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Massage Envy Complaints & Reviews

Massage Envy - California, Union City / Management/customer service at Massage Envy, U.C.

Reyna Sabio on 2016-05-24
I have been a long time customer and have only experienced the worst customer services for the last year and a half, under the management of Manny. My massages are always great provided by E.C. and Lula however the office staff can use a class on talking to a customer and knowing when as a...

Massage Envy North Wales, PA - Pennsylvania, North Wales / Rash after Massage

Michele Haytko on 2015-08-11
I had a gifted prenatal massage (1h). I arrived at 6:15, 15 minutes before my appointment as instructed and didn't leave until 7:40, due to the sales pitch after. However, my massage was only 50 minutes; it began at 6:35 and ended at 7:25. While this was an annoyance, it was nothing...

Massage Envy / terrible massage

Miami, F on 2015-01-21
I’m going to keep it short. Whomever you make an appointment with at Massage Envy at The Falls; you better make sure it is NOT with Ana Marie (or Ana Maria). She has absolutely NO idea what she’s doing; all she did was bathing me in lotion. She rushed through everything; she...

Massage Envy / deceptive

tunadody on 2014-11-21
I singed up for the yearly contract :( please be careful !When you call to book your next session, they make it within less than 30 days and charge you extra claiming that you asked for extra session ! Their costumer service are helpfulness and their answer is sorry we can not help you ! I...

Massage Envy / Displaced Rib

D Flanagan on 2014-10-28
The day after my massage my back was really hurting. It got to the point where it hurt to breathe. I was screaming in excruciating pain until I could get tot he Dr. Turned out my masseuse displaced a rib. I was on 3 medication, Percocet, Flexural, and Napraxen. After a week it popped back...

Massage Envy / Very misleading and unsatisfied

customer (unsatisfied) on 2014-10-13
I have a few complaints about this company. First, I had the first available appointment one morning. No one showed up for an hour to let me and the massage therapist into the location. Then a few months later I was out of work and on disability. I tried putting the account on hold or...

Massage Envy Spa / Overcharged for 8 mos,

cellogal on 2014-10-11
I added a second adult from my household to my Massage Envy account. The posted rate for this was $39.95 per month for the second person from the same household. Because this second account was charged to a different credit card, I did not notice the over-billing for 8 months. Regardle...

Massage Envy / horrific acusations- horrific service

Massage Envy- really? on 2014-09-08
booked a 90 minute massage with Denise. During that time she spent 30 minutes practicing stretches and telling me to ignore my MD advice about my back. She also said I should book another appt. right away. I called today (2 days later) and cancelled the appointment and spoke with the...

Massage Envy / Raising Prices Drastically

longdrive on 2014-07-17
My wife and I joined Massage Envy a couple of years ago and for the most part have had a good experience. Early on they would cancel on me with short notice and never offer me any sort of compensation. Those issues have gone away, but it has become very clear to me that this company is all...

Massage Envy - California, San Jose / Be aware

Deceit- Be Aware on 2014-07-01
I purchased $180.00 in gift cards to be used as business gifts and my own personal use. After the first use of the Gift Card, the Manager (Herah) and Owner (Aditi) at the Blossom Hill location in San Jose, California did not honor their agreements or terms of the policies. They refused to...

Massage Envy Eugene Oregon - Oregon, Eugene / Stole my credits, No openings, Don't return calls

Complaint against the Eugene Oregon Valley River Store: Horrible customer service and rude. I was a member for quite some time but cancelled as they hardly ever have openings and won't return calls. After i cancelled i had several credits but could not get in to use them and so...

Massage Envy Spa - Ohio, Maumee / Fraudulent Business Practices

tehya on 2014-02-06
I received a gift card to Massage Envy including gratuity. I called to book appt. several days in advance. Advised a credit card would be required to guarantee booking time. I declined having read the negative reviews posted. I provided my name, address and telephone number and made the...

Massage Envy - Texas, Fort Worth / Hiring Process

UndisclosedTX on 2013-12-03
After 4 hours of an unpaid lecture (orientation) inside the clinic, several online training programs (again unpaid, ) 3 hands-on practicals, and verbal/written confirmation that I have been hired. They send an email (not a phone call) stating that I did not meet their criteria during the 3...

Massage Envy Casa Linda / Disability discrimination

5bd on 2013-11-18
My husband is a recent amputee due to an accident. He lost his left leg. We wanted to go get massages together to relax after everything he'd been through the last two months. I called to ask if they had any issues with massaging an amputee and was told over the phone that...

Massage Envy - Florida, Pompano Beach, Florida / FRAUD, THEFT, Con Game

InspectNet on 2013-09-21
I was given $160. Gift Certificate by Son. I went to Pompano Beach Store location and had ONE 90 minute massage. I asked for receipt showing Credit for next massage. They refused! They have been contacted to correct mistake . . . They refuse! I have copy of original Gift and amount is shown...

Massge Envy - Nevada, Las Vegas / termination

andrea w on 2013-09-15
Was fired because I wanted to work another job!! And they would not let me tweak my schedule, I have been there for almost a year and a half!! Another LMT HOLLERED in front of front desk that she would quit job if she could afford it, and she was only pulled in to the office!!What'...

Massage Envy - Georgia, Cumming / Appt. Ripoff

James Vines on 2013-08-19
In Feb. I purchased a $100 gift card from MASSAGE ENVY. Now they want a credit card to hold for your appt. Understandable! However, after the appt., they want to hold your card in their system which could be seen or used by anyone there. They told my wife she could come in at 8 or 9am and...

Massage Envy - Florida / Denied copies of medical records generated

PastorLMT on 2013-06-13
Denial based on Clinic Administrator's claim they weren't a medical clinic, the information was confidential and I signed a non-compete/confidential agreement (which clearly states it is governed by the state laws of Florida.) State laws mandate copies of records held by owner to...

Massage Envy - Florida, Port Orange / Discrimination

david the therapist on 2013-03-21
I was a Massage therapist with Massage Envy. I became the subject of Age and Sex discrimination and became a subject to various techniques to get rid of me. I was terminated for expressing myself (as allowed by my first amendment ) regarding my stand on second amendment rights and the discussion of the use of Zoloft by subjects doing mass killings.

Massage Envy - Texas, Garland / AGE DISCRIMINATION

knewton64 on 2013-02-25
Here is in part a complaint letter I have sent to this location of Massage Envy: (per my 2 hr 1st time visitor massage treatment on Sat Febr 23rd 2013) - 1) FAR LEFT HAND SIDE OF THE DESK FRONT DESK REP/RECEPTION AREA REPS MADE NOT ONE BUT T-W-O HIGHLY OFFENSIVE REMARKS TO ME ABOUT MY AGE...

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