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OCWEN Complaints & Reviews

Ocwen Loan Servicing / Mrtg ripoff

screw reversal on 2016-04-01
ocwen loan servicing inc. has screwed us for the last time... i just found out yesterday that for some unknown reason they have kept my 2015 and 2016 mrtg pymts made in a "suspense" acct and cannot even answer why my pymts have not been applied to our acut they say they will "investigate"...

Ocwen Loan Servicing / Refund of escrow

Hi my name is Tina Dellinger my aunt passed away oct 28 2015. I then paid the mortgage off with my money. Out of my bank account. 4 people signed papers stating a vested interest in the property. when a foreclosure was in process their attorney sent papers to Kay Ann Sleeger, Gloria Seitz, Candy...

Ocwen Bank - Florida, West Palm Beach / Mortgage

Reviewer69441 on 2016-01-26
I have been an excellent customer, paying my mortgage promptly for 15 years. I have repeatedly asked for a modification and was denied request because I was NOT LATE with payments. Finally became late because of chronic illness. Submitted and resubmitted papers, spoke for months with your...

Ocwen - Illinois, Carol Stream / Mortgage

Reviewer76464 on 2015-12-04
Hi.. I have 2 properties and both mortgages were sold to Ocwen over the last 4 years. This is the worst company ever! they do not process payments correctly, however, their errors are always in their favor. I work in Accounting and yet, have trouble figuring out what they do with my...

Ocwen Mortgage Company - Illinois, Chicago / final payoff quote

jdgjr on 2015-11-07
i had done a msam modification four years ago and was told 19, 000 was being forgiven if i kept the modification for four years. upon the final monthly payment that i attempted to bring my account current within the grace period, they informed me that they would not take the payment...

Ocwen Servicing, Llc / Signing me up for Total Protect Service Plan - OPT Service Charge

Reviewer55543 on 2015-10-28
My home mortgage is now with OCWEN, (probably the 4th company who has bought the paper over the years). I am not late on my mortgage nor have I been. I noticed this charge on my statement in April but did nothing about it. I thought the charge was for my flood insurance because of the way...

Ocwen Bank / Payments not received,foreclosure threats,Not keeping appt's.to discuss, Changing pymts balance every other day.

Sylvia Booth on 2015-09-30
Ocwen gives different contact every time I call. Every different contact gives different balances, different story. Threatening foreclosure with no time to respond. We had a house fire the same week as diagnosed with Cancer. We lost a lot of important papers, mortgage file most...

Ocwen Mortgage - Florida, West Palm Beach / Stealing Our Mortgage Payments!

kgard1000 on 2015-05-05
Ocwen Mortgage has stolen thousands of dollars of Mortgage Payments. We paid using Western Union, so I switched payment methods using US Postal Money orders. They took $18, 500.00 in house payments just for 2013. I'm going to push for criminal charges. Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Mortgage...

Ocwen - New York, Stony Point / transfer of Servicing to Nationstar

Rocco Pompa on 2015-04-20
I received a letter from Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC stating that the servicing of my current mortgage was being transferred to Nationstar MortgageLLC. Is there any course of action available to me preventing this from happening? From what I read I'm going from a terrible Mortgage...

Ocwen/altisource / forclosure sale

lone ranger 1957 on 2015-01-07
I filed Bankruptcy chapter 13th 12-29-14 .Foreclosure date was 12-30-14. I contacted Ocwen 12-30 early morning before foreclosure sale and told Ocwen banck. rep regarding filing and gave him all info regarding filing location and no; he stated that he had uploaded all the info and that...

Ocwen Servicing / Heloc - California, Gilroy / Servicing failures & mistreatment

B L S on 2014-10-23
OCWEN has failed to properly service my loan from the time they took over servicing from MSDW in 2012. From day ONE they have had problems and have failed to acknowledge the errors in a timely manner. They have falsely applied charges to my account and have not properly adjusted the...

Ocwen Bank - Florida, Doral / escrow

Mgaloppi on 2014-08-13
For the last 7 month since ocwen took One west loans my escrow has gone up, I change insurance company to lower insurance cost from 5, 100.00 to 2600.00 like it was before, ocwen never update their files and I called for various months to fix the problem they said you will received a...

Ocwen Loan Servicing / Their Refusal to property title mortgage as a trust

Carolyn SilasSams on 2014-08-13
This is my second complaint in four months regarding Ocwen Mortgage’s mishandling of the above referenced mortgage/property.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /> When my mom passed on 11/11/2006, not only did I become the (instant) Trustee of the...

Ocwen Llc / incompetence and lack of honesty

Michele Akkerman on 2014-07-31
My loan was sold to Ocwen, which is not a mortgage company but a debt collecting agency. I never had a problem until this March when I received an Escrow Analysis Statement, dated March 6, 2014, showing a shortage of $308.05. I mailed the shortage on April 1 in order to keep my mortgage...

Ocwen / Worst ever!

ocwenblows on 2014-06-25
Ocwen mortgage is the most ridiculous shameful company out there. These guys have outsourced their entire operations to India, where the poor employees there are not allowed to make any decisions and cannot deviate from their script. No decisions, nothing gets done. Meanwhile stateside...

Ocwen - Florida, West Palm Beach / Lies and inaction

betty13 on 2014-06-24
Last March 2013, I contacted my mortgage to start the deed-in-lieu process. Ocwen stated at that time they would assist in in the process. Over the next few months, I completed and the paper work they instructed me to and sent in a total of 3 times. Both in fax and email – I have the...

Ocwen Financial - New York, FLORIDA / Ocwen’s systemic misconduct at every stage of the mortgage servicing process.

JDHICKLEN on 2014-06-20
My loan servicing rights have been sold to many a companies in a 20 year period, but now this service truly is the single worst. I tend to think and have found online proof of their deceptive practices and ways of lying to you! And i am no racist but they mosrly speak hardly any english...

Ocwen Loan Servicing - Indiana, Greenwood / Not submitting Homeowner Insurance Premium

INgreenwood on 2014-06-16
Since my mortgage was sold by Litton Loan to OCWEN Financial, I have encountered 3 instances where OCWEN failed to submit premium payments for the homeowner insurance on my home. The standard excuse being that they did not have current address information to submit the premium. I made sure...

Ocwen Loan Servicing, Llc / Overbilling

RRosales on 2014-05-28
This company has given me nothing but problems. For the last 5 months they have charged me other fees which no one can explain, you can never speak with anyone locally it is always out of the country. I am tired of having to pay other fees that no one can explain and the government wont do anything to help the consumer!!!

Ocwen - Florida, West Palm Beach / Escrow Refund

Ross R on 2014-05-22
On April 7, 2014, I refinanced and Ocwen was paid off on April 7. It is May 22 and I am still waiting for refund of $1, 507.11 from my escrow account. I get different stories each time I call: The check was mailed, then when I called to advise check never received, they said they would...

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