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Paraco Gas

800 Westchester Avenue S604
Rye Brook
New York
United States - 10573

Customer Support Phone Numbers

1 888 323 1985 0 0
Paraco South Headquarters
2526 Plantation Center Drive, Suite A
Matthews, NC 28105
Phone: +1 704 321 5558
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Paraco Gas Complaints & Reviews

Paraco Gas - New York, Wingdale / Prices are to high and they are rude

Virginia Wittenberg on 2016-03-18
To who it may concern I work all the time I live in a studio and I keep my thermostat on the lowest level I don't see how my bill can be 200.00 dollars for a studio apartment When the 1. Bedroom apartment next to me pays 200.00 Remember I work a lot and I keep the thermostat low The people...

Paraco Gas - New York, Bay Shore / Delivery Service

Gertrude I on 2016-02-04
1/23/16 Inv#880911 The Bayshore Office of Paraco Gas is deplorable. I ran out of cooking gas on the night of the blizzard. The bottled gas for cooking as well as a 100lb tank for heating are on automatic delivery. On Mon I called for a delivery and was told make sure to clear a path to...

Paraco Gas / Awful customer service

unhappyagain on 2014-12-29
Given that I am new to the fuel of Propane gas and delivery, Paraco got to be the worst of them all. We closed on out new place Nov 10th, just before the heating season. I opened my account with Paraco the day the closing date was set, paid my first bill within days and then waited. I...

Paraco Gas - New York, Brewster / Horrible service

Paracosucks on 2013-05-28
This company is horrible. We ran out of gas in the middle of the winter and it took them four days to come out. Not only that but since our tanks were empty we needed to be home when they came to fill the tanks and we were promised a phone call. They did not call when they delivered and we...

Paraco Gas - Connecticut / Terrible Service

captaineclectic on 2012-11-10
Propane companies are notorious for dubious service, lack of price transparency and general overall unreliability. We thought we'd avoided those issues when we selected Paraco as our propane provider, but after hurricane Sandy, it appears that they've set an entirely new low bar...

Paraco Gas - New York / Tank Pick-up

On Dec. 22, 2011 I called our Paraco local office to let them know that I had switched companies because of their ridiculous high price, and told them to please send a truck to pick up their tank. As of March 21, 2012 they still have not sent anyone to pick up. I explained that I was not...

Paraco Gas - New York, Saugerties / Horrible Customer Service

spackle on 2011-11-30
I used to deal with a local mom & pop service for my propane heating called "Dependable". Sadly they went out of business and were swallowed up by Paraco Gas. The women in the Paraco Saugerties office (and they are all women) are some of the coldest, nastiest and in some cases the most...

Paraco Gas - Pennsylvania, Factoryville / service

B HHall on 2011-11-10
I ordered propane and signed contract with this company on Oct 31st 2011, I was told I would recieve tank and propane Thurs or Fri Nov 3rd. I stayed home and waited, they were no shows, so I called the Dalton, PA office spoke with Karen, she informed me it would be next Thurs 10 clock, and...

Paraco Gas - New York / Poor terrible customer service

Johnson family on 2011-01-12
I called this company after moving to the fish kill, Ny area wanting to set up fuel delivery. They put me on hold for 20 min, then hung up. They can't answer phones properly even when you want to buy what they are selling. I went elsewhere.

Paraco Gas Company - New Jersey, Woodbine / Poor Service

momof4kids on 2011-01-10
I received a gas delivery in early December. I didn't receive a bill. I emailed the company and requested a bill-- no response. I called on the 17th 2 times - the first I left a message, later in the day, I called again and talked with a representative, who answers the phone. She said...

Paraco Gas - New York / Horrible Service and Rude

I haved lived in Westchester for over 7 years. Moved to a house with propane gas 4 years ago. Paraco was the provider of service and also the tanks. They never show up on time, we have run out of gas numerous times even after calling a week in advance for a fill up. When you call them if...

Paraco Gas / Awful service

Nataly on
When we built our home back in 2005, our builder recommended a propane company named Blue Flame Gas. We had them install a propane tank and supply our propane from that point forward. I did find out until 4/1/09 that Blue Flame Gas was bought out by Paraco Gas in November, 2008. Up until thi...

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