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Lincare Complaints & Reviews

Lincare - Pennsylvania, Wyoming / Supplies

Brian Lord on 2016-04-23
My husband Brian just got Medicare on Dec. 1, 2015 he called Crystal at the Reading, Pa office to order his supplies when she told him that he needed to see the Respiratory Dr. On March 16, 2016 we seen Dr Mariglio in Wyomissing, Pa He put a request in for a new machine and new supplie...

Lincare - Florida, Clearwater / Lincare has gone from the best to the worst.

Ken330 on 2016-04-20
I was receiving some supplies from Lincare for about two years and they never told me that there was a problem with my insurance and that it did not cover all the expenses! I thought that everything was ok until I received a bill and was told that I owe them money! I refused to pay...

Lincare - Massachusetts, West Springfield / CPAP supplies

Patrick Nowlan on 2016-04-19
I received a CPAP machine rental from the Lincare office in West Springfield, MA in January 2016. Apparently the local office didn't inform the CPAP supply center that I had changed from nasal pillows to a full face mask as the CPAP suply center sent nasal pillows. In February the hose...

Lincare - Oregon, South Beach / Cpap

Julie Heston on 2016-04-18
Today, 4/18/16 will be the eighth week I will be calling lincare about why I still am not getting my cpap supplies despite the fact that an order has been with them since january 2016. Each time I call there is either a reason no RT could come for an interview-"he was fired" or "we will...

Lincare, Chesterfield Twp., MI / CPAP rental service not actually available through this office

AMH73 on 2016-04-12
They advertise that they offer CPAP machine repair or rental while your machine is under repair. This is a requirement for DME durable medical equipment suppliers for Medicare contracts. What a joke. 29 days later I still do not have a rental machine, and the excuses are laughable. First I had...

Lincare - Georgia, Marietta / Was told I would have to wait for oxygen concentrator

noair on 2016-03-08
Called them on3/7/16 told them my machine was screaming and needed someone to come out and look at it. I was told that someone would be out to look at it. My wife had just past and I had things to do that day pertaining to that, as I was walking out the machine started beeping and stopped...

Lincare - Utah, Richfield / Nebulizer Filters # 1102088

Reviewer56574 on 2016-03-04
I have been waiting for these Filters, since Jan. 27, 2016, , I keep getting the run around about them. They said they have order but keep getting the wrong filter. I have to argue with these people every time. The filters can be order on line. I don't understand these people because...

Lincare - New York, Buffalo / Ridiculously Late Billing

Marc99 on 2016-02-23
Lincare never bothered to tell me that the CPAP supplies I was receiving from them (and that they were billing my insurance company for) weren't covered fully, and continued to send me these supplies for a full year and a half while internally keeping track of them (but not bothering to...

Lincare / No access to supply phone contact

Cheryl12510 on 2016-01-19
I was on hold for over 2 hours on January 18, 2016. . When I finally decided to call it quits and try leaving an order for my medical supplies via their voice mail, the message said the voice mail box was full. I am still unable to get through to order what I need. Desired resolution...

Lincare - California, Exeter / Supplies and Office Help

I purchased a C-Pap machine from your company I believe around 3 years ago from your Visalia California office. At the time I had Anthem Blue Cross Insurance. My insurance company was paying for my machine and supplies. About a year into having my machine I went through several...

Lincare - California, Pleasanton / Delivery driver

Reviewer30520 on 2016-01-03
Date was 12/16/2015, time 2:15- 2:30 pm...Delivery driver was an a** was telling me what I needed for oxygen, finally was able to get some o2 bottles from him but he said that 8 bottles is all I will get for my 2 week stay and he won't be back. My son and I had to carry the bottle...

Lincare / double billing, bad customer service

Reviewer22171 on 2016-01-01
My daughter needed medical equipment NOW. They would not deliver until I paid up front, so of course I did. Two months later I was billed by direct withdraw from my checking with no further services rendered, nor authorization. In trying to get my problem solved I did not receive return...

Lincare - Massachusetts, Chelmsford / Portable concentrator

Dan Sullivan on 2015-12-29
I have called lincare in chelmsford MA six times to check on the status of my portable concentrator. 1st time, my account manager was in a meeting and will call me back. NO CALL 2nd time, she was on the other line and will call me back. NO CALL 3rd time, she was not in that day but I will...

Lincare / Driver in Oklahoma City

Missy Voegeli on 2015-12-21
The driver this morning of your vehicle with license plate Z26781 cut me off twice on the highway almost causing me to wreck both times. When we were stopped at the stop light & I asked him where he learned how to drive and that he almost caused me to wreck twice, he laughed & said your...

Lincare / CPAP Supplies and Billing

RWconner on 2015-12-10
Over the last 3 months I have been having trouble getting my billing correct with Lincare in Lufkin Texas. My wife has went by their office several times to try to correct this problem and it still is happening. I don't know what the problem but I went to American Home Patient on November...

Lincare / Customer service and supplies

Reviewer78985 on 2015-12-05
My husband was put oxygen about 5 or six years ago. At first I was impressed with Lincare and how they did their best for their clients. But in the last year or so that has gone down hill big time. We were told it was because of changes in the Denver are and how they were having with the...

Lincare - Arizona, Apache Junction / False data

FelixPolz on 2015-11-23
Dear Sir: Got a new machine a year ago September 2014 from Lincare. Now I checked with them September 2015. They claim I have not received and mask replacement or C-PAP supplies, because I do not have an RX on file. If this is so, how did I get a new machine last year? Sincerely, Felix...

Lincare / Invoices for returned CPAP equipment

Milena Alexander on 2015-11-21
This is a complain against Lincare Inc. of Spokane, WA that is requesting for 5 months to send payments for a CPAP device that I don't have. During this time, I spoke with several Lincare representatives explaining the history of the CPAP equipment that I had just for one month (in...

Lincare - New York, Latham / Oxygen and CPAP

Reviewer76978 on 2015-11-20
I moved my mother to Delmar, New York from Connecticut. On moving to New York we had to switch to Lincare for her oxygen needs. We were told right away that they only have 2 other people on her system (refillable) so service did not know much about them. That really inspired confidence in...

Lincare - Indiana, Merrillville / CPAP Machine

Reviewer75367 on 2015-11-19
After using my CPAP machine for 11 months they very rudely called to say they want their machine back because Medicare wouldn't pay. After contacting Medicare I found that a claim was never filed. When I called Lincare they said they didn't file because it had not been 5 year...

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