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Lincare Complaints & Reviews

Lincare Medical Supplies - Oregon, Portland / Wheelchair not being delivered that was ordered on 7/13/16

Nancy Stang-Haney on Oct 12, 2016
On July 13, 2016 my doctor's office faxed an order for a wheelchair for me. I have contacted them by phone on: 7/26/16 they said turnaround time would be about 5 weeks 8/9/16 Claire started it would be a few more weeks 8/31/16 they needed chart notes from the doctor I then emailed them to...

Lincare - Missouri, Earth City / Customer service/record keeping

princess63116 on Sep 23, 2016
March/April of 2016 I called to get my nebulzar replaced. Lincare said they had no proof of selling me a nebulizar. I could send them a copy of the nebulizar I purchased in 2011. I could not send them that information because it was unavailable at that time. I found the information about...

Lincare - Virginia, Aylett / Customer service failure

PKMack on Sep 8, 2016
Lincare First phone call: June 2016 I called Lincare Richmond to ask how I could get new parts for my CPAP. Who'd moved from Myrtle Beach to VA. A customer rep gave me directions to call Lincare Myrtle Beach and have my files transferred. Mid July 2016 Waited two weeks for return call...

Lincare - Iowa, Davenport / CPAP machine and supplies orders and billing issues

bonniegrenier on Sep 3, 2016
My husband needs supplies regularly. Sometimes they are sent, often not sent. He has to soak his tubing in soapy water and use duct tape and plastic wrap to try to seal leaks and cracks. The billing is a nightmare. Sometimes we get bills for $19 or so, then in the next week we'll get a bill...

Lincare Enteral Services - Virginia, Chantilly / HORRIBLE Customer Service

ParulN on Jul 19, 2016
My twin sons are allergic to dairy and have to take hypoallergenic formula. We had account with Coram. Since Coram is no longer in our insurance network we transferred to Lincare. It has taken us more than 2 months, but the transfer is not done yet. Lincare dietitian took over 5 weeks to...

Lincare - Connecticut, Brookfield / Oxygen Supplier

Marian999 on Jul 6, 2016
DO NOT USE THIS OXYGEN SUPPLIER Please read this and others comments and complaints. Unbelievable incompetent service from a health care provider company when a patient is requiring oxygen therapy. You will try to phone them and should they answer, someone will return your call, never...

Lincare - Georgia, Marietta / Billing, Oxygen Delivery

2ndprimetime on Jul 3, 2016
I am on oxygen 24/7 in the last year Lincare has left me without an air concentrator their office is 10 min from my house because it was 5 o'clock and traffic was bad I would have to wait.Here we are on July 4 weekend no oxygen delivered when I called I was told the delivery driver...

Lincare Oxygen Care - Massachusetts, Danvers / Complete lack of customer support

n47 on Jun 23, 2016
I have never in my entire life experienced such incompetency in a company. My mother is 64 years old and was prescribed oxygen for congestive heart failure. This company repeatedly ignored her phone calls and messages requesting new tanks, never came on the day they were supposed to...

Lincare / Unprofessional service

Tracie Rey on Jun 20, 2016
I was sent home from the Emergency Room on a Sunday afternoon with an oxygen tank and a diagnosis of anemia and hypoxia, was told to call Lincare as soon as I got home and they would be out within 2 hours to assist in use of the tank. I called and got the answering service which took my...

Lincare / Product and Service

LynnBean on Jun 13, 2016
I suffer from Cluster Headaches and Oxygen is the only means of relief known to help them. Cluster Headaches have been documented as the worst pain known to humans. I have used Lincare in the past and they were wonderful. This time around I've been rather disappointed. The first tank of O2...

Lincare - Oklahoma, Guthrie / fraud billing

Stopscaming on May 31, 2016
Was going to get breathing machine and they said Medicare would pay then 30 days later they said $5.00 a month them billed $31.00 I cancelled but they would not come get equipment for 2 months till I threatened to call Medicare. Now 3 years later they turned $31.00 to collection company.

Lincare - Florida, Ocala / Need POC replaced, no response from Lincare

LK Presley on May 25, 2016
I have an O2 concentrator and a portable one. The portable one has been broken for months which keeps me pretty much home bound. I started calling Lincare in February 2016 about getting a different model to replace the one I had. They said they needed it noted in my doctor's notes. I...

Lincare / Response to needed equipment

Lee Farraher on May 9, 2016
I have been with this office for a few yrs now and have run into a problem with service. I am on a concentrator which is doing fine, and a portable tank set up. A month ago the regulator on my portable tank quit working. It leaks the air out of the tank. I told the delivery man a month ago...

Lincare - Oklahoma, Oklahoma City / oxygen

Claudia Lamb on Apr 29, 2016
my husband placed an order for oxygen on wed.april 27th, 2016 to be here on thursday, its now friday night we have called 5 times and finally some one called back at 5:30 pm and said it would have to wait until monday! what are we supposed to do? someone needs to check out this problem, i...

Lincare - New York, Blasdell / Billing

MrsB24 on Apr 29, 2016
This company is the WORST!!! It's very rare that someone answers their phone. Their business hours is until 5pm Eastern, I called multiple times today starting at 4:20pm and it keeps going to voicemail. On my last try, someone picked up, said hello and hung up after I said hello! The few...

Lincare - Pennsylvania, Wyoming / Supplies

Brian Lord on Apr 23, 2016
My husband Brian just got Medicare on Dec. 1, 2015 he called Crystal at the Reading, Pa office to order his supplies when she told him that he needed to see the Respiratory Dr. On March 16, 2016 we seen Dr Mariglio in Wyomissing, Pa He put a request in for a new machine and new supplie...

Lincare - Florida, Clearwater / Lincare has gone from the best to the worst.

Ken330 on Apr 20, 2016
I was receiving some supplies from Lincare for about two years and they never told me that there was a problem with my insurance and that it did not cover all the expenses! I thought that everything was ok until I received a bill and was told that I owe them money! I refused to pay...

Lincare - Massachusetts, West Springfield / CPAP supplies

Patrick Nowlan on Apr 19, 2016
I received a CPAP machine rental from the Lincare office in West Springfield, MA in January 2016. Apparently the local office didn't inform the CPAP supply center that I had changed from nasal pillows to a full face mask as the CPAP suply center sent nasal pillows. In February the hose...

Lincare - Oregon, South Beach / Cpap

Julie Heston on Apr 18, 2016
Today, 4/18/16 will be the eighth week I will be calling lincare about why I still am not getting my cpap supplies despite the fact that an order has been with them since january 2016. Each time I call there is either a reason no RT could come for an interview-"he was fired" or "we will...

Lincare, Chesterfield Twp., MI / CPAP rental service not actually available through this office

AMH73 on Apr 12, 2016
They advertise that they offer CPAP machine repair or rental while your machine is under repair. This is a requirement for DME durable medical equipment suppliers for Medicare contracts. What a joke. 29 days later I still do not have a rental machine, and the excuses are laughable. First I had...

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