a bit different, but I can say that other then the maint, fee reimbursement, there are no savings on the trips as compared with what you can get online; The last minute deals may be good, not sure on that...
pueblo bonito black diamond - really read the fine print [Comment in Complaint]
So, they offer you the ability to spend money up front, pay more than you should, then if you get the Best Price guarantee, that money gets banked into the ability to again spend more than needed...
pueblo bonito black diamond - membership issues [New Complaint]
They take your credit info, stall until your 30 days is up, then make it hard to cancel. I have not seen any savings you could not get with Hotwire, etc...


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