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Senior People Meet - RIP OFF! [Comment in Complaint]
common sense whenever you have a offer that says free trial for 3 days and you in turn give them a credit card you are likely going to be charged the cost of the site for them to manipulate it and a fee to process the order... There are always some processing fee involved in those businesses... You should have sought a free Senior site... I am sure there are many of them there...Instead, without w...
Bio Extenze - unauthorized charge [Comment in Complaint]
another sucker has been caught by the hook of consumer fraud...we are all like fish out water, some dummer than others...BBB folks, BBB...I reiterate, BBB......
International Award Advisors - !!!!!!SCAM!!!!!! [Comment in Complaint]
you can not be that slow...the first few words, you won millions in a jackpot, would have given it away...didn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out...and that is why our country is so easily fooled by these scam artist..because we as americans have to sit back and think about it before we have concluded that it was a scam in the beginning...come on...an education is a terrible thing t...
Villa del Palmar - Fraud and misrepresentations with timeshare purchase [Comment in Complaint]
I have to agree with Dawniette...and another important tid bit of information, don't be an impulsive shopper... Because it sounds good doesn't mean it is...lesson learned....
Ford F-150 - inferior transmission [Comment in Complaint]
well, first of all you didn't purchase the car brand new..maybe new to you, but brand new, no...for someone who is so security conscious you would think you would have check the warranty periodically to assure you were up to date with coverage...anyone that tells me that they are security conscious and their warranty expired 8 mths prior to the incident, then you are not...don't blame it...
instantdegrees.com - false university address [Comment in Complaint]
Maricon and others who bought their degrees, please let me know where you found yours cause I am interested as well...bbromery@gmail.com...thanks...
instantdegrees.com - false university address [Comment in Complaint]
Miker2 and those who have bought their degrees, I totally support your thoughts..I personally didn't finish College, but I have succeeded through hard work which has allowed me to prevail, financially and systematically (I learned the system)..I have been in corporate america for over 25 years and have learned a lot more without a degree than with one...I always call it common and street sens...
I just realized that there is no legitimate way to make a lot of money with these so called at home business opportunities. You never know what businesses are a SCAM and which ones are not. It's such a shame that these businesses pray on innocent people like you and I....

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Tricks of the Trade: Car Dealers
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