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MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
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MetroPCS Wireless, Inc.
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MetroPCS Complaints & Reviews

MetroPCS - New York, Glendale / Rebate denied

nanny05 on 2016-04-09
Opened acct for cell phone and was to be given 2 free phones but store had none but I was told if I purchased a phone there was a special with $50 rebate the phone was $169 and I had to take the $60 plan for one month to qualify which I did. I just got notice that I am not getting rebate...

MetroPCS - California, Stockton / Two phones

0000055555 on 2016-02-05
don't go to this store johanaM the store manager will lie to you and tell you your phone is broke to get you to by a new phone, I went to his store I told him my phone would not get my metro he told me I I need a new phone and will be able to get my metro I ask if I by the phone and...

Father Inc./MetroPCS - Arizona, Phoenix / 7813 n 19th ave, Phoenix, Az 85021

Reviewer44669 on 2016-01-30
I WALKED IN WITH MY WIFE TO METRO WE SPOKE WITH A LADY NAMED BELEN SHE was to suppose upgrade my phone to the 20$ zte obsidian plus 15 fee and play my 40$ phone bill she tried convincing me into a bundle asking how much would I pay for it out the door she the proceded to take 80$ cash in...

Metro Pcs - Washington, Tacoma / Cell phone rebate

Reviewer17022 on 2016-01-26
my name is Valeriebananas Valerie since 2014bananas Valerie since 2014in between 2014 through 2015 in between 2014 - 2015 I purchase a number of for phone for Metro in between 2014 - 2015 I purchase a number of for phone for Metro PCI never lose no calls their service is great but I have...

Metro Pcs - Texas, Duncanville / Everything

Reviewer93894 on 2015-11-21
So I bought a new phone which they charged me $27.00 to activate only to tell me"Sorry this device is still active on another account we can't use it", they refused to give me a refund on the activation charge! F****RS! Then, I tried buying a new phone in the store but they said...

Metro Pcs - South Carolina, Orangeburg / Payroll Issues

Leigh Browne on 2015-11-20
I am a former employee that has not been paid. I voluntarily dismissed myself from my sales associate position because I was the only employee that did not get paid. I have been waiting two weeks for my check to arrive. I have not had any correspondence from anyone in a corporate position.

Metro Pcs - Texas, Richardson, Texas / Phone Service

kingpin2013 on 2015-11-20
I bought a Metro PCS phone with the one month service plan of $45. I didn't pay for the next month due to financial reasons. I thought this was a month to month plan after disconnection you can pay again for services for that month. They called and asked for two months payment after I had...

MetroPCS - Florida, Miami Beach / Samsung Galaxy Avant

Collier Krystyna on 2015-10-24
please see complaints with bob.org Ref.66-15000232-91344989 15-4100 incident date: around Sept 2015 and afterwards The "software download crushed my phone around Sept 20, 2015, Five hours (all night from 11 pm to 5 am) spent with Samsung manager/Michael /staML1024, ref: 2138700542, and...

MetroPCS / Cant pay with debit card online

Cindy Culler on 2015-09-30
I switched to Metropcs on August 19, 2015...worst decision ever!!! I paid for and activated my new Metropcs phone with my debit card. When it comes time to pay for September, on Saturday, the 19th.I couldn't get them to accept my debit card on their website (mind you there was over 500.00...

Metropcs Inc / Strange phone calls and emails

Reviewer15383 on 2015-09-18
I started to get different emails and phone calls from the company Metropcs Inc. Some of the emails and messages were empty and no text. When they phoned, there sounded music and it looked very suspicious and strange for me. I found the details of this company and already contacted them...

Metro Pcs - Massachusetts, Bourne / My phone and account was stolen and put in someone elses name

Reviewer65847 on 2015-09-17
I opened an account with my wife with metro PCS on January 24, 2014, I let my step daughter use it since she has mental issues. I have since found out that the account has been switched out of my wife’s name and into my step daughter’s name without our consent. There has also been high security...

MetroPCS / Rude, unprofessional, broke my phone, did not finish job and charged me full price

Soraya77 on 2015-08-20
On 8/8/15, I took my iPhone5 to have the screen replaced as well as the back of the phone as they were both cracked. The spanish/white/chubby guy in the front advised me that it will get fixed (tried to take my money up front $95 plus tax) and advised me that the technician was off on...

Metropcs.com - New York, bronx / Not able to log on app and steering clients to Gmail

Trently on 2015-06-14
Your app is very difficult to download secondly you are steering people to have a g-mail account. That should not be we should be able to choose what email account we want. Secondly when you call your customer service no one answers it just send us to download an app. It is difficult to...

MetroPCS - California, Los Angeles / metropcs fraud

metropcs fraud on 2015-06-13
I purchased a phone plan (standalone, no device) at night from Metro PCS store - 5555 E Stearns St Long Beach, CA 90815, of which the manager is named Jose. Before I made payment I was very clear on specific features I wanted and confirmed with them several times, but the sales lied just to...

Metro Pcs - Pennsylvania, Philadelphia / My Mega cellphone

Stevie W. Rogers on 2015-06-12
My name is Stevie W. Rogers. I brought a Metro pcs Mega cellphone for $750. The phone works great since i had it and my family member drop it on the ground and the screen crack, so i send the phone in for repair and they told that they don't make that model anymore and they give...

Metro Pcs - Texas, Fort Worth / cell phone rebate.

Breauchez Friar on 2015-03-05
I bought a new phone from this company Metro PCS in April 2014 and was told I would receive my rebate in about a month or so. To this day March 5th 2015 I have not received anything from this company. I called the rebate number today and the recorder informed me I was sent a check June...

Metro Pcs / Did not receive rebate

To whom it may concern: i purchased a smartphone and upgraded my connection to $40 around november 8 - 12, 2014 from an authorized metro pcs dealer (136 - 86 roosevelt avenue, flushing, ny) . I was entitled to a $90 rebate at time. The salesperson said he would handle this for me and that...

MetroPCS / prepaid phone

Anonymous136 on 2014-12-07
Lawsuit against MetroPCS maybe can get refund this way. That web page http://www.tidrick.com/MetroPCS-Espanol/ It say Demanda colectiva contra MetroPCS por incumplimiento de contrato, las prácticas comerciales desleales, y la falsa y engañosa publicidad. El bufete de abogado...

MetroPCS - Georgia, McDonough / customer service

Cassandra Taylor on 2014-12-03
I went into the MetroPCS on Monday December 1, 2014 for the BOGO free deal to get phones, I left with 2 phones and I get home going thru the tutorial and the one phone wasn't working, mind you they close at 7:00 pm and its around 6:30 so the sales lady who sold me the phones, stated...

Metro Pcs / Unauthorized debits from account

N'Diva on 2014-12-01
I ordered a cell phone online from MetroPCS.com. They debited my debit/checking account for the correct amount of $104.94--and then DID IT AGAIN TWICE four days later. The unauthorized debits to my account total $209.88 and they are taking their sweet time to return my money. Both Zaire...

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