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Mozilla Complaints & Reviews

Mozilla / Firefox

eataforeskin on 2016-05-09
brand new hard drives. installed firefox and then installed kaspersky total right behind it. firefox would not let me connect to comcast mail afterward. i'm about to s**t in a box and mail it to mozilla just so they can compare my t**d to their browser. firefox used to be the way to...

Mozilla Firefox / yahoo mail

Connie R. Williamson on 2016-04-05
SECURE CONNECTION FAILED is the message I now get every time I try to access my mail on Yahoo. I contacted Yahoo, no solution. I tried to contact FIREFOX, guess what? SECURE CONNECTION FAILED. Has been weeks with no connection...unless i go to another isp...voila i get my mail immediately. MOZILLA...

Mozilla Firefox / Screwed Up My Computer Royally!

jpegs on 2016-03-15
Yesterday I got a message in the lower right corner of my screen stating that "Firefox appears to be running slow" (or something like that. It suggested that I Refresh Firefox to solve my problems. So I did. After all, Firefox would do anything that would destroy everything I'd worked...

Mozilla / Firefox

Reviewer57949 on 2016-01-12
I deeply resent some arrogant mozilla developer deciding that I must have the navagation bar present at all times and that I cannot customize it off the screen. While I concede that removing items from view complicates browser skill levels needed, it is my preference and ought to be my...

Mozilla Firefox Browser - New York, Brooklyn / browser old version and 42.0

Reviewer51494 on 2015-12-05
I'm also having the problem w/ excessive pop-ups in spite of having on the pop-up blocker. (I noticed this complaint at least as far back as 2006 on this site. Why are we using this rotten product? I usually use Chrome, but recently have been using FireFox because of particular bookmarks I have there & b/c I do like some of MFF's features. No more.

Mozilla Firefox Browser - New York, Brooklyn / Firefox 42.0 SLOW - FREZES the entire computer

Reviewer35208 on 2015-12-05
1st the piece of crap MFF installed a constant popUp telling me to upgrade; it slowed my computer & froze it at times. After 6 wks of dealing w/ that, I gave in & upgraded it. Now my computer is at least 10 times slower & it freezes abt every 3-5 minutes. I see on this site that MFF has always had these problems; It is worthless!

Mozilla Firefox - California, Mountain View / Content started disappearing

Reviewer53514 on 2015-11-30
I had just about given up on FireFox. I had downloaded a competitor and was using it, but it was very slow. I was willing to tolerate routine crashes, for speed. Then something very strange happened. Content started disappearing from FaceBook. I was ready to blame FaceBook, till I...

Mozilla Firefox / Internet Service

midnite75 on 2015-10-30
I don't know what the problem/problems are with Firefox!, but ever since i started using it(i have to use if for sky go as google no longer supports sky go, )otherwise i wouldn't use Firefox at all, it keeps on freezing resulting in me constantly needing to refresh the page. this is so...

Mozilla / Firefox Latest Upgrade

Gary Hipp on 2015-10-03
Your decision to make the new tab button show "top sites" or whatever took away the option I prefer. I don't need suggestions, top sites or any uninvited information. All of my favorite sites are easily accessable. What I want is for the new tab to show My Yahoo page where I get local new...

Firefox / Yahoo

Reviewer61029 on 2015-09-23
I can no longer set my own homepage or use my preferred search engine because Yahoo continually replaces both. Every time I reopen Firefox it goes to a Yahoo search page even though I have set my homepage as a different website. I keep going to settings to change my default search engine...

Mozilla Firefox - Colorado, Aspen / Your dumbass service

Reviewer50038 on 2015-09-18
Hi there, I am a university student studying psychology and I don't know if you know, but we read a lot and my school in particular leaves so much homework I feel like I'm in Korea. Generally, I am a calm, gentle person. I used to believe in second, third, fourth or even fifth...

Firefox / New update which stops browser functioning

sjanewton on 2015-07-07
This past few days I cannot access the internet through Firefox. ''An error occurred during a connection to www.btopenzone.com:8443. SSL received a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman key in Server Key Exchange handshake message. (Error code: ssl_error_weak_server_ephemeral_dh_key...

Mozilla Firefox - Florida, Bradenton / Ruined my PC

Skyler Kisellus on 2015-06-19
When I first successfully downloaded Firefox, a bunch of malware scanners just kept popping up on my screen and desktop. When I tried to remove them, more just kept on popping up. IT WAS SO ANNOYING!!! Then when I tried to go on a certain website, It wouldn't let me do anything! I...

Mozilla Firefox / multiple complaints

loriell on 2015-05-06
I'm tired of dealing with the program freezing, or not responding, not able to click on anything, shutting down in the middle of something, the whole thing is crap, Unfortunately, we are stuck with it, which sucks, because if we could, we would totally get rid of mozilla firefox, Its a bad egg!

Mozilla Firefox / unwanted pop up

Val Adams on 2015-03-28
cursor moving over a page, browser pop up ' your computer has been selected to participate in survey'- that is not how it works, folks- first, you ASK ME IF I WISH TO PARTICIPATE. on top of recent 3 to 5 shut downs per session plus all the ads interspersed in every article I try...

Mozilla Firefox / speed

annoyed143 on 2014-12-11
The latest Mozilla Browser update said it was the fastest yet. Does that include all the (not responding) written on my tab at the top left? Seriously, I have been a user of Mozilla Firefox for close to 6 years now, it isn't getting faster or better, its getting buggy, slower, and not...

Mozilla Firefox Browser; Google Chrome Browser / absolutely WORTHLESS installation stubs

jcbernier on 2014-09-16
I want to install the FREE Google Chrome browser (or Free Mozilla Firefox Browser) onto a machine that currently has NO browser. How can you expect me to do this, when all I can get from you and save to my flash drive is some worthless stub (I DID mention that the target computer currently...

Firefox - West Virginia, Berkeley Springs / Damages my PC

Lydia Jenkinson on 2014-09-14
FireFox is THE WORST browser ever. Chrome doesn't open half the time forcing me to find a new browser, internet explore is soooooooooooooooooooo slow and that jst left me with firefox. Firefox instantly downloaded (without permission and I HAVE READ THE AGREEMENTS) at least fourty...

Firefox - Ontario, Toronto / what happen to realibility

Ernest Ouimet on 2014-09-13
Warning to all do not upgrade the latest improvement is backwards. In one hour 4 crashes, no more video player, so slow that tree gum in December runs faster down the tree and then you will have script issues, and the list goes on. Need to role back to 27 and be happy now to try and find one without bugs in it. It is better than 32.

Firefox Mozilla / Fascism

Rita Samuels on 2014-04-07
Dear FF: Today I deleted my Firefox account. Why? Well, when a company goes on a witch hunt and fires someone for a bogus reason, then it's time to select another web browser. The PR people making the TV talk show rounds are not right - the CEO who supported his beliefs about...

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