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magicJack Complaints & Reviews

Magic Jack / Internet Phone

Reviewer93550 on 2016-02-02
I have had Magic Jack for about 5 yrs., without much success. The first two years, I used it as my main phone. It dropped calls constantly and the audio was terrible. Finally, I went back to my former phone company and kept the MJ for overseas calls. In Oct. 2015, my contract was up and I...

Magic Jack - New York, New York / (716) 616-9882 doing scam

Reviewer58194 on 2015-11-11
This phone number (716) 616-9882 registered with magic jack and doing scam with bank information and home utilities bill please report this person to police and stop this magic jack device (716) 616-9882 this device are operating from india or bangladash

Magic Jack - Nebraska, Omaha / Unethical Behaviour

Reviewer75563 on 2015-10-09
Everyday I received phone calls from Magic Jack (1-954)353-3944 Ft. Lauderdale Florida. When I answer, they hang up. I called the number back that called me and it states the mail box is full and you can't leave a message. I emailed Magic Jack and a CHAT line came up to type. I explained...

Magic Jack - Wisconsin, Birchwood / abuse

mary campion on 2015-01-14
For the past 10 years I have been getting annomynous phone calls. They do not hang up. They tie up my phone. this happens anywhere from 1 to 20 times a day for nearly 10 years. I know Magic Jack is involved in this scam. They will not help when I call. I have gone to my telephone provider...

Magic Jack Plus / Suspension of services without any reason

Rashim Yadav on 2014-10-11
I have used magic jack for 2 or more years now and this past 2 months I have had much difficulty. My services of magic jack have been suspended without even intimating me. When I called the magic Jack Customer Care Team asking why my services have been suspended they people are telling me...

Magic Jack - Florida, West Palm Beach / Poor Quality

LaPaz on 2014-09-01
I have used magic jack for 4 or more years now and this past 8 months I have had much difficulty with making calls. I tend to hear most of the time the person well but I seem to come in to them choppy hearing every other word and long delays. I use to use skype prior to magic jack and...

Magic Jack / Not working

I have used magic jack for two years. I have read many of the complaints. The best way to fight magic jack is in the courts. If more people would file a complaint for fraud agains mj they would not hold your money with their system did not work. They can't afford that many lawyer...

Magic Jack / Money not transferred

fightfraud79 on 2013-09-27
Misleading and Falsification of Various information I had purchase a magic jack unit back in 2010 with a five(5) year subscription. This unit had to be plugged into a working computer. In 2012 I purchased the new MagicJack plus that no longer needed a working computer and plugged directly...

Magic Jack - Vermont / unreliable and raised fees

The real mountain man on 2013-09-26
Used Majic Jack for One year, many many times calls dropped and dead phone service. Went to renew another year hoping it would get better with time, found out it wasn't a $1.70 month, but $29.99 plus taxes to renew, Then they wanted another 9.99 plus taxes for the use of my own phone...

Magic Jack - North Carolina, Goldsboro / Money was taken, horrible service

Jessica4129 on 2013-09-25
I called to see why there was money taken out of my account for service I didn't have. I've never had a magic jack nor need one... And the lady on phone told me that there was money taken out for magic jack renewel and I didn't see why because I don't have one. When I...

Magic Jack - Florida, West Palm Beach / DOES NOT WORK WITHOUT COMPUTER OR WITH

isubmit Complaint on 2013-09-23
I had an old magic jack in the draw that NEVER work, although I paid for five years of service. The computer program never logged in and no one could solve the problem. And, then the OWNER of magic jack, gave a 30 day trial for the computer less magic jack. I ordered it.. and it did not...

Magic Jack / Piss Poor Customer Service

Magic Jack's customer service stinks!! I am highly disappointed with Magic jack. My problem has not been resolved and I don't think that it will be resolved. Unhappy! Their customer service consist of one lady with an foreign accent who changes her name every time you call...

Magic Jack - Saskatchewan / lack of honesty - integrity

bej1 on 2013-07-26
I purchased a Magic Jack and registered at my CDN address and asked for a CDN tel number. I went to pay with my CIBC Visa and they gave me a US number. After over 2 hours of e-mails and web chats they hung up on me because I disputed having to pay an additional $10.00 number change fee...

Magic Jack - Arizona, Phoenix / dishonest

desertrathole on 2013-06-21
When you purchase the Magic Jack system, there is a lot they never tell you and many fees they never display until you have paid the fees. I would call a number it would go right through and then call back twenty minutes later only to be told that I would have to buy minutes to call thi...

Magic Jack - Alberta / defective

walter mycek on 2013-05-29
My magic jack plus overheats and cuts out after 15 or 20 minutes, when unplugged for 15 or 20 minutes and allowed to cool down it will work again for a short while, I would like it replaced on warranty, but tech support want 40.00, If they plan to stay in business they had better make a...

Magic Jack / Scam - can't call any number

DrJBS on 2013-05-10
MagicJack is a Scam, Fraud, and Unethical company. Stay away. Don’t subscribe to the service. They advertise a customer can call any phone anywhere free in USA or Canada; however, that is a lie. Tucked into Section 4 of the Terms and Conditions gives them the right to block any call...

Magic Jack / Defective Device

Tracy A New York on 2013-05-08
Magic Jack suddenly stopped working. Spent 2 hours troubleshooting online and chatting with technical rep; unable to fix. Representative then advised that device is defective. Offered to replace it for FREE, provided I pay $10 shipping/handling, which I refused. If the device is defective it should be replaced free-of-charge.

Magic Jack / renewed magic jack but not connected

adelberto c. santos on 2013-04-30
Today, April 30, 2013, I renewed my subscription for magic jack service for one year using a visa card. Unfortunately, Magic Jack failed to connect my magic jack phone with No. (818)-582-5475. Upon verification, my visa card has been charged by Magic Jack. The amount charged was US32.29. I...

Magic Jack / ripoff

Glenita on 2013-03-21
You buy this device to make virtually free phone calls via your computer. cost advertised at @19.95 a year. But if you don't use it and want to start again, you have to pay $29.95 plus tax for every year you didn't use it just to catch up. They don't tell you this when you...

Magic Jack - Colorado, Grand Junction / Charges

Arnie Ahkeah on 2013-03-12
I had numerous problems with my device. I couldn't get a hold of anybody on the phone, Finally decided to shut down my service and it cost me $32.00 to get my phone number back from them that I ported over. GOT TAKEN.

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ATM Fraud Costs One Man 24000$
ATM Fraud Costs One Man 24000$
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