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H&R Block Complaints & Reviews

H&R Block / unprofessional service

junior stone on 2016-05-26
On april 3 2016 i went to h&r block in california mo patrica showman ptin/po1893996 firm ein/ 431871840 to file mo property tax credit claim. I am mentally disable and rent my home. April 6 2016 it was returned and patrica showman did not include the 3 major things ssi copy, letter from...

H&R Block - Rhode Island, Slatersville / Employee in Slatersville, RI

I am extremely frustrated with how my taxes were prepared!!! An employee from Slatersville, RI did my taxes for me, don't remember exact date. I was told the she would mail them out. I have been checking for refund status on IRS and on RI. I keep getting no record found. Supposedly they...

H and R Block Income Tax - Oklahoma, Norman / Tax Service/Advice

Dbswim on 2016-05-06
H & R Block Inc., U.S Headquarters 1000 Alameda St. Ste 120 Norman, OK 73071 To Whom It May Concern: We tried to contact H and R block through the Better Business Bureau on April 6, 2016 but did not receive a reply. We are now contacting the CFPB for help with our complaint. We are writing...

H&R Block - North Carolina, Asheville / Bad tax consultants

ronald eckert on 2016-05-03
Went to one office to make sure I had the correct paperwork for a house sale. There was only on consultant in the office and she stated she knew nothing about real estate. She took my name and number and I was told someone would get back to me in the afternoon. No phone call. The next day...

H&R Block - Iowa, Webster City / Tax preparation and service

Mary lasiter on 2016-04-24
Went into have our taxes done in feb 2016, it took 2.5 hours for simple taxes.. Went back and picked them up with being told we had a refund coming.We paid $278.00 on feb 20, 2016.. march 10 we recieved a letter from IRS stating we owed $1800.00 due to miscalculation on form 8962 to the 1040...

H&R Block / Basic 1040 Tax Return Fee overcharge of $217.00 dollars

annmarie7 on 2016-04-21
April 18, 2016 date of incident April 19, 2016 first call made to resolve problem...ignored April 20, 2016 second call made to resolve problem ..ignored April 21, 2016 filing this complaint H&H Block, Crecent City, florida...office # 08985, Phone # 386-328-3966 I have used H&R Block to...

H&R Block - Arizona, Phoenix / Refer a Friend

Lisa Couvertier on 2016-04-18
I have used HR Block since 2003 to do my taxes and never seem to have any problems however I referred a friend to use HR Block because her previous tax person charged her 300.00 to do a short form. I knew it would be less expensive for her to use HR Block. When I made the appointment for...

H&R Block / Tax preparation charges

Everett Gordon on 2016-04-15
My wife and I did our taxes at H&R block and we were ripped off! On my wife return, she was suppose to be refunded $2049 and only $1379 was deposited into her account. $670 was stolen from her refund! The preparation charge was suppose to be only $50, instead the charge her $670 On my return...

H&R Block / Tax Preparer

cobraclaw on 2016-04-14
My name is Jim Cooper, As always I file at the Valley Springs store. This year I had a different preparer. He was a older gentleman, that seemed very confused from the start. He made multiple mistakes and had to go back and correct them as he went. I told him that my wife and I had separated...

H&R Block / tax

Robert Kuneman on 2016-04-13
I've been trying to get my $400.00 owed me. I decided to try their e card offer which never came thru for me. They did try to resend several times, but to no avail. After that they told me they would send me check for the proceeds. Which has been several weeks ago. I feel like they don't...

H&R Block - California, Westminster / Tax Prep

AprilDay_16 on 2016-04-11
Called 3 times in order to get pricing in tax preparation. I received 3 different answers. I was told it wouldn't be over $200. It ended up being $420. I'd understand the high pricing had the service been excellent, but that was far from the case. I asked several questions and was lucky if...

H&R Block / Tax Software

Bubba Jones on 2016-04-09
On 12/31/15, I purchased H&R Block's Premier and Business Tax software. After approximately 6 weeks of trying to get it to load and work properly, I requested a full refund from H&R Block in accordance with their customer satisfaction policy. By the middle of March, after not...

H&R Block - New Mexico, Alamogordo / Tax preparation

Stacy Turner on 2016-04-07
Last year a friend and I went to H and R block to have our taxes prepared. I did not receive my state refund plus was told I would not receive a federal return. I come to find out today 4/7/2016, that my taxes were not filed and I paid 328 dollars out of pocket that has not been refunded...

H&R Block - Maryland, Hyattsville / Office Lost All of Our Tax Documentation

ShannonSub on 2016-04-07
My husband and I went to file our taxes and realized we were missing some information about our cross-country move and one of my W-2 forms from the other state, also Leah who was doing our return did not know what one of the numbers was on my husband's W-2 so we needed to inquire about...

H&R Block - Wisconsin, Menomonie / Peace of Mind

ASPth on 2016-04-04
I paid for peace of mind last year while doing my taxes. The tax officer made a mistake and IRS took 489$ from my returns due to this mistake. I have been going over and over to the local office and calling the peace of mind customer service but no one has helped me get my money back. The...

HR Block Tax - Oregon, Beaverton / 2015 Taxes

doni2354 on 2016-04-01
My daughter went in and had her taxes done for the first time this year. She has never had to file before, the lady did her taxes and found out she owed money. Instead of explaining options to my daughter (who is 24) she looks at her and says I am going to call your mother. Ok! She call...

H&R Block - Colorado, Ignacio / Tax preparation

KaileeO on 2016-03-22
I like to get my taxes done as soon as possible even though they are really easy and I could do myself I have chosen HRblock to do them the past few years to get them done correctly and fast I paid 290.00 dollars for this well I got my federal back quick but turns out they did something...

H and R block income tax Ontario ca - California, Rialto / Income taxes

Gloria Vela on 2016-03-10
I went to do my taxes in Ontario CA H and R block first they gave me a women that spoke broken English it was a big mistake I requested another person and they told me she was the only one available so I had no choice.. I was running late for work so I settle for her I've worked for 2...

H&R Block - Massachusetts, Worcester / Can't get money due in a TIMELY fashion

jek18 on 2016-03-07
After being audited by MA for huge mistake of my income on my state return, I set an appointment in DECEMBER 2015 to have H&R Block amend my return. As to their policies, if the mistake is their wrong doing, they will refund any penalty and interest due. They submitted for my $213.00...

H&R Block / Tax prep

Bump on 2016-03-04
On January 21, 2016 my husband and I went to the H and R Block office in Desloge Missouri to file our return. The preparer failed to ask for a 1095A for myself, and filed the taxes without it. On February 13, 2016 we received notice from the IRS that we needed to provide a copy of my 1095A...

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