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PO Box 6785
West Palm Beach
United States - 33405-6785

Customer Support Phone Numbers

+1 800 624 4252 1 1
+1 561 594 9925 1 0
+1 561 749 2255 0 0
+1 844 866 2442(Billing Inquires - Within the US or Canada) 0 0
+1 561 594 9925(Billing Inquires - Outside the US or Canada) 1 0
+1 561 586 2328 0 0
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magicJack Complaints & Reviews

MagicJack / Fraud

Jerry Panza on 2016-05-07
i keep getting calls from a ny number 6465881773, they say they are from microsoft and that i have a problem with my ms windows, they try to get info from me the caller id shows a ny number 6465881773 and when that number is called a recording states that the magic sack customer is not...

MagicJack / Fraud

cynthia wesley on 2016-03-19
I received a call with a majicjack number 262-359-9969 whom told me they worked with Microsoft and had to fix the program I had purchased. Which I did purchase a program from Microsoft. I allowed this individual onto my computer and he hacked it. This individual wanted money from me $1...

MagicJack / Internet Phone

Reviewer93550 on 2016-02-02
I have had Magic Jack for about 5 yrs., without much success. The first two years, I used it as my main phone. It dropped calls constantly and the audio was terrible. Finally, I went back to my former phone company and kept the MJ for overseas calls. In Oct. 2015, my contract was up and I...

MagicJack - New York, New York / (716) 616-9882 doing scam

Reviewer58194 on 2015-11-11
This phone number (716) 616-9882 registered with magic jack and doing scam with bank information and home utilities bill please report this person to police and stop this magic jack device (716) 616-9882 this device are operating from india or bangladash

MagicJack - Nebraska, Omaha / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer75563 on 2015-10-09
Everyday I received phone calls from Magic Jack (1-954)353-3944 Ft. Lauderdale Florida. When I answer, they hang up. I called the number back that called me and it states the mail box is full and you can't leave a message. I emailed Magic Jack and a CHAT line came up to type. I explained...

MagicJack / Fraud

Reviewer16811 on 2015-09-16
I placed an order approximately 2 days ago for five years term restart my magic jack telephone number 613-800-2101 which I received confirmation for this event. I tried to use my magic jack will without success. I called magicJack for support only to find they wanted another $300 fix the...

MagicJack / Con activity

Reviewer15445 on 2015-09-01
On Wednesday Sept 29, A man from this # 215-550-5902 called me from N.Y. City and was acting and sounding like my Son, He told me he was in Jail and needed money to get out and that he had a car accident and he was crying and begging to borrow some money He had help another man claiming to...

MagicJack - Indiana, Indianapolis / billing

catfish56 on 2015-02-22
I have had my magicjack for 3-4 years and usually do not have problems renewing my subscritptions. This year however, I have and continue to not only not recieve responses back from mj. But, they in return keep sending me vm's asking me to renew my phone number when upon renewing my...

MagicJack - Wisconsin, Birchwood / abuse

mary campion on 2015-01-14
For the past 10 years I have been getting annomynous phone calls. They do not hang up. They tie up my phone. this happens anywhere from 1 to 20 times a day for nearly 10 years. I know Magic Jack is involved in this scam. They will not help when I call. I have gone to my telephone provider...

MagicJack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Money not transferred

Mark Will on 2014-12-22
I bought prepaid minutes and applied it to my magic jack app and was using it on my cell phone. I upgraded my cell phone and retained the same phone number but when I tried to use the magic jack app. it said that there was no available funds and that I would have to purchase prepaid...

MagicJack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Para recomendarlo

Claudio Murillo on 2014-12-20
Los MagicJacks funcionan perfectamente. Actuamente resido en Costa Rica. Mantengo Mi MagicJack acå, para comunicarme con Parientes y Amigos en USA. No he tenido ningun problema. Es increible, Su eficiencia. Los que se quejan, es porque no estån familiarizados con el aparatito...

MagicJack - Texas, Dallas / Product doesn't work as advertised

CharlesLeggette on 2014-12-06
I bought the new MagicJack USB pluggable VOIP system from Best Buy and installed it on home computer. I am a very savy IT guy. Immediately I noticed that calls were going to the MJ Voice Mail system, even though no one had been on our phone. They advertise caller ID, but its a lie. The...

MagicJack / Suspension of services without any reason

Rashim Yadav on 2014-10-11
I have used magic jack for 2 or more years now and this past 2 months I have had much difficulty. My services of magic jack have been suspended without even intimating me. When I called the magic Jack Customer Care Team asking why my services have been suspended they people are telling me...

MagicJack - New York, Nyack / Bad Service and Poor Quality

Accioli on 2014-09-04
I have had MagicJack for many years and accepted the poor quality of the service because it was at the beginning of a new product thriving on the market and offering a cheap service. However, they have increased the prices but not the quality of their services. I had my device with a...

MagicJack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Poor Quality

LaPaz on 2014-09-01
I have used magic jack for 4 or more years now and this past 8 months I have had much difficulty with making calls. I tend to hear most of the time the person well but I seem to come in to them choppy hearing every other word and long delays. I use to use skype prior to magic jack and...

MagicJack / Not working

I have used magic jack for two years. I have read many of the complaints. The best way to fight magic jack is in the courts. If more people would file a complaint for fraud agains mj they would not hold your money with their system did not work. They can't afford that many lawyer...

MagicJack / holding back number porting

matt304 on 2014-08-09
They charge yearly for number porting when it should be a one time charge. Never contacted me when I was up for renewal they just shut the line down. Magic jack wants you to supply them with a auto renewal. When I dropped the service they are holding back my number which I ported over to...

MagicJack / Fraud and CC data

interspec on 2014-02-01
We recently purchased a magic Jack plus however about 2 weeks after we bought we checked credit card there website is infected and our CC data has been stolen this is effecting thousands of people and magicjack want to keep it quiet your data stored at magicjack has been hacked and i...

MagicJack / Love it

HonorisRightLiesleft on 2013-12-03
MagicJack owner, just received a email about how bad magicJack works. my story :Saw one on sell, saw you did not have to look into your computer I have a flaky computer and things like this sometimes make it lock -up IE :printer, USB keyboard and didn't buy one before because you had...

MagicJack / Money not transferred

fightfraud79 on 2013-09-27
Misleading and Falsification of Various information I had purchase a magic jack unit back in 2010 with a five(5) year subscription. This unit had to be plugged into a working computer. In 2012 I purchased the new MagicJack plus that no longer needed a working computer and plugged directly...

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