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Life Smart Infared Heater
E1 faults
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They post and charge for completely different prices
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uk departmentsignlive.com
how to claim the prize amount
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unauthorized payments
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My Perfect Resume
site did not meet expectations set by site advertising, no reply when refund requested

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Julie Mazick
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Lexington, Missouri
United States
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T Mobile - Billing [Comment in Complaint]
I have never seen a company rip off customers behind their back as much as TMobile!!! I cring each time I open my bill and see what is added on this time for no reason. My response is always "this was a promotional that you agreed to". I DID NOT!!! I feel like I am an ant taking on Godzilla! How do you fight such a big corporation??????? They always have their excuses and reasons and my ...
Tmobile - Terrible experience [Comment in Complaint]
Very unethical company!!! Beware!!! I had the same thing happen to me...
Tmobile - REBATE SCAM [Comment in Complaint]
The same thing has happened to me over and over again!!! I am wanting to get rid of Tmobile so bad, but they have you tied to them with the disconnect fees at $200 per line and we have 7 lines. I feel trapped and very violated. They are not to be trusted!...
Tmobile - won't return money [Comment in Complaint]
AMEN!!! Very dishonest company!!!...
Tmobile - misleading and telling the wrong price on buying a phone, then wouldn't admit it [New Complaint]
I called a tmobile representative to see if I had any upgrades on my account and was told I had some. I then proceeded to have him tell me the different types of phones to choose from and the prices. I ended up choosing 2 and he gave me a total of$126.88. I asked him twice to repeat it and he told me the same price each time. I ordered them and it was done. Then, fast forward a month and I get the...


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