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H&R Block Complaints & Reviews

H&R Block - Washington, Yakima / Very rude desk personnel

Reviewer99960 on 2016-02-03
Yesterday We went to H&R block brought my friend to file income tax there. And I am a regular client too. I have my 5 y.o with me doing her pee pee dance. But I patiently waited for our turn and asked this "lady" if they have bathroom as my daughter needs to use a potty really bad...

H&R Block / Tax filing cost

nmscat on 2016-02-03
I have used the H&R Block website to do my taxes and file them for the last couple years. I am low income so I receive free filing and they have always offered that. This year when I did my 2015 taxes I had to pay to have them filed. I am very upset about this because I am very low income...

Hrblock - Florida, Pembroke Pines / Tax return

alicia borja on 2016-01-30
Contraté un servicio en Hrblock y además de equivocarse no responden los responsables ni mails ni llamadas. Pagué por el servicio y no lo han cumplido. Luz A. Tellez y Diana Galvis (ninguna de las 2 responden) Tax Advisor 2 Office: 954-680-6839 4693 S University Dr. Davie, FL 33328 Necesito urgente solución. Alicia M. Borja

H&R Block - California, Duarte / 2013 Income Tax prep

Reviewer44206 on 2016-01-16
My wife Jennie and I have been going to H&R Block's Duarte, CA office for the past several years. When we went to file our 2013 taxes in early 2014, we fully expected to file jointly as we had been ever since we were married. When our tax professional, Carita Herring (a very nice lady...

H&R Block - Connecticut, East Hartford / Tax Associates

Reviewer82393 on 2016-01-13
beyond unethical behavior let me just say if people believe that racism only stands within skin tone you are wrong. This office has the absolute worse tax "pro" this man comes off to people walking in that office as if he would be robbed. he will stalk you as you sit he will watch you with...

HR Block - Nebraska, Omaha / The tax preparer RonMaher reffered to us African Americans as niggers

Reviewer84024 on 2016-01-01
On Sunday April 13, 2014 Ron Maher on three occasions referred to us African Americans as niggers as we ere getting our tax prepared at HR Block in Omaha, NE. We were reported the misconduct to HR Block and no actions were taken. In March 2015 we were contacted by HR Block requesting us to get our tax return prepared by Ron Maher again.

Emerald Card Through H&r Block / service fees

Reviewer35202 on 2015-12-11
I have had the emerald card for about 4 years now. come tax season this year I will be throwing away the card. you would think after 3 years of using the card on a daily basis, paychecks, shopping, gas, etc that they would work with you on any atm fees. or at least build a relationship...

H&R Block - Ohio, Akron / Customer Service

Reviewer48310 on 2015-12-10
I walked into H&R Block in Akron Ohio, on alrington road. I signed in and waited to be helped. I sat in the waiting area a good 30 minutes before any employee acknowledged me. When an older gentleman approached the front he asked me if I was waiting to be seen. I answered yes. He yelled...

H&R Block - New York, Middle Island / Peace of mind & and tax help

Reviewer47798 on 2015-11-30
To make a long story short after having H&R Block for years, my wife and I were audited and the H&RBlock in Selden NY which is supposedly a Main! Office did not help us as expected.We always take the peace of mind which is a joke, we had to do all the leg work, download forms, go to the...

HR Block - Michigan, Coldwater / They are liars and false advertise

Sandra Bailey on 2015-11-24
I have been with hr block for over 15 years faithfully. Last year they messed up my taxes by spelling me and my children's names wrong and my husbands was spelled correctly (we all have the same last name). That incident made the government deny our tax return and it took another week...

H&R Block - California, Murrieta / 2014 Tax Preparation - terrible service

Reviewer68570 on 2015-11-24
My husband carries tax debt from a business bankruptcy some years ago. For 2013, our first year married, we filed married but separate to guard against his debt taking my refund. For 2014, we met with a "tax professional" at the Murrieta, CA office of H&R Block (10/13/15) and were advised...

H&R Block / Emerald Advance

HiWayDave on 2015-11-23
Went to get the "Emerald Advance" as I have every year this time since they started it in Angleton, TX HRB office. Brought the usual paperwork, more actually because the company I worked for this year sold out to another hauling company from Indiana so the pay stubs ended in June with one...

H&R Block Canada - Ontario, Mississauga / Tax preparation

Reviewer89725 on 2015-10-16
H&R Block screw up our taxes. We receive a CRA notice of reassessment and have to pay back $300+. H&R Block tell us the following: "Thank you for providing us with a copy of xxxxx’s Processing Review & Notice of Reassessment for her 2014 taxes. We have reviewed the changes made by the...

H&R Block - Texas, Houston / Assigned Tax Advisor was on vacation the day taxes were due

Reviewer89094 on 2015-10-16
I have used H&R Block for the past three years and at this point, I will never use this company again. I was charged $275 for an in-person tax preparation because the employee assigned to my account was on vacation. I was never once notified that my taxes were not going to be submitted on...

Emerald Card Through H&r Block - Ohio, Hamilton / Loooong messages and speed of services

shainaBeth on 2015-07-28
It takes waaaaay to long to check your balance. Theres a commercial. Always the same. Fine once or twice but i do not have time to wait 2 - 3 minutes to get my balance being in customer service myself, and ive heard the message enough that its ingrained into memory so enough already. . ...

H&R Block - Tennessee, Dandridge / Taxes issue

Joseph Reff on 2015-06-26
So, I moved from NYS to Tennessee and have never filed taxes with H&R Block before. Being a "Nationally Recognized" company, I figured what could go wrong. Well plenty did and I have had no resolution. So here goes: My wife and I go into the Dandridge TN H&R Block office to have our taxe...

H&R Block Concord / Service Quality

EWG on 2015-04-14
Wow, what a spiral downhill. H&R Block Oakland had been doing my taxes for 15 years, no real problems, but this year's tax prep... the worse I've ever seen. I'm vowing to just do my own next year. Where do I begin? Well I guess first was the tax preparer who's English...

H&R Block / Wrong Information

smoothkola on 2015-03-17
I usually alternate between H&R Block and Jackson Hewett Tax Service. this year i used H&R. they have my information and things rarely change on my tax forms. This year for some strange reason it only took 15 minutes to prepare my taxes. when i saw my refund i ASKED if i could get a credit...

H&R Block / specials/deals

sheatrick85 on 2015-02-21
I would like to know why people you are trying to get as customers of H&R Block are getting better deals/prices than the people that have been with them for many years. I have gone through H&R Block for about ten years now and keep seeing all these deals for people switching to them but no...

H&R Block / mis filing

Eric Lanagan on 2015-02-19
I waited for my income tax refund to be automatically deposited in my checking account. Imagine my surprise when I received a letter from the IRS stating my refund had been denied because I filed a MI-1040 but failed to file a property tax credit form, MI-1040CR. I had my taxes done at H&R...

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