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iPage Complaints & Reviews

iPage - Massachusetts, Burlington / Bank account debiting activity without notifying its customer

Reviewer51855 on 2016-01-08
Today 01/08/2015 I was finally able to talk to a decent guy at the iPage billing who agreed to refund automatic hosting fee of $155.40 out of $189.38. It was not all and refused to refund $33.98 but it helps. I was always calling late afternoon or evening. This nice guy was available...

iPage / Web Hosting

Reviewer78106 on 2016-01-05
This company forces you into auto-pay renewals for their web hosting. Then when the renewal comes, they AUTOMATICALLY charge you for ALL of their services whether you use them or want them. As a result, their minimum $15.95 service will cost you almost $500 when they renew, and you cannot...

iPAGE.com / Service and company

Reviewer16159 on 2015-11-25
I had signed up for a domain name in 2013 for about $12.00. Renewed it the first year, 2014. In 2015, I transferred the contact person and received notice that someone, not the person as contact person, had cancelled the domain name. Since September of this year, I have contacted thi...

iPage / Domain Name Registration / Web Hosting

Reviewer80144 on 2015-10-03
This company's business practices are shady and fraudulent, to say the least. I purchased a 12-month registration of a domain name and the corresponding web hosting services from them on 9/30/14. At that time, I did not set my account to auto-renewal. Fast forward 12 months, and they send...

iPage / Not providing what they told

anoopadvaitha on 2015-06-21
I got mail from them indicating free gmail with signing up to their service. I contacted their customer support to confirm the offer they told its available. I tried registering they held up registration for like two days to verify my identity. After registration I was unable to find the offer I...

iPage / Skanky Phone Practices

BethBeth on 2014-10-30
I am absolutely beside myself. I just paid $40 to these goons for having NOT protected my Web sites from a hacking attack -- for extra "security" -- and did NOT receive the e-mail promised, giving me the phone number for this service so that I could check the status of my cleanup and...

iPAGE.com / No support and no help from the techs

Nocky on 2014-10-27
The company www.ipage.com provided web hosting services, but when I really needed their help, these bastards simply ignored me, but before they promised to provide the services and support at any time. It was only big lie, so be aware and post comments about your experience with them. I...

iPAGE.com / Bad service

suchana aryal on 2014-09-20
i am a user of ipage.com.Meanwhile few days back one of my website went blank without any error and later i found that i lost my whole data without any reason.i tried to contact ipage support so many time but they just make me puzzle by creating support tickets and tickets but my problem...

iPage / won't give money back after cancel account

poor ethics on 2014-03-23
I would never sign up with this company for a web site. i canceled my account a year ago and they only cancelled part of it. The following year I was charged again for two domain names. They said they can't give me back my money, but next year it will be cancelled. so I am paying for something i don't need or want that I cancelled over a year ago

iPAGE.com / my domain and website has been taken by IPAGE

customer45 on 2014-02-18
Hi, I was running a social networking website for more than 5 months. I was hosting with a small company and have started spending huge money on advertising my website . I was touching a huge number of page views and suddenly decided to move my website from the hosting company to IPAGE...

iPage / Fraudulent business practices

LaTonia Rich on 2014-01-06
In November we were informed that we needed to pay our renewal fees for our website. We called with payment information to pay our fees. Today I checked our page and it wasn't there. I was told that it was taken down for nonpayment. Apparently the sales persons charged our account...

iPAGE.com / SCAM!

susanlee123 on 2013-10-09
I cannot even begin to express how much of a "living hell" kind of experience I have had with iPage when I stupidly tried to switch my web hosting to them. Between the gross misrepresentations (ie: lies) and gross incompetence and unbelievable lack of communication between their own...

iPage Web Host / Rip off!

Mkygrl on 2013-03-05
I purchased a complete Website Hosting package from them in January 2013. It was supposed to be for $1.95 a month - well when they got finished adding up all the "extra" services the annual bill came to almost $300.00. Well by that time I was pretty much all in - so I went ahead and...

iPage / charged my Paypal in spite of i ceclared not to renew my subscription

Szilárd Kállai on 2013-02-06
Formerly i was webhosting client of iPage. Since they wanted to dramatically increase my subscription amount i decided to go to an other host. In an e-mail i sent to their support on 24th of January I declared that: "From: Kállai Szilárd, Vitis Aureus Bt. <[deleted]@gmail.com> Date...

iPage / Login Access

Kristin Maxson on 2012-12-21
Ipage has a real problem with their log in and prompt responses. They send a link: http://us-mg6.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.rand=9ogmp1nibj4c6# They have a code which is given to access the promotion When typing this code it, it responds Incorrect code. Please try again. All I can...

iPage / Will not send a refund fro a service they canceled

G Collier on 2012-12-20
This is a reply I sent to an email I received from Ipage. To say that this is an "inconvenience" is saying it lightly. Do you think I paid you $400.00 for 'Custom Website Design Service' as a gift? (Like Merry Christmas?) Where I am from... "It is called THEFT!" (LIKE TO STEAL!...

iPage - Arizona / Fraud

rule13.1 on 2012-11-01
Yesterday, 10/31/12, iPage experienced a complete outage for approximately 60 minutes, both on my websites and theirs, including their control panel, FTP transfers, email, etc. When I called and asked them about it, they denied that they were experiencing any outage and said the issue must...

iPage - Louisiana / theft

Ginger Thacker on 2012-07-07
I was never able to even get into this website I paid for...customer service kept sending me to the same place where you had to log in which I couldn't do because the person who set it up for me could not remember the password! I have since paid for two years for NO SERVICES!!! And...

iPage / Outright Theft

Steer clear of these thieves. They are controlling their web presence both on and off their website. They have created numerous "review" sites on which they give themselves glowing reports. When you sign up for webhosting, the very first thing they do is have you select your domain name...

Ipage Web Hosting / Illegally Charged my Account

sscmiami on 2012-05-15
This company is horrible! They illegally billed my card even after they had confirmed that they would not renew my account, per my request. Since their system defaulted back to auto-renewal, I had to email them on 5/8/2012 to request that they cancel my account which was due for renewal on...

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