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H&R Block Complaints & Reviews

H&R Block / Emerald advance

Norma Heckmann on Nov 21, 2016
I have been a client with h&r block for may years. Every year I go and get my emerald advance to help with Christmas gifts for family and friends. So this year was no different. I went Saturday Nov 19, 2016. All to find out I was denied for the first time ever. It wasn't because of credit...

H&R Block / Unethical behavior from marion tolliver, tax preparer

Jacki Lang on Nov 15, 2016
In March of 2016 I took our taxes in. Marion Tolliver, Pickerington, Ohio completed them. My husband has been a Columbus Fire Fighter for over 20 years. We have never claimed meals. Mr. Tolliver claimed over $3, 367.00 in Fire fighter meals on our taxes. He NEVER asked me for any receipt...

H&R Block / Taxes

Darleen Viera Hernandez on Nov 11, 2016
I went in february 13, 16. Too fill my taxes and Dawn Rogers make 2 mistakes, she put the wrong account number and then in my address she never put my apt num. They send my the money on 26 oct but because if the apt error i never received my money and now they are telling me, that i have...

H&R Block / Incomplete tax file

Ratnadip Paul on Sep 7, 2016
I filed my tax return for 2016 from H&R Block. The file was completed on February 10th 2016 by Charles Brett. Along with filing my tax return, I had applied for ITIN for my wife as well. Office address – 735 SW 185TH, ALOHA, OR, 97006 In May, I received a letter from IRS stating that there...

H & R Block / Tax Service

Pat Aiello on Aug 9, 2016
H & R Block Tax service filed an incorrect return to the IRS and Colorado Department of Revenue For Tax year 2015 for my nephew. When I called it to their attention, they had to file an amended return. The State of Colorado needed additional tax dollars and a penalty was assessed. The...

H&R Block / Tax Prep

Spike Spiegel on Aug 7, 2016
I will try to be brief. I relocated to Michigan for a new job in 2012. I had my taxes filed by Rob Mull at H&R Block's 338 E Lewis, Milan, MI 48160 location. He was recommended to me by family. He successfully filed my 2012 taxes. The issue that I am contacting you about started with my...

H&R Block / Tax Preparation 2015

Ameya82 on Jul 31, 2016
Filed Federal Taxes and State Taxes (DC, VA and MD) with H&R Block for Year 2015. [Married filing Joint] Location: Address: 2607 Columbia Pike, Arlington, VA 22204 Phone:(703) 920-2710 prepared by Danitza Loya, Senior Tax Advisor 5, H&R Block, PTIN: P00275140 The Tax prepare called...

H&R Block / Poor quality of work and lack of communication...

Craig J Cox on Jul 28, 2016
Went in on April 5th 2016 to do my taxes...We agreed to pay with refund. I had also asked for some extra adjustments for previous years. They have been holding my 2015 taxes until my 2010-2014 returns have been adjusted... There is a $20 difference in which I would have to pay hr to get my...

H&R Block / Bad customer service and lies about getting straight away. After getting it done they told me 21 days

David D David on Jul 24, 2016
My best friend is in hospital and got cancer and he is not very well. I wanted go see him in hospital before he passed away. I called H and R block Chirnside Park and asked them if they did tax return straight away and I will get my money. The lady said yes so I want and got my tax return...

H&R Block / Charged by irs for mistake made by block employee-not my mistake!

Mary Thrower on Jun 29, 2016
I had my taxes done by BLOCK NORTH LITTLE ROCK ARKANSAS 4/7/2015 as I usually do and later get a letter from the IRS saying I owe them nearly 1500.00 for 2014 taxes. Well this can't be right because Block did my taxes? I go to them to get the matter taken care of and am told because I...

H&R Block / Worst Tax Service Ever Received

Betty2103 on Jun 23, 2016
February through June of 2016 I submit quarterly taxes. In February I had my taxes prepared in the White Oak office of Silver Spring. They were completely unprofessional and distracted. They answered phone calls while doing my taxes. The Internet was down so they asked people to just wait...

H&R Block / Service paid for but Tax forms never sent in

JaniceV on Jun 13, 2016
I went to have my taxes done with H and R Block in March 2016. A few weeks later I realized I hadn't used a large receipt for my Medical expenses that would have made a huge difference. I went back to the same office and paid for a revision (which I think should be free with the...

H&R Block / Tax Preparation

MaciV on Jun 2, 2016
I went in to file my 2015 taxes in march, the tax prep that helped filed my taxes wrong, i didnt find out till i relized i haven't received my check. I called the irs n they told me they couldn't find my information. Then i re submit it n they tell me it was the wrong way to file. I go...

H&R Block / Unprofessional service

junior stone on May 26, 2016
On april 3 2016 i went to h&r block in california mo patrica showman ptin/po1893996 firm ein/ 431871840 to file mo property tax credit claim. I am mentally disable and rent my home. April 6 2016 it was returned and patrica showman did not include the 3 major things ssi copy, letter...

H&R Block / Employee in Slatersville, RI

Aggravated car shopper!! on May 10, 2016
I am extremely frustrated with how my taxes were prepared!!! An employee from Slatersville, RI did my taxes for me, don't remember exact date. I was told the she would mail them out. I have been checking for refund status on IRS and on RI. I keep getting no record found. Supposedly they...

H and R Block Income Tax / Tax Service/Advice

Dbswim on May 6, 2016
H & R Block Inc., U.S Headquarters 1000 Alameda St. Ste 120 Norman, OK 73071 To Whom It May Concern: We tried to contact H and R block through the Better Business Bureau on April 6, 2016 but did not receive a reply. We are now contacting the CFPB for help with our complaint. We are writing...

H&R Block / Bad tax consultants

ronald eckert on May 3, 2016
Went to one office to make sure I had the correct paperwork for a house sale. There was only on consultant in the office and she stated she knew nothing about real estate. She took my name and number and I was told someone would get back to me in the afternoon. No phone call. The next day...

H&R Block / Tax preparation and service

Mary lasiter on Apr 24, 2016
Went into have our taxes done in feb 2016, it took 2.5 hours for simple taxes.. Went back and picked them up with being told we had a refund coming.We paid $278.00 on feb 20, 2016.. march 10 we recieved a letter from IRS stating we owed $1800.00 due to miscalculation on form 8962 to the 1040...

H&R Block / Basic 1040 Tax Return Fee overcharge of $217.00 dollars

annmarie7 on Apr 21, 2016
April 18, 2016 date of incident April 19, 2016 first call made to resolve problem...ignored April 20, 2016 second call made to resolve problem ..ignored April 21, 2016 filing this complaint H&H Block, Crecent City, florida...office # 08985, Phone # 386-328-3966 I have used H&R Block to...

H&R Block / Refer a Friend

Lisa Couvertier on Apr 18, 2016
I have used HR Block since 2003 to do my taxes and never seem to have any problems however I referred a friend to use HR Block because her previous tax person charged her 300.00 to do a short form. I knew it would be less expensive for her to use HR Block. When I made the appointment for...

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