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MyLife Complaints & Reviews

MyLife.com - California, Los Angeles / Unauthorized Credit Card Charges

k9momo on 2016-04-19
I thought I would try it for the introductory offer of $9.99 but changed my mind the same day and called and canceled my membership. Now I have a charge for $119 on my visa. I called about it and was put on hold for 30 minutes while they looked for "a recording of the call that I made". I...

Mylife - California, Los Angeles / Fraudulent billing

mia193 on 2016-03-11
Avoid this company at all costs! This is a scam! For a detailed account of my issue with this company, please visit www.yeagerm193.wordpress.com. I am a blogger, so they messed with the wrong person as I will let the public know details about this company through my writing. In short, they...

My Life.com - Indiana, Hobart / My name age search exposing my age

Reviewer11219 on 2016-03-04
When you type my name in a browser this is how I am exposed. I have filed complaints with MY Life through email yet they continue to expose this information publicly. Previously it did not include my maiden name but this week it does. I have to find a job in the future and I certainly do...

Mylife / Unauthorized use of my information.

Reviewer36241 on 2016-02-01
I found out this site has information on me such as my name, current and former addresses, names of my friends and family members. I never would give my personal info to this company for others to see and used. I am a victim of identity thief, case currently in court, this site may be...

MyLife.com / Identity theft-refusing to take personal information off of website unless i pay a fee

Reviewer49950 on 2016-01-31
I have been a victim of identity theft. I contacted customer service at my life who told me they would take my information off the website but several months later it is still there. Upon contacting them again I was told I would have to pay a fee to have my information taken off their...

MyLife.com / Internet Security website

Tea Tree on 2016-01-14
DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT USING THIS SERVICE! I should have read these other reviews before I tried to sign up for this company. There was a strange issue with my credit card company seeing two charges at the same time from them, and they rejected it. I spoke to the credit card people...

Mylife - California, Los Angeles / Horrible website!

Zed on 2015-12-15
This website should be removed from the Internet. The person that operates this site is a real scammer. He always posts things about other people on the net. He just posts everything he wants. But if you want those ridiculous posts to be removed you need to pay for it. Well, I paid him and...

MyLife.com / Supposed background check ability: RELATED TO INSTANT CHECKMATE.COM OCTOPUS UMBRELLA SITE!!!

Reviewer40091 on 2015-11-27
They collect information, supposedly charge only $1 for week trial period, then force you to pay to delete infomration on your page, see YOUR OWN background information, much less anyone else's, that is promised to be 6 month's free access...AVOID THIS FRONT, AS IT IS CONNECTED TO...

My Life.com / Extortion through emails

Reviewer34950 on 2015-11-25
I get up to 5 emails a day from these people. I called their 800 number and asked them to remove me from their list. Instead I have been getting even more. I have to pay them to remove it? I have kept all emails for evidence and I have phone records proving I attempt to make contact to get them off my back. Scammers. I'm up for a suit.

Mylife.com, Inc / Why is what they are doing not illegal?

Reviewer36620 on 2015-11-24
How can this company collect and/or steal information including PII and post to their website and then force people to pay money to get it off the internet and ask them to score themselves. I looked myself up and they have me affiliated with all kinds of people that are not affiliated with...

Mylife.com, Inc / Can't control their own data/put their head in the sand

Reviewer57026 on 2015-09-26
Called August 2015 to have my personal data removed. Told it was removed from Mylife and received a confirmation number. Three weeks later I performed a yahoo search and the first result is a my data from Mylife cached. Important fact is Yahoo reports the cached paged as 3 weeks after...

Mylife.com, Inc / Unethical company sharing private info publicly. Will only delete if you pay!

Reviewer32167 on 2015-08-23
This company is committing extortion. Stealing any information from other online sources, which are meant to be private to sell to stalkers. They also make their money by making you pay monthly to keep your own information hidden. If you don't pay they will expose it! How is this legal or...

Www.mylife.com / FRAUD

David Barvo on 2015-05-13
Why are the guys at www.myLife.com not in prison yet for scamming people's identity? I will contribute fund to any person(s) who can join to make sure that criminal Jeffery CEO of MYLife.com is arrested and charged for FRAUD, SCAM, DECEPTION and Identity theft.

MyLife.com / lies

p2da3 on 2015-03-14
I was spammed by 6 emails from this company. When I went to do research on them to see if they were legitimate, their website said they were A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau. I checked bbb.org and they have NO rating at all for them. Lies, all Lies!

MyLife.com / FREE trial

Feeling pissed off on 2015-02-26
Suppose to be signed up for FREE & DAY TRIAL, you can cancel any time. Had it for about 4 hours tried to cancel, had to call to cancel . They tried to say I signed up for 24 months at 94 dollars. Who would do that. insisted on full refund tried to tell me the best they could do was partial...

MyLife.com - California, Los Angeles / Extortion Tactics

NoThankQ [user banned] on 2014-11-28
These extortionists threaten me several times a day via email. They write to say that unless I agree to pay for a membership with them, they are going to be releasing my private information to the public. I have repeatedly contacted them through their "unsubscribe" button which doe...

MyLife.com / Unable to Subscribe

Frustrated Customer ! on 2014-11-18
I was recently charged for my subscription to Reunion.com. When I went online to cancel the subscription, I found that Reunion.com and MyLife.com had merged. I was not able to find a means to unsubscribe on the MyLife.com site so I called the Customer Service number provided. After...

MyLife.com / Charging me to remove my information

LilSooze on 2014-11-05
I called this company to remove my online information and to remove all photos they obtained from other sources. When I tried to remove myself online, this company tried to force me to give them my credit card number and pay to remove my information. They then asked if I had a Facebook...

Mylife - Pennsylvania, Lock Haven / getting email that says i am a member and that my private info has been exposed

nothappy77 on 2014-10-27
I have been getting emails that states that my private info has been exposed. I have never signed up to be a member of mylife.com. Very unhappy they have info on me. They also state that I have people looking for me and also that I need to complete my searches for certain people. I have...

MyLife.com / Unethical practices

el5512 on 2014-08-01
I want to have my photo and incorrect information removed from mylife.com site. I don't know how they have the right to use your photo's (a very old and private photo) without permission. When I ask them to remove it they say you have to sign up and give my information to become...

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