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Lynda S
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Charleston, West Virginia
United States
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Reebok Easy Tone Shoes - Shoes only last 4 weeks [Comment in Complaint]
UPDATE: I emailed Reebok about the shoe deflation problem but never heard back from them (3 months ago). I decided to take them back to the store, without a box or receipt to see what they said. The store (Shoe Carnival) replaced them no questions asked. The manager told me he wasn't aware of any deflation problems when he authorized a swap but the cashier said she had heard a lot of bad thin...
Reebok - Easy Tone Ball deflated after four months [Comment in Complaint]
Same thing happened with me. My left shoe is completely flat. Minimal wear, minimal use. I see no holes. The soles are still in good shape and from what I'm reading, Reebok is not being very proactive in dealing with this issue....
Reebok Easy Tone Shoes - Shoes only last 4 weeks [Comment in Complaint]
Same problem. 3+ months of casual wear, minimal "walking" and my left shoe is completely flat. Sole is still fine though. Unless Reebok does something to rectify this, I will not buy from them again. Shoe has been very comfortable otherwise....


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