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H&R Block Complaints & Reviews

H&R block / Case#RES-38531360

Ethel Perkins on Jan 20, 2017
In October, I contacted HR Block for assistance with an inquiry on my 2015 taxes that was filed online with HR Block Premium. I was informed that you cant help me until it becomes an audit. I was unable to gather all the specifics that the Wisconsin Dept of Revenue needed in time as some of...

H&R block / Unethical behavior

ChuckLayton on Jan 17, 2017
I usually do my taxes myself online. Simple 1040A. This year I needed my refund faster so I thought I would let H&R Block do them and just get a refund advance. First let me tell you that $332 is ridiculous! They actually had the nerve to charge me $298 to do my taxes and $34.95 to do a...

H&R block / Tax service in totality

TruthinessAvenger on Jan 11, 2017
So, I'm going to let this all out. Since I may be commenting alot, despite moderators rightly analyzing it for their professional upkeep of this site as a whole, I'm going to say what's happened that I experienced. The mods may realize that I'm not even giving out my real name. It'll also...

H&R block / Unprofessional tax preparer

Kirill Novikov on Jan 11, 2017
I've been trying to re-file my 2014 return with one of H&R Block agents since April 2016 (my case is that of a US citizen filing from abroad). I asked her to check if there had been any mistakes in my 2014 return (it was done by another company and I suspected there could be a...

H&R block / Paid for peace of mind

Tabitha Talley on Jan 11, 2017
Paid for peace of mind, getting anything but! We received a letter in the mail that our taxes for last year were wrong and we owed money. Well we purchased peace of mind but all we are getting is run around and a lot people who don't know what to do. We have made countless trips to the...

H&R block / I have been waiting over a year for H&R Block to complete my taxes

maidinmontana on Jan 10, 2017
Hello, I took 2 years of tax returns into a local office on or around 10/2015. after numerous phone calls and visits to the office I am still waiting to hear from someone about this matter. When I call they put me on hold for long lengths of time and promise to call me back, as they are...

H&R block / They will not give me my money

Rachellesandoval on Jan 9, 2017
My tax professional for best of both did not do her job she did not put my refund on the right account she did not change my address as I asked her to do which I have proof an email my refund was supposed to be issued to my bank on June 2nd but wherever it was issued it was sent back to...

H&R block / Not being refunded for services not provided

Tabitha kammeraad on Jan 2, 2017
I filed my taxes at the washington branch in holland mi I have been with h and r block since I was 15 and this past year I got a letter my taxes wrongfully taken I got my taxes back thanks to a lawyer I hired but now h and r won't do me right and refund my money back on the service I never...

HR BLock / Poor dvd installation

Mike Cady on Dec 29, 2016
I have used hrblock for several years but this year I received a DVD that won't work on my computer because the resolution is wrong but it won't tell me what resolution to use. Then when I decided to download from the web I found out that they charge extra for downloading a 2nd time in...

H&R block / Ripoff

Matt Vigil on Dec 22, 2016
I think my wife and I are going to be finding a new company to do our taxes. We've been going to HR Block for years and we spend over $400 every time which is fine. However, I went into an H&R Block office today because i needed a copy my 2015 tax return to send to the government so I went...

H&R block / Wait time

reevesj005 on Dec 22, 2016
I came to the Hr block in Matteson IL and they have only one person working in the office period! No one to help answer the phone or help with anything!! I literally sat there for two hrs and waited with several other while one worker did tests, answered phones and everything else. It...

H&R block / Horrible customer service

Amy Pittman on Dec 20, 2016
I've used H&R Block for 12 years, always filing my taxes online. I just went to start my taxes for 2016 and went to review my taxes for 2015 and noticed a little box on my form that stated my taxes were not e-filed. I called them and started a file, but they told me to call the IRS to...

H&R block / Not honoring their promises

Pirooz Darai on Dec 16, 2016
I filed my 2014 return in one of H&R blocks offices at Bonita Spring Florida. The agent charged me 500 dollars plus 35 dollars for so called Peace of mind insurance. She efiled my return and it was rejected later that day, but she never found out or informed me. 8 month later I received a...

H&R block / Taxes

Stoypet on Dec 9, 2016
They did my 2015 taxes, and I got $4200 back. Then 3 months after found out I was being audited, then shortly after was told I couldn't claim my child because I paid support for her in the tax year. I'm pretty sure this is something that should've been obvious to a professional tax...

H&R block / It appears that you don't stand behind your product-here is your chance to convince me otherwise

Carolyn Cocotas on Dec 7, 2016
I am going to make this a very condensed version of my experience with H and R BLOCK. You have been preparing my taxes for much of my adult life. In 2014 you did them, I sent the IRS my check and I thought all was well. I paid for them to be electronically submitted and for the PIECE OF...

H&R block / Emerald advance

Norma Heckmann on Nov 21, 2016
I have been a client with h&r block for may years. Every year I go and get my emerald advance to help with Christmas gifts for family and friends. So this year was no different. I went Saturday Nov 19, 2016. All to find out I was denied for the first time ever. It wasn't because of credit...

H&R block / Unethical behavior from marion tolliver, tax preparer

Jacki Lang on Nov 15, 2016
In March of 2016 I took our taxes in. Marion Tolliver, Pickerington, Ohio completed them. My husband has been a Columbus Fire Fighter for over 20 years. We have never claimed meals. Mr. Tolliver claimed over $3, 367.00 in Fire fighter meals on our taxes. He NEVER asked me for any receipt...

H&R block / Taxes

Darleen Viera Hernandez on Nov 11, 2016
I went in february 13, 16. Too fill my taxes and Dawn Rogers make 2 mistakes, she put the wrong account number and then in my address she never put my apt num. They send my the money on 26 oct but because if the apt error i never received my money and now they are telling me, that i have...

HR BLock / Tax services, still waiting for results

Karin Villaverde on Oct 28, 2016
My mother has brain cancer and we filed an extension with HR Block in May 2016 for a July extension. We contacted them in July to find out the status and found the local office in Bunnell, Fl was closed. So, we were referred to the main office in the area; So Daytona. James Hartley stated...

H&R block / Incomplete tax file

Ratnadip Paul on Sep 7, 2016
I filed my tax return for 2016 from H&R Block. The file was completed on February 10th 2016 by Charles Brett. Along with filing my tax return, I had applied for ITIN for my wife as well. Office address – 735 SW 185TH, ALOHA, OR, 97006 In May, I received a letter from IRS stating that there...

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