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Fantasia Home Parties Rep Profile

Fantasia Home Parties Rep
Member since Oct 1, 2010
Gadsden, Alabama
United States
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Brown Bag Parties - Unethical Business Practices [Comment in Complaint]
I had thought about going with BBP, but chose Fantasia Home Parties instead! I haven't had a problem with Fantasia! I love it! My toys look great and it's not expensive! We are all in the same type of business and in all the companies there is the few that are not in it for the romance! I personally chose Fantasia just by looking at the sites! I spoke with a few Fantasia reps and the mem...
Passion Parties - Rip off [Comment in Complaint]
Well let me start out by saying that I am a Fantasia Home Parties rep from Gadsden, AL! I have been to a Passion Parties party and our rep was awesome! She answered all our questions and EVERYONE got what they ordered! She only ran my card for what I owed, nothing more! I also take offense to being called "uneducated because I sell vibrators!" I am using this business to make an addition...
Ripped off [Comment in Discussion]
curiousity what was the email address for this Cody?...

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